As an activist and philosopher, I think that a thinking human that thinks and creates must act to make his point peacefully. And is nothing wrong with that.

Especially when one has asked a million times for a single opportunity to express ideas. And almost all Big Media outlets have refused to let one express these ideas. But why should the masters of today silence the ideas of creators? That’s the question!

Well but what is the difference between a creator and an assumed creator?

The difference between a creator and an assumed creator can be seen clearly. For the former shows you the yesterday, the today. And he tells you how he wants the tomorrow. He thinks, creates and acts. While the latter all the time pretends of existing when one does not even exist without creativity. And therefore creative ideas.

However did I think that the security of the ITV will try to choke me to death for wanting to express a few ideas of blood? The answer is no. It never crossed my mind that they will act in such a horrible and brutal way.

Like for instance dragging a peaceful activist by the neck. Just because he wanted to express his ideas of blood that intended to make the world a better place. And an activist and philosopher like Me that did not resist any order. You get that?

Now let us get to the story and to what you haven’t seen and heard.

It can be seen on the camera that while I was keeping my ideas up to show them at the camera. The Security of the ITV and of the Voice U.K runs like a wild predator over his prey to bundle me off the stage. Like he wanted to kill me for creating that peaceful action! Me, Dr A.C, an easy target, a thinker and activist that makes his point peacefully.

But what can’t be seen is that one Security Officer, at that moment, put his arm around my neck and pulled me not from my arm. But from my neck and my body too. He just grabbed me like a sack of rubbish without caring what he hurts, breaks or destroys.

So at that time I suddenly became a lifeless object for a wolf to play with my existence! I turned into a nothing. And so I lost all my human rights just because I dared to hold up a few ideas of blood and hard work!

And there came not one but three Security officers. Three brutes. And even more security guards ran towards me. And all of them carried me like a piece of paper or rubbish sack. As they wished. As they wanted. As they liked. But not as it should be when one is peaceful and agrees to all your orders.

You understand then, that this is called brutal oppression?

So I was grabbed from my neck, from my head, my hairs, my face, from my chest, my belly, my legs, my body, my heart, from my everything. And I don’t know what else they grabbed of me. For I fainted for a few seconds. And I almost or perhaps I passed away.

So I was on the hands of the security of the ITV the least worthy object on earth. A piece of paper or a rubbish sack. A nothing. A soulless object for the beasts to play as they wished!

For there was a way of how to behave towards me. For I had my arms. And they could take me by my left or right arm and lead me outside of the stage.

And I have seen idealess stage invaders who walk upon a stage to give a shout out for fun. Like it was the case at People’s Choice Awards. And the invader was brutal, he kept mentioning his friends on the mic. And yet no one ran over him to choke him to death. For he was kicked out of the stage peacefully by Sharon Osborne. With no need for brute security at all!

One the other hand, I wasn’t aggressive towards anyone. I didn’t attack anyone. I walked peacefully and calmly like Buddha under his famous tree. And I just kept my creative ideas up. But did I deserve what happened to me? Did I deserve death for that? That is the question of pain.

So as they carried me off the stage I felt a loss of consciousness to cover my body. I saw a blackout fall on my head like being a wrecking ball. And there I saw death with my own eyes. I saw the dark hell and the brute force in which I was thrown.

For I wasn’t able to speak because one of the Security Guards had blocked my means of breathing. He had pressed firmly by his savage arms and hands the larynx and notch of my throat. He had blocked my throat totally by dragging me like I had committed a crime or something like that. Like I had been with big guns shooting at people. And not with big ideas that intended to change the world for the better.

And the way of choking was almost like at the video of Erick Garner. As the way they took me out of the stage was like one may take a ball from the locker rooms into a football pitch.

So, I was almost dead on the hands of the security of the ITV and of The Voice U.K. And they kept their hands at my neck, at my throat, at my body and at my everything like cruel hawks. So I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak. And I couldn’t move much. And I don’t even remember how long it lasted. Because for a while I was in another world. I was dead. I was choked to death live on TV. I was in hell.

However at last, in awakening of consciousness, I achieved to say to him, “I can’t breathe. Please get your hands out of my throat. I’m not resisting any order. So let me breathe please.

And so at that moment, I heard one of the security guards from behind say to the one who had his hands at my throat. “Hey mate not from his throat. Not from his throat.

Then he, the Security guard who had his hands in my throat, seemed to reflect. And then he took his hands from my throat. And so let me breathe.

Thus at that time, I took a deep breath and breathed with such a vigor and passion like I had been ten years without breathing. I had almost been choked to death. I was almost killed.

But how was hell and death that I saw with my eyes, anyways? Was it with fire like we’ve been told? The answer is “no.”

Hell was like those who use brute force to silence the ideas of thinking humanity. Hell was like those who don’t have ideas themselves, but feel bad when they listen others create ideas and get oppressed. So they don’t even oppose the oppressors. So they enjoy oppression and laugh hahaha and talk bla bla bla in their meaningless lives. Hell was like a colourless nothing but and full of colours. It was abstract and concrete in the same time.

Hell was like the today world though, it was full of hatred, wars and violence. For violence on the human soul is hell.

And that’s how hell was. It was Oppression.


The Psychology of the Security of the ITV

If you want to understand another human, a French thinker once suggested that you need to put yourself in his shoes.

Or say for instance when you want to write about a criminal. That means that one must use imagination to put his mind in the mind of a criminal.

So, while I was holding my creative ideas up, I was waiting for someone to make me a question. And I wasn’t waiting for someone to choke me to death or kill me for doing that. But should someone come and ask me to get out? I would have done that immediately.

However now in hindsight, after I saw how the security of the ITV ran over me like a mad dog. And after I saw his behavior in the backstage, after he had dragged me all the way through to the backstage like a rubbish sack. And that continued to keep one of his legs in the middle of my body and constantly saying to me in a threatening manner, “Shut up.” For every time that i tried to respond to the questions of the producers of The Voice UK, I had to hear a “shut up” from the producers and followed by a mechanic and threatening “shut up” by the loyal brute security of the ITV.

So, now I can see that this brute of the ITV thought that this man who dared to step on stage has lost all his rights of existence. Like I was with a gun. And not with ideas! Strange, isn’t it?

For when I went in the backstage despite me not resisting any order, he tried to close even my mouth. For kept saying to me shut up. When I tried to say to him and to the producers that you almost choked me to death. And when the Producers or organisers of the Voice UK kept saying to me that your ideas make no sense. And that your ideas are not worthy!

And so I tried to open my mouth and defend my ideas. However, there was a “shut up” expressed by the organisers and reiterated mechanically by the loyal dogs, the brute securities!

But how can one disrespect the same ideas that give to one the food one the table? How can that happen? Sad world! Sad humanity! One creates and a million eat. And that’s why now the brutes perhaps think that a criminal and a philosopher is the same!

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