The way oppressors and the manipulators of political philosophy come to power is by promising justice and economic equality. 

But theory and practise rarely meet in politics. And we all know this from experience. 

Anyways, without much ado, let us take into question the thinking of Boris Johnson. 

Was it a right thinking of Boris Johnson to think to employ 20,000 new police officers?

Or perhaps to employ more police officers means here to strengthen state power and fortify the idea of oppression? 

Now the manipulative and greedy thinking of Boris Johnson, that intends to oppress people by pretending to bring justice, is older than Oxford University. Where he and his famous bodies have studied. 

But people still do not get the manipulative thinking of politicians. Because it is subtle like women’s beauty. And since the ancient times, people continue to be blinded by the grace of the manipulative thinking. That is the most powerful skill in many politicians. 

For here it is logical to say that by diverting state funds towards more police officers. Boris and his cronies have left behind those people and those walks of life that need these funds as a matter of necessity. 

So, defunding the Police then means funding what is…..

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