I Teach You a Steel Will. Do we Create because we Hope or do we Create without Hope?

I ask, “How are we supposed to believe in something and stand for something in our highly capitalist and imperialist world. When those who control us are very few and more powerful than the terrifying monsters of Greek Mythology in the same time?


And I ask you again with all the honesty of my thinking and doing, “Who is this man who does not fall or kneel in front of these monsters when they attack you either with their corrupt ideas of their controlled news media monopolies, like by distorting truth and accusing you for something that goes against their common class taste, or with their corrupt and slavish police or army forces?


So then to stand up with thinking and philosophies against the powerful monsters of your time, you need Creative Ideas. And some Creative ideas and long-term projects need a Steel Will. And that’s why logically one needs a Steel Will to keep going forward and creating.


               So what’s the reason of writing this blog then?


The reason of why I am writing this blog then is to teach a “Steel Will” to those who take creative ideas or creativity as their thinking and doing. And want to move the wheel of the world forwards by recreating the world anew in each time and each epoch.


So without further ado, let me begin with some questions:


When we create a certain idea or project do we create because we hope that our projects or ideas will produce certain desired results? Or we do create because we have a certain vision in mind. And we hope in nothing but only in finishing our projects?


In short do we create while having the idea of“hope” in mind or do we create w….. (to read the full blog please subscribe and please donate to support independent thinking)

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