Blogs of The Sun calling Albanians, “Face of Death and Woman-hating Albanian monster,” with lies have not been changed to say the TRUTH. Even though we know who killed Caroline Crouch. Dr ACactivism shows the Truth

Today, 21 November 2021, I read that a few blogs written by the New Nazi writers of the Sun newspaper on May and June 2021 about Caroline Crowch’s death were not changed at all!

this screenshot is made today 21st November 2021.

These blogs which hatefully blamed Albanians for something that no Albanian had done. And which called us, “Face of Death, ruthless, ” and all the names under the sun with shameful lies. These blogs are still there!

The Sun on June 2021 made lies take the shape of truth in a doublethink 1984 dystopian thinking. Fooling the whole U.K just like that.

What a joke that the British media is! It makes you laugh and cry in the same time!

Second screenshot made today to keep them as facts.

The Sun wrote, “The Albanian suspect is described as "strong, around 5ft 5ins, with short blond hair," who reportedly "is a violent abuser who hates women," reports Star.”

In here we see that it is not only the Sun making lies take the shape of truth, but the entire U.K media monopolies that believe in hearsays. And think that hearsays should be the future of truth and reason.

So these Oxford University-like journalists by circulating “lies” among each other they pass lies for truth. And make lies appear as truth in the human history!

At the end, the police in Greece all what they had said was “We believe them to be as such and such.”

A journalists who believes in Truth knows that is not an established fact. And to create mountains of lies based on people’s personal feelings is but an unacceptable form of journalism. Or in short, say, Fascist and Nazi forms of thought.

And what is more shameful is the fact that the Sun has neither apologised nor deleted these shameful blogs.

You ask, “Why should they do that? Who is going to stand up for a small oppressed country that is not even equal to the quarter of London’s population?”

A nation that has neither the right amount of the number of people, so to make a noise about it. Nor does it have the money numbers to hold accountable the MURDERING NEW NAZI MEDIA Journalists of the U.K.

(link 1 -https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14963780/fears-albanian-gang-tortured-brit-mum-death/


(Link 2 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/15198045/woman-hating-albanian-monster-murder-brit-mum-caroline-crouch/


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BREAKING NEWS; The Sun of Murdoch Media Monopolies, and the Daily Mail have turned into a Hub of Fake News. UK Is Ending with as Such Sick for Money Power Media. – ALBANIA again BOMBARDED WITH FAKE NEWS

According to The Sun, part of Murdoch Media Monopolies, "MIGRANTS who cross the Channel in small boats from France will be detained in Albania in a new asylum crackdown.

Illegal entrants will be flown 1,500 miles to an offshore hub in the Balkans while their claims are processed."

However, according to the Minster for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Albania, Olta Xhaçka, this is not true.

Olta Xhaçka explicitly said; "Albania will proudly host 4000 afghan refugees based on its good will, but will never be a hub of anti-immigration policies of bigger and richer countries. We have instructed our Embassy in the UK to demand the retraction of this fake news."

The Sun and the Daily Mail have not yet apologised for the Fake News that they spread about Catherine Crouch's death a few months ago.

Where they blamed Albanians for the death of Catherine Crouch. Basing their ideas on fictional stories for two months. Not on the matter of real fact and truth.

And making millions with their stories by blaming Albanians and sharing FAKE NEWS!

In the regards to the immigration story, however, it seemed that the Daily Mail quickly rectified its fake news.

Yet the fact that they shared and spoke FAKE NEWS on their media monopolies, it means that The Sun and the Daily Mail have turned into a hub of Fake News.

For in sharing FAKE NEWS you earn online clicks and sell newspapers to millions of people, right? And that means millions to the NEW NAZIS of The Sun and the Daily Mail, right?

For you as a writer, I have to say again and again to the writers of UK Media Monopolies who are oppressive, abusive and greedy, have a job to base your ideas on truth.

But you see through this GREEDY NEW NAZI and NEW IMPERIALIST MEDIA, like The SUN and Daily Mail, the UK is suffering and losing the most important Value that a nation can lose. And that is; HONESTY and love for truth and humanity.

For without love for truth and humanity what can a nation and a people be? A nation of thick ignorants and barbarians?

As a matter of fact these thugs of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES are trying to end the U.K with as Such Sick for Money Power Media Greed. For they, The SUN and the Daily Mail have turned into a hub of FAKE NEWS and Hate.


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A Foreign Voice in a Foreign Land – Why WRITERS and ARTISTS of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES Make me Sick to the Stomach

What do you think about my existential TRUTH?

I, Dr ACactivism, a foreign voice living in a foreign land called, U.K. And  unstoppably fighting the daily corruption of this land and of the upper classes of this nation? Yet unheard!

And who told you that I do not have a right to be heard and participate with ideas?

There are far right Fascists, who have shown open hatred towards immigrants and bombarded religions, like Islam with hatred,  like Britain First leaders. Or like Tommy Robinson etc.

People who have not only created Islamophobia in this country. But have also instigated in the hearts and minds of people of this country countless hate crimes. That have turned out to become "HATE CRIME ACTIONS" towards immigrants and the minorities of this country.

Further, these far right fascists have also inspired pure terrorism in this country by inspiring people who murdered the MP, Jo Cox. And giving a dough of hateful thought to the new generations.  

 And yet, all of them have had their ideas and voices heard on the British Media MONOPOLIES from the ITV to the BBC. Either through direct participation or through media promotion, far right activists have been actively in the mouths and pens of British writers and U.K Media Monopolies.

Thing which shows that being a FOREIGN VOICE that lives in a Foreign LAND was in the past and remains in the now a pure oppression. For no one cares of your foreign ideas and human rights. And the today even worse than the past. For at the end, Albert Camus and James Joyce had some respect on their names as foreigns voices living in foreign countries.

But in the class of NEW NAZI, IMPERIALIST FASCISTS of the U.K Media Monopolies is no respect or any form of honesty or humanity towards foreign voices in this country.

Here I do not mean foreign-born writers who think like the New Nazis, New Imperialists of the U.K Media Monopolies. For they are at BBC or the ITV ruling the media with the New Nazis. So, here I mean that FOREIGN REASON that opposes the ideas of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES, like myself, is silenced, drowned out and oppressed.

So, on the studios and tabloids of the U.K Media monopolies, we have seen far right terrorism being heard and made famous. While my foreign voice never made it to the BBC or U.K News Media Monopolies.  

Why not? you ask.

I have not been able to defend myself and my people. To raise my voice and be heard. To express one idea with truth and reason and tell to the natives of this country that I exist.

And tell it loudly and proudly with ideas of truth and reason that my educators told me to speak.

Educators like Zoroaster and Socrates, or Hegel and Marx, or Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg, or Jean Paul Sartre and Camus or David Bohm and Einstein and so on.

Dr ACactivism taking care of the light of human ideals.

As a matter of fact, as I type these words of pain and struggle on my Macbook at Roebuck pub in Chiswick, London. There are tears or rage and pain forming like rocks at the back of my eye sockets. And ready to turn into hailstorm and from the pain of the oppression, that I have lived and still live, break even the cemented floor of the restaurant.

I want to cry, to shout, and to scream to the heavens of the inhumanity and barbarity and cruelty and insanity of these MURDERING writers and artists of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES. For all the pain of my oppression and the oppression of the voices of my generation come from this class of ASSASSINS.

MURDERING writers and artists that have one thing in common – BIG CLASS INTEREST. BIG MONEY, BIG REPUTATION AND BIG WOLRD FAME AND HONOR, that is all fake and bogus. But that it comes from these MEDIA HEADQUARTERS, that U.K Media writers and artists protect with the fanaticism of Tartuffe and meanness of Macbeth.

So it comes to pass that I continually ask myself:

Do these writers of the BRITISH MEDIA MONOPOLIES have any feeling, any human feeling at all? Any Human VALUE at all? Any sense of what is human or should be human at all?

Do they have any faint thought of our human ideals, at all? Ideals that were written by big minds and big hands not by MEDIA WORMS, who sell their soul for a blog written at the Guardian or the Sun or for a face showed at the BBC or the ITV.

Many times to be honest I see the writers of the BRITISH MEDIA MONOPOLIES as the most heinous murderers that this planet have. The biggest evil that this planet has.

And you know why I say that – because of CULTURAL IMPERIALISM. Controlling media with Tartuffe-like fanaticism and demanding to control the world through their ideas.

Is there anything more mean, more evil, more devilish, more lean than as such writers or artists and their class interest?

My soliloquy is an everyday shooting war that lives between madness and suicide expressing the everyday oppression and struggle that I live in London U.K in over a decade-long.

Thus in this soliloquy, many times I ask myself, “How comes that out there, in the headquarters of British Imperialist Media monopolies. Where cultural imperialism is cooked like bread and butter in the imperialism of the 19th century of the barbarisms of the Brits and of Europe.

 How comes that out there,  in the headquarters of British Imperialist Media monopolies, didn’t come a single writer or artist and say, that “This man, who continues unstoppably to create and fight the corruption of our class, deserves to be heard and participate?”

I am asking for a single voice to come out. For if not all, the majority of them know my name. And they know how much their sick corrupted pens and mouths make me sick to the stomach.

If not all, many of them know how I took that microphone out of Surie.

How they used British media to incite violence and murder against me. Making me receve death threats and live in fear.

How they created a “shoulder” at the front of the Surie’s breasts to defame me and make me lose my DJ work and push me to unbearable poverty and suicide.

They must also know, how deep this feeling of nausea is formed in stomach formed as a result of the inner abusive and oppressive and sly and cunning and dishonest thinking of the writers and of this class of people – U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

They must know that they make me sick to the stomach. And that universes and heavens of vomits are created in my stomach whenever their assassinating “class think and group think” is formed into my mind.

DEEPER PSYCHOANALYSIS of this class of ASSASSINS – writers and artists of the U.K Media MONOPOLIES.

Based on these facts of oppression and abuse of social power, the deeper psychoanalysis of the class of the U.K Media MONOPOLIES send you to the GREED of this class and of the writers and artists of this class, who do anything to save their MONEY and CAREERIST interests.

They are like vicious hyenas acting in a group. And their pens are like the aggressive feelings of wild animal, they attack anything and everything that saves the interest of their class or group.

While the limbs of the hyenas here is the security power at the headquarters of the BBC, ITV, Guardian, Murdoch media and so on.

As lastly the BRAIN of the hyenas of this class of assassins, U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES, are our laws in the U.K. Laws that do not enshrine our rights of PARTICIPATION through ideas and our rights of being heard into a new LAW.

So we stay in the queue for entering the BBC and the ITV and the U.K Media Monopolies in a fair manner. Just like we queue when we enter a restaurant, pub or supermarket.

Lastly, this is war for what is human, of course. And let it be a WAR.

For I PREFER entering the MAD house and dying with a pen that stands for what is human rather than grovelling for a 100 years like a worm. And dream to metamorphose into a crocodile through the SOCIAL POWER that Politics and Media and our laws endow you -  A CLASS OF ASSASSINS also called the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES OF THE 21st CENTURY.



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