Ruth Bader Ginsburg, supreme court justice, died aged 87. And while holding the reins of power!

Wow, how good is that?

This happens, you know, because under the US Constitution, that has been over 300 years the same in this point, Supreme Court justices have lifetime tenure unless they resign, retire, or are removed from office.

Thus once the news broke out, telling that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, the media MONOPOLIES and politicians have been in a frenzy of mourning and writing about our LOSS!

Oh! We lost someone who could serve for centuries! Someone who inspires ideas of Will to EVIL POWER to others!
What a disgusting and shameful thought. Eh?

Not so for the Guardian though, that wrote full of pride, as it always does when writing about something they love.

“Tributes poured in on Friday,” the Guardian said, “with figures on the left and the right offering praise and condolences. Meanwhile hundreds of mourners gathered outside the supreme court in Washington DC, laying flowers and candles on its steps.”

Of course, how can one disagree with the sheep thinking of the time?
Unless one is a philosopher or independent mind that is not attached to any political party or political newspaper.

For we saw that almost every media outlout, media that is made of narrow-minded, worm-like Journalists, did not see anything wrong on this issue.

But yes, the TRUTH and reason here are clear for the people of media and politics who think like this.

Rest in Hell, Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Thee and all the WILL to EVIL POWER MINDS like Thee.

For life is short. And we should work to give people opportunities to live, lead and change. And not take these opportunities by …

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