Capital Gazzete Shooting. Why It was the Media Monopolies and Political Corruption that Pushed Jarrod Ramos to Shoot 5 Journalists in Annapolis, Maryland

Almost three hundred years ago, Rousseau would say “Bad politics make bad people.”

But what does that mean? No doubt that it means that the most oppressed among us will take the guns as a method to survive.

Therefore, the most oppressed among us will kill. And that’s why we must stand for social justice. For we will be killed by the “Oppressed,” ones. Or live in fear. For it is the very oppressed that turn into criminals and terrorists. History has told us this. And history is telling us this lesson every day.

That’s the explanation of the idea that bad politics make bad people, and therefore criminals.
For no one is born a criminal. So then, it is oppressive politics and injustice that....

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