Simon like AdolfFor goodness’ sake isn’t this world tired of monotonous and corrupted doings?


Simon Cow-ell and Britain’s Got Talent. Simon Cow-ell and X Factor. Simon Cow-ell here in entertainment industry and Simon Cow-ell there!


Isn’t this a GREED of unreal proportions? And wasn’t it GREED what made a Nazi be called a Nazi? Because that’s what Nazis wanted. They wanted the world to be theirs. Only theirs!


And that is what this Simon Cow-ell wants. He wants the world to be forever his. Despite that his ideas now have become old and he with his ideas are faring towards the grave. Just like all of us will do. But he wants to continue to be the main man in entertainment industry and so he does blocks the new ideas.


Also Simon Cow-ell doesn’t want to give up his old ideas of turning people into a laughing stock at Britain’s Got Talent. He doesn’t want to give up brutality that is his main thing.

Nor does this, Old Simon Cowell leave the fresh new idea breathe. He chokes the new ideas. He represents the old. And he continues to starve to death movement and creativity that dwells in the spirit of every time.


Listen this parable that I created for Simon Cowell and the British Media or the present day MAFIA.


The Old clutches the spirit of Time and peels off the layers of its skin. Until one day the Old arrives at the veins of the spirit of Time. And there the Old plunges its monster like mouth and sucks the blood of the spirit of Time or the now like a thirsty vampire.


And again it is the Old who doesn’t leave the new go. The Old continues to empty the veins of the Time till all its blood of the new ideas is dead.

The Old is greedy and wants everything for itself. The old is barbaric and fascist. The Old puts the middle finger on your face and the gun on your head.


This is the Old. This is Simon Cowell. And the thousands of Sancho Panzas and other yes-men that support him in the British Media. The toilet paper media! The superiors of the today or the masters of slaves – British Media and the yes-men.



THE OLD not only kills the new ideas of the creative spirits, but it also leaves these fresh new ideas die in pain. As the OLD stands like a shadow of a cracked cliff over a blue ocean that dances with its waves to and fro like in a fairytale.


The Old kills, it continues to kill, it is thirsty for blood, it is hungry for flesh, and it is barbaric. It is cannibal-like when the old is in GFREED at the stage and level of the British Media that want everything for themselves. And no one who opposes them must be on their studios – the greedy maniacs.


Every year we see, X Factor, Britains Got Talent. X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent.

X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent. X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent. X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent again. And Simon Cowbell again! And again and again Simon Cowell!


But who is this Simon Cowell that has been for 20 years or more owning and doing whatever that he liked with the entertainment industry? Did he have any great idea? Did he make any revolution? Did he bring any great philosophy to better humanity? Did he make this meaningless tiny-rock-planet, meaningful? No.


All what this goblin gargoyle did is sell music and make money. For we live in the times where pigs lead because they have money. As reason and new ideas die in pain and suffer. And with money this Simon Cowell now oppresses all of us who want to bring innovation and change in the world of entertainment industry.


If you have a better idea than Simon Cowell or any other established famous Ape-like human, no one is going to support you. Why? Because in the now it is not ideas who matter, but money and power and fame. And even if you have sold drugs or pimped women still money makes sense.


And unfair money that has been at least in the last two centuries, we know that is an idea of the master to enslave the sheep.


However, MY TIME is the time that has put a dictatorship on the new ideas. This is the now. The dream killers. The idea killers. Those who control the British media and through it they control the people’s minds. The present day MAFIA.



Years ago I read an assumed book of Simon Cowell with title, “I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But…

And yes it was like reading a cow that pretends to know the workings of humanity. But can a cow figure out how humanity or humanism works?


With this I mean that Simon Cowell pretended to be the one that could tell you what it takes to be a star! However he was the one that loved to praise all evil things over earth. A man with no critique nor innovation nor ideas. He praised Eminem that has spread hatred and misogyny. He praised that gangster-man Puff Diddy. He rose to the skies Madonna, a role model for the past 40 years that has turned women all around the world into thinking that to be a prostitute is liberation!


And also he said that he was a kid of a wealthy family that had a mother who swung it with famous people.


And so that means that one day his mother introduced him with some famous producers. And so he took it from there. He was a rich man who became richer. But in his thinking is no innovation.



Now let’s come to the point of ideas. My ideas and his ideas. For idea, from where ideas come from, Hegel said is itself the dialectic which forever divides and distinguishes the self-identical from the differentiated, the subjective from the objective.”


I mean that those who have ideas have also a critique and innovation with them, a subjectivity and objectivity. They know how to divide and differentiate through the art of dialectic. But Simon Cowell did not have such creativity.


And this I am going to explain with my tweets that I typed on twitter in a frenzy of pain and creative explosion on 15th May 2016.


#CreativeismMovement‪ On my eBook I’ve written @SimonCowell impresses the world by turning into a laughing stock those who don’t have Talent.



‪#CreativeismMovement‪ My philosophy that intends to challenge this Dictator, this AdfolfHitler @SimonCowell that doesn’t give up Evil power is

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ to create a show in which we impress the world through great acts & creativity. & not like @SimonCowell by offending people.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ And in my eBook, How To Change the World, I called this show “The Battle of Art and Creativity.” But who cares, anyways


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ But @SimonCowell owns the big media. How is one supposed to bring innovation in a world where is Death to the new ideas?


Explanation; first I call him an Adolf Hitler and therefore a Nazi. Because he like many others on big media, are greedy like dictators. Their greed and hate for new ideas and creators is incredible and beyond all thought and thinking.


They are like the old that I explained earlier. Once they seize some social power then they don’t give up their power. Despite that their old ideas must be changed by the new coming ideas. Despite that their ideas even if once were new now they are old. So they continue with the old. They are the Old. They represent the OLD.


And Simon Cowell continues with his old ideas. But it is time for him to go and let the new breathe. For we need a new worldwide show. We need a battle of great acts where humanity is not ruined nor turned into nothing by making a laughing stock those who don’t have talent at all. We need a Battle of Art and Creativity Show. A show that brings together great acts and where people challenge one another with ideas and skills of all kinds. And so we don’t reduce people to nothing. And so we give opportunities to those who have skills and talents. But not give opportunities to those who don’t have anything to give or that have no skills at all.


If you want to create a comedy show, then that is fine. But to turn people who do not have talent into a laughing stock is cruel.


And these are my ideas versa the ideas of the Simon Cow-ell. I want to elevate humanity he wants to downgrade it. But he has the British Media behind that support his ideas. As the same media has never ever given me a single opportunity to explain my pain and my ideas. So I am mean I am being silenced, because I am the New. As he is being highlighted because he is the OLD.



And this is but a battle of the new against the old. The beasts. The Nazis. The cruel fascists of the British-American media or the present day mafia that have love only for their ideas.



Other Tweets that show what Simon Cowell and the British Media are.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ In #March I was arrested inside the headquarters of the @FOXTV in #NYC. I was there to stand up to the present day evil


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ I was there to express my pain and say to the world my ideas through which I think we can make a better world. @FOXTV !


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ But no one bothered about it. So what am I supposed to think or speak when I get arrested inside the big media? & still


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ This big media like @FOXTV who is supposed to speak truth, it silences truth. Then based on this I’d say I’m speechless


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ The people who control the big media think in two ways or pretend so; “They think that they hold no power over people

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ And they also think that the new generations can’t do like they do. They are wrong. They hold power over people and –


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ the younger generations can do better than them. So these people that control the big media must be replaced & retire.

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ At least every new generation must be led by new ideas. Life is boring without creativity and movement. #GetRidOfsameFaces


#CreativeismMovement#XFactor #BritainsGotTalent #XFactor #BritainsGotTalent & @SimonCowell again!

Isn’t the world upset of this MONOTONY?

‪#CreativeismMovement#Creativity asks for #movement and #change

The #BritishMedia must stop this DICTATORSHIP of ideas and death of new ideas.


Explanation; I think that you got the essence of it. It is the Old, Simon Cowell and the British Media that the only thing that they love is their ideas. I said I was arrested inside the FOX TV but no one ever spoke about it.

How comes?

How comes that the big media that is supposed to speak truth and side with justice, it is this very big media that silences truth and that sides with injustice. I have my being as witness of this ignoble action of the present day pain. The hypocrites and superiors of the Big Media.



They also think that it is only they who can do things. And so isolate the new ideas, kill them and establish a dictatorship of the old over the new.


But as I said on my tweets life is boring without creativity and movement. That means that the old must make space for the new and let it go. The old must let the new breathe and give opportunities.


Do you believe that I have been protesting at the Guardian, ITV and at the BBC just because I want to take an opportunity and express my ideas and pain? Still they do not give that opportunity.


Now you tell me who they are? If not dictators of the new ideas. The Ugly Old. The neo-nazis of the British Media. And with them, Simon Cow-ell.


Gareth Davies said at one online article ‘We need to stop glamorising gangster lifestyle’, says Croydon rapper.”


And Gareth went on; “He decided to speak out after popstar and X Factor judge Rita Ora performed with the group on Trapping Ain’t Dead – about drug dealing – during the televised awards show.

Jaden, 21, grew up in South Norwood and was a member of a gang affiliated with Section Boyz. He is now at university and hopes to inspire young people away from crime through his own music.


He said: “Young people see someone like Rita Ora on national television with Section Boyz rapping about drugs and they think it’s cool. They want to copy what they’re hearing.


“The glamorisation of this culture, endorsed by the industry, has to stop. It’s continuously putting out the message that thug life is cool.”


By this I MEAN that Simon Cowell is part of those that support a thug life as long as he allowed a song that glamorizes violence and drug dealing on X Factor. Also at his book he praised Eminem and other thugs, as I said previously.


Another tweet!

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ A piece of fascist @SimonCowell continues to influence #entertainment and in his shows are artists that are pre-chosen.


Explanations; That is true. In the Britain’s Got Talent show he chooses in advance whom to put in front of the camera and whom not. He uses two pre-auditions at Britain’s Got Talent for that. In these pre-auditions he gives certain directives to some yes-men and they do the job for him. They do what the boss, Simon Cowel says. As Mr Cow-ell chills out on the beach with his cronies. Therefore in greed and hate Simon Cow-ell is comparable but to a fascist.


And this Simon Cowell thinks that it is fair to give opportunities to those who do not have talent. And so turn these poor people into a laughing stock. And in this way catch the attention of the people.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ like the Neo-Nazi @realDonaldTrump this Nazi-man @SimonCowell is not respected for his ideas but because He is rich!!

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ The sheep world values everything that is rich & famous. So the Neo-Nazi @realDonaldTrump & @SimonCowell both are rich!


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ One must read not the consciousness of the #now but the #Subconsciouness. there is the key. The key of Money. #now


Explanation; That is reasonable again. Donald Trump is respected in America because he is a proved businessman and rich. Simon Cowell is respected because he is rich and famous too.


Remember his innovation is in turning people into a laughing stock. Is this what the people must respect? Of course that not. But in the subconsciounsesss of the today people is only “Money.”


They don’t to know how the masters of the banks swindle with the money. They don’t wanna know that or anything as such. Hence once you say; “Fame and Money.” Then you have won the hearts of the people in their subconsciousness.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ You call American and British people who respect that rattlesnake @SimonCowell people? I call them sheep of all sheep.


‪#CreativeismMovement#Entertainement industry has a dictator that want only his image and ideas be on big media @SimonCowell #AdolfHitler



Explanation; I have been twice at the Britain’s Got Talent and once at American’s Got Talent. I had a rap song called “Dream Big Dreams.” That was about changing the world for the better. And I had a few ideas that intended to make a Hip-Hop Revolution. AND I WANTED TO BE HEARD FOR MY IDEAS.


So did I deserve five minutes on Big Media to express my pain and explain my ideas to the people?


Yes of course. But did I have any big talent. No I didn’t have any big talent. Still I had big ideas, I was able to rap and I DESERVED five minutes to explain my ideas.


However, the point of Simon Cowell is to either give opportunities to those who can be turned into a laughing stock. (And that these people may kill themselves because of this humiliation in front of the nation. But Simon Cow doesn’t care.) Or support some very high skilled talents that have great vocal cords and that are pre-chosen, anyways. Therefore that means that nothing spontaneous or natural is in the show of Simon Cow-ll.




‪#CreativeismMovement‪ The big media in #london is made of dictators that swallow up spirits. How comes that they still silence my ideas, but-



‪#CreativeismMovement‪ they pretend to be good & just people. BBC Radio @1Xtra for instance has not only ignored my ideas for #innovation but


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ they even sent threatening messages for suggesting to them new ideas & for criticizing their violent ones. I still have on my


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ phone the message of Rob Littlejohn, editor of th BBC Radio @1Xtra, a radio that turns thugs into heroes just like that

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ So Rob Littlejohn of BBC @1Xtra texted me saying that If mentioned his name then I had to deal with police &BBC Legal Team.


‪#CreativeismMovement#London is a city where oppression is real in all walks of life. A death of creativity and hatred for the new ideas.

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ They are going to oppress your ideas. They are going to silence your voice and they have the cheek to say “We Are Good!


Explanation; Does it need an explanation at all? All what I tweeted are true. I emailed my Hip-Hop Revolution Manifesto to Rob LittleJohn, the editor of the BBC Radios, and received threats in turn.


I said to him that the philosophy of rap so far has been to bring negative artists forwards. And they do it as a means to an end. To catch the attention of the people. But I want to ditch negative artists and support positive artists.


Again instead of receiving respect and recognition, I received hatred and threats by the editor of the BBC Radio 1 Xtra and BBC Radio One, Rob LittleJohn.


I created another idea and called it “Positive Creativity Show” where we can give opportunities to positive and creative artists. And again I was turned down.



I said let’s turn Fire in the Booth Show, – a show that turns thugs into heroes – into a yearly competitive show and give opportunities to different artists every year. And so these artists who have innovation can take it over each year and hold it for a year only. And so in brining competitions, innovation and creativity. We make life move and positive-creativity flow like a stream into the river with movement and beauty.


I was at Britain’s Got Talent Twice to express my pain and ideas. But again I was turned down. They do not even GIVE me an opportunity to speak.



As thugs go on X Factor and rap “Trapping ain’t Dead.” A song about drug dealing and thug-life.

Thugs go at the BBC and have millions of minutes in their disposition.



This is Simon Cowell. And this is then British Media. They have a greed and hatred for the new ideas that is of unreal proportions. And for that they can be compared only with Adolf Hitler, and therefore Nazis. For he too had certain skills and was an artist too. And Nazis were the yes-men of Hitler like the British Media is to hatred and to Simon Cow-ell.



Humanity though, asks not who is an artist or who has ideas. But it rather asks who has ideas to change the world for the better.



Therefore, British Media, Simon Cow-ell, Nazis, enough hating the new ideas. Enough acting like the OLD has acted in all history. For in your actions and greed you can be comparable only to Nazis of the past and evil.



Dr Che




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