Recently, I am identifying my pain with the pain of Frantz Fanon. He was a black writer of the last century and that wrote in French. But I am one European simple man that I write in English. Also, I work hard and I dream big. I dream to change the world with my own hands and ideas. But I am not a native English speaker! YOU GET ME? And that’s a big problem!

 So I see how much that the British and American media pay heed to one’s accent but not so much to one’s reason! If I make a grammatical error then you cannot dismiss my ideas as nonsense. This is mad. Can’t you see that it is pain talking here?


“Yes I must watch my diction because that’s how they’ll judge me. He can’t even speak French properly, they’ll say with the utmost contempt.”

 Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks.


Now let me mention two men of human history that had learnt of man’s suffer and pain.


“The immediate task of philosophy, which if at the service of history, once the saintly form of human self-alienation has been unmasked, is to unmask self alienation in its unholy forms.”


Marx and Engels.


I think that ignorance is what holds us back, and knowledge is what sets us free. That’s why philosophy is one of the original qualities of the beings of being. Because philosophy springs from knowledge and reflection.


However, our human history, and philosophy of history in particular, tell us that knowledge can be used for good and for bad. The sweet and sour Hitler gave us that lesson, just like Donald Trump is trying to give us another one.


So I think that the American Media, a chaste and lily-white innocent maiden of the world, is using knowledge for the bad. They are wise and I do not deny that.


 But just a question: “Does the American media reflect when they refer to Muslims as terrorists?


Don’t they know that in acting in this way they are contributing to making our world a worse place?


Don’t they know that in identifying the terrorists with Muslims, they are inspiring youngsters around the world to join terrorist groups?  And as a result they are endangering our lives and making our world a worse place in turn.



“Does the American media reflect, when the bum of Kim Kardashian can be heard all around the world, but I as a creator that have ideas to change the world for the better can not even express myself? I cannot even take one opportunity to express my ideas because the people do not listen us from below. Because people of the today think just like Mark Dice put it at Illuminati, “If people didn’t see it on Fox News or CNN, then it must not be happening, they think.”



“How comes that my positive ideas can’t be heard? But the bum of Kim Kardashian has 40 million followers?”


American Media, can’t you see that you, together with other oppressors of the American society, have alienated the present day world?


What on earth have you got in your hearts, stones, mud, or water? Whatever that you may have got in your hearts; your hearts do not look to be part of the sensitive and sensible human hearts! You are just like robots feelingless and without meaning just like machines wandering around a naught and nothingness.


And because you have this robotic and mechanic power, then you impose your evil values on us, poor and wretched people around the world who want to live in peace and harmony.


 Do you want to know whether I hate you or I love you? Yes I hate you. And I hate you when you impose your negative philosophies on us. And I love you when for each step that you make for a better world.


And this is one of the reasons why I hate you because you do not reflect. And because you do not bother, what within you is evil, negative and wrong to put it right.


One of the examples is implied in these questions:


“Does the American Media reflect when rap continues to glorify a gangster lifestyle and preach hatred all across the world?

Does the American Media reflect when their politicians say “Either with us or against us?” Does the American media know that the same philosophy was used by the leader and founder of fascism, Benito Mussolini?


Does the American media reflect about those people of Hollywood that hold a celebrity status, but that use it to inspire negative ideas around the world? And that their ideas have reduced womankind around the world to a bum? And that their ideas have turned men around the world into thugs?


Does this sound good for the American Media?


 Does the American Media know that Marx and Engels said that without a women’s liberation there is not general human liberation? And that means that by reducing women to lifeless objects, that are good only for sex and to be called “Bit.” they are destroying our humanity and our common fate on earth?


Does the American Media know that they are imposing their evil ideas on us in Europe and in the minds of the people around the world?


Does the American Media know that Steven Best, an American philosopher, said ‘rap violence replicates the exorbitant competitiveness of contemporary capitalism, while its ferocity is part and parcel of a society that places sex and violence at the center of its media culture, and is not hesitant to use extreme force to defend the interests of its ruling elites, whether in the form of police brutality against the underclass or military intervention against declared enemies of the state.’


 Does this sound good to the American Media that despite the fact that I am a creator treats me like a criminal using its security power to silence me?


But at last, does the American Media know why does this happen?


Let me tell to them, that it happens because humans are alienated. It happens because those at the top do not only enslave us at the bottom, but they suck our blood mercilessly and shamelessly too. And part of these present-day innocent bloodsuckers is the “American Big Media.”


Why did I come in the USA then?


I came to oppose four evil philosophies of the American Oppressors that are affecting the entire world. (I will explain what do I mean by that.)

 Also, I came to promote my creative-ism Movement philosophy. I came to show my positive creativity ideology to a world that is in tatters and oppressed by the American Media, Politics and Corporations.


I came to make people aware of their power. And the power of the people is in refection and creativity. But the people of America are not creating enough. And I think so because they have left the world on the hands of the thugs like Kanye West, that spreads misogyny and hatred. They have left the world on the hands of a woman that promotes prostitution like Kim Kardashian:  on the hands of an ego-maniac creature like Donald Trump and on the hands of some other non-reflective species that own the American Big Media and corporations that are behind their politics.


And I came in America to create a Hip-Hop Revolution show philosophy at MTV. That means to create a show that brings positive rappers forwards. Because rap has brought so far, and continues to bring at the center of human attention, negative characters. These negative characters glorify a gangster lifestyle and guns and violence. Consequently these actions endanger our lives and the lives of the people across the world.


David Bohm, at his deed On Creativity, said that “All man does is art but and perception of how things fit or do not fit. “Art means to fit,” he went on. “All men are concerned whether a thing fits or not.”


Do the violent ideas of rap fit in our world that wants to live in peace? Do guns and drugs and violence fit in a society that wants to live in goodness and harmony?


So the American people have left these important issues of “fitting or not fitting” on the dirty hands of the American Media and their oppressors. And their oppressors in turn have given birth to four EVIL Philosophies that are destroying our world.


First Evil philosophy of the American Oppressors is the production of a thug-life Philosophy that has affected all of us around the world.


And this is evil philosophy is called “Rap.” From Africa Bambatta to Dr Dree, to 2 Pac, To Eminem, to B.I.G and up to the fathers of European thugs like Tim Westwood and Charlie Sloth in London, we have seen a philosophy of rap that is destroying our world. This thug-life ideology pervades the minds of the young people and educates them with violent attitudes and negative ideas.



I live in NW London and every day I see how my area is becoming more dangerous? Why? It is so because young people repeat the lyrics of the famous rappers in their minds millions of times and go in the streets to sell drugs, instead of going to school and listen and learn. The last shooting that happened in between some young rappers in NW London was in March 2016. And it was in the area where I live. So what are you expecting me to do? If not to fight and make the world a better place.


DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC has made all the thugs of Europe famous. He sees that the USA makes thugs famous. And so inspired by the USA THUG-STARS he uses the reputation of the BBC to make our planet a worse place.


Also this DJ Charlie Sloth made famous at the BBC the greatest terrorist of all times that was Jihadi John. Jihadi John was terrorizing London in 2013, at the time when DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC dubbed him a great artist. He was glorifying violence and hatred in his lyrics. So didn’t this indicate that his character is made of evil and didn’t deserve his songs to be played at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra?


 But why do they do this?


They do this to bring negative rappers forwards because they catch the attention of the people quickly and so they can sell cds. So they make money. And that is their point. I as a rapper and Dj and creator never ever got one single opportunity to show my talent at their Radios. And that’s unfair and evil.


Therefore, I want to create a Hip-Hop Revolution Show at the MTV and bring forward positive characters that can rap about positive things and make the world a better place. In this show I intend to see a poetic, artistic and literary feature in the rapper’s lyrics. I want to educate the young rappers to rap about positive things and listen and learn about the ways of human creativity. That means that they should not glorify a gangster lifestyle and that they should not praise guns, drugs and violence. Because violence is evil, especially when it is glorifies in the first person, I do, I make and I create. In this way it pervades the human psyche in its deepest feelings and thoughts. The novelist David Lodge suggests that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness. So you get it?


That’s why I hear a rapper called Stormzy that goes at the BBC and that glorifies guns and violence. And then I see other rappers that are inspired by these thug-stars and that come and shoot other people in my area. So they endanger my life and the lives of my community first and foremost.


So then what shall I do?


I am telling you that I must fight tooth and nail to make the world a better place. That’s what I must do.



Second Evil Philosophy of the American Oppressors is the Prostitute-life philosophy.


As I said earlier that Marx and Engels said that without a women’s liberation there is not general human liberation? But the feminists of the USA and UK and Europe are telling to the women of today implicitly that prostitution is  “a means” of liberation. These American and European PIMPS are reducing women to lifeless objects, that are good only for sex.’ And so pushing us, the weak men of the today, towards a suicide!


I say that because I have been living for five years in London town but I couldn’t make a relationship work with a woman.


How comes that despite being an artist, I couldn’t make a relationship work? Why? Did I know any woman at all? Yes everyday I had a new crush with a different woman. But then, they saw that I was an artist, not famous, not having a car, not having a mansion and not having big money. And to these women that I met in London, that meant that I didn’t deserve to make a relationship with them! And this is cruel and barbaric.


Do I as a human being have a libido or sexual desire? Shouldn’t I be able to give a meaning to my sexual desire? Shouldn’t I be able to live like a living being amid other living beings? Because I have been living like a living being amid the dead.


My friends when I speak about my bitter experience, I reflect the present time too. And I can tell you how it works in philosophy and every thing.


Let me tell you a short story.


When I used to Dj in the past in London, I had women coming to me every now and then. And after a short meeting while I was djing, we went to my house in NW London. So what does that mean to you?



This should tell something to the feminists of the USA, no? And it should tell that the big Media, (including Hollywood and other oppressors) has inculcated in the minds of the today women the idea that they should look to the Man like being their “BOSS.” Man must pay for everything, man must work day and night, and man must be the one that changes the world.” So women want liberation while they sleep with the powerful men.


Also, the ugly lyrics of female rappers and pop stars of Hollywood that say, “Show me the money and that make relationships all about money, “ do you think that it hasn’t inspired women around the world to act like this?



The power that these celebrated people hold is unreal. But that’s why we live in a world where we pray and idolize shoes, bags, hats and clothes. That’s why we live in a world where life has lost its meaning because we idolize some fake and false famous people and their shoes. And so we follow their behaviors just like sheep do follow the shepherds. Isn’t that mad and evil?


Therefore, I am here to tell to the people to give up these evil ideas and be aware of the human power.

 And our human power is called “creativity.”

Wasn’t he Hegel that said that everything is about being aware? So I came to make people about their power or creativity.


 Also, we saw that in the past Madonna’s ambition to get naked inspired women around the world. And we are seeing that today. We are seeing that the narcissistic obsession of Kim Kardashian with her bum and her breasts has inspired the women around the world to act in her path. And so women around the world are walking just like that on the path of Kim Kardashian that is strewn with the pedals of narcissism and misanthropists’ ideas.


Kim and her friends are telling to the women of the today that they can get famous and make money with their BUM. And that’s it. That’s what they call liberation! Have a look on Instagram and see by yourselves what goes on in there.


But now let me tell you what do I mean by True Woman’s Liberation. And by true woman’s liberation, I mean a woman that works hard and dreams big. I mean a woman that looks forward to perfecting the skills that she wants to have in her life. I mean a woman that works to perfect her skills and her talent, and a woman that achieves what she has put in her mind through work, not by selling her BUM. And it was Rosa Luxemburg that said that power means achievement.


So I mean, that the women of the today should fight for power and achievement. And in this way they will inspire other women around the world to do the same thing. In this way then, we men and women of the today work as equals and change the world for the better. We walk together hand in hand and like human beings. Therefore, we must stop selling the VAGINA of women. That’s the point.


How comes that you can’t see that this is degenerating the world of the today?


And true, Women of the today refuse to struggle with you for achievement or power if you are a Man that does not have a mansion, a car or a good job. Isn’t that unfair? Isn’t that inhumane? Isn’t that pure evil?


And this again reminds me of the pain of Frantz Fanon. And the black women that had expressed openly, at the university where he had studied, that they would never marry a black man. So the women of the today are expressing it indirectly that they do not want to be in a relationship with a poor or simple man.


You will say, “Love is love!” Let me tell you that love is “our lust.” But when this lust is combined with truthfulness and unmixed feelings then it becomes love.


But true love must be like Camus put it at “The Falling – one in a million.


Therefore, you, American Media, you oppressors of America have alienated the women of the today. You are giving the impression and saying to all women that they are free to do whatever they like.  But you do not explain what to “be free means?” And that to be free to do whatever one likes, – isn’t that evil? What if one wants to kill. Should he or she kill then?


  But what is freedom without taking responsibility for your actions? Is it freedom to sell yourself to a powerful man and tell to the world that you are free! When the truth is that you are a slave of the powerful. Are you trying to fool us, you American Oppressors?


But at the end of the day we are sentient human beings that need one another. Freedom doesn’t mean to see a million women looking for Prince Harry and a million men being single because of this. Because this is an illness of our present day world. And this is mad.

 And we the creators of the today must change this evil philosophy that American Oppressors of the big media and Hollywood fake stars and other meager and mediocre creatures impose on us.





Third evil philosophy of the American Oppressors is the negative rhetoric of the Big American Media.


 Well this is the bitter truth. The Big American Media moguls are referring to Muslims as terrorists. Example Daesh is not a Muslim group because they do not represent Islam. So why does the American Media act like a wrathful and angry wild bull?


Let’s call a spade a spade and say that these people that use Islam to terrorize the world, they do it as a means to an end, That is to say, for power. People have used religion as “will to power” in all human history and they still do that. So why are we wondering about that then?


The point is here. Because in doing so, in referring to terrorist groups as Muslims, the American Media is giving a message to the young people around the world to go and join the terrorist group on behalf of Islam. And we have seen that many people who follow Islam around the world have done so. And that is thanks to the American and European’s Media rhetoric that tars all Muslims with the same brush.


“Why is this wrong?” You may ask.


For instance, if I go and buy a gun and then start shooting people at random and say that I hold up ‘American Values!’ I can even say that I do it on the behalf of the ‘American Values.’ I can even say that I do like many American citizens have done so far, that buy a gun and begin to shoot people at random.


So if I buy a gun and start shooting people at random and say that I do it for the American Values. Then would you continually say on the Big TVs and write on the front pages of famous tabloids that ‘I am an American?



And if other people do like I do, then would you refer to these people as people that hold up ‘American Values?’



So it is with the terrorist group Daesh that terrorizes the Middle East. That is to say, some crazy young people who haven’t got a clue of Democracy, and that these crazy people wanted to take power by force from the outset. They took religion as a justification and now they are doing what we have seen doing – massacres.



Therefore, there is a problem that needs solution. But, it shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity that fits best for the European and American media moguls. That means they shouldn’t lay the blame on Muslims and shift their responsibility just like German Media did in the past when they massacred JEWS.


So the big European and American media moguls should not refer to the terrorist group Daesh as a Muslim group. But they should call them simply ‘the terrorist group ‘Daesh.’


American Big Media also, whenever that an immigrant happens to commit the slightest crime, they point him or her out and make a mountain out of a molehill.

They portray immigrants as being evil of all evil. And they themselves laugh up their sleeves when fascist movements stand up in arms against refugees.


I think that we must “Leave the right thing to the right place.” That means that you as media do your job as media not as a General Register Office or police. Leave it to the police the background and ethnicity checks – fascists.


If you want a society to live in peace and harmony, then don’t point out certain ethnicities or colors of skin as being evil and others as being good. That’s how I think that we should work.


Has the American Media forgotten that we are all immigrants on this earth? On this earth of naught and nothingness! Do they have any human feeling at all?  Aren’t these negative messages of the European and American big media responsible for having triggered all the fascist movements of the today?


I think that the big media has to speak about a certain crime when it happens. It has to describe what happens. But the media and the journalists have no rights to point out one’s nationality or dig deep down in his ethnicity and place of origin. Because this affects directly minorities that live in certain states, and that they are the refugees. And whomever that does that is a fascist in his/her actions whether he or she likes it or not.


I have to remember to them also, that Jean Paul Sartre said in Paris that “You are what you do, not where you are from.” You get me?



Therefore let’s judge and value others by our actions and values not by colors of skin and nationalities.



Raya Dunayeskaya said at her deed Women’s Liberation that, “Theory produces effects that change people and the way they perceive the world.”


Therefore that means that the American Media and its theory that refers to Muslims as terrorists and that points out immigrants’ nationalities is producing effects that are changing the world for the bad.



And it is the American and European’s media rhetoric that has made all these fascist movements spring up like mushrooms after rain. And now they are feeling the love of Donald Trump that resembles that of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.




Fourth Evil Philosophy of the American Oppressors is their Imperialist Political culture.


Rosa Luxemburg, at the Anti-Critic, wrote ’The typical external phenomena of imperialism; competition among capitalist countries to win colonies and spheres of interest, opportunities for investment, the international Loan system, militarism, tariff barriers, the dominant role of Finance Capital and trusts in World Politics are well-known.’


So, these things were well known in the beginning of the 20s century. But still many things are the same. Our big politicians and politics are doing evil on other nations and our future. We live without understanding “the why?” How can we be happy, when the Syrians are torn apart because of the American imperialist politics?


So we are thrown in a sea of woes where politicians create any kind of pretext to throw people into war just like throwing stones in the river. Our world is mad. From financial market wars, to civil wars and up to the war on terror, everything is created and made by the greed-driven minds of the politicians of the big nations. And they are the masterminds and mind controllers of the imperialist American greedy political culture.


You remember George W. Bush back in 2001 that said,

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” That means that whomever that is against them is a terrorist! And this is a pure imperialist and fascist speech.


Benito Mussolini also, the founder of fascism, once said in a speech in Italy: “O con noi o contro di noi”—You’re either with us or against us. Thank you! Now you make the logical connection yourself.


So this imperialist culture has been dominating and controlling our present day politics, but they have done so implicitly.  People think that we are living in democracy! Are they mad? But democracy means “power of the people not power of the few.” Democracy means to live in an equal society, but not in a society where the gap between the rich and the poor is so deep and so far and so out of place just like earth is with the stars of a different universe.



Eloquent politicians and eloquent journalists, that grovel behind them or behind power, have turned people into sheep that pay taxes unconsciously and think with not, and have not regard or respect for other nations.


The people of the today that are part of the big powers are simply the slaves and the sheep of their appointed ruling classes. I am a slave and a sheep too. But this salve and this sheep now is now daring to talk to the masters. That looks bad in the eyes of the masters, of course. But, how about you? Are you still listening to drug dealers and their messages?


So, the now is like Orwell put it at 1984. The now is a dystopian place where the big powers like Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania quarrel for these small nations in between them. Europe, Russia and America are fighting with one another for control over Syria, Ukraine, Palestine and other preys around the world. Where is the justice? Where is the humanism? Where is the goodness?


So these are the four evil philosophies that American Oppressors are imposing on us, poor and wretched people around the world. And so they are endangering our lives and the lives of the American People too.


 Therefore, I came to take the opportunity to change the world for the better. And I will fight for this with God and Devil.


Also I came here to show some of my ideas of my second Ebook, that is called “How To Change The World.” And that’s why I came in New York. I came to stand up for my principles that intend to make the world a better place too.



Then my closing sentence is this;


I invite the entire American Media for talks. Where are they? Why are they afraid of talking?







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