Media and journalism must be a divine mission that serve to humanity, democracy and great human values. Like freedom, truth, fairness, equality, justice and so on. But the rich of today, like they have done in all human history, have turned media into a business thing. Corrupted journalists see media as “a will to money power thing.” And media bosses do the same. Here then we need a solution for the sake of truth, fairness, democracy and our humanity.

Let’s take as an example, the most corrupted media in the world – The U.K Media. And here prepare to read my philosophy of change as well. So in the U.K Corrupted media on the one hand, we have the very rich, Rubert Murdoch of The Sun and all right wing media, supporting the U.K Government with their ideas. And on the other hand, we have the less rich, the Guardian and all left wing media, supporting the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn.


Is this our free and independent MEDIA then?

Even the blind can see here and the deaf can hear the “Two centuries and half problem.” From the gestation of the idea “left and right wing media” in the French Revolution, and up to 2018, we never had an independent and fair media that is dedicated to truth and is impartial in its way of thinking. And that’s true as my being on earth.


Media has been and still is the mouthpiece of politics and politicians. And in the U.K left and right wing media fight like wolves for the left and right wing political ideologies. That is their political interest. That’s why we have a royal baby from birth to death trending here. As people who have ideas can’t use this corrupted media to express ideas for change.


On the top of what I said, the same journalists and the same media bosses dare to use even police and security power to protect their political interests and silence the voices of the thinking humanity. And one of these examples is myself. A man with ideas and who has been almost choked to death by the security of the most corrupted media in the world – the U.K Media.



So what is the solution for us here to have a MEDIA that serves to humanity and that is dedicated to truth and to the impartiality of thinking and doing?


Here comes my idea that I call “CHARITY MEDIA.” An idea that can be possible in our “internet days.” And an idea that serves to truth, reason and humanity. Well but what do I mean with this idea “CHARITY MEDIA,” then?


First of all, let us separate media from politics. Political parties can remain left and right, green and blue. However, if media wants to be called “independent and fair” then media must be separated from politics. And so be impartial.


But can a rich media be impartial? Can a journalist like “Piers Morgan or Andrew Neil” etc., that are super paid, be impartial? Even a donkey, if he had a human consciousness, would be able to understand that Money Power would corrupt the best of us. For there where big money comes in and goes out there big corruption exists. And it is there, it is these institutions that we must fight for the sake of human justice.



Therefore, because of the fact that on the fairness, freedom and independence of the media depends the freedom of the living humanity, then we need to invent a different way and a fair one through which media journalists can be paid.




So, I suggest media to be funded neither in the way of NHS and teachers nor paid by the very rich corporations like it is today. In this way of thinking, we separated media from politics and corporations too. Welcome to the free and fair world! How can the journalists be paid then?



The solution then is one. Media to be funded by charity organisations that take the donations from the very people.


And every conscious human being who wants to live in freedom and fairness must donate. The first one to donate to as such charity organisation will be myself, Dr A.C.


What about the salaries of the journalists? Should we pay them with luxurious salaries so they can be as happy as pigs and as corrupted as criminals?


The salaries of the journalists must not be bigger than the salaries of the working class people. So we don’t have young journalists that dream “will to money power.” But rather we have young people that dream will to freedom, fairness and justice.



So in this way we have men and women who take up journalism with a mission for truth and justice that serve to humanity, and not with a mission for money power that serve to…

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