Look at CNN, look at ITV and look at BBC, what do you see?

Look at the entire bigger media of now. And if you’re keen enough, if you have a keen eye, then you’ll see that all of them beat around the bush. And none of them dares to say the truth face to face to the people.


Why? Why is that so? Dear planet of hypocrites tell me the truth please. Why does the bigger media, why do they all agree with one another like being eggs of the same chicken?


Well I think that they do agree just like that because in doing so they subject the entire working classes of the now. And to subject the suffering masses is their only point. A project of theirs that they love deeply and that they want to be always in place and in the same order. They want to be  everything the same, – the past like the present. Thank you love…


The hypocrites of my time. They speak with a charming and sweet language always and wherever that they are. Don’t they?

What a beautiful and harmonious ruling class family that they are!

Ain’t they? Bless them.

You dead God of Nietzsche bless them please…

Now to begin with, first of all Graham Satchel did cry, (or he put his hand on his right eye pretending to do so) because he was not aware of the fact that ‘the five years Syrian war’ is a Western Made plot. And that BBC is or becomes part of this plot when it sweeps terror under the carpet instead of exposing it and showing the truth to the world.

So if he, the Snake and croc of BBC, knew the facts then his emotions would have been in balance. But…

But, the greedy barbarian of BBC thought only for Paris and only for London and so he did forget the rest of the world.

The greedy barbarian with the crocodile’ tears in his eyes or the croc with his hand covering his eye and pretending to be crying or moved. Hmmm.. the croc of BBC…


Anyways, Graham Satchel, this hypocrite cried, or was moved to tears, also for the fact of the matter that while he was preparing his moods to corrupt the feelings of European people and make them fall in an emotional trap, he accidentally lost his balance and felt himself in that trap, and in the same time showing to a sharp eye his very hypocrisy.


But of course to the simple-minded irrational animal he remains a human!!

And a great human! The humanists of BBC! Can’t you see?

These very hidden fascists of BBC that love to corrupt the world through emotional skills and these very fascists of BBC that always love to cover up the truth of the fact.


And Graham Satchel knows that. He knows because BBC and their schools have taught them to be emotional in front of the camera and to be a lier too. They have taught them to be as emotional as possible and as big a lier as possible.


They have learnt all these rhetorical skills that are necessary to corrupt the human mind and that are necessary to lie. These masterminds. So, in this way, they control the mind of an entire world through these ancient rhetorical skills of corrupting through feelings and lying through language.



The fascists of BBC are the same ones that made famous Jihadi John at BBC Radio One Xtra and called him an artist. These fascists, crocodiles and inhumane creatures call terrorists, artists. And they sweep it under the carpet. They are good at sweeping terror under the carpet and covering the truth up.


They have not humanism in their blood or heart, but only GREED. For them to be a human means to feel sorry for the Paris Victims, but forget the rest of the world. The world for them and humanism for them means, Paris, Berlin and London… and USA of course, they love all their past successful colonies.


But at the end of the day Paris Victims are the consequences of Haughty and piggish Western Politics. They are to be blamed. Politicians for making one-sided policies and journalists for covering it all up, for covering the truth up.


So you Barbarians and Huns of BBC. Do you love that? That fact that Putin, or Eurasia, pulls Syria in one side and Western Politics, or Oceania, pulls them on another side? What are these people now? Are they spoils to be shared or people to be butchered because you big powers love that? Fascists.



Barbarians and Huns of BBC tell the truth to the world and enough crying with the tears of crocs and snakes. Greedy fascists that feed on the blood of millions of innocent people, but feel sorry for a few people that were again the consequences of a brutal Western Political World.


Barbarians and Huns of BBC. Barbarians and Huns of Western Political World that in all their history have been always fighting with one another and when they brought all the gold and silver in their homes then they made truce and began to fight the weak and the wretched people around the planet.


Fascists and hypocrites and snakes and crocs enough is enough.


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