By the term “existential conditions” I mean that conditions of the human existence that have been created before we came into being. Or the conditions of living, political and philosophical, that we found existing.

So, “existential conditions” mean the world as it is. And as it has been with all its existence and its politics and its people. 

On the other hand, circumstantial politics is the meaning of politics that are created as one exists consciously on earth. And see history being made.

So, circumstantial politics means the politics of the time that are made on time to shape history either for good or for bad. Sweeping away you as a citizen in its vicious circle. Like a piece of paper.

Hence, then you as a human being in order to make your world a better place first must come to know and to question these two political terms. That are, “existential conditions” and circumstantial politics.

And at last, after knowing and questioning them to re-create or re-shape or re-create them through thought and thinking. That intend to make the world around you a better place. 


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