When we say “True Justice or Justice (the Justice ideal or the ideal of justice here is the concept of today and past ruling classes. As “true justice” is the way I perceive and conceive the ideal of “justice.”) we really put a very big word in our minds.

The problem here, however, that makes the “Justice ideal” confusing, to some extent a puzzle, and to some other extent a ridiculous idea, is in the fact that justice is associated with the idea of Laws.


 “Laws, on the other hand, and the way laws historically have been made, have not served and still do not serve to the ideal of true justice.”

If you think differently, then, I ask you, “tell me a time in the human history where laws were not made to serve to the powerful rich people? And tell me too, in our time; aren’t our laws serving to the powerful rich people?”

So, why do I think that Justice is not made by LAWS, that support today rich cronies or that have supported the past rich cronies? one may ask.

Let me begin expressing my philosophy here by saying that we all have seen today injustice.
Like the extreme….

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