In our western world in general billionaire mainstream media has hundreds of years of authority and reputation. And so their power over people is gigantic and monstrous. 

And their power over people comes but from these centuries-old values of reputation and authority.

So, through their power, they have turned into a BIG EVIL for us who demand change.

For when we shout, and when we scream and when we beat our chests in pain. And say that we demand a Free Palestine or an end to the bombing of Yemen by the British allies. Or an end to Homelessness and discrimination in our western world. Still we are not heard.

While some crocodiles of the mainstream media, like Andrew Neil, Adam Boulton, Robert Peston, etc., speak once and the world pays attention.

So, how comes that the Crocs Media are heard forever? But we are not heard at all? Because we are never allowed to participate with our pains and our ideas on the studios of the BBC, ITV, Sky News etc? Right?

So, now you see the difference? You see the big injustices of today? And how, we, independent writers and dreamers of today, are suffocated by a billionaire, monster-like MEDIA?

So, in short, journalists and media owners, who have billions and trillions of money in their banks, are controlling INFORMATION. And they are claiming a birthright in relation to INFORMATION. Here in our western world.  

Say that INFORMATION belongs to them from the moment that they put their hands on media to the moment that they die. 

And thus MEDIA, by controlling INFORMATION twists and turns the perception of the masses as it likes. 

And one example of this twisting of human perception in our U.K and western world is in the Palestinian question.  

For example, the BBC and the CNN, and FOX News, or in general U.K and USA media pretend to not know the values of humanity. When it comes to crimes committed by the Israeli occupation on Palestine and against Palestinian people. 

And, when Palestinian protests happen in London or in the U.K most of the time, the BBC, the ITV and even the Guardian st….

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