Dear PA of Ben Cooper,

This is The Voice U.K Stage Invader also known as an activist, philosopher, DJ/MC and radio presenter.

My pen name is Dr A.C as my real name is Konstantin.

We know that in the past, I have sent to the BBC Radio One, that is the most influential radio in Europe,thousands of emails in regard
to my ideas that intend to bring some change into Entertainment Industry.

However, let me reiterate and re-explain one of my ideas.
And this idea is called; “Positive Hip-Hop Show.”

Well, what do I mean by the idea of this show?
And why do I want to create this show at the BBC Radio One?

Let me begin to explain and so put into words my first question for you and the BBC Radio One.

One American thinker called David Bohm said that we as humans have a content and function of thought.
That means that we must see in the way we think and in the way we express ourselves if we really want a better world.

So for example, if we take the ideas of glorifying guns and gangs and thug-life as negative.
And these ideas are negative because they glorify VIOLENCE.
And violence is negative because it violates the laws of human nature.
It destroys the human soul that wants to live this meaningless life in peace and harmony.

So then, if we take what I just said as being negative,
then I call as being “POSITIVE” the philosophy of creativity that creates with ideas that denounce violence.
And the latter idea has been the purpose of ART and Great Artists.
It has been the idea of wanting to denounce violence on the human soul.
The purpose of “INDIGNATION” that Camus, Sartre and many writers have hinted and spoken of.
Or take for instance 20s century writers like James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Frantz Kafka and so on.
Writers who have described the meaning of art and the artist as a way that intends to see the world a better place.
Therefore, through my philosophy of introducing a Positive Hip-Hop Show
I intend to introduce Artists who have this kind of “INDIGNATION” in their soul and that want to denounce violence.
And not glorify it. That means that I intend to pervade the soul of the now with a theory of positivity.

I intend to play music, rap, entertain and spread a positive energy around London and Europe.
And therefore, this is what I mean with the first question.

Now please let make clear my second question.
Our Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, said a great thing when he won his elections last year. “London holds the torch of humanity” he said.

However, who holds the torch is not London as a whole, but those who control information, politics and corporations.

So BBC Radio One is the most influential radio in Europe.
And it is holding the torch of ideas and of inspirations with idealess Dj-journalists that have not won their place through meritocracy.

Because, for instance, I have created many radio shows online to attract positive artists.
But again it is the reputation of the BBC Radio one that attracts everyone.
Why? We know that there is 100 years of reputation. So that counts consciously and subconsciously.

Nonetheless, let’s forget about the criticism.
For one of my early ideas as an artist and philosopher has been to see Europe and the world a better place.
So we have to compromise. You who at the BBC hold the torch of humanity through your ideas.
And I, an independent thinker and DJ/MC, who create new and different ideas for a fair and better society.

Therefore, let us sit down and talk for the sake of a better world,

This has been my appeal and message always and for years.

Kind Regards

Dr A.C


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