Well, I made all the questions of my ideas on the headline of this composition.

So now all what is left here is to take these questions one by one. And express our thinking by putting these questions on the table of philosophy. And thus explain as such ideas, like people of wisdom do. That is through thinking and creating.

Hence, I ask, Why altruism? 

Here, first of all let us indicate what do we mean by the word ‘altruism?’

The concept of Altruism comes from the Italian concept of altrui, that means someone else. And that is derived from the Latin concept, ‘alter.’ That means, other.

So, altruism is an image or idea that brings in my mind the image of Jean Paul Sartre, and his philosophy of “The Other.” That in certain points of the meaning of his thinking says, ‘I’m the other and the other is me.” A philosophy that is somehow like that famous expression of Buddha that says, “One in all and all in one.”

Now, at this point of thinking, we see that the East and the West become one through altruism. For, the Western philosophy of the other of Sartre and the oneness of Buddha of the East here, in the altruist thinking or philosophy, become ‘one oneness’ within another oneness in the oneness of the oneness of nothingness within the nothingness of somethingness.

So I ask, “Is the other I and am I the other?

Here, by making this question, we intend to penetrate deep in the human consciousness. Deep in the mysteries of the human mind. And deep in the unknown and philosophy. For at this point of thinking, we enter into the inconceivable that is only slightly perceptible. And we enter or dive in the slightly perceptible thinking that looks like ‘the imperceptible.’

And I say that or think so by withdrawing my reason from this question that ask continually my thinking mind: Can I be like the other? And can the other be like me? Can we be one in all and all in one in any way of thinking?

My answer is this.

I think that we are…

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