To twist, exaggerate and alienate truth in any way is equal to saying “lies.”  And this is what the U.K media does all the time. 

A few days ago, the wolves of the U.K media ate one of their own, Caroline Flack, by twisting, exaggerating and alienating truth. 

Before her death, Caroline Flack said, “truth has been taken out of my hands and used as entertainment.”

Funny eh? Isn’t it funny to distort truth and entertain the oppressed masses of today for the purpose of wanting to control them? And so make billions in news sales?

When you are a journalist that gets paid well, and has a lot of fun in the media monopolies, what can you do anyways? (an emjoi is necessary here to be honest.)

“News” has become the most expensive commodity in our world, whether you like it or not. And Information continues to be the exclusive right of certain MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

So first of all, I ask these today proud journalists and media owners who play with others by twisting, exaggerating and alienating the ideal of truth.

“Where are the ideals of JUSTICE, EQUALITY, AND FAIRNESS that you highly paid journalists and media editors of the U.K Media prattle all day every single day?” I ask.

Still in our time criticising the U.K Media remains always like criticizing heavens. To be honest. For they are always silent. Powerful, and watching you from above. Like being the gods of this world, and we, their abandoned creatures! Very good!

In manner and tactic. For us, the oppressed, to see them speak and write from their media monopolies is similar to seeing men and women standing across a huge hole with stairs in their hands. And you being in the middle of this huge hole shouting against their wicked nature that is unwilling to be fair and just.

They joke and sneer when I or any other independent voice criticises them. Because they know we will not be heard at the hand of the day. So why bother, they say.

And then they laugh hard at our critical thinking, Ha ha ha ha ha! Still he or she shouting against us? And still he is not heard in front of us! Ha ha ha ha!

They laugh and congratulate each other in the manner of frivolity like two teenagers a while ago were seen congratulating each other with a fist bump. Minutes after they had stabbed to death another teenager.

(Link of teenagers that are compared in frivolity to British Journalists-

Now to come to the Fresh Facts that link the U.K media to corruptive thinking. A form of thinking which has been in place for centuries and does not want to change in the U.K.

Let us look at the way Met Police Tweets about terrorism and the way Twitter, now the mouthpiece of the mainstream media, and certain U.K media journalists tweet about terrorism.

Metropolitan Police tweeted about a woman that was found guilty of terrorism.
@metpoliceuk#GUILTY | A woman has pleaded guilty to preparing terrorist acts and disseminating terrorist publications. Safiyya Shaikh, 36, (25.05.83), of Hayes, plotted made plans to plant an explosive device at St Paul’s Cathedral.

So Met Police U.K seems to be objective and unbiased in their tweet. Sometimes though, they show to be influenced by the media monopolies in their writings. And I have noticed that in the past. Still in the current case they were fair.

However, “daily news” in regards to Islam and Terrorim are expressed in a different way here by Twitter News, that has become a mouthpiece of mainstream media as I said. And by the journalists of the mainstream monopolistic media. Like Rachael Venables.

See screenshot below:

The reason for this is because the Journalists of the U.K Media have found a safe world. Where they twist, exaggerate and alienate truth for the sake of catching attention. And selling this expensive commodity called, “NEWS.”

And is there any other better way of selling large amounts of NEWS than fighting a common enemy and scapegoat, that you have created for the people, every single day on your U.K Media monopolies?

So the reason of why the U.K Media monopolies continue to link Islam to Terrorism by twisting, exaggerating, and alienating the ideal of truth is to make millions daily NEWS SALES. Good.

And in case you want to find out the difference in the way news are reported between the U.K Media monopolies and met Police, just compare the facts that I will showed to you.

Further, Dominic Casciani of the BBC instead of questioning the way “the undercover police” has been there in the first place. Like whether paid informants exploited the psychological nature of the woman, that was charged of terrorism acts. Or whether there is anything else that we need to know and which falls on the wrong doing of State power.

Instead of being fair and objective as a journalist, he jumps on the bandwagon of British journalism to exaggerate, manipulate and alienate truth.

And so to link Islam to terrorism for the sake of wanting to catch human attention. And sell the news commodities of the News media monopolies that they work for.

BREAKING, He writes, “A British female supporter of the banned Islamic State terror group….” See screenshot below.

Now it seems that the British journalists can’t wait any form of news that mentions ISLAM. So to link Islam to terrorism. And so keep this form of evil thinking, that scapegoats others, unchanged forever, from media editors to journalists. From teachers to students and school kids everything and every one should blame the weakest of this society – ISLAM.

Further, if we read inside the articles of the mainstream media, we would discover other deficiencies of thinking and follies.

For example, the news monopolies of the mirror warn us somehow that the kindness of our Muslim neighbour can convert us to Islam. And turn us into terrorists.

The Mirror writes,
“Shaikh was born Michelle Ramsden and converted to Islam in 2007 after being impressed by the kindness of her Muslim neighbours.”

Here is the link.

It clearly can be seen that the U.K media journalists do not want to change this form of thinking that scapegoats the weakest and the most oppressed part of our society. Thus“Islam” has become a WWII Jewishness that seems to never end.

At least create a new scapegoat. Why not?

Anyways, who am I to criticize the wolves of the U.K media? Am I not an oppressed immigrant, who will have 5 to 6 people read his ideas, because of the fact that the U.K media monopolies continue to oppress my voice and my ideas?

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