Pic taken by Dr ACactivism when the police left after abusing his human rights.


On 9th May 2020, I had parked my car in a park in Hammersmith, opened its door, and I was sat with my bottoms on the car seat and feet on sidewalk. Looking at the sky above, reading some ideas of Tolstoy and drinking a beer. 

Suddenly, a van full of police officers stopped.  9 police officers got out of it. And one of them came close to me shouting, “get out of the car.”

 Here my night was on its way to be destroyed for nothing.

 (Note: here the law is a different thing from the abuse of power. Still it is true that an illogical law in itself is an abuse of human freedoms. And for further explanation of the idea of law and police powers please read the full blog.)

Why? I said.

The ignition of my car was not turned on. And I had only sipped one quarter of a small beer. And it was a proof that I was reading. Because he found me with my head on the computer reading. So?

The police officer, who came shouting and yelling at me, he didn’t wait at all. But grabbed me by my arm and took me out of the car by force. Like a thug. And suddenly all of them rushed surrounding me like a group of thugs. 

And that moment, one of them shouted and screamed at me, “don’t move.” Even though I wasn’t moving.

Bear in mind this was a provocation towards me. For if I moved slightly, they would use their evil powers and abuse me with physical power. But I didn’t move. So I left them gobsmacked.

And thus the provocation continued with another police officer going where my beer was and kicking it with his feet while saying, “you drinking a beer, hahaha!”

Also that time another police officer went to my bag to check it. And threw my bank cards in the street. Plus, he scattered my other things around the sidewalk. So continuing their provocation in maximum.

Then feeling offended and abused by the police officers, who were acting like thugs, I said, “Can I take my phone please?”

“No” replied one of them. You are under arrest. So I could not film them. I could not defend myself. While they abused my rights! Funny!

However, this was not all of what happened, but just the beginning of an action made by the thugs of Met police U.K. 

After they began…
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