The judges of today want to judge us without referring to a specific law! And without referring to the idea of Justice and Freedom at all!

So they judge us. Judges judge with an imperialist style in the courts of peace. Judges judge in the same way in the studios of the media Monopolies. And judges do the same in the heavens of social media Monopolies.

So judges judge and we hear without being able to have our voices heard. Drowned out by them. And suffocated by their social power. So, like pigs, we munch what they serve to us!

However, there is something to be pointed out. For we, the oppressed who dreamed and still dream to see a better world, remain dreamers. We remain dreamers who dreamed to be able and to take our rights.

Rights, like the right of being heard with ideas. And the right of participating with ideas on the studios of the BBC or the ITV or Sky News and mainstream media in general.

However, this dream and these human rights were impossible to be achieved by us, the oppressed. Simply because they didn’t want you to be heard with ideas. And didn’t allow you to be heard in their media studios with ideas.

Nevertheless, now we found this dream. We found this big social dream on our social media. A “magical place” where we all love to see this full dimension of human participation. And creativity.

But still, even here now comes out of nowhere a Big Brother, that has been produced out of the laboratory of money and power, to tell us what to say and what

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