In the photo: Holly & Phil smiling for the cameras! And a man carrying his dead child in Yemen. A while after a bomb had been dropped on them by the British Allies.

At a time of mass mind-control of today people by Media. At a time of mass oppression. At a time where Trump has created the worst deal ever between Palestine and Israel. 

At a time where the death toll in the war in Yemen exceeds 100,000, and with British support, we have British Artists thanking each other and happily showing us how glad that they are for these Stinky, filthy AWARDS that reek of corruption. And make you sick to the stomach. 

How can these barefaced low forms of hypocrites play so openly with what is right, what is human, what is important, what is so crucial to be defended and what is just? How can they do that?

Of course, in smiling for the cameras of the mainstream press, in showing us how happy they are for these forms of achievements, they bypass and avoid expressing all the important things of today. 

And so the British artists in front of a crowd of sheep and wolves, they raise the AWARDS of corruption of the worst forms in the HUMAN HISTORY. Where media monopolies are directly linked to corruption and directly support INJUSTICE. 

It’s an unfortunate moment in history, of course. Where you as an artist have been chosen to represent media organisations that are monopolistic, hogging, corrupt and oppressive. 

And these artists are the British artists who mostly die in their media power chairs happily at the age of 96 or so like Nicholas Parsons.

We know somehow who they are. They are a few media monopolies, like….

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