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BBC News Journalists Educate Abuse to the Youth of the U.K and Europe – read how these well-paid Thugs control the Youth and our culture – OnlyFans porn ban a ‘kick in the teeth’ for creators say the Preachers of Abuse from BBC News Headquarters

It is always the case with the majority of the British writers, that they report impartially when they like. Become heavily critic when they want so. And also become or show off as the teachers of the world through the authority of the MEDIA monopolies when they want.

For example when is the case of Julian Assange and war in Afghanistan, they simply report the news. Not demanding  war criminals to be brought to justice.

When it is the case of immigrants doing something wrong, they turn heavily critic against immigrants. Have you heard the theory of “Pakistani gangs or Asian gangs” how they openly discriminate using a machinery of hate against human values from the headquarters of U.K media monopolies?

Now, thirdly, when it is the case for porn or sex and education of the people of the U.K, they turn heavily into educative thinking through their analysis that do one thing greatly “PREACHING ABUSE and control of the feelings of the people in here.”

For example, at a blog written on 21st August 2021 cat BBC News website called, “OnlyFans porn ban a 'kick in the teeth' for creators,” BBC News’ journalists openly from the very heading of the blog call “CREA...

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