David Bohm said that art means to fit. Therefore, what rappers are doing does not fit in our reality. So it is not art. And if it is hatred like it is, then it has to change. Let’s call a spade a spade for the first time in human history. And say in unison to the wrong as being wrong.

My philosophy is to create a Competitive Rap Show. Where I, as a Rapper, DJ and Creator through ‘this show’ to introduce my ideology to the world. And in this way to give a message to those who want to bring change and novelty. And also, to give a message to those who love art and creativity.

So, here it is not the show that matters. But what matters in here it is the ideology.
And it is an ideology that can inspire the younger generations to bring change, novelty and innovation.

An ideology that is full of positivity and creativity has to be there. So my Hip-Hop revolution Show Philosophy has to be in front of the world to inspire the upcoming generations with a clear message of literary values. Values that contain within itself the beauty and splendor of language that criticize and entertain but that do not spread violence and hatred.

This ideology contains values. Values that intend to push the youngsters of the rap world towards change, art and positive creativity. But not towards negative creativity as it has been so far.

Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy

My philosophy is made of four philosophical principles.

That means; to point out, to indicate, and to show the way to the world. To tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist. And finally to inspire the world with these ideas.

First: ‘To point out what is right and what is wrong in the rap ideology.’ That means to point out that to glamorize a gangster lifestyle and to promote violence and to praise guns are wrong ideas to do. Because these ideas point out evil, these ideas bring and create evil upon the earth that we share and dwell.

And that’s what evil is. And it is, wrong doing, wrong making and wrong creating. Evil is violence.

Another wrong thing is that big radios, big TVs and big producers continue with the same old philosophy. That is to say, they do ignore the most important quality that is part of any lyrical content. They ignore positive messages and value mood, feeling and flow more than the meaning of one’s lyrics.

I am not saying to not value mood and feeling, but I am suggesting to value more a rapper that has something to say, not a rapper that glorifies violence.
And the feeling that many famous rappers have mastered is the feeling of Anger.
The ‘Anger feeling’ combined with negative language bring ‘violence.’ And violence is here the essence of all essences that the rap industry values.

And to value this ‘anger feeling’ that is combined with negative language and that brings violence instead of one’s message is mad.

Truth be told, this way of doing and thinking that MTV, BBC and other big media moguls use, is a pure American Existentialism that points out only mood and feeling, but ignores one’s message or positive language.

And they ignore the essence of creativity. That is to create and in creating inspire good, but not evil.

So we have the remnants of an American existentialism. We are living it. An ‘American Dream philosophy’ of Norman Mailer that speaks of brutality, murderers and mafia. As the European existentialism of Sartre that says ‘I’m what I say and what I say, is what I’m – I am language. Freedom is responsibility etc. And Heidegger that calls language the house of being and that says that those who create with the words are the guardians of this house. All what I said seems to not make sense for the evaluators of Thugs at the MTV and the BBC and other big media moguls.

But I point out and say that in Hip-Hop is more than meets the eye.
That in Hip-Hop is ignored the most important part of it and that is; One’s Message. And that in Hip-Hop is valued the most ugly idea of it. That is the evilest, oldest idea that has ever existed and that exists on earth and it is called – VIOLENCE.

Also the present day record labels are making famous drug dealers and criminals. They are raising violent rappers in the position where they can become the inspiration of the younger generations of the world. They literally make ‘Thugs’ our role models.

Examples everyone knows. But, like Dr Dree that signed Eminem because he was a misogynistic and violent man. Like Young Jeezy that in 2013 signed Detroit rap group Doughboyz Cashout to his Atlantic-distributed CTE record label.
Like Jihadi John the terrorist that DJ Charlie Sloth made famous at BBC Radio One and Radio 1Xtra. And dubbed him a talented artist! Meridian Dan that was praising guns and knives and violence all around London, but that BBC Radio 1Xtra turned him into a hero. Like Stormzy that has praised drugs, guns and violence and continues to do so. But that rap industry has turned him into an idol for the youth.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of examples that show that the Rap Industry continually brings negative rappers forwards. Rap industry awards negative rappers like the MTV and the BBC have done so far.

Rappers that have spread violence across the planet. Rappers like Eminem, like Dr. Dree. Snoop Dog, B.I.G and other animal farm creatures that have praised and glorified drugs and guns and violence. And their fans within the rap industry that still continue to do so.

And rap industry barely gives opportunities to rappers that have positivity. That being so is the greatest wrong thing that they are doing because in this way they are simply multiplying their evil, but not allowing good to be and become.

Example, I, as a positive rapper, never got the opportunity to rap at their disgusting radios that are fooling masses with guns and drugs and violence.

So MTV and BBC and other media magnates should not award these rappers that have spread and continue to spread VIOLENCE. Can’t you see what they are doing?
Can’t you see that this ideology is killing our human values forever?

Now let me indicate the right way and how to put it right.

MY second principle: ‘To indicate the way, to show to the young people but and to the old rappers, how these things work. To educate these ‘assumed artists’ with positive vibes, positive language and positive creativity.

Many rappers glorify guns just because they think that in doing so they can catch quickly the attention of the people. And so they can sell millions of records. That is their point, to sell records and to buy shoes. It seems that they can’t look beyond a pair of shoes and money and dancing.

Indicate the similar difference and different similarities of art and creativity.

Indicate that there is a way through which you can create without being necessary to swear or glorify a gangster lifestyle. There is a way that can entertain without being necessary to praise guns and knives and violence, full stop.

These violent messages and ferocious words are also intermingled with violent actions, are also expressed through the body language of the famous rappers that always use that ‘pulling the trigger sign’ with their finger on the trigger always.

And that sign of the finger on the trigger indicates, but a million actions and contains a million words. And it is, but a sickness that needs a vaccine in order to be heeled and restored to humanity.

And this way of doing it, is called ‘literature. It is called art, and it is called creativity that point towards humanism and goodness, but not towards evil doings and social and humanistic destructions.

Many rappers are unaware of human values and humanity. This action shows that they act out of greed and longing for money and power. But like Nietzsche put it, money-power is the power of cowards, but knowledge is the real power. So I mean rappers should start to hit the books and understand the art of ‘creative positivity.’

Negative creativity of a thug-life and guns and violence can destroy the world. As positive creativity that contains a rich language and a humanistic symbolism can make the world a better place.

“So I can put it right in creating a competitive show and giving opportunities to the best rappers or MCs or poets. Call them as you wish. But in this case ‘the best’ means to pay heed at the content of individual subjective objectivity and objective subjectivity.
To pay heed to what this individual rapper or poet has to say or bring into the world. And support him to come forward and change the rap world through lyrics and creativity.”

A rapper that wants to be part of the revolution need to have in his or her subjectivity ‘art, literature, poetics, positive language and positive creativity, but not negative creativity.’

So I can put it right by bringing forward these new passions and new forces, new feelings and new powers that have novelty, innovation and something different from the guns of 2 Pac, Eminem and B.I.G.

I can put it right in giving the opportunity to those rappers who have positivity and love for art and creativity.

In giving the opportunity to these rappers that have the calling of literature within them. And that want to make a better world through their actions.

I can put it right in putting literary values in rap. Values like better metaphors, better similes and a better symbolism that contains positive creativity. This in essence presupposes that in Hip-Hop lyrics should not be praised guns, nor knives, nor drugs nor social hatred like misogyny or demeaning language and derogatory terms, etc.

And these artists that do so and glorify violence, they should not be allowed on big radios. They should not be respected and awarded for what they do like MTV and BBC Radio 1xtra and other big media moguls have done so far.

And in doing so. In not allowing to be praised GUNS, KNIVES and Violent Messages in general. In not awarding this kind of rappers. Then you give a message to the youth around the world and to those who write hip-hop lyrics. And to those that pipe, recite or rap. And in doing so, you tell them and show them the way. And that this way indicates that it is time for change and it is time to give up praising violence and guns and knives and drugs.

Also we have to pointed out the truth that in praising and awarding the most negative Rappers on earth like the big media has done so far. In doing so, we are undermining our freedom of doing and making and creating good. Day after day we are replacing good with doing and making and creating evil. That means that we are destroying our world with our own hands. And that means also that we are not creating and valuing anymore good, but evil.

Violence can’t be good. Therefore it is evil.

So the point is that this kind of violence that the BBC and other big radios or TVs promote is unacceptable and need to be stopped. And the sooner they are stopped, the better the world will be.

The third principle is the sum of the first and the second principle.

So, what does this mean? ‘To point out and to indicate?’
It means to show the way.

It means to show human qualities like art and creativity and in the same time indicate what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong. And so show the way to the youngsters and to the world in general. It means to indicate the right way and push the world towards the positivity of being.

The fourth principle is to inspire the youth and the world through these innovative ideas of positive creativity. And so to spread a happy and optimistic energy on earth as we show the way.
In this way we get rid of evil ideas. Evil ideas like guns, like drugs, like hatred, like misogyny and other kinds of demeaning language or derogatory terms that many rappers make use.

To inspire means to make the world breathe. To inspire also means to give and in giving create, but create based in goodness and not evil. And this is the essence of positive creativity. For to be honest, a creator was even Hitler but he was an evil genius and his ideas were hidden like a snake in the grass to create evil, but not good, to poison, but not to nourish.

To sum my idea up, to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist means to be positive, to be humanist and to be creative for humanity and for our world. For it is us that create our world anew with our hands.

So in a competitive Hip-Hop Revolution show Philosophy, I intend to bring new passions and new powers that have positivity forwards. That means to support and award positive rappers and ditch negative rappers. And through this idea to overcome the 40 years ideology of rap that continues to brings negative powers and passions forwards.

So, we see movement, we see hope, we see fair share, we see art, we see creativity and we see novelty every single year. As a result, we see a better entertainment industry.

In this way we change a great error of history and put right all what has been wrong so far. Thus we bring in hip-hop some innovation, newness and novelty.

Then, let us inspire these young, budding artists to bring art and creativity based in humanism and goodness. Let us inspire and move these younger generations towards creative-ism that means to be, to exist, to listen and learn and in listening and learning to create. But to create based in humanism and goodness, not based in evil like Rap’s ideology has been so far.

In a few words: My philosophy is that I want to make Rap in general an art that inspires goodness, contains human values and entertains the world as well.
My philosophy is that I want to replace the ideology of 2 Pac and MACHIAVELLI, that is a way of thinking in the now and that means that to praise violence is art, to spread hatred is art and everything is art, with my philosophy of MC Keen – Zarathustra. My philosophy intends to entertain the world, to be creative and to have fun. But it condemns those that spread hatred and negativity around the world.
Let’s rap or pipe or chant or play with the words, but let’s do it through positive creativity and positive vibes. Let’s use our Human Creative power to make a better world, but not destroy it.’
We have had enough with characters like Don Quixote and people like Machiavelli that wanted and still want to turn the wheel of the world backwards. Let’s move forwards with Zarathustra’s philosophy and positive creativity.


How rap will change

The day before, during and after the revolution

The day before the revolution

To finalize my philosophy we need to go to the essence of merging theory with practice and action with thought.

We need to get started with a Hip-Hop Revolution Show.

The day before revolution we will be that moment in time when we will be looking for positive new passions and new forces. It will be that moment when we will be looking for those that we hope that will change rap’s evil. And replace all evil with good.

So, in the day during revolution we will be picking and choosing the best of these positive new passions and new forces.
We will select the best of the rap participants.

And the day before revolution it already exists. It starts here. It has already started. And it is this suffer and pain of mine that I am trying and working hard to make the world aware about the evil of rap world.

Secondly, values should be based in the literary meaning. That means to give the opportunity to the artists that have the best messages and that represents and mirror reality by the best means.

Also, a placard should be written somewhere in the background for the public to read and rappers to know.
No hatred, no demeaning language, no rape/sexual assault messages, no physical violence idea, no negativity, but art and positive creativity ideology only is allowed at Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy.

And this is the show through which I look forward to putting a poetic, artistic and literary feature in rap lyrics.

Thus, we expect to see a poetic and literary essence in rap lyrics. We expect to see better metaphors, better similes and better symbolism, which isn’t necessary to be of a great writer or of great writing. But it is necessary that rap lyrics contain positive language. And it is positive language that brings positive vibes and moods.

So, those who we inspire today will inspire others tomorrow. And thus by putting values and giving the opportunity to the best, thing which no one did it before, we make a better community, better society, better world and hope that one day Rap will change.

Rap is getting worse everyday. And it is going from worse to worse off. Because the majority of people within rap industry do not pay attention to Language or to the message that one gives. And if they do, then they are simply devoid of any literary or logic knowledge at all.

Therefore, my “Positive Creativity” ideology is in the core of the philosophy. And therein subjectivity and objectivity, theory and practice will be united in the truthfulness of unity that is action. And positivity will prevail on earth.

For positivity of being on earth is found in positive language and positive action.

The day after the revolution

In the day after the revolution we will introduce these talents to the world and hope that they will bring innovation through positive ideas and creativity.

And when old brutal creative ideas will be replaced by the new creative ideas. When new rappers do not see a criminal like Snoop Dog, Dr Dree, Eminem and others like heroes, then rap will start changing.

For it is the coming generations that can change the rap world not those that died in the shoot-outs! Nor those that continue to preach terror through their lyrics.

Hatred and negativity is growing within rap. So I come from within as a rapper knowing its tricks and skills and being able to introduce a different ideology.

The answer to the question should be not ‘who cares.’ But we care.

So, the day after revolution is the hope that these new passions and new forces, new feelings and new powers will bring some art and creativity into the world. And that we will continue to keep up the good work and bring the best artists with the best works forward.

So those who we inspire today will inspire others tomorrow. That follows that if we make a better living place today, the coming generations will do it tomorrow.

Sartre at his politics said that it is by transcending the given toward the field of possibles and by realizing one possibility from among the others that the individual objectifies himself and contributes to making history.

‘The given’ here is the hatred, brutality and negativity that is caused by rap industry. And that is present in London, LA, New York and all around the world.

‘The field of possibles’ is searching for an ideology that can overthrow and overturn this evil and hate that these ugly monstrous individuals or egomaniacs have created.

Now that I have created a philosophy of how to change rap, that means that I search for a possibility. And the possibility here is ‘Hip-Hop Revolution show philosophy.

And through this philosophy I objectify my ideas into practical praxis. I bring the show into life. I identify my ideas with my positive action. And then I look forward to seeing the world to progress and change. In this way, we together contribute to making history and to making a better world as well.

Therefore, lets change the world with our own hands and ideas.


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