Ever since I read Camus. I continually questioned my self while having in my mind his question. “What is a man in a big city?” He said.

Then I ask so, “Is man a social animal? Like Marx once said. Or is he a born criminal like the Journalists of the Big Media are painting and portraying the man of the today? What is a man in a big city anyways?

Well man is a social animal by nature. But what if you take to this social animal his essence, his soul and his being. And if you who kill this social animal are called a powerful man. Not a man. But a powerful one. A Tyrannosaur. A giant. A crony. A hades.

You are called a powerful beast that is always surrounded by beasts. A beast that gives orders here and there of killing, of robbing and of destroying human lives. And yet in the superficial principles of a rotten to the core world, he is called the good and just powerful man!

What is a man in a big city?

Now imagine playing ball. Can you? How about imagining playing ball with a severed head? This is the fate of a man in a big city. He is eaten from within by a worm that is called, Capital. He is killed from within. He is exploited to death. He is turned into a machine. Or like Marxists say, “Man has become an appendage of the machine.”

Man is knocked down perfectly and with not much ado like a building from a well-coordinated bomb. The building here is this choking, unfair and unjust world that the elders have created for us…

Man in a big city is turned into a mere nothing. Just like that. He has no woman. He has no friend. He has no family. He has nothing. He lives in confinement. He is like a lone inmate in an abandoned jailhouse. He is bound to enter in the madhouse or driven to hysteria. This is a man in a big city.

For everything in a big city is for the powerful. Women are for him. Economy is for him. Glory is for him. Fame is for him. Protection is for him. Opportunities for him. Everything for him – for the beast.

A man in the big city is the slave of the other man. He is the slave of a powerful beast.

A beast that is fenced off from the rest of the world. And the barriers here being “the other men.” Men that are turned into wolves for the eternal right and interest of the beast. And so the powerful beast continues to swallow souls up and pretends to be good and just!

And why can’t a man know his neighbour?

This is the answer. In big cities, everything is reserved so perfectly for the powerful man.

How about women, the essence of man? Man of today not being able to have a girlfriend, a woman of whatever size or form in a city where the population is so dense and so big?! Where in a single neighbourhood you may well find three million people. Hello!

The greatest death, the deepest poison that is given to the simple man of today is then, “the alienation of womankind.” It is a total alienation. Thing for which nobody dares to talk on big media or big parliaments. For they are the pimps. And pimps here pretend to be feminists! They pimp women and say, “We are feminists!” This world can’t more ridiculous, more laughable or comical! For today world is but an ancient tragedy!

We see from these online pranks. How “thy neighbour” thinks. She says “I am married” if she doesn’t see on you an expensive car or expensive clothes. But she follows you begging you to take her to dinner if she sees a lamborghini! How sad our world is then! Isn’t it?

Isn’t woman of the today the most deplorable creature on earth? A deplorable and woful creature that looks at her vagina as power. A creature that prefers better to die then make a human relationship with a simple man who can pay his bills.

A question then pops up naturally; “Is today woman made of flesh and blood or is she a witch of the underworld that is after the blood of man?

So in a big city, Woman, thy neighbour, is dressed up, dolled up and looks only for a powerful man. He is the capitalist or the famous artist. She, the woman of Das Capital, basically is only after money and fame. And the saying of Thomas Man that women go crazy after the artist is so flawed. Woman goes crazy after his fame. What is an artist that is not famous for a woman? A nothing. This is the psychology of the women of Das Capital. And Das Capital was born before Thomas Man and before those who are pimping the women of the today by the laws and the support of the big Media.

So, that’s why you hear journalists shouting man is evil. Man is evil. Man is evil. Man is evil. Man is evil. And man is always evil.

For this is how they preach death for the weak man. And on the tomb of the weak man they erect a building for a powerful man. And as a gift for him they give a million escorts. Prostitution. And the half of the city!

And everything being set up so well and so fine that makes one think that really everything that is passed in our laws is humane. Too humane. Human, too human! Pimps of 2016 now even call themselves, “Humanists!”

So prostitution of women sounds like music to the pimps. And it sounds like greatness to the sheep of all sheep that never speak up of the things that matter. That never create. But that merely exists and enjoy the food much in manner like animals.

What is a man in a big city then?

Man is an arm and a leg of the big machine. Man is an appendage of das capital. Man is the apple to be eaten by the worm, the machine of the powerful man. A machine that eats him step by step, flake after flake like snow-melting, cell after cell and organ after organ until he is utterly destroyed and made a nothing. This is man in a big city. He is food for the beast; he is the morning juice of the beast. He is a mere nothing confined in a society that is oppressed like being prisoners and not free humans!

Therefore, a simple man in a big city is the prisoner of a rotten to the core world. A world that has never been fair, never been just and never been equal. A world of the wild beast who act and pretend to be like tamed souls of wisdom and truth!

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