Historically British politics are foxy. That means, if they find a path, no matter how narrow or small it is, to get away with abuse, murder and oppression of all forms for the sake of money and power. Then they do it.

And in the last decades this has happened in front our eyes. And it has been an easy-peasy thing for the powerful of Britain who lick the boots of America. And bomb the hell out of the weak nations.

For example, we all have seen or heard the U.K politics do Business deals with Saudi Arabia. Give military and organisational support to Saudi Arabia to continue the cicvil war in Yemen and kill innocent people by the thousands. Sell arms  to the Israeli abusive politics. And so on with other war abuses and evil politics for money and power.

But why does this happen? one may ask.

This happens because British politics and British upper classes have no morals. And they have a profound desire for greed and money. And it is fear that stops them and fear that leads them.

(Note, the masses of Britain are decent ordinary people who have nothing to do with such greedy Liers and abusers that control the British politics.)

Now, if you don’t trust what I said, then have a look at the past history. And why not read and some Marx and Engels yourself to see what they say about the Brit politics also.

So, Boris Johnson, when he decided to support Brexit, he didn’t think about the European fraternity. A fraternity that brought to an end, the pain of many centuries. A pain, that in turn had brought countless wars and deaths and immeasurable amounts of hatred in the European continent.

But now that Joe Biden won. And the U.K economy has been hit hard by the fall of the British pound since 2016. When Brexit happened. Now, I guess that Boris Johnson must be worried a lot behind the scenes. Sorry Boris!

Thus, the mini Trump, Boris Johnson, must be worried about business deals and money for the rich. That he intended to multiply at the expense of the NHS and of the poor. While doing business with an amoral businessman and amoral politician called, Donald Trump.

So the mini Trump, Boris Johnson, perhaps he is biting his nails like an angry, old witch, relieving his stress, anxiety and boredom slowly, like a hippo or mini Trump in action.

For this little pig, mini Trump, now is to be pitted for his greed who created pain for us, the oppressed of this nation.  And who pushed the U.K towards hate and more divisions for the sake of greed.

At the end of the tunnel, that we traversed with the mini Trump and the Giant Trump, who is a gone story, now we see the light of REASON, don’t we?

I mean, we see that Politics are an ominous reminder to the human thinking. An ominous reminder that says, “We trust politics for as long as…

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