Every now and then, I hear of another innocent Palestinian person barbarically killed by the Israeli forces. I hear of systematic discrimination, of apartheid, of ethnic cleansing by Israeli politics. And I hear of Israeli politics ordering their gendarmes to bomb Gaza and open another war. 

I also hear of Israeli politics stealing Palestinian lands. Demolishing Palestinian houses to build Israeli houses. Denying the right of Palestinians to return. But giving houses and plenty of space to the Jewish people who decide to live in stolen lands.

We hear also of Israeli NAZI Politics Killing innocent Palestinian people. Bombing Gaza with imperialist military power. Terrorising and keeping under siege an entire nation continually.

When I say “HEAR” here I mean the facts that I live as I exist as the author of this time that expresses the PAIN of his own TIME.

PAIN and facts such as the illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip by Israeli politics since the 2007. Action which does not need one to be a philosopher in order to understand that it is against any HUMAN LOGIC and that it abuses every human right.

For the blockade affects every aspect of life for Palestinians. Holds almost 2 million Palestinians under siege. “And the Blockade keeps 80 per cent of the population rely on international humanitarian aid to survive.” According to Oxfam.

(Link – https://www.oxfam.org/en/timeline-humanitarian-impact-gaza-blockade )

Further, the Gaza war in 2008-09, March 2012, July 2014, the war on Gaza November 2018 and March 2019. These wars have left thousands of Palestinians dead and dozens of thousands badly injured.

Palestine fighting for Freedom, while Israeli Politics murdering, butchering, and terrorising with the support of England, USA, France etc,.

Furthermore, in regards Israeli politics stealing Palestinian lands and demolishing Palestinian houses to build Israeli houses. And denying the right of Palestinians to return. These are not “hearsays” but real HISTORICAL FACTS.


And we all know that the Israeli political actions are supported by American, English, French and other imperialist nations’ politics. So, the politics of Israel towards Palestine are but evil. 

Therefore, it is easy to logically conclude that in the Question of Palestine, the new generations will see British, American and French people as we see the past Germans who supported HITLER to butcher Jews.

Wake up now and say with me Free Palestine! And Free world.

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