“We need to reverse the privatisation of stress and recognise that mental health is a political issue.”

Mark Fisher, Why Mental Health is a Political Issue written in 2012 at the Guardian.

 What is the meaning “Isms?”

One German philosopher suggested that the idea of I.s.m.s or Ism-s comes from the new trends and new ideas of certain people that bring into being these ideas and trends and that want people to follow them.

For instance, I take the idea of “Creativity” I put an ism at the end of it and call it Creative-ism. That means follow Creativity that is within everybody. Follow creative ideas or creative-ism. I say. Then I take another word, like movement, that is an another essential quality of the beings of being. And so call my philosophy Creative-ism Movement. The movement of ideas. The movement of ideas and creative minds.

However what I said needs the point of positive thinking and fairness. For it is Positive thinking and positive language intertwined with positive action that brings positivity into our world.

And it is the idea of fairness that makes us live in peace and harmony. For without being fair, you can’t be just, can you?

What is Greed-ism?

So in the way that I took the idea of “Creative-ism Movement” people of big media, big politics and big corporations have taken the idea of monopoly and greed and have put an “ism” at the end of it. And they say “follow greed-ism.”

Now let me explain the two other terms that affect mad-ism.

First, it is greed, or Greed-ism. This implies capitalism and its little daughter oppression-ism. That is the will of capitalism to follow greed and money and death and exploitation and manipulation.

Secondly, the first term of greed-ism is explained with the second term or the idea of BenCooper-ism. For I am an artist, activist and philosopher myself oppressed by the scum and the garbage of London who call themselves people of media and art! But isn’t this horrible, to see people of art and media to oppress your voice and right to be heard?

So, in my case, here is a greedy barbarian called Ben Cooper who is terrorising Europe with ideas of guns and gangs and it is calling it art. Because he wins millions of money in selling CDs. And everything that brings money for the BBC and big media is art and is good. Good, isn’t it?

So what is BenCooper-ism?

BenCooper-ism is the philosophy of a man who finds everything ready and says I don’t like fairness, I don’t like change and I don’t like movement. And I want everything for myself. And by doing this, he oppresses creative ideas with brute force. For police and security and all state power support him and his ideas despite the fact that he preach hate and gang-life ideas through BBC’s fame and name.

So, BenCooper-ism explains Greed-ism. For once greedy people like Ben Cooper of BBC Radio One plunge their bottom on a chair with social power. Then, they say that now this chair is mine. And I do whatever. I may spread terror, I may spread negativity, I may make thugs famous to catch the attention of the people and sell millions of Cds and so on.

But, however, whatever that I do is okay. The followers of BenCooper-ism say! And this chair where we are sitting here with social power is ours forever! They say that in their individual thinking. But at the bottom this is the philosophy of people who follow Greed-ism. They act in the way of BenCooper-ism. Greed-ism like BenCooper-ism.

And around BenCoorper-ism, for instance, are people like Charlie Sloth and TwinB and so on who think that thugs and the hardest must come at the BBC to lead the world with ideas of guns and gangs! Good, isn’t it? So they say “the hardest comes forward, mate. The hardest. The one who glorify guns, gangs and terror.”

Mad-ism or the Mental Health issue.

So now thirdly, whomever disagrees with the followers of BenCooper-ism philosophy, who think with a Greed-ism ideology, then they must open the madhouse voluntary. This is called mad-ism. The third term. And the reason of why I was at the BBC Radio 1Xtra was to explain it.

For Mental health issue is political, just like Mark Fisher said it. And this way of thinking of Greed-ism like BeenCooper-ism in every walk of life is the same.

Here I want to make the point that is oppression that is turning people into mad.

It is the philosophy of greed-ism that everything must be on the hands of the few and that the rest must be oppressed to death and unjustly that is turning people into mad. We are basically living a life of 1984 where we say that oppression is freedom.

For people of big media and politics and corporations control the blood and the soul of mankind. In three words they are, information, economy and laws.

And therefore, this ideology of big media, big politics and big corporations turns the world into two categories only. That means; Wolf-ism and sheep-ism.

For we still don’t know how to ask. This world is based on justice and goodness. But there is neither justice nor goodness. So we don’t know for what to stand for.

For in case that we stand for justice then that means that we must stand for justice and goodness, doesn’t it?

So, therefore, I want to make the point of capitalist oppression that is in the every cell of social power as being the source of all today madness.

And that’s why I ask for change in the present day way of thinking and doing.

And I ask people to follow ideas that we stand for. Like Goodness, fairness and justice. And do it through my movement. That is Creative-ism Movement or the movement of creative ideas.

Follow me to change the world…

For a Greed-ism movement that includes oppression-ism and capitalism, in the essence of Bencooper-ism means mad-ism.

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