Drugs? Yes wanted by the educated youth of London. Violence? Yes, facts show that, yesterday, 28th August 2016, 100 people were arrested and five people were stabbed in four knife attacks. The educated youth of London!!! Plus some very violent fights that I witnessed myself.


Sick gays or perverts? Yes they are everywhere and abusive. Whenever I encountered them in the street they watched me like wanted to EAT me entirely. “I like your jacked,” said a sick gay while trying to come closer to me. “I like your nose,” said another sick gay a few minutes later.


Relationships? Nah! The hardest thing in London is called “woman and man relationship.” Men are called evil just because they want to make a relationship with women. Gays are called HEROS here and walk full of PRIDE. Especially when they abuse straight men emotionally. For instance, like some masterminds and perverts here in London that I see everywhere.




So when they gather together into parties like this called “Carnival” they don’t come to have fun, meet new people and why not make a relationship and have sex. Sex with free will is not evil. Evil is only the perverted sex of man with man that in all reasonable analysis that one may take will think; “It means that end of the WORLD.”




And so they degenerate into fights, stabbing, perversion and hatred. BECAUSE MEN IS EVIL. SICK GAYS are HEROS. WOMEN ARE ANGELS BY NATURE!!!! And this is just the beginning of a 1984 Orwell style.


Now let me explain the today problem in a philosophical point of view.

Rosa Luxemburg and Vladimir Lenin both held the opinion that the Big Powers will share the world in between. And keep the party going with “slaves or workers of the third world.” Thank you very much!


Almost the same idea was reflected by Orwell at his dystopian novel, 1984. And his ideas of super states like Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia who were always fighting but no one knew what really was going on. The same is in 2016. Good for us!

So the past philosophic ideas of Luxemburg and Lenin are working perfectly well. Nato is expanding. And modern slavery is obvious with the third world people struggling for existence as a few European and American masters are sucking their blood. Their greed mirrored in the big corporations that want the entire earth for themselves is beyond all meaning of EVIL.


Also these very “masters” are even bringing their blood, (or commodities that are produced by the third world people for the Big Corporations) into London to be shared into shameless carnivals. The place where the unconscious “KIDS” of Europe get wild!


Oh what a shame for humanity! The cannibals, manipulators and criminals of all criminals pretend to be humanists! London makes me sick. It is NAUSEA.


For the working class people of Europe are literally sheep. We saw what sheep-people “British people” are. When the EU referendum was made to test their intelligence. They followed the “lies” like the herds of sheep do follow the orders of the shepherds to go and feed in the grass. Also we see the American people, or the sheep of all sheep, that made “the republican nominee” a pure Nazi like Donald Trump.


So, thanks to the sheep of the Big Powers like UK and USA we have a world of evil. Because it is “THEY” that give power and AUTHORITY to the UK and USA masters to continue the wars. Truth must be told.


However, the masters of Europe and USA coax their working classes like a shepherd does his animals. And it is done in this way. By giving slightly better jobs to “EU-USA” working classes than to other third world people. Who clean the streets and the toilets of London.


For this is the bitter truth; “Who is coming in London to do the worst jobs?” Is it Nick Robinson with the neo-fascists of the BBC? No. It is the eastern European people and Africans, Asians, and poor people from Middle East. That’s how it is done.


But, however, do the wars continue? Yes, the war on terror flying from London and New York to the heart of Middle EAST!! And whoop, whoop! Every now and then “Nato” and the USA army, sometimes on its own, miss the target. And so innocent people die just like that. Like that one on the 20th July 2016 when a U.S airstrike killed 56 civilians in Syria. But that’s not a problem. It was just 56 people. So the youth of Europe can share their innocent blood into “carnivals.” The unconscious vampires of Europe.


As a result the European and American masters go and kill innocent people around the world. And bring all the commodities for the morons of Europe to party like animals. With no dignity and no respect, but literally like animals. Like pure animals of the jungle. Animals that the only thing they know it is called “eating and drinking.”


And of course that the essence of human being is in balance. That is neither to be a criminal nor a perverted creature that follow the feelings like animals. For it was said 24 centuries ago by Plato that in feelings we are like animals. Thank you very much!


Hence, only when we filter “our feelings” with reason, can we be called humans.


Speaking about the Noting Hill Carnival, The Standard said; “….more than 100 people were arrested and five men or boys were stabbed in four knife attacks on Sunday.”


So you see when you follow the feelings to an animal-like extent one becomes animal. For in the first place; one animal is called “animal” because of the lack of reason and consciousness. And the lack of reason and consciousness degenerates humanity to the lowest kind of being– animal kind. Thank you very much!



But, however, did I see any human being, yesterday 28th August, 2016? No. The only thing I saw was animals with drinks on their hands dragging their asses around the streets of Noting Hill gate. And also pushing, and kicking and fighting just like wild beasts do.


Despite, the wild wolves, or police officers being everywhere still animals wanted to fight. And that’s what I witnessed, – fights, drinks, drugs and EXCESS of partying. That is following the feelings to an extent where you cannot call a human a human but an animal. Also, to mention it, is the fact when a “wild man” tried to grab the bag of a woman. And as I said to him leave her alone and put my hand in between him and her, he moved waved his hand with a bottle to smash my head. But thankfully someone pushed him forwards and so both she and me went on our way.


Further, amid all the animals, there were a few women who liked to play too much. Whenever women of London are, they think that they have the rights to kiss you, to dance with you and to play with you. And you are but their play! They can kill you. But still you are the evil!


The only thing women like is called “GAYS” and very rich men. Because gays fuck them whenever they like and never care about them. So the animals of London understand relationships not in care, measure and balance. But in fucking with everybody and caring for nobody. As regarding the “rich men” they can pay to them for whatever they like. All the commodities can be under women’s feet when the rich men are around!!! Hmm. The intelligent, very intelligent women of London!!! A profound evil lies deep in their soul at their own feet and featherbrained doings.


For it is women’s alienation that is bringing degeneration in the world. They think that they should not care for humanity. They want freedom. And the featherbrained women and sick gays of London understand “freedom not in care and responsibility,” like Sartre and Heidegger thought. But they understand it in saying, “Fuck to everybody.” That’s why I have more than five years in London, but can’t make a relationship work.


These are the animals of London. A city of prostitutes, perverts, drugs dealers and BIG OPPRESSORS like police, security officers and Law Makers with fake laws on their hands. A city of profound EVIL, basically.


Yesterday at Noting Hill Carnival or London Carnival as I like to call it, I drunk too. I had about five to six beers. I got drunk, I hanged a few hours around, met a few people, a woman kissed me while we were dancing, I kissed her back and then she abandoned me for no reasons. But I accept the game. A woman says “come” I go. A woman says “no,” to me means no. And that’s why I call myself a gentleman and true feminist. That is that I love women and I respect them to death. But when they play with Shakespearean intrigues then I must tell the truth to them. For truth is great a value. And one must have balls to say it. Because all hypocrites of my time hang to lies and dishonesty. Who is speaking truth here?



So at the end more upset than I was before going to the party, I went home. This is was my first carnivals in London, and I hope to never go back again.


And oh, yes, to not forget the perverts of all perverts, – the sick gays. I have to mention them again. For they were out and about looking at me and trying to touch my hands. Whenever they are they think that they have a right to abuse a man emotionally. Because of course excess of partying brings perversion. Now they are allowed by law to abuse us. “The perverts of Europe who feed on the blood of the poor people around the world. – Blood-suckers and perverts. They think that they can abuse you and they can do it by law.



The laws of law makers of UK and Europe! Basically, we know from the past how Power always abused humanity by laws. Like in 19th and 20s century where power by law threw all the sheep into wars. Or when they exploited them in the houses of terror or factories where children were exploited to death. Or gas chambers in 20s century etc.., etc.., thank you very much.



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