To do the worst jobs in das capital, for the sake of not wanting to grovel at the feet of those who control das capital. For the sake of wanting to know more and create independent ideas. And to love knowledge like a drug addict. It means to be like a scientist that every day creates an experiment in order to understand the consciousness and subconsciousness of mankind.

Or better you are like a surgeon that peers deep in the wounds of a sick person. And by doing this you, like a surgeon, have a better view of patient’s physical injury or his mental impairment.

So as I was working as a street promoter trying to get people inside the club. I saw people walking up and down while being high in drugs or numb in drinks or rushing like wild bears to get somewhere! Bumping into each other from speed, tripping one another like drunkards, and doing the worst street spectacles one wants to see!

An irresponsible citizen basically. Some shouting at each other for no reason. Some laughing loudly for no reason. Some grinning like jungle monkeys and some baring their teeth like being jungle-like ravenous hyenas. Ready to fight, ready to swear, ready to kill or stab other people. And ready to spit at the dignity of other citizens.

And then, after all what I said, comes the cherry on the top of all. The lovely sad faces going back home after having had a few drinks or after work. A herd of sheep and wolves. A senseless people that is good only for exploitation. That is good only for the benefit of Das Capital basically!

And so then some of them came inside the club, dancing and drinking till they fell on the floor. They partied hard until they crawled from heavy drinks like being reptiles and not humans. A sad London! A sad humanity that does not see love in connecting with one another. But in the money that they have in their pocket. Money makes them sad and money makes them happy!

Desperate men waiting to connect with the first woman that comes in the way. And greedy women keeping their vagina in their hands. Mostly of them groups of single ladies. Pretending that they don’t like sex and life and joy. Men haters. Human haters. And money lovers. Prostitutes with all the sense of saying it. For they think of the money-like man! Their vagina for the most powerful man or for no one! These are the educated women of London, basically!

She ain’t messing with no broken ones,” was heard Kanye West rapping. And they went wild on the dance floor. Droves of sheep or bunches of crawling poisonous snakes. Women that mess with no poor men! And all of them are working class women, when you think of it, with a slave-like salary but that want the richest man alive for their vaginas!

Is this women’s liberation then or women’s prostitution?

That was not all. For there were and some good sheep outside. And when I joked with them making rhymes and laughing for party’s sake, they even tried to record it. But I said no thanks. And yes with them was a bit of fun enjoying the power of communication and human love!

But so in the small amount of good was included the very bad. For as I was standing outside the club, there came a man who passed by and gave a loud shriek of laughter while menacingly glancing at me like a hungry beast “Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!”

My goodness! For it was not a laughter like all others though. Rather it was an animal-like laughter, a scary brutal laughter with jaws wide open. And I didn’t understand if this man wanted to bite or laugh or just pass by. However he gave a loud shout that honestly gave me the shivers.

Anyways, so it seems that it is because of the wild animals that we need police. And the more police officers the more oppression! “Just because the human beings cant control their actions!” Like Orwell once said.

And after he left, I took a deep breath and in front of my eyes passed all the fraud, the manipulation the hatred and the worst evils of Das Capital. It passed the venom of these rappers of the BBC that preach hatred and killing and stabbing just to catch a small portion of human attention. And so be at the BBC to reach a million views. Wanting desperately to pass the threshold of sheep humanity by all means and at all costs! Preaching hatred or terror or whatever! Give me fame. And make me famous! And call me BBC’s artist so I can tell the world my criminal ideas!

But so these men in wanting to go beyond the sheep, they turn themselves into wolves. For when you say “murder and I will murder you, so bring the German rifles.” The message that Devlin has preached at BBC radio one. Then you turn yourself into a wolf. Because you preach hatred and killings. That simple. That is evil.

For one turns himself into a human by Preaching human values that we learnt from the great minds, not by Preaching guns and gangs of 2 PAC and Eminem. And Machiavelli!

But this is Das Capital then! And that makes you reflect that you can’t leave the fate of humanity on the hands of these sheep and wolves. Therefore, you need to think, create and act for a humanity that stands for human values. No hope. Simply think, create and act.

Thus, as a conclusion, my hard job also means that to do the worst jobs in das capital means to have a better understanding or know very well the soul of das sheep people.