The majority of the people in the U.K think what the mainstream billionaire media thinks. And they do it consciously, because their subconsciousness has ever since been hijacked by the billionaire media. 

Their subconscious thinking becomes conscious usually a while after they have read in full the daily billionaire papers. And thus what these papers say are reflected in the people’s thinking and daily expression.


Now here I ask, “Why is the Billionaire media making a big deal about the phrase of Boris Johnson, “stay alert, control the virus, save lives?

The Guardian called it “a divisive muddle.” Metro U.K said, “It’s all Greek to us!” The Daily Mirror called it a “crisis.” And so on, we saw a rich media full of hysteria and hypocrisy!

Now I ask again, “Is this U.K billionaire media perhaps a sensationalist Media thinking for their own interest? 

A billionaire media that even in times of pandemic is all out to grab attention and sell as much as possible online blogs and daily papers?

A billionaire media that sows division, creates confusion, increases anxiety and abuses truth for the sake of money even in times of great pain. This U.K media then is but a disgrace.  Isn’t it?

Now to begin with my philosophy, here is an ideal that is called logic. Some know about it. And some others don’t. 

However, I think that one should be able to first perc.. (please subscribe to read the full blog and support independent thinking)

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