Dear UK Parliament and You people who work there, listen how love and reason and truthfulness talks.

Humanism means to be, to exist and to live in peace and harmony and truthfulness.

Humanism means to listen and learn and through the art of listening and learning to create and to bring gifts, but to create and to bring gifts based in Good and not in Evil.

But BBC is creating based in Evil. BBC is sweeping terror and terror-ism under the carpet, BBC is killing Humanism and everything that has to do with Human Goodness.

David Bohm an American thinker said that ‘Good means to fit, good means to live in a world where we all fit.’

Right, thank you David. Now my questions to you people of the UK Parliament are these;

Do we fit in a world where guns and drugs and violence are glorified as being medicines that heal every wound, but not bullets that kill every human?


Do we fit in a world where messages of guns and violence continue to be spread around the world with full passions of hatred and evil from BBC headquarters?

Do we fit in a world where DJ Charlie Sloth of BBC and the Editor of BBC Rob LittleJohn make terrorists famous and call these terrorists Artists?

As a matter of fact DJ Charlie Sloth of BBC made Jihadi John famous on 2013 at BBC and He praised Jihadi John to the skies as if being an Artist. But the lyrics of Jihadi John glorified guns, glorified terror, glorified violence and glorified profound misogyny and social hatred. And as a matter of fact Jihadi John at that time was terrorizing London with his violent actions.

So my question to you is this then; was this Jihadi John an artist when he glorified this kind of barbarism and hatred and violence?

Of course that he was not an artist because the spirit of the Artist does not glorify hatred and does not glorify violence and does not glorify guns, therefore the Spirit of the Artist does not glorify Evil.

So now it seems that good means harmony, good means to fit as evil means to live in a world where only one’s petty subjective objectivity fits, but not our objective subjectivity as one humankind that share the same planet and as one humankind that share the same world.

So another logical question to you dear UK Parliament is;‘Do we fit in a world where we glorify guns and violence?

Vladimir Lenin at his deed What Is to Be Done said;

The character of the organization of every institution is naturally and inevitably determined by the character of the activity that institution conducts.

So what is the character of BBC? What is the activity of the BBC? The characters of the activities of BBC are vast like the world itself, but I’m concerned only with this character of the activity that brings and gives and spreads evil from BBC headquarters.

So when these rappers glorify guns and drugs and violence why don’t Nick Robinson and Jeremy Paxman make questions to them? When DJ Charlie Sloth and the editor Rob Littlejohn make terrorists famous and terrorize the planet why don’t Nick Robinson and Jeremy Paxaman and his cronies at BBC make questions to them?

Because these pundits and critics of BBC like Jeremy Paxman and Nick Robinson and their cronies at BBC make questions to all the people around the world, but it seems that they are not able and even incapable and incompetent to see the Evil within their family that stinks like a swamp of dead diseased animals.

‘In order to define the probable one must possess the true.’

said Jean Paul Sartre at his famous deed ‘Existentialism is Humanism.’

So the true is that Rappers at BBC praise Guns, Rappers at BBC praise Violence and Rappers at BBC spread terror. The probable actions are that these people and mostly teenagers around the world when they listen to these messages of violence and Evil that BBC spreads they get inspiration from these ugly messages of evil and continue to kill, destroy and terrorize the planet earth.

Furthermore, Even Russell Brand at his Revolution book said that ‘These messages of guns broadcast at that frequency move fast and stick hard.’

That means that these messages of BBC are destroying our present day world. That means that these messages of guns and drugs and violence that BBC spreads through its famous headquarters are terrorizing the planet.

That means that BBC is endangering the lives of people around the world and condoning terror.


Therefore that means that BBC is killing Human-ism and is sweeping Terror-ism under the carpet.


So I ask for change and I ask BBC to remove from their YouTube Channel all the videos that praise and glorify guns and drugs and violence. I ask BBC to take responsibility and not allow anymore these Rappers or Drug Dealers or Terrorists to come there at BBC and glorify violence and guns and drugs and do whatever they like with our humanity and our Humanism that is full of pain and suffer.

I ask BBC to stop killing our Human Values and start taking responsibility. And I ask the UK PARLIAMENT to take a stand for this evil that is embracing our humanity and killing our dearest human values. I ask the UK PARLIAMENT to stand up to Evil and stand for Humanism.


BBC is not an impartial Media outlet but it rather is a political party that talks and speaks only to what suits best to them.


Therefore if a little justice and truthfulness and humanism still exists on earth, they need to be stopped at this point where they glorify guns and violence and hatred.






UK – Planet Earth.



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