Dear Shelagh Fogarty,

My pen name is Dr A.C as my real name is Konstantin. Recently I disrupted the Voice UK to make the point of some creative and innovative ideas.


However, the reason for contacting you is because I saw you in an interview on the 1st of March 2017 with Stormzy. And in this interview you blamed or hinted at blaming him and the “grime culture” for spreading violence through thug-life lyrics.


Well that wasn’t wrong. Because we see that “speech and language” influences people. Like it is in the case of those people who are able to recruit terrorists through speech only.


However, to blame grime culture and Stormzy for that is like to blame a “Hired Criminal” for killing. But to not blame the person that hires these criminals to kill.


I mean, you are not from within this culture and therefore you do not know some essential differences.


Let me tell you that I am a radio presenter, DJ/Rapper, philosopher and author of two eBooks. And one of these ebooks is called Hip-Hop Revolution.


So for years I have appealed to the BBC radio one to promote positive artists. I have appealed to them to not promote negative artists who glorify guns and knives and crime and violence. Because BBC Radio one is the most influential radio in Europe at least.


And who makes these thugs famous is not youtube nor grime culture. Rather it is the BBC Radio One that turns them into super stars.


And the reason for this is in the saying and book of Steven Best. Where he argues that rappers create violent lyrics and get violent because “violence” sells.


Therefore, the reason why the BBC Radio does not accept a positive hip hop show on radio one is because they want to continue to glorify violence. For in glorifying violence they sell millions of CDs. And that is the point that you are missing. And that I call an “essential difference” that many people do not know.


And the editors of the BBC radio will better take your eyes out of your face than accept positive language to be promoted in Radio one. For Rob Littlejohn the editor of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio One Xtra sent threatening messages in my mobile phone back in 2014. When I accused him for promoting gangster life styles. And I have these messages as a proof still in my mobile phone.


Therefore, if you are really interested in this culture of evil. And if you want a better and fair society. Then I want to ask you to give me an opportunity and invite me at LBC Radio. So I can explain the ideas of my eBook called “Hip-Hop Revolution.” And how those people within BBC Radio One and entertainment industry from London to New York have been silencing my voice and ideas for change for years.



Kind Regards




Dr A.C

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