To begin with, is this fact true that if we preach hate that means that we create hate, we bring hate and we find hate?

Secondly is this fact true that recruiters of terrorists are achieving to recruit people for terrorist groups through the power of speech only? And that is true, isn’t it?

Thirdly, then does that mean that the reason that we see so many gangs in our cities are because BBC Radio One and Big Radios continually promote artists that glorify gun crime and gang life?

Question, “And why aren’t the big radios giving me a show to promote positive artists?

Is this because it is their philosophy to promote negative artists like Stormzy who glorifies Gun Crime or Devlin who glorifies shootings with Kalashnikov? Because I am a DJ/MC, and Philosopher. I was almost choked to death for the reason of wanting to express a positive way of thinking. And that means that they shouldn’t respect that, why shouldn’t they?

However, no one from the DJ-Journalists of the Big Radios did ever call me to express my ideas! Can’t you see then that these dj-Journalists of the big radios are committing crimes against truth and good ideas that intend make the world a better place?

Fourthly, in making those negative artists who love gun crime role models doesn’t that mean that we are giving the idea to the people that to be a gangster and part of gangs is cool?

Fifthly, if it is big radios that make famous these artists for the purpose of selling their CDs. Then shouldn’t we blame big radios? Because I have seen certain journalists trying to blame mostly the negative artists for preaching gun crime! But not big radios at all. Because they come from big radios themselves. Journalists like Shelagh Fogarty, I mean.

And when I sent an email to Shelagh Fogarty and asked her to give me an opportunity to go at LBC and explain that the sickness is deeper and bigger in Hip-Hop Culture. And I sent her an email where I also explained that I am a DJ/Rapper myself and that I have written a book called, Hip-Hop Revolution. And I published the email that I sent to her in my wordpress address too. Yet she never emailed me back or responded. Why?

Because the corrupted Shelagh Fogarty doesn’t like to accuse the BBC Radio One. Bceuase she works for a big radio herself. So how can she do that? How can she dare and speak truth? So she like the rest of the big radios juts pretended as if she wanted to put a wrong way of thinking right!

Sixth point. If people who preach terror go to jail then why shouldn’t those who glorify guns and gangs and terror at the BBC Radio One go to jail? Eh? Or isn’t justice for all of us the same? Is the saying of Orwell true, that all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others? Good for us!

Now, let us see the facts of how Stormzy glorifies guns and gangs and stabbings. Remind you that Stormzy was raised and made famous by the BBC. And he ws praised and awarded and dubbed a great artist by the DJ-Journalists of the BBC Radio One. Thank you vey much!

The DJ-Journalists of the BBC Radio One, though, are a group of brain-dead Nazis who are terrorizing Europe with ideas of gangs and guns. And they have made entertainment industry to belong only to them. The fact is that my voice continues to be silenced by these very barbarians. You see then? Beautiful, isn’t it?

The First song of Stormzy’s 2017 Album

First Things First 

Praising gangs and guns:

“Had problems with the fam

I had problems with the gang

Someone tell ’em that I’m back

I don’t never ever slack, grab my gun and go to war (Boy)I got brothers up in jail, going mad up in their cells.

I got smoke, you can hold a bit

A coloured brother with a bone to pick

But I still get to gunning, don’t be running when I bang mine

Before we said our prayers, there was gang signs (Gang signs)”

So you see that Stormzy starts his prayers by glorifying guns and gangs. He has been showing this album around for a while. Praised and glorified by the Big Radios as always. The latter, it must be told, they win a percentage of money when they sell his CDS and songs. And also the more attention is on them the more corporations come to promote their products and play them MONEY. Good, isn’t it? Lots of money!

So we have 10 stabbings in two weeks in London TOWN. And many deaths and countless stabbings have happened in the past. And have been committed by the gangs and their knives. Thanks to the BBC that glamorizes and awards gangs and gangsters. Thank you very much! Wise DJ-Journalists who have learnt that VIOLENCE catches human attention. And the more attention on them, the more CDS they sell.

Second Album Song of Stormzy called “Cold”

 Again praising Guns and Gangs.


Roll to the booth, then I bill it with rhymes (Cold)

Know a couple OGs that are living off crime (Cold)

But a young black boy made a milli’ off grime (Wow)

So tell Boris Johnson “suck your mum, we don’t care” (we don’t care, bruv)

And tell them riot feds “oi, buss your gun? You won’t dare (you won’t dare bruv)

(OG means original Gangster.)

Third Album Song.

Bad Boys

Glorifying knives, shootings and guns:

I’m on arms, on combat
No trace, no contact
Bro bought a new mash
I don’t know what that gun there’s called but it’s long, akh
Bad boy who?
You are not part of a bad boy crew
Me and Flipz roll up, tell a boy hold up
Looking like something off of Bad Boys 2

Bad boy Gs in a bad boy shoot (shoot)

Put faith in my knife, wrong move had me on edge
On the back-road, paying for my stripes

Fourth Album Song

“Blinded By Your Grace”

Now like terrorists that after cutting off heads they pray to God. So Stormzy after preaching in three first songs Guns, Gangs, Stabbings and Knives, now he prays to God! As if God to atone his sins of urging people to join gangs to kill and stab.

Here it is what he says:

Lord, I’ve been broken
Although I’m not worthy
You fixed me, I’m blinded
By your grace
You came and saved me
Lord, I’ve been broken
Although I’m not worthy
You fixed me, now I’m blinded
By your grace
You came and saved me

Fifth Album Song

Big For Your Boots

Here he says that it is cool to hit people with crowbars. He glorifies gang ideas, basically!

“Wanna come round here like a badboy? Do it
Bun all the talking, go on then, do it
Running through the party, bottle of BACARDÍ
Bro’s in my ear saying “Stormz, don’t do it”
Devil on my shoulder, I don’t lack
Hit ’em with a crowbar, I don’t scrap
Even when I’m sober, I’m so gassed”

In the Second Verse he praises drug money and social violence again.

“I’m too hot
Drug money in my shoebox” he says.

7th Song called Mr Skeng 

Here he creates a way of speaking to his gangsters and as if trying to scare them. As ever, he is with ideas of gangs in mind.

Verse 1

It’s like dem man woke up pissed again
If I buck these pricks again
I got goons and you got goons

[Verse 2]

I think I just got dissed again
Think I care who this offends
Run up on man like Bale
 with a-
Slap that through your shit defense
And I can still get a box imported
Said “Don’t worry about the beef, it’s sorted”
My man said he’s a real gun shooter

Verse 3

Again back to the guns. He barely writes without thinking of guns and gangs.

“What? You thought I was the one?

I was fourteen tryin’ to buy me a gun
Most niggas doing what I did back then
So now I thank God for the guy I’ve become

8th Album Song – Cigarettes & Cush ft. Kehlani

Here you can see that when he wants to write lyrics that do not praise guns and gangs he does that well.

Like when he says at the third verse:

“No more cush
And I’m deep in the south side
And I can’t find love
I was lookin’ for my brown skin
Tryna find that buzz
Now what have you done, Stormz?”

However, if you see his third album song “Bad Boys,” then you better understand his message.

[Verse 1: Stormzy]
Yo, yo, them man are selective bad boys
Some “we just wanna be accepted” bad boys
Some big whips but no electric bad boys

So his idea is that he wants to be accepted as a bad boy. He to go at the BBC and glorify guns and sell millions of CDS while glorifying violence. And the BBC and Brit Awards to award him for that! So we see stabbings in capital and death and hatred. Good innit?

So the problem in here is not so much Stormzy. No. The problem is the BBC Radio one that has imposed the ideas of gangs and guns on him as being good for selling CDs.

They, the djs and editors of the BBC Radio One, know from the past that guns and gangs catch attention quickly. Violent ideas are like fire and spread quickly and they know that. And therefore it is good to glorify them. The idea of DJ Charlie Sloth that once said, “the hardest comes forward mate, the hardest! That means the one who is an original gangster with guns and knives in his pocket and mouth!

Ninth Album Song

21 Gun Salute

Here at this song, again Wretch and Stormzy try to create a kind of art of mirroring the reality. However if you take the ideas of Stormzy that always glorifies gangs and guns and stabbing, it again loses its essence. For he is an actor and lover of thug life. So again Stormzy ends his ideas with love for guns and barbarity.

[Hook: Wretch 32]

Woke up on my crucifix again
Was up all night praying for revenge
I don’t need more enemies for friends
Tell me how much times can I kill this game for them
But I still love these youts
21 Gun Salute
Fuck wi’ you
21 Gun Salute
I put my trust in you
21 Gun Salute
Would you share your last bullet with me
If there weren’t any more gun salutes?”

Now it is the time of Stormzy. And he again her hints at his previous ideas of glorifying gangs, “You know how we do, flex on occasions.” That means he is up for fights and guns and shots!

And I can’t wait ’til I say ‘I do’ and the bros say ‘brap’, gun shots at my wedding
You know how we do, flex on occasions, no more food
Left it with Satan, Lord you know I’m a different person but Lord why do they test my patience?
Please can I bun my zoot in peace?
21 Gun Salute for these neeks

 And it is interesting when he praises lord and god, for it sounds like those members of the DAESH. For they after killing, they go to pray. And Jihadi John, like Stormzy, was dubbed an artist by the DJ-Journalists of the BBC. Because Jihadi John used to urge people in his songs to hit one another with razor blades. Good, isn’t it?

10th Album Song

Blinded By Your Grace in a different version.

So you see? After praying on “21 Gun Salute” now Stormzy again prays to God and the cause of gangs!!! Again like Jihadi John after cutting off the heads of the people, he goes for prayers. And these are the artists of the BBC, basically! They love guns, gangs and pray to God!

“One time for the Lord

And one time for the cause
And one round of applause.”

11lth Album Song

Here after praying to God he turns to Gangs and killing. Back in the game!

Verse 1

Praising social violence and slapping!

“Look, if I slap your face, it’ll go viral

I was on my saracen bike on my ridge back (Word)

Here praising shooting!

You broke niggas should’ve been quiet

I’m cold little nigga, don’t try it
Yeah I think I’m the best, I’m biased
And I shoot for your chest like Payet

So as you can see, Stormzy thinks with this philosophy: he to be the gangster who swears with brutal ideas and speaks with a language of gangs and guns to his pals. And then, because of this, he to become the role model of gangs and original gangsters through the BBC’s headquarters! That is the most influential TV in Europe.

So more gangs can be in Capital. More people can see the gangs as being cool to be in. More stabbings and deaths we can see. And so on…

And for doing this, Stormzy wants Brit Awards and the BBC to promote him and silence the voices of all positive artists because of him!

 12lve Album Song 100 Bags

Here again Stormzy begins by praying to God,

I just want to bless you this morning

May the God of Jehovah bless you

Verse 1

Then again the bad boy says, “Done some dirt and I ain’t too proud that you’re living on the road that your son got stabbed.”

Again here portrays the gangs and stabbing in a positive way. The only reason he is not proud is because his mom is on the road. But not the fact of stabbing and violence.

So then after hearing all these ideas of guns and gangs and death, what do you think?

Is Stormzy an Artist or a preacher of terror and gangs?

13th Album Song

 Don’t Cry For Me ft. Raleigh Ritchie

 Stormzy here speaks as if he comes from the place where Daesh rules. He doesn’t see one to grow as a human by doing good. But rather he sees life as if wanting to achieve what he likes by good and evil or whatever. He wants to be at the BBC or have the money of the world by killing or at all costs. He sees gang-life as being good. And at the second verse he shows that perfectly. “So don’t blame us when we turn to the dirt, we tried
I just pray we fly, yo.”

Verse 1

Tryna tell my young Gs to relax and invest in life
They invest in knives
Man I was in my history class when my bredrin died
So vexed that I cried
But I come from a place where the mandem can’t let shit slide
So we rest in pride

 Verse 2

 I got brothers in the pen that will never see again
Got my brothers dem servin’ life
And I know that you think that it serves ’em right
But I come from a place where you burn or die
Or we turn and ride
So don’t blame us when we turn to the dirt, we tried
I just pray we fly, yo.

14th Album Song

Crazy Titch

 Again here as always he is praising gangs and gangsters. And urging people from all around UK to be like Stormzy a Gangster who made it at the BBC!

And we see that all are becoming like Stormzy. 10 stabbings in London from gangs in recent 2 weeks. And we have seen many more in the past!

Yo, gang
Yes, my brother
You still don’t sound sure
Na, na I’m in the booth right now, right now
I’m in here right now

Alright, let’s start then
Alright, look, let’s just get one thing clear, I don’t fuck about
I am the certi one
I am the one that they call ‘Gangster of Grime’
I don’t like it but I don’t mind it

 15th Album Song, Shut Up!

(G-A-T means revolver or pistol.)

 So again he is glorifying guns and gangsters and killings.

 If you got a G-A-T, bring it out
Most of the real badboys live in south
If you wanna do me something, I’m about
I’m not a gangster, I’m just about

 Later on he says:

 Kill a whole crew of MCs on my own
Kill a whole crew of MCs for the throne

Can I order a deathbed for an MC?
He wants beef with me? Make that two

Here again he shows his Machiavelli ideology that he is able to do anything to achieve his goals, killings, stabbings, terror and whatever is okay for him. He is a Machiavelli and money and terror and snake-like grovelling doing and thinking is his way. God bless this gangster and TERROR-PREACHER THEN. The GODS of the BBC!

Finally his art continues in the outro. Where he stamps a Gangster lifestyle ideology! The art and the artists of the BBC!

[Single Version Outro]

Yeah, so shut your fucking stupid mouths
Chatting bare fucking shit
Shut the fuck up, shut your fucking mouth
Oi rudeboy, shut up
One time yeah, chatting bare fucking shit
Shut up, man
Pussy, what?

 16TH Album Song.

 Again the idea of Stormzy is to achieve what you likes at all costs. A 2 Pac and Machiavelli ideology of preaching guns and terror and gangs and hatred at the expense of other people’s peace.


 One more time I’ll make it clear
This some shit I hate to share
Escape this life or pay the fare
Grab this gun and aim it there
Shoot my pain and slay my fear
Before I die, I say my prayer
Don’t worry about the mess, just lay me there
This is all I got so lay me bare
Look, one more time I’ll make it clear
This some shit I hate to share
Escape this life or pay the fare
Grab this gun and aim it there
Shoot my pain and slay my fear
Before I die, I say my prayer
Don’t worry about the mess, just lay me there
This is all I got so lay me bare

 Therefore, facts show that Stormzy is an artist that preaches terror. He is a preacher of Gangs. But, however, he is not the main problem here. For the main problem here are those who inspired him. The problem are those who supported and still support him and all those who think like him. In a word, the problem here is the BBC Radio One and big radios who have learnt that violence sells catches human attention and sells CDS. So hurray for death and stabbings and killing because the DJ-Journalists of the BBC are greedy for more and more. It is not even enough that they are controlling Entertainment Industry! They want more and more!! Thanks to GREED….




Some other songs of Stormzy that glorify guns and gangs and violence.

His song “Scary”


Praising gangs and Gs:

“This ting’s more than a buzz, don’t lie

Wanna be a G? Real thugs don’t cry.”

Praising guns:

All the gun talk, I don’t even mind it

But don’t get gassed ’cause you got the headline

You only got it cause I declined it

Lost my faith, then I went to find it

Praising his awards:

When I say “Shut Up”, I get a booking

Difference, box in the face, man hook him

#Merky events, might book him 

His Lyrics “In For the Kill”


Praising Gun Crime:

Got a few dons who love gun crime

Go hard for my dons who ain’t done time

Or at his Lyrics Fire in The Booth

“Put down the gun, put down the knife

Let’s have a fight, don’t be a coward.”

Again praising Gangs:

Like, most of little n… keep it G-ed up

Ge-d up, fuck your mean look

Thinking bout them boxes that my Gs took

No fathers, we was living by the G book.”

And then praising Mista Jam, Charlie Sloth and Dj Target who do not invite me at the BBC Radio One on purpose. Because I oppose their ideas of guns and gangs and violence. You see?

His other lyrics WickedSkengMan

Praising social violence.

Look, Don’t make me slap you,

Like, like, wait till I catch you…

…I ain’t gonna stab you,

Look, I don’t wanna argue,

But if you talk shit, man’ll par you

Look, at the size of my fist, I will spark you.”

This is STORMZY then. The artist of the BBC… Stabbings and gangs and deaths in London town have become normal because of these ideas that are being preached by the BBC Radio One and Big Radios.

So, God bless the big radios then and their greed for more and more money. Thank you!

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