The inspiration of writing this blog I took after seeing some revolting and sickening photos. That a man called Rogan P’Handley had manipulated and created to smear, slander  and defame Joe Biden. 

Rogan P’Handley is called @DC_Dario on instagram and has 1.6m followers in it. And he has 312k followers on twitter. And is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. That according to website, he has left a lucrative legal career to fight for Donald Trump on social media! 

What form of a Don Quixote can do that? Maybe a form of Don Quixote who is greatly paid behind the scenes to support Trump and smear his political opponents?

 For based on his retweets, likes and social interactions, to me he seems to have real followers. That have been achieved by throwing big money into promotion of his ideas, of course. 

For he is not any form of creator that stuns you with his creativity to absorb that form of attention.

Nevertheless, my problem is not to tell how much money he has thrown to buy his followers. Or who pays him to support Trump. Or who pays all pro-Trump Campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile.

Rather, my problem is the sick ambition of as such people that use “Bought Social Media influence” to create calumnies of a different level. And link pedophilia to the democratic candidate Joe Biden and democrats. And spread hatred towards others.

 And my problem is to tell them that what they are doing is HATE SPEECH. (See the screenshots below to see how the ideas of as such paid Trump supporters spread hate. Full screenshots will be uploaded at the end of this blog. )

Well, but how comes that a person like myself, who has always written in the support of Free Speech now speaks of Hate Speech? 

Here let me clarify my position. I am not speaking of censure. But of accountability. 

For one is free to say whatever one wants to say for as long as one does not show intention to harm another with what he says. And for as long as one bases his reason on truth.

In other circumstances, again one is free. However, one must be held accountable if he shows to hate or intend to harm others with his thinking. And again this person must not be censured from social media. But be punished by our laws. 

So, I have always written against social media censure. And I still hold the same position.

Because it is not the keepers of the public parks that should hold citizens accountable for their crimes committed in public parks. But rather it is our laws that should judge and hold accountable people who do make crimes in a public parks.

That’s why big tech should simply give the money to “Independent organisations” who enforce our laws. For even in hate speech it is not them, Big Tech, who should penalise us. But our laws. 

So?  What is hate speech, or why those pro-Trump campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile are doing “HATE SPEECH? And why should they be brought to courts by our law enforcement agencies?

First of all allow me to say here that hate speech is first of all hating others by showing intention of….

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