And life confided the secret to me: behold, it said, I am that which must always overcome itself. 

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Many people live through subconsciously rather than consciously. For what they have learnt in life has fed their subconscious thinking with things that they did not consider important. 

However, when these people come to the fore of social interaction, all what they show is what they have learnt and that they did not consider important. But that however, as such form of knowledge invaded their subconscious thinking. And slept there for ages.

But also, even those who live consciously and are always in the action of learning what is new and different make mistakes. 

And absorb wrong and prejudiced theories. And this is evident with authors who take certain books and authors as absolute truths. And soon fall into the trap of prejudice themselves. 

Hence, I think that in all walks of life and in life itself, there is always something to overcome. 

And it is overcoming ourselves that presupposes becoming ourselves. 

Nietzche said, for example, that  man is an animal that must be overcome. 

And this does not mean that man is an animal. More exactly Nietzche meant that in man is the animal value inside.

Like for example, the animal feelings, the brutality of man, the arrogance of man, the hawkish pride of man, and so on with other negative values of man.

Hence, to overcome a bad feeling, a….

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