The brain dead DJ-journalists of the KISS FM UK, Melvin Odoom and others, like those of other big radios, found this philosophy of 2 PAC Machiavelli ready to hand. That was promote gun crime to catch fame, make money and have all eyes on you!

2 Pac-Machiaveli and gun crime!

Because, we know, guns and violence catches human attention quickly. Some within the industry say it is effective and it spreads like fire. “It’s cool,” they say! So that’s why Kiss FM UK promotes artists who glorify guns and gangs and shooting like Stormzy who says at his Bad Boy tune;

“Bad boy Gs in a bad boy shoot (shoot)
Put faith in my knife….”

Or when he says at his first album tune;

But I still get to gunning, don't be running when I bang mine
Before we said our prayers, there was gang signs (Gang signs)”

Or like Devlin who says full of passions of hatred and negativity and evil;

Murmur and I will murder you, so bring the German rifles.
I’m rolling with the Kalashnikov I’m backing off my rivals.”

So Melvin Odoom and his brainless and gluttonous cronies support him. Why? Because they think and work with a 2 PAC-MACHIAVELLI ideology.

That means promote GUN CRIME, have all eyes and millions of views for their TV/RADIOS and make MONEY by selling millions of thugs’ CDS. And so POWER and FAME and MONEY for these piggish, voracious artists or thugs, like they call themselves! God bless! You see?

“You don't wanna see me when it's midnight
 I'll flick my flick knife, shank him 6 times
 I ain't ramping, I run up in a camp with a gun up in my pants
 Last man standing
 Come through blasting a magnum
 Kill more than half of your mandem”
says Ghetts at tune Buss 1 featuring Devlin.

You see then that they appeal to killing and violence and hatred. They not only glamorise hatred and killing but they urge and incite these evil values. They plead for violence. They call on people to act on that way. And that’s why from 25th April to 6th May 2017 we saw 12lve stabbings in London Town. We have seen many more stabbings in the past, haven’t we? And we will still see until we destroy this poisonous culture of thugs. Thugs and promoters of thugs who have invaded BIG RADIOS and terrorise us with ideas of guns and gangs and thug-life.

I want to live in peace. And therefore, I daresay down with all these insatiable and wolfish DJ-Journalists and bosses of the BIG RADIOS who think and act with a 2-PAC-Machiavelli ideology. Who think that to promote gun crime and terror is free speech! For years they stick to the same idea! Free speech and urge crime and hatred to make money! But why are those who glorify DEASH in prison then? Because they do not work for KISS FM UK or for the BBC Radio One? Eh?

Can’t you see then, that Melvin Odoom at KISS FM UK and other DJ-Journalists, together with their thugs that they make famous, are equal to those who produce terrorist videos for DEASH? They are like terrorists. For it is terrorists that act and think with this ideology of money and power for them. And to the hell with the world. And the same they act and think – the Wolfish DJ-Journalists of the BIG RADIOS.

Look at the philosophy of STORMZY, he preaches hatred and urges gun crime and then he goes and prays to GOD! Just like those who cut off people’s heads do in Middle-East! Remind you that Jihadi John was a rapper who glamorised guns and gangs and urged people to killing and stabbing.

However, DJ-Journalist, Charlie Sloth, dubbed him an artist and a great one! Why? Because he wasn’t interested in his artistic means. He was interested at the idea that he was able to preach VIOLENCE fearlessly. So he was great for DJ-Journalist Charlie Sloth. Why? Because he was fit for a 2-PAC-Machiavelli ideology. You see?

What I said though is the way of thinking of KISS FM U.K, Melvin Odoom, Charlie Sloth, Ben Cooper and so on. Friends of the family! Friends and M.A.F.I.A controlling entertainment industry with ideas of gun and knife crime. Thank you very much!

Raya Dunayevskaya, the founder of Marxism Humanism in 1950s, said that we live in the age of ready to take over. That means one creates and millions eat. One big radio needs a few Djs and a few Djs find work because of luck. Like Melvin Odoom luck, for instance. Someone needed a DJ and they gave a job to him at KISS FM U.K without meritocracy at all. Or like Charlie Sloth luck, BBC Radio One needed a DJ to replace       Tim Westwood. And so they found his best fan! And they didn’t look for any creative person who might bring a fresh look or an innovative philosophy for a better and fairer entertainment industry. Why bother? Easy-peasy, think like all think and eat and drink as much as you can! Good, isn’t it?

So Melvin Odoom, when I asked him a long time ago on twitter to invite me at KISS FM and express my creative ideas, he blocked me! He used to follow me on twitter though! But, why did he block me?

Because this idealess man thought that I didn’t have rights to express myself on BIG RADIOS! But Stormzy and Devlin have, he thought!

So he blocked me on twitter when I asked him to invite me at KISS FM to express myself. The disrespectful monk who forgot how black men were oppressed in the past. So he found a job to oppress the ideas of others. And instead of working with a positive way of thinking, he is siding with the corrupted Big Radios philosophy. That is 2-PAC-Machiavelli to promote gun and knife crime and catch fame and all eyes on them!

Dr A.C –Zarathustra Philosophy never invited or allowed to express himself on Big Radios! Why so?


My Philosophy

For years I wanted to express this way of thinking: this philosophy. Dr A.C – Zarathustra philosophy. That is, I wanted to create a philosophy that is based on fairness, movement, positive thinking, positive creativity and that gives opportunities and supports on big radios artists that intend to make the world a better place. I mean artists who don’t incite hatred and glamorise gun and knife crime. For that is negative. So I wanted to see positive vibes, positive feelings, free speech but not hate speech. I wanted to see art from artists. And preach these very values. The values of mirroring and reflecting the reality in a way that we, today artists, create in a way that we denounce violence. That is positive thinking and positive creation. It is to create in a way that you denounce violence.

For instance, let me express my indignation against Ben Cooper that glamorises Gun and Knife crime at the BBC Radio One for Money’s sake. For I am a Rapper and DJ myself! Right? So I can show you the way too.Ben Cooper I understand you,

You think like 2-Pac Machiaveli
That’s true!
You like money and power
That’s the clue!
So you promote knife and gun crime!
And you do that for money’s sake, fam!
You act like Cosa Nostra, son!
You think like M.A.F.I.A, hun!
Now listen children of the sun!
Now listen for this is my time!
This is Dr A.C Zarathustra, man!
Whether you like it or not!
I like the good vibes a lot!
I like the good life a lot!
And this is the difference
Between me and you,
You are greedy and negative,
As I am true and positive!

So then, you see that you can speak about somebody without saying that you want to kill him or stab him or murder him. Because this is where the free speech turns into hate speech! And you are a lyrical poet, you express subjective thoughts and ideas. You pervade the soul of humanity with what you say. And you use music to make your message sound good in everyone’s ears. For in essence, without music, the ideas of 2-PAC would never ever had made it so big. Or be heard and read so widely! Who would want to read poems of killing and stabbing and death? Are you mad? Maybe a few who want to kill and spread terror! So what we liked from 2-PAC is feelings and music. Lyrics he injects through the latter values in the sub-consciousness of man that come to be conscious when they act and think.

Look at how widely the negative rappers have influenced the world? We now see gangs and killing like being something that is normal and that police has to deal with. But not as a fact that those people who influence this society must stop preaching hatred. You see?

So a lyrical poet is not a novelist who can show us the positivity and negativity of the feelings and intrigue of an evil man in 300 hundred pages of writing. That’s why I ask for rappers to think and create with a positive way of thinking and creating. That is Dr A.C Zarathustra philosophy.

What Can 2-PAC Machiavelli to do Positive Artists?


As you see, DJ journalists of KISS FM U.K and of the BBC are like a single pack of wolves. If you disagree with their ideas and oppose their ideas of gun crime, then they silence your voice like a single Buddhist body! This is what 2-PAC Machiavelli does to positive artists.

So then, they don’t allow you to participate in modern history. They don’t allow you to face them at their personal radios with creative ideas and facts! And big radios are all wrapped up with security and police that supports these DJ-Journalists, even though they promote gun and knife crime!


So then, these thugs who are controlling Entertainment Industry are turning the meaning of humanity upside down. With a 2-PAC Machiavelli ideology, of course. That means that they are supporting thugs and negative artists. They are bringing these negative artists forwards to catch the attention of the people and make money while pervading the spirit of the world with terror and violence. An in the same time they are becoming eternal. That means they never change.

They continually inspire the world with a 2-PAC Machiavelli ideology.

Look at Septa, Devlin, Eminem etc., and look at the new generation Stormzy etc. The younger generation of rappers has the same ideology of creating lyrics like the older generation. And they are all friends with one another. That means that they do not allow into entertainment Industry people that do not think like they think. They simply murder your voice and ideas by force and reputation of the big media.

Look at Septa, Devlin, Eminem etc., and look at the new generation Stormzy etc. The younger generation of rappers has the same ideology of creating lyrics like the older generation. And they are all friends with one another. That means that they do not allow into entertainment Industry people that do not think like they think. They simply murder your voice and ideas by force and reputation of the big media.

And they have done that to me. For I am an entertainer myself, and as I said, the DJ/Journalists of the BBC and other BIG RADIOS have not only refused to invite me in their studios. But, also, when I have been protesting and trying to question them in front of the BBC in London, and MTV in New York, they have called police and security.

And I ended up in jail in New York for questioning the entertainment industry! Like it happened in March, 2016, at Fox TV studios in New York. In London, they almost choked me to death at the Voice U.K for holding a few ideas up!

So that means that these people who control Big Radios murder your voice easy-peasy and at the end they go and take Brit Awards. So after they have silenced all positive artists. After they have made entertainment industry only for themselves. They make charts only for their friends and get Brits. Good for the thugs.

This is 2-PAC Machiaveli ideology, Melvin Odoom, Charlie Sloth, KISS FM U.K, BBC Radio One and so on! That’s what they do to you, they murder your voice and drown you out with big radios’ reputation.

Therefore, Creativeism Movement Show asks Kiss FM UK Four Questions?

  1. Who gives you the rights to turn thugs into super stars and role models?
  1. Where do you take the rights to control entertainment industry by brute force?
  1. Why am I, as a philosopher and DJ/MC, not invited to express my ideas for change and innovation into Entertainment industry?
  1. Is it good to see entertainment industry corrupted and belonging to a clique of friends? From KISS FM to BBC Radio One and from the latter to Capital Xtra and so on? Is it cool to be corrupted like being Casa Nostra M.A.F.I.A?

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