I ask, “How are we supposed to believe in something and stand for something in our highly capitalist and imperialist world. When those who control us are very few and more powerful than the terrifying monsters of Greek Mythology in the same time?


And I ask you again with all the honesty of my thinking and doing, “Who is this man who does not fall or kneel in front of these monsters when they attack you either with their corrupt ideas of their controlled news media monopolies, like by distorting truth and accusing you for something that goes against their common class taste, or with their corrupt and slavish police or army forces?

So then to stand up with thinking and philosophies against the powerful monsters of your time, you need Creative Ideas. And some Creative ideas and long-term projects need a Steel Will. And that’s why logically one needs a Steel Will to keep going forward and creating.


               So what’s the reason of writing this blog then?


The reason of why I am writing this blog then is to teach a “Steel Will” to those who take creative ideas or creativity as their thinking and doing. And want to move the wheel of the world forwards by recreating the world anew in each time and each epoch.

So without further ado, let me begin with some questions:

When we create a certain idea or project do we create because we hope that our projects or ideas will produce certain desired results? Or we do create because we have a certain vision in mind. And we hope in nothing but only in finishing our projects?

In short do we create while having the idea of“hope” in mind or do we create without this hope ideal in mind?

And which is the right way of creating that can make or that makes up the idea of Steel Will?

Now let me continue by expressing first our actual pessimistic world.

How are we supposed to continue to create when we know beforehand that every creative field in our world is controlled and monopolised by a few rich monkeys? Rich monkeys who have amassed all this form of social power by buying and selling certain artists who did the work for them for long decades and many years?

Create with hope for corruption? Or…

You may say, well continue to create and hope that one day you will become part of this corruption.

Well you may create based on this ideal and hope for this ideal. But then forget about change or that anything may or will ever change in this world for good and for better.

This blog, however, is not for those who want to create and be part of today corruption. More exactly, I am writing in this blog for those dreamers who create and dream to see a better world and a better humanity one day in their lives or one day in the human history.

Why do we need a Steel Will then?

If you are such a dreamer, that will fight the corruption of a certain humanity of a certain time fearlessly, then you need a Steel Will to push you to create. And to create even if you know beforehand the results of your work. Say like you know before beginning to create that your ideas will not be heard because they will be drowned out by the media monopolies of your time. Or say like you know somehow that your ideas will be murdered through different forms of corruption.

What I said above is part of a pessimistic world that has proved a corrupt thinking and doing. And pessimism halts your creativity or creative power.

However, if you are as such dreamer, and have a Steel Will, then you will continue to fight for what you believe in and for what you stand for through your Steel Will. You will keep up a fair, humane and balanced creative fight even though you know that you will lose again and again.

But what is a Steel Will then?

Now to create while having in mind certain results means to corrupt your soul. And willy-nilly to fall into pessimism and suicide thoughts. While to create because you do not hope on anything means to shiny from positivity and fear nothing.

And what I said is part of the world of thinking that make one achieve a Steel Will.

So Steel Will is a way of thinking or philosophy that says, I believe in certain human ideals. I stand for these certain human ideals and I will die while creating, believing and fighting for these certain human ideals.

So somehow in short to continue to create without Hope or without Hoping for any Results means to be on the road of…..

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