We’ve been waiting for more than 2000 year for the politician-philosopher that does work for the people and not for his/her career and personal interest. In here I mean about the ideas of the Plato at his “Republic” where he wanted to see political leaders that genuinely serve to the people and not to their pockets.


The bitter truth though, is that we’ve learnt that before the “Republic” of Plato, after Plato  and up to the present time, out there is not even a single political leader being it, king, queen, polemarch, prince, pope or modern politician, to be singled out for true honesty. Because “true honesty” is the lacing and lacking point of political leaders and politics, that’s the thing. And “ true honesty” has been missing almost in all our human history. That’s the fact of the matter.


Question; “Who was a true political leader with true honesty in our world’s history? Was anyone from those that fought in the Greco-Persian Wars? Those who fought fire with fire like Miltiades and Callimachus at the Greek side or Datis the puppet of Darius I of Persia at the battle of marathon?


Or was Pericles a true statesman with true honesty? Pericles who invented war strategies not to protect Athens but rather to broaden the borders of his influence while treading on the path of greed and hate!

Or was a true leader of humanity Alexander the Great that wanted to see the world under his feet and who cut off people’s heads like throwing stones into a river? Or were great the famous others after him like Julius Caesar with many plebeians of the Roman Empire like Caligula etc? Or were great the popes, the papacies and their papal states of the middle ages who rose to power to paint humanity into red? Or was true to the people, Charles I of England who longed for divine right of the King and so ended up beheaded in 1649? Or was true to the people Louis XVI of France who ended up at the same place? Or was a true leader with true honesty Napoleon who wanted to bring back the glory of the Roman Empire?


Or were great those who preached violence in the time of Karl Marx and after Marx’s death? Those who created the great wars in the 20s century and left in the soul of humanity an irredeemable pain that is still haunting our spirit.


So when out there, in world’s politics no one was great, then how are we supposed to see a good Boris Johnson and just David Cameron? The good and the just never existed. For this world has been rotten to the core and it is still rotten to the core.


And Nietzsche suggested that it was creators who changed the world. That means that it was those who kept in check the great dictators and fought for freedom and true democracy that improved things on earth. Those who created goodness and stood up to evil in the hardest times – the true creators or the liberators of humanity!



With this I don’t want to tell you that I want to be your history and philosophy teacher. No. That’s not the reason of these words of blood. I just want to make the point and say, “Political power corrupts human spirit and it has done so in all human history. And absolute power corrupts absolutely everyone. Who wouldn’t like the idea of doing to the world whatever that one liked and wished?


So the only thing to keep peace in the world in these days of wars and hate is by keeping politics in check. And by making sure that the big media tells the truth to the world as it is and does not side with evil, but it sides with goodness, truth and justice.


And the reason why absolute power corrupts absolutely everyone is because it is “greed” what makes one become a politician or fare towards politics. Because in there is implicitly and unconsciously implied true power. The power of violence and force. The power of enslaving people.

And in politics also is implied the power of making decisions that can wipe out nations and why not continents and the world too. In the now through the A. Bombs that can be achieved easily. If they decide to do so, and if we allow them to do so. That’s the bitter truth of our time. That is the time of pain and suffer.


On the other side of humanity it is pain that makes a Creator work hard to change the world for the better. Just like it is pain that pushes the artist to create a magnum opus.

The BBC wrote on 9th May, “Peace in Europe could be at risk if Britain votes to leave the European Union, David Cameron has warned.”

 On the other hand it is the Telegraph that mentioned the ideas of Boris Johnson; “The European Union is pursuing a similar goal to Hitler in trying to create a powerful superstate, Boris Johnson says.”


So, we see that as the EU referendum is approaching, top politicians in London are preparing their bayonets of hypocrisy.


David Cameron and Boris Johnson instead of using true arguments of what is better for the people of the UK. They focus on false arguments, personal greed and corporate interests.


“I want to win,” says the greed of Boris subconsciously. And so he mirrors his subconscious greed in his statements about Hitler and Europe. He wants the British People to leave the EU.

But to achieve this, he works hard through his rhetorical skills to make people feel the “fear” at all costs. “Fear” here is the point.


On the other side of politics it is David Cameron’s greed that says “I want to win too.” I want the British people to remain in the EU. (that however implicitly says that he wants the power to be concentrated on the hands of the few)

And for that he drops an entire negative rhetoric that is available under the sun. And just like Boris that tries to frighten the people with Hitler and Napoleon examples, so Dave freaks people out with his assumed ideas of “peace could be put at risk and Deash” etc.


So we see “fear” as the nucleus of the present day politics.

Fear! But, why fear? And what is fear?

Let me dismantle the idea of why they use fear. And I think that they use “fear” as their main political point because; firstly they lack a reasonable manifesto in terms of organization and creation. A manifesto that can tell to the people what is good and what is bad and that can contemplate a peaceful and productive future with true examples and reason. They lack sincere and concrete ideas. Hence due to the lack of vision, true organizing principals and assurance for the people, they resort to fear.


And in this way Boris and David Cameron become the demagogues of all demagogues. That is instead of using reason and ideas they appeal to popular desires and prejudices. And so they use fear to scare the people, just like adults do scare their children with “ghost-like tales.”


Now what is fear?


To put is philosophically, I’d say that “fear” is a negative emotion that unconsciously can achieve to shut our being down. Fear makes us cower to its implicit or indirect expression that is in speech. A speech like the ideas of David Cameron that says that peace could be put at risk if we leave. Or like the ideas of Boris Johnson that compared EU’s ambition with Napoleon and even worse, Adolf Hitler.


However, in terms of spirituality and psychology, I will use Eckhart Tolle to explain it. For he is a master of feelings and psychology. And Eckhart said at his book, “The Power of Now,”

Fear is our basic underlying emotional pain. Fear is ego’s fear of death, of annihilation.”

So that’s why the demagogues, Mr Johnson and Mr Cameron, use fear. They are masters. They know the power of fear. They know what fear can do. And they know too, that in using fear they can enslave the people and draw their attention, as they want it to be.

And so they use the “fear” card to achieve their goals.

And a satirical verse with the title “Thank” would speak like this;


Thank the gods and thank the politicians!

Thank their ideas and thank their mission!

Thank the gangs and thank their ammunition!

And finally thank the people for their submission!


Now to get serious again and sum it up; Fear can hold us back. For it is truth and goodness that can make us progress and see the future in the angle of genuine humanity. And my ending plea is;

People; please wake up. Politicians, please stop lying.



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