U.K Media journalists have resorted to three tactics to easily silence my voice, the voice of Dr ACactivism, as a foreign writer. First they never invite me in their media Studios to take part with ideas. Secondly, they ignore my voice and my ideas, when I oppose them. So they drown out my voice easy-peasy. And thirdly, they block me on twitter.

How good does that sound to you as a reader?

The latest one to block me on twitter, was a hyena-like mouth called Olivier Brown.

But why did he do that? one may I ask.

It seems as if he was bothered too much from a few questions!

For I made to Oliver Grovelling Brown a few question on twitter. And it seems that U.K arrogant Media Journalists can’t endure one questioning their arrogance, and the interest of their class of luxury, fame and reputation!

You know how good they are? They are great writers! But with a penchant and a way of thinking that is comparable in style to that of ancient barbarians, I want to say.

In short, I see that the U.K Media Journalists through their thinking minds, they love to stone people to death. But they do not want to do so with their hands. More exactly, they love to do that with their pens.

However,  the latter way of thinking is even more evil than the former. Because the inspiration of the pen coming from the reputation of the U.K Media Monopolies inspires millions. That’s the problem. You get it?

Well, let us come to the point now. And please, allow me first to begin with the 15-year-old, Shamima Begum. And show you how some journalists and politicians of the U.K media turn mud into water when they want. And manipulate human thinking for the sake of their ego and greed.

For example, the New Nazi, Piers Morgan, a famous journalist, wrote that Shamima Begum “to go and f**k herself and to rot in hell. Jeremy Hunt, a politician, said in an interview to the Metro, “Ms Begum knew the risks when she ran away from home in east London aged 15 to marry a Daesh militant.”

However, here is also a contradiction of thinking. For instance, Sky News Middle East correspondent said to

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