Whether he is an essayist, a pamphleteer, a satirist, or a novelist, whether he speaks only of individual passions or whether he attacks the social order, the writer, a free man addressing free men, has only one subject – freedom.

Jean Paul Sartre, Why Write

Well, but if one writer writes for Will to Power reasons, then does one think that he has “Freedom” as his subject?

Second question, if one writer appeals to the nationalist feelings and hatred  for others, then does he have freedom as a subject?

Third question, if one writer is led by feelings of hatred for others and is not able to raise his ideas in the universal way of thinking, then doesn’t this mean that his thinking is instinctual?

Fourth question, if one writer follows the political interest of a certain political party and defends it in good and evil, then doesn’t this mean that this writer is fighting for Money Power and not for Freedom and Justice?


For now enough with questions. Let us focus on the topic of why I decided  to write this blog.

Today, 14th January 2019, U.K Twitter said that Owen Jones argues that it is indefensible to write for publications whose work you fundamentally object to. And below this Twitter post, a war of tweets between the left and

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