London, March 3, 2016



Russell Brand

Dear Mr. Brand

I read your ‘Revolution’ book last year. It was interesting and eloquent. Your thought was deeper and profounder than your ideas that you show on twitter and Facebook.


But I am not writing to you because of your book. But because of the idea that you pretend to be part of those that want to make a ‘better world.’ However, I do not see you as such man.


The fascist doings of the BBC and the thugs that the BBC makes famous disgusts me. But where are you to stand for humanity and Humanism?


That’s not all. Out there are many things that are going wrong and that we must fight to put right. The world is in tatters. But where are you to stand for humanity?


Well, now that I decided to write an open letter to you, let me say two words about your Revolution book.


I oppose many of your ideas. Like the ideas of “Spirituality and God,” in philosophy. I oppose your ideas not because Nietzsche said that ‘God is dead.’ Because God was dead way before Nietzsche. But I rather oppose your ideas because of the substantial essence that God is Creativity. And positive Creativity is good. As spirituality is evil. And evil is wrong doing and making and creating. And you are doing evil in promoting spirituality, my friend.


And the difference between spirituality and creativity is like saying a dirty swamp. And then comparing this dirty swamp with the ever glowing floods of Niagara Falls! The first is stagnant. The second is always moving and always flowing and always giving beauty. Spirituality is a means of being stagnant. As creativity, is a means of moving and flowing and creating forever in the ever-changing reality of now, – my friend!


Creativity means to understand that you have been created to create, my friend. That means that Nothingness created me and I create and recreate this nothingness with something in turn, my friend. Creativity means to be awake and forever create the ever-changing reality of now, my friend. As spirituality means to fall asleep like Buddha standing under a tree and waiting for enlightenment! And that’s mad, my friend.


I liked some of your ideas though, like the ideas of making some limits in political economy. The ideas of making some positive rules and regulations: and ideas of making the greedy corporations support the world.


Because we are selling our planet to a few psychopaths or like you put it ‘The occupants of a bejeweled bus that are behind the present day mayhem.’ And I liked your ideas against private security and against guns. Also I liked some other egalitarian deliberations like sharing, etc.


But the reason for writing to you is not your book, as I said. But it is the evil phenomenon of the present day world. We have a Big Media that is controlling the minds of the people. And that’s true and painful. We have a big media that is focused only on the negative side of the world. And this happens as a means to an end – that means to control the minds of the people and sell their newspapers. That’s all they want – money and power.



But, how can one make the corrupted British Media speak “truth”? They are rotten to the core. They speak only when something suits or fits to their interest. But, they ignore truth if truth does not fit to their collective or personal interest. And that is true and painful in many different directions.


But, let me take my example. I am struggling to be heard. And I live in London town where thugs and prostitutes are being heard and respected. Is this what we call being and life and love and humanity and human values and merit and demerit? Is this what we call humanism?


How comes that when a porn star like Kim Kardashian shifts her bum the entire media talk about it? How comes that when a thug like Snoop Dog says something the entire media talk about it.



How comes that when the son of the prince farts the entire media stands by? When a drug dealer tweets the entire twitter stands by? But when a creator writes values on the table. The British media keeps quiet and it is silent like bears do when they hibernate in the winter. But still these bears are dangerous even when they hibernate!


On October and November 2015 I was protesting in front of the BBC. And when the security of the BBC forced me to leave its territory. Then I called many British newspapers and told them to write an article about what was happening. I told them that I am opposing the thug-life ideas that the BBC spread through BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. I told them to speak the truth and let the world know. But all hung up on me and all said ‘Sorry not interested!’



What still happens and happened can be explained like this, ‘That those who study in schools think alike. I’m speechless, my friend.

I want to grab a bucket and puke around London. This city is full of evil and exploitation. And I am a slave that I work sometimes 18 hours per day to pay my rent. Still, I am proud of being a slave and of my slavery. But this slave now is daring to oppose the masters. ‘Down with the masters and hypocrites,’ I daresay. But it seems to be hard for masters to see a slave that opposes their ideas and accept that thing. Hmm…


If everyone sticks where he can do better, then the world would be a better place. At this moment I can do better in Hip-Hop. I have been a rapper and Dj for about 11 years, but I never got an opportunity from the thugs that control the Big Radios. So I wasn’t able to become a voice of positive creativity in rap.


Still, I opened the book of the world and I listened and learned. I didn’t sell drugs, but I worked hard. And for many years I have been thinking to create a show at the BBC or MTV and bring positive rappers forwards. Because Rap industry supports, and brings at the center of attention, negative rappers that spread violence and hate.


And they do it to catch the attention of the people and perpetuate violent ideas in the human mind. And so they sell their cd-s and make money.


You yourself said at your book; ‘That Pac loved guns and Eminem loves guns.’

Rap intentionally perpetuates violent ideas, my friend. Because violence sells. And many rappers have been thugs and drug dealers. However, the truth is that they do it for money.


Charlie Sloth invites thugs at the BBC Radio One that promote violence and hate. He made Jihadi John famous at the BBC in 2013 at a time that Jihadi John was terrorizing London.


Where are you to criticize the BBC?



I went twice in front of the BBC to challenge the BBC with ideas and Creativity, as I said. But the BBC challenged me with its security power. And that’s a fascist way of doing things.

The BBC did it. People at the top of the BBC are hypocrites, sophists and fascists. Their actions of imposing a THUG-life in human mind, and doing nothing to change that, show that clearly.


But, where are you to criticize the BBC?


I contacted almost the entire big British Media, as I said. And I said to them to speak about it, but no one cared about Truth. The Guardian, The Sun, The Mirror, London Evening Standards and more newspapers hung up on me. But when the BBC makes thugs famous and terrorizes Europe no one bothers to speak up. When the BBC silences those that oppose its ideas, like I did, no one bothers to say the truth to the British people!


‘Rap violence replicates the exorbitant competitiveness of contemporary capitalism, while its ferocity is part and parcel of a society that places sex and violence at the center of its media culture, and is not hesitant to use extreme force to defend the interests of its ruling elites, whether in the form of police brutality against the underclass or military intervention against declared enemies of the state.’

Steven Best and Douglas Kellner
, Enculturation, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1999.



This is our society, my friend. Culture means to cultivate. But what are we cultivating? Are we cultivating evil? And calling good ‘evil’ and vice versa, my friend?


I’m telling you we are cultivating a Thug-life culture with rap stars that glorify violence and guns. We are cultivating a Prostitute-culture that pushes women directly and indirectly towards prostitution. And porn industry is purely “prostitution” because women get paid to have sex. Pop culture is forever using women as a tool or commodity that sells. And that’s mad too.


But, where are the ideas and creativity of these assumed artists?

Hitler was an artist too. He was a painter. The thing is what do we mean by saying ‘art and artist? James Joyce and Thomas Man did know what ‘to be an artist’ means – that is the pain of being misunderstood while you want to make the world a better place.



Also, we are cultivating a Neo-Nazi Press Culture that for everything blames refugees and Muslims. And the evil rhetoric of the press is the bread and wine of all these fascist movements that we see around Europe and America.


And finally we are cultivating an imperialist political culture that puts it like George Bush and Benito Mussolini put it: ‘either with us or against us.”



The present time is like a famous phrase of Bertolt Brecht at Three Penny Opera, ‘The beggars are begging, the thieves are stealing and the whores are whoring.’

Thank you, my friend!

With what I said, I’m not trying to be your friend – we are friends of the same world or nothingness. But I wanted to know if any of your ideas were true. Ideas that intend to make a better world. If so, then, let us talk. I invite you for talks.


Where are you? I invite you to talk hard and be fair.


Yours sincerely






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