Dear Ben Cooper,

My Message


My message to Ben Cooper, that is the editor of the BBC Radio One, is “Let us work for Change and Innovation. Let us sit down and bring innovation, movement, FAIRNESS, creative ideas and change into entertainment industry.”


But he doesn’t like that. It seems that he thinks that he has a god-like right to make thugs famous. To make my area full of thugs. To endanger my life with his thug-life ideas. To endanger the lives of the entire world through his thug-life ideologies. To inspire a thug life across the planet. And to terrorise all of us with hate and crime lyrics and famous gangsters.


And all of this, just because he wants to catch the attention of the people while spreading thug-life around. He and his DJ/Journalists want to sell millions of Cds and make money. Make money while sucking the blood of the innocent people around the world and throwing them into gangs and violence.


And all of these negative actions this god-like Editor, called Ben Cooper, does do through the most influential TV on earth called the “BBC.”




Now, please, let me introduce myself. My pen name is Dr A.C.  As my real name is Konstantin. I am a philosopher, DJ/MC and activist


Well, for many years I have been campaigning to bring some innovative ideas and change into entertainment industry. Because Entertainment Industry is rotten to the core. And I think and speak based on the facts that I see. Entertainment Industry is based on VIOLENCE and Unfairness.


And we can get rid of violent ideas by supporting positive artists only. And we can make it fair by better sharing the time on Big Radios. By creating yearly competitive shows. By highlighting movement and creativity. By making the world move like the flow of a river. And not letting it perish in isolation and unfairness like existing in dirty stagnant swamp-like waters.


Further, you can read my facts and ideas on my article on WordPress called; “Entertainment Revolutionary ideas.”


Also, I cannot explain the decision of the DJs of the BBC Radio One to give 10 minutes time to Jihadi John, a dead terrorist.

To give thousands of minutes time to thugs like Gang 67. But to not give to “Me” 5 minutes time to express my innovative ideas. Hello? Is this “thy concept of fairness,” Mr Ben Cooper?


We are speaking here for years and years of seeing my VOICE being silenced. While looking at real thugs making the BBC their second house.

Hello, fairness?


(Let me explain this in parenthesis. For these ideas I was arrested in New York City earlier this year. I was arrested at FOX TV, at ABC, at New York Times. And the security of the MTV kicked me out for standing peacefully for my ideas. You see? This is our today rotten to the core WOLRD then. Thank you very much to the greedy barbarians who use force to silence our ideas.)


The reason for this is, I guess, because if you oppose ideas then you are destined to be silenced. Because one cannot have innovative ideas and in the same time not oppose ideas. That is illogical.

For to have new ideas means to oppose old idea. But here is the OLD not letting the new go! Here it is you, Mr. Ben Cooper not letting my vision appear in the world.


And, My philosophy for Hip Hop is to ditch negative rappers and negative artists who have spread a culture of thugs all around the world through the most influential TVs on earth called “The BBC, MTV etc..”

And I think that we must support positive artists only. Not censure them. Because in censoring thugs you don’t change their character, Mr. Ben Cooper. Rather you support them and turn thugs into super stars and role models. Like you have done for years. Thugs who through Fame and Name become world leaders and our role models. That doesn’t sound good to me who in every area I see thugs. And because of these thugs I see my life being in danger, the life of my community being in danger, the life of my city being in danger. And I see the life of my world being in danger. While you, Mr. Ben Cooper continue to make thugs famous at the BBC. For the reasons that we know.


“Steven Best an American Philosopher said that violence catches attention.” 


So in making thugs famous you catch the attention of the people. And the more attention you catch the more CDs you sell. The more CDs you sell the more money you make.    That’s why you and your friends on New York accept no change. And in the same time you make sure that my voice is being silenced. Well, you see how good that you, Mr. Ben Cooper, are?


Well, first, you may say we don’t proliferate gangs nor do we inspire them.


Here it is what MetPoliceUK says;

“A man who posted a violent video glorifying Daesh online has been jailed for two years at the Old Bailey.” Commander Dean Haydon, of the Mets’ Counter Terrorism Command, said: “One post like this has the power to influence many vulnerable people. My officers are working rigorously to ensure that those posting this kind of content online are put before the courts and the material is taken down.”

You see, Mr Ben Cooper? That means that if MetPolice is serious about what they say. Thing which shows them to be serious. Because they threw this man into Jail for reaching out 465 views only. While THE thugs at the BBC reach millions and billions of views through the BBC. The thugs of the BBC glorify violence and guns and drug dealing. The thugs of the BBC have terrorized and are terrorizing the world. And you are guilty for this.

Therefore that means that you in making drug dealers and thugs famous at the BBC Radio One, you have been proliferating and inspiring a thug life. And for the same reasons that this man has been jailed, so it must be done with the Djs of the BBC who are economizing while sucking the blood of the world. Those who have glorified thugs and gangs I mean.


You want facts?

As a result of this, that you make thugs famous, during 2016 only, I have seen many gangs dying in the shoot-outs in North West London. And many among them were rappers.

You want more concrete facts?


Of course; In March 2016 two rappers in NW London (in the area where I live) they were listening all day BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio One and they shot one another in the streets of London. Why?

The Mirror said on 10th March 2016.

A man died in a drive-by uzi shooting last night amid claims it was sparked by a feud between rappers over stolen jewellery.
Another article also shows direct link between famous rappers and gangs.

‘We need to stop glamorising gangster lifestyle’, says Croydon rapper   By Gareth_Davies  |  Posted: November 22, 2015.

How about Rap in the past?

Steven Best said;

‘In the mid-1990s, spectacular feuds between East and West coast rap groups broke out with highly publicized shoot outs and the murder of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. Following the bizarre ruptures of divisions between art and life in G-rap, with the artists living and dying the violent scenarios they were performing.’

Another fact that shows that your Gangster-ism means Terror-ism.

The stabbing on August 2016 of the teenage rapper, Showkey, in Peckham. And the stabbing and death of his pal a month later, tells me that your philosophy of GANGSTER-ISM means but Terror-ism. And you are terrorizing not only London but the world too.

The Evening Standard said;

Myron Issac-Yarde, a 17-year-old rapper and friend of Showkey who went by the name MDot, was killed in New Cross.

Among many other facts, the last gang related killing was on 9th December 2016.

The Mirror said; “Kilburn shooting: First picture of young man shot dead outside trendy cafe on busy London street.” It could have been “Me” Because there I walk everyday when I go to work.

How about present day famous rappers?

The Guardian said on 26th May, 2016. “One person killed and three wounded in shooting at rapper TI’s New York show. One person was killed and three others wounded in a shooting inside a concert venue in New York City, where hip-hop artist TI was scheduled to perform, police said.”

So you see that past rap and today rap philosophy hasn’t changed. These rappers that shot one another are all the idols of Charlie Sloth, DJ Target etc.

So rap hasn’t changed because people within rap are like Dictators in their ideology of work. For dictators when they are about to die they make sure that in their place are people with same ideas.

Take the example of Charlie Sloth. When the BBC dismissed Tim Westwood they employed Dj Charlie Sloth that was a fan of Westwood and Dr Dree. So what innovation do you expect from a man who is a fan of a violent past?

You expect this; To continue with the old and imprison the new and the good action. Thank you very much!

Further, both these men, Charlie and Tim Westwood heard about my revolutionary ideas. And none of them did give me 5 minutes time to come at the BBC and express my ideas.

Why not? Because they didn’t want change. They were fine with the idea of making thugs famous to catch attention and make money. And they are still doing the same thing. I am still waiting for an opportunity to come at the studios of the BBC and express my ideas for change of innovation and creativity.

Why on earth do you continue to silence my voice and in the same time you continue to terrorize the world with thugs.

So you see, your Gangster-ism puts first, my life in danger and secondly of the world in which I live. That’s why, I see you not as people of art, but as people of terror of hate and crime.


Question; So who is inspiring these gangs then? Isn’t it the rappers of the BBC who are selling millions of records? And don’t you think that a 40 years philosophy of thugs and gangs has to begin to change from the Big Radios? Beginning with you? Mr. Ben Cooper.

How about Politicians and Politics?

Politicians and Politics. 

In the United States, where it all got started, we see that Criticism has come from both left wing and right wing commentators, as well as religious leaders, who have accused the genre of promoting crime, murder, violence, drug dealing, misogyny, rape, vandalism and more. 

German officials have tried to indict rappers. French, Canadian and American officials also have tried to do the same thing.

David Cameron in 2006 accused Tim Westwood for encouraging people to carry guns and knives.

 French MPs in 2005 accused some rappers in France for inciting racism and hatred. And they said that these rappers that promote violence should be banned from radio play.

‘MP Francois Grosdidier told France-Info radio it was no surprise youths ‘saw red’ after listening to violent lyrics.’ Said BBC News on 24th November 2005.

 Running for reelection in 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle urged record stores to stop selling Shakur’s album 2Pacalypse. Now on the ground that its lyrics condoned violence against the police.

Even Russell Brand at his Revolution book said that these messages of guns and violence of 2 Pac and Eminem move fast and stick hard. That is to say that these violent messages that the BBC is spreading are moving fast through their famous radios and are sticking hard in the human mind.

Further, the novelist David Lodge suggested that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness.

So rappers are or pretend to be lyrical poets. They express their subjective ideas and thoughts. But they do it badly and madly. And they do it so because those at the top of rap ideal are ignorant people. They are ignorant because they love violence. They glorify gangs, drugs and guns. They glorify hate and crime. And they continue to make this philosophy eternal through big media mouths like the BBC, MTV, etc.

Therefore, your Philosophy of Gangster-ism is but a Terror-ism.

And I ask for change and innovation. You are controlling the main means of mass information. And this change must come from you. I introduced a Hip-Hop Revolution show in 2015 but nobody listened to me. Why? Because I am not controlling the means of information. I am not working for the BBC. But, however, I am being the change. I am a positive rapper myself. I spread positivity. And I create a show called Hip Hop Revolution. With it trying to make a step for a better world. Yet it is you who continue to silence my voice with Met Police UK, your Media reputation and your security forces.
Actions that The BBC has taken to silence my Voice by force and Reputation.


DJ Charlie Sloth has said to me on instagram this “You will never come to the BBC to express your ideas.” Which is but criminal. How dare he and his cronies silence my voice?


The editor of the BBC Radio 1Xtra, Rob Littlejohn, sent threatening messages on my phone on December 2014. When I said to him that he is spreading a thug life around Europe. I still have his messages on my phone.

There was Stormzy at BBC Radio One that you turned into a famous man. One day during October 2014 he was speaking about guns and violence at Fire in The Booth. And for this I criticized Rob LittleJohn.

But he quickly said to me this “That I will have to deal with the BBC Legal Team and police if I continued to mention his name!”

You see?

So he wanted to continue to turn thugs into heroes. To terrorise the planet. And yet he didn’t want criticism. Very well. That though gave me a psychological shock. And it pushed me to suicide. Because that told me that Force always wins. And force is still winning anyways. But I don’t want to live in a world where force wins. And that’s why I fight with ideas. And if any Met Police or BBC Power want to take my soul. Then I am not going to say “No.” “Give the “soul” to the soul-eaters and voice-silencers.” That’s how I think.

Thirdly, the security of the BBC smashed the screen of my phone by force on 14th October 2016. Just because I was making some questions to the journalists of the BBC.

The Met Police UK came to stop me on 18th November 2016.Just because I was producing a show called “Creativeism Movement Show” that is about making questions to the present day power.

However, to turn to rap, “Why am I not invited in your studios as a rapper?”

In essence, the thugs of the BBC like Stormzy or Jihadi John that you played at the BBC RADIO ONE, or Gang 67 etc., didn’t have anything more than I had. Because we all rapped in London underground scenes.

But the thugs, however, had the X factor of VIOLENCE and the Thug Life ideology that DJs of the BBC Radio One love.  That’s why I NEVER got five minutes time at the BBC. As thugs continue to make the BBC their second house.

So, as you can see these people like Charlie Sloth, Westwood, Dj Target, Zane Lowe etc..

They have a created a M.A.F.I.A of friends in entertainment from London to New York and vice versa. They do not allow innovation to enter. They are the OLD that don’t let the new go. They have imprisoned new ideas.

They do not allow light to come in.

They invite in their studios only those who are their lackeys and praise them as being “GREAT.“ Or thugs and drug dealers.

Dj Charlie Sloth, for instance, in 2013 supported a terrorist called, “Jihadi John.” At a time when he was terrorising London and Europe. Plus, in May 2016, he supported Gang 67, that is a very violent gang, etc.

Just because they were able to rap! But in London, at least, are dying people everyday from Gangs.

Hello? Here are millions who can rap. And yet mostly, it is gangs who go on big radios to rap!

Why are you doing that to humanity?

Here is the point. Their lyrics are and were about committing CRIMES.

So DJ/Presnters/Journalists of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra make Thugs famous to catch attention and sell cds. They do it for money. For money they die. For money they kill. And because of MONEY interest, they continue to not invite me in their studios and silence my voice.

That’s true. Isn’t it?

I am rapper myself. And my tune; “DREAM TO CHANGE THE WORLD or Wolves and Sheep” never made at their shows.

NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. Just because I oppose their ideas.

Therefore, I want JUSTICE. And I want FAIRNESS.

You have silenced my voice for years.

And here is the destiny of generations at stake. What you have been doing to me you are doing to other positive creative minds.

Here is not my interest or your interest at risk. Here are the coming generations at risk. So, I ask you on behalf of the new generations to bring some change into our Violent and Unfair Entertainment Industry.

Let us work on behalf of the coming generations.

Therefore, I reiterate my visionary saying to you; “Let us Work for Change and INNOVATION. Let us sit down and bring innovation, movement, FAIRNESS, creative ideas and change into entertainment industry.”

This is my Ebook; Hip-Hop Revolution;

And these are my Entertainment Revolutionary ideas;

Kind Regards

Dr A.C



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