Well, it is wrong to call them the British and the USA Media. It is better to call them the big media or simply the big media moguls. But because they are so obsessed with Muslims and Immigrants, then I do not have other choice. But fight those that want the death of humanity – and whomever that they may be.


The truth is that the British and American Big Media are made of chandala-like and charlatan-like people. They are the Neo-Nazis of the today. But that pretend to be humanists!


They are the Chandala and the charlatans of the now that feed on the blood of poor and wretched immigrants and Muslims.

Thanks to their universities and thanks to the common sense, they have learnt how to put two words together! And so they take advantage of their inherited privilege and compose the poems of hate and evil daily and shamelessly.

I say that because for whatever that happens, they blame immigrants and Muslims.


And “truth” for them is truth that suits and fits to their personal or collective interest as Big Media! Humanity for them is the humanity that fits and suits to their personal or collective interest as big media.


So they measure and weigh values of the today. And they do it based on their personal or collective interest as big media. Or say; the chandala and the charlatans of the now.


And if you see some newspapers around that sometimes pretend to be on the side of immigrants and Muslims. Think about it. They do it to keep the balance of the power. Speaking philosophically, at the end of the day they do not derive their doings and makings from the values of humanism. That is to say, truthfulness and goodness. But from their own personal or collective interest as Big Media.


Remember; Truth is truth when it suits and fits to the British and American Big Media Moguls.



So the big media moguls make a mountain out a molehill when they want and they reduce a mountain to a molehill when they want also. Therefore, they are the bigger part of the evil of the present day world. An egoistical evil that can’t be measured and that recognizes no border!


Hence, whoever that is at the top of this evil should come down, chill out and understand that we are all humans.



Marx said something that made sense in the nineteenth century; ‘When you play the fiddle at the top of the state’ he said, ‘what else is to be expected but that those down below dance.’


So when the British and USA Media for everything that happens blame Muslims or immigrants, then those down below are expected to dance.


And thus we see so many successful fascist movements, white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Movements like Britain First, English Defence League in the UK, Pegida movement in Germany, the National Front in France, Soldiers of Odin in Finland, Ku Klux Klan (KKK), in the USA, and more.

Thanks to the Big Media Moguls rhetoric.


So their rhetoric achieves its end and gets physical.



In the past, the problems of Adolf Hitler, Nazis and their supporters were – JEWS, black people and gypsies. Today, the problems of the neo-fascists of the British and American big media are immigrants of all kinds and Muslims. Now though, the about-to-become the Jews of 1940s seem to be the Muslims. Thank you!




The BBC for instance, refers to the Deash, that is a terrorist group in the Middle East, as Muslims. And the reason for it lies underneath the ocean of western brotherhood. Just like the BBC does, so do and many other big media moguls around Europe and USA. And they do it on purpose. Bear with me, I will tell the ‘why’ and the ‘what.’



Even the egalitarian, the man of justice and true democracy or the power-hungry hypocrite, Russell Brand, said at his Revolution that there should not be built any more mosques. But if you think so for Muslims, then you have to think so for all religions. It can’t be so only for Muslims, unless you want to stick to Muslims like Nazis to Jews. Thank you!


Hence, this shows that all the fascists of the British and American big Media are set against Muslims. They seem to not be able to distinguish the good from evil. Or it is the other way around, the fact that they like to be economical with the truth because of their own interest.



And this is how they think.


Firstly the Big media moguls like the BBC think that by referring to different terrorist groups as Muslims, they can put down a religion like Islam and so keep their heads and the heads of all immigrants underwater.



It is not enough the truth that Muslims and immigrants are the most oppressed classes of the present day world. But on the top of that they have to listen the BBC and other big media criminals that refer to terrorist groups as Muslims. These actions in turn paint all immigrants with the same brush when a single immigrant happens to make something wrong.


In doing so, they show clearly to think that Muslims and immigrants are the trouble. But not at all the present day European politics that feed on the blood of foreigners and immigrants. Not at all the present day European politics that went in Middle East to rape their women, kill their children and burn up their houses and turn entire neighborhoods into ashes. No. It wasn’t that European politics at all. You see?



Question, ‘Why does the Big Media refuse to call a spade a spade?’


Let us refer to the terrorist groups as terrorists. And let us be true to ourselves and our human nature as well. That is that whenever that an immigrant happens to make something wrong, say where it happened and what happened.


But don’t go to make background and ethnicity checks and feature it on the front pages like the New York Times and other fascist Media Moguls do. Whenever it happens that an immigrant makes something wrong or commits a crime.


Leave the right thing to the right place. And you as media do your job as media not as a General Register Office or police. Leave it to the police the background and ethnicity checks – fascists.


If you want a society to live in harmony, then don’t point out certain ethnicities or colors of skin as being evil and others as being good. Because if there is something evil on earth, then it is the English ruling class that invaded the world and exploited millions of slaves and killed other millions. It was they that brought the planet to their knees together with the French and German ruling classes. Not the wretched and poverty-stricken immigrants and Muslims. You get it? You, The Sun, the New York Times, the innocent ‘the Guardian’ and other powerful media criminals like NBC and BBC and others…


It is truth that the French, the English and German ruling classes of the today are still feeding on their past imperialist glory. And they still have an imperialist way of doing and making things.


You remember George W. Bush back in 2001 that said,

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” That means that whomever that is against them is a terrorist! Thank you imperialists.


Benito Mussolini, the founder of fascism, once said in a speech in Italy: “O con noi o contro di noi”—You’re either with us or against us. Thanks. Now make the logical connection yourself.



So the immoralist and imperialist Europe and USA still do not get the idea that we are all immigrants upon this earth!


But at least let us make bearable our history and our fate that is doomed from the outset. Don’t be that greedy present day media tycoons. Because we know that you do it to keep under control the working classes, the suffering masses and tell them that the problem is not ‘us’ but immigrants and Muslims! Hmm. You see?


The truth is that the damaging language used by the USA presidential hopeful, Donald trump, that recently said that all Muslims should be barred from entering the USA. The unacceptable language used by the BBC, NBC, ABC, and almost the entire USA, UK and European big media moguls, has had its disastrous effects on immigrants and Muslims in general. I say that because they refer to terrorist groups in Middle East as Muslims! That’s mad and greedy.



Tomorrow I can go and buy a gun illegally, start shooting people at random and say that I hold up ‘American Values!’ I can even say that I do it on the behalf of the ‘American Values.’ I can even say that I do like many American citizens have done so far, that buy a gun and begin to shoot people at random.


So if I buy a gun and start shooting people at random and say that I do it for the American Values. Then would you continually say on Big TVs and write on the front pages of famous tabloids that ‘I am an American?



And if other people do like I do, then would you refer to these people as people that hold up ‘American Values?’


So it is with the terrorist group Daesh that terrorizes the Middle East. That is to say, some crazy young people who haven’t got a clue of Democracy, and that these crazy people wanted to take power by force from the outset. They took religion as a justification and now they are doing what we have seen doing – massacres.


Therefore, there is a problem that needs solution. But, it shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity that fits best for the British and American media moguls. That means they shouldn’t lay the blame on Muslims and shift their responsibility just like German Media did in the past when they massacred JEWS.


So the big European and American media moguls should not refer to the terrorist group Daesh as a Muslim group. But they should call them simply ‘the terrorist group ‘Daesh.’



And those who refer to the terrorist group Daesh as Muslims, they are either innocent simpletons and they do not know what they are doing. Or they are like the BBC, NBC, ABC and other big media tycoons that do it on purpose. That is to say to create chaos and blame Muslims for everything. While they indulge in their Master-and-slave like power.


To prove what I am saying I have The New York Times that wrote this article in January 2016, – American Muslims Under Attack After San Bernardino and Paris Terror.



‘According to a recent analysis based on reports from the news media and civil rights groups,’ the New York Times said, ‘the rate of suspected hate crimes against Muslims has tripled in the time since the attacks in Paris, with 38 attacks regarded as anti-Islamic.


(Remember; all this happens because the American and European Big Media Moguls refuse to call a spade a spade. They refer to terrorist groups as Muslims. They do it on purpose. That is to say for their personal of collective interest. And this directly and indirectly triggers fascist movements.)



Hate crimes like, Mosques vandalized with ‘Jesus’ graffiti.

Arson suspected at mosque. Man killed after threatening Muslims. High-powered rifle fired at mosque. Cab driver shot for being Muslim, Attack on a shopkeeper for being Muslim, attack During Prayers and many more ugly actions taken against Muslims.


What do these facts tell to you? Doesn’t it tell you that a bad rhetoric can incite, stimulate and intensify hatred in the world? Wasn’t it the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler that made Germans kill, gas and massacre mercilessly Jews in the WWII?


If so, then that means clearly that the British, European and American Media moguls everyday open a new grave for Muslims. And history may repeat itself.



If the big media moguls continue to refuse to call a spade a spade, if they continue refer to every terrorist group as Muslims.

Then history can repeat itself and Muslims seem to take the fate of the Jews of the Second World War.


The yahoo UK wrote, ‘Anti-immigrant ‘Soldiers of Odin’ raise concern in Finland


‘Wearing black jackets adorned with a symbol of a Viking and the Finnish flag, the “Soldiers of Odin” have surfaced as self-proclaimed patriots patrolling the streets to protect native Finns from immigrants, worrying the government and police,’ Yahoo UK said. ‘They have carried placards at demonstrations with slogans such as “Migrants not welcome”.’


Well don’t worry that much about this. The same ugly fascist actions I have seen many times happening in the UK. The Britain First Movement and some other neo-Nazi groups operate unhindered all around UK.


The latest violent act that happened in the UK, and that was triggered by the Far right fascist groups, was tweeted on 30th January 2016.


Kent News ‏‪@HeartKentNews 8h

Violence between anti-fascists and far right in ‪#Dover following rally ‪#News


During the same day, the Internet was buzzing with violent actions against immigrants and Muslims that were happening in Sweden and Germany.


However, in the UK for instance these fascist activists have the endorsements of some famous journalists like Nick Robinson. I say that because Nick Robinson was photographed laughing like an ape during the Rochester by-election campaign with Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First. The latter is one of the most violent movements in Britain.


And when I tweeted to Nick Robinson during the summer 2015 and said;


Zarathustra ‏‪@TruthAlsoWisdom 27 Jul 2015

‪@bbcnickrobinson‪ Just a question for you great political analyst -what is the feeling of taking pictures with Fascist activists?


He then replied saying;


Nick Robinson ‏‪@bbcnickrobinson 27 Jul 2015

@TruthAlsoWisdom As the grandchild of German Jewish refugees I don’t need lectures on perils of fascism, thanks all the same.



So Nick Robinson tried to cover up his profound evil with his origin roots! Seemingly that he is a Jew. And now because he is a proud-to-be Jew he can’t be a fascist in his actions! So he fools the simple-minded folks! So he throws dust in their eyes.


As you can see he didn’t reply with a fair answer. The fact that he has Jewish roots that doesn’t tell me anything. He can have Jewish roots and be a Nazi in his actions.


Now the question is not ‘who are the Germans and who are the Nazis of the past.’ Because we already know that. We know how the Nazi German ruling class killed, gassed and massacred Jews of the WW II. And not only Jews of course!


But now the questions are, ‘Who are those that live in the now, but that act like the German ruling class in the time of Nazis? Who are the Jews of the past that are living in 2016? Who are the Jews that are living the same Jew-drama and going through the same Jew-tragedy that Jews went under the leadership of Nazis? Who are these wretched, unfortunate and desperate people?’


The question comes to be, ‘Who did massacre the children of Palestine in 2014? It was the Jewish Ruling class in Israel having the support of USA and Britain. We saw that in August 2014. When the Israel ruling class bombed the Palestinians, the British and American ruling classes laughed up their sleeves. Thank you!


Therefore, if Nick Robinson is a proud-to-be Jew. Then he is a secret supporter of Britain First that is a fascist movement and that hate Muslims too.


This is explained now logically because the Jewish ruling class of Israel is almost like the past Nazis of the Germany.


So Nick Robinson should not use his Jewish roots to cover up his profound hatred that he has against Muslims and humanity. Right?


It doesn’t matter where you are from. But it matters what you do. ‘You are what you do’ said JEAN Paul Sartre in Paris 65 years ago.


Therefore, the Jewish ruling class, American and European ruling classes are taking up the path of the past Nazis. As a result, the Jews of the past seem to be the Muslims. Especially Palestinians that are suffering under Jewish fascism that are backed by the USA and European ruling classes.


And poor immigrants look to be continually under threat. Immigrants fleeing war like Syrians.


And Syrian war that was caused from the dissent that happened in between European and American ruling classes and Russians.


Open thine eyes and look how Russian ruling class pulls on one side of Syria. And European and American ruling classes on the other side. They fight for their spoils just like in 1984. Wake up folks and think for yourself. Thank you!


Immigrants and Muslims those are taking the fate of the pasts Jews.


This is Nick Robinson, the BBC and the British and American big Media. That is to say, they are the present day hidden neo-Nazis.



And Nick Robinson is one of those neo-Nazis of now.



Also when I tweeted to Own Jones, the small privileged journalist of the Guardian, and said.


‪@TruthAlsoWisdom‪ think you need a liedown 🙂



Right? You see? When the BBC terrorizes the planet through its big radios and this truth does not suit and fit to the Guardian. Then it is not truth!

So thinks the little privileged monk of the Guardian!

The little monk of the Guardian, that when his personal interest is violated he jumps like a devil to say it with all the passions of hate and evil. But when there is the truth of the matter that does not suit and fit to Own Jones or the Guardian, the Sun or other big media moguls. Then it is not truth! Thank you!


Truth should suit and fit to the Guardian or other present day media tycoons in order to be truth!


This is it. The evil of the present day. And nothing left, but to grab a bucket and puke around London and New York.



The truth though, is this. That if you look in the past you will see that Tim Westwood was encouraging people to carry guns and knives at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. David Cameron said that in 2006.


Now in the 2016, Dj Charlie Sloth continually makes drug dealers famous. And he supported, at the BBC in 2013, the most terrible terrorist on earth that was Jihadi John.



But Tim Westwood and DJ Charlie Sloth never took the slightest critique from Nick Robinson or Own Jones. Or other famous journalists of the BBC and of the Guardian! Why? That is so because they are evil themselves. And evil never criticizes evil.


Truth should suit and fit to either the collective or personal British and American Big Media moguls in order to be TRUTH!



Question; ‘How did these fascist activists crop up just like that all around Europe and America? White supremacists in America! And white supremacists in Europe! They did so because of the big media rhetoric that refers to terrorist groups as Muslims. Therefore, their ugly rhetoric must be stopped and peace, harmony and truthfulness be spread around the planet.


Facts are pouring down like a heavy rain from a dark sky. And these facts show that the European and American big Media are becoming almost like the Nazis of the past.


The online Web-based research, ‘Media-Matters-For-America,’ wrote on January 8, 2016, ‘Fox Downplays Sexual Assault, Until It Fits Their Anti-Muslim Refugee Agenda.


It went on saying that, ‘On the January 6 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File, Fox guest and The Blaze television host Dana Loesch asked  “are we going to have to have like a little lesson on, can we teach these, you know, coming from a patriarchal society, can we tell Muslim migrants to not rape and sexually assault women?” Host Megyn Kelly also baselessly claimed that “they’ve let in a bunch of migrants … [and] the crime are allegedly committed by these guys!”


So now from the USA we come back to Europe.


Yahoo UK wrote on 13th January 2016, ‘German far-right cell planned attacks on Muslims, refugees – said prosecutors.’


The far-right front leader of France, Marine Le Pen, continues to maintain an evil rhetoric that blame immigrants and Muslims for whatever that happens in France.


The Week Magazine said in an article published in 2015,

‘The Sweden Democrats, a once-reviled party with roots in neo-Nazism, took 13 percent of the vote in last year’s election to become the third-biggest party in Parliament, mostly on a campaign to halt immigration.


Also it said; ‘ The neo-fascist Jobbik party, which advocates ethnic purity for Hungary, took 20 percent of the vote last year to become the third-biggest party in Parliament.


Furthermore, we have seen the Polish and the Danish and many other far-right European movements taking the same stance – spreading hatred against immigrants and Muslims.


As a result, these actions show that hatred against Muslims and immigrants is in full sail all across Europe.



On January 14, The Intercept_ published an interesting article.


‘Fearmongering Around Muslim immigrants echoes Anti-Asian Hysteria of Past.’ said Murtaza Hussain.

And the journalist continues to say that, ‘The fearmongering around Muslims entering the U.S. resembles not only the earlier panic over East Asian immigrants but around Jewish refugees as well.



Also he mentioned the entry of the Americans into World War II and the evil rhetoric of the famous American newspapers that were in favor of mass internment of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast, declaring, “To hell with habeas corpus!’



Now another final proof of How British and American Media uses its rhetoric against immigrants.


For instance, when a crime is committed from any immigrant. The Yahoo UK and New York Times together with the entire European and American media make for ‘immigrants’ background and ethnicity checks. They make them appear as the evil of all evil and tar the entire immigrants with the same brush.


But they refuse to say simply who committed the crime. What happened? When did these people commit the crime? Where something happened and why it happened. The latter mere description happens only when they are European or American nationals.


So for immigrants, they go deep at the their background and origin. And so they blame it all at his nationality and at his background, making them appear as evil with all his nation and all the blood relations of past and present.


As when it is American or European respected citizen that commit the crime. Like French and German and English. They make the crime appear as not that important and trim and cut redundant phrases that will relate it with the country of origin and make them appear evil.


The respectable British, French and English that from the 15th century to the middle of 20s century massacred and killed one another. And also they killed and massacred the weak nations that they invaded or that got in their way.


Example of how the British and American media works when an assault has happened in the UK or USA.

The Northamptonshire Telegraph wrote on 14th January 2016,


‘Police are appealing for witnesses to an alleged assault in Corby to come forward.’

The incident took place in Canada Square between a group of teenage boys at about 4.45pm on Saturday, January 9.

As regarding one rape story that happened in the USA recently, Yahoo UK described it with plain words cutting and trimming. Sure! As it always happens when an evil doing is executed by the USA or European respectable citizens.

‘Teen Boys Charged in Horrific Rape Released From Jail.’ Yahoo UK said. Also it added a few more details about the ‘what and the why.’ But nothing special like pointing out the evil culture that is instilled in the New York by the ugly and monstrous environment of guns and drugs. This thing was not mentioned at all, nor background and ethnicity!


So when they like they keep it short and sweet. But when a crime has happened as far as one year ago. And the perpetrators are immigrants. Then they dig the graves and unbury the dead.


They seize the opportunity to unfold all their hatred and evil spirit that these fake people of the Big present day MEDIA have for immigrants or the slaves of the now – also the ones that are the oppressed of all oppressed classes. And so they blame it all on immigrants!


A journalist of The New York Times, DAN BILEFSKY, on 11th January 2016 he tried to unbury the dead and wrote, ‘Swedish Police, Accused of Cover-Up, Look Into Reports of Sex Assault at Festival.


He then added and explaining that he was speaking about a rape that had happened a year ago. So he said, ‘ The police in Sweden, responding to accusation of a cover-up, said on Monday that they were investigating why the public had not been informed about sexual assaults by men reported to be migrants at a festival in Stockholm last summer.



So he points it out, ‘MIGRANTS!’ And he does it on propose. The fascists. There is not need why to point it out that they are migrants. At the end of the story we are all migrants.


But when were aware Nazis for being on earth? Were they aware when they gassed the Jews?


Another hateful journalist, Ivar Arpi – an ugly misanthrope, wrote in the Spectator newspaper saying that ‘immigration cannot be discussed frankly in Sweden. If you mention anything negative about refugees or immigration, you’re accused of playing into the hands of the reviled far-right.’


So he means that we have to label immigrants as criminals en mass! Whenever that it happens that one immigrant commits a crime! Because when one British or Swedish man commits a crime the media does not point out the Swedish or the English as being evil.


But the immigrants are portrayed in the most incredible way. And this action is despicable and sickening. Also, it is made on the purpose that serves an implicit Nazi agenda of the present day big media moguls.


Furthermore, the immigrants are the one percent part of the modern slavery, that are the present day working classes or the suffering masses of all countries.

But they are not the one percent part of the big and rich European countries. Also known as “exploiters.”



So, the Spectator and the New York Times and other big media tycoons were taking advantage of the news that some immigrants abused some women in Cologne Germany. And this was as a means to an end, – thing which suits and fits to their personal or collective interest.


This action though, was awful and whenever that it happens is awful.

Because it is not only immigrants that commit crimes. That’s true.


Therefore, this kind of racism and hatred that the big media are inflicting on immigrants is totally horrible and unacceptable. And it is closely to a Nazi Press way of doing.


Remember to say the five ‘Ws’ who, what, when, where and why.


There is no reason of why to call a perpetrator an immigrant or English. Unless you want to point out certain types of ethnicities as a means to an end. That is to say, – for political power and hatred. And this is what the present day European and American big Media is doing. That is, “they every day open a new grave for immigrants.”


 Why does all of this happen?


I gave you many facts and reasons of why it happens. But, it is political for sure. And you know politics is all about power. Politics is either about gold and silver or gas and oil.


And these journalists who continually blame immigrants and exaggerate things making a mountain out of a molehill serve directly or indirectly to fascist movements. That is to say ‘bribery’ shouldn’t be ruled out.

They perhaps take money underhand from these fascist activists! Who knows! Still they get money when they utter hatred and sell their newspapers.


Or, perhaps hatred sells more newspapers. Or perhaps it is an indirect and implicit political agenda. That means, ‘it is ordered from above



Or it is this the other way around, that they incite hate against immigrants and Muslims because it serves to their personal or collective interest as Big Media.


At the end that means; “They want to keep immigrants and Muslims with their heads under water. And so they remain forever the masters of slaves like they have been so far.


Therefore, that follows that the rich westerners that own the big media. And that are behind the big media want to keep Muslim with their heads under water and make them regret their being on earth. The rich westerners! These great people! They are generous ain’t they?


Their generosity goes beyond all reason in porn industry when they buy and sell the daughters of the European and American working classes and push them into the rehab and mad houses. And they call porn industry an art! They call women degeneration an art. They call killing an art. Everything for rich westerners is an art. All evil that comes from them is an art. Hitler was an Artist too. He was a painter. The rich Westerners! God bless them. The dead god of Nietzsche – hopefully!


But if evil comes from the other side. If evil comes from a side that they don’t like, then the rich westerners want to tar all the people with the same brush.


Why do they continue to refer to every terrorist group as an Islamic State?

Why don’t they call a spade a spade? Why does the BBC and other big media moguls refuse to refer to IS as Daeash? Why do the big media moguls continue to blame immigrants and Muslims en masse?



Why doesn’t the Big Media call the Pac culture of violence as being ‘Terrorist or evil?’ When it is BBC Radio 1Xtra that all day every day preaches hatred and glorifies violence?


All these are questions that need an answer.


May peace prevail on earth. And may understanding pervade the minds of these terror-lovers and fascists of the European and American ruling classes and Big Media Moguls.



Thus Speaketh Zarathustra to thee folks of the now!

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