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Let rogues conduct the affairs of state; in your lowly rank you can still be an honest man.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

To cringe and lie to the great, creep and crawl before rogues, and despicably flatterer all what is base, ugly, and corrupt in society can give to one creature in our time not only a great position on media and political world. But also big accolades. My father once told me that even kings love to be flattered.

And he also said to me that there is something magical in those who flatter everything in front of them. And who serve with pride and who are quiet as lambs or compatible as sheep.

And this magical power, I came to understand it as being a godly power that open doors and makes one climb higher and higher in the dirty stairs of social power.

There where rogues and liers, also deemed as THE GREAT of the GREAT, rule and speak of honesty!

However, not only those who cringe and lie are loved by the Great of the Great . For it is also boxers, players, singers or trick artists who are also loved by the GREAT.

But why the GREAT of the great, people who usually are entrusted to control social power or rogues of all forms, do not like independent men of letters? Why they don’t like creative artists who put truth and reason on the table and measure the pain of their time with truth and reason?

And the answer is thus. A boxer knows how to box, a player knows how to play, a singer knows how to sing, a trick artist knows how to entertain. But they don’t have a clue in what world they live.

 And thus, at the end, sportsmen, entertainers and mere artists are all power to the great. For they cringe and creep in front of the GREAT of the GREAT for their own benefit.

A man of letters, on the other hand, and an honest creative artist threatens the very power of the GREAT of the GREAT with his pen and truth and reason.

So, that’s why men of letters are not loved by the great of the great. Because men of letters threaten the very positions of the p…

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