I don’t know where to start. Because my pain is too deep. I live in London town and everyday I face oppression by those people who call themselves people of media and art and writing! People who are part of the U.K Media. Like Russell Brand.


As an independent thinker, I oppose the ideas of oppression and hatred that U.K Media has in its everyday thinking and doing. I oppose the way U.K MEDIA controls information without making space for the right of participation through ideas. Without honouring the human right of being heard. So why is my voice silenced by these people of art, by these great artists with great skills then?


I oppose the ideas of Russell Brand that is part of the U.K Media. And part of Global media. A media organisation that owns Radio X where Russell Brand works. And also it owns radios like LBC that have spread a lot of hatred against immigrants through two neo-fascist figures like Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins.


I disrupted Russell Brand in his show for my right of participation and the freedom of ideas that is not supported by the U.K Media imperialists. And he called his security power ordering them to kill me.


I disrupted the U.K Media Television awards in January 2018 for “the human rights of my generation.” But I was sent to prison easy-peasy. And the BBC and other media moguls didn’t even say that. Where is the truth here? My voice and actions that are silenced and not told even when I disrupt them in front of 75000 people?



In April 2017, I was almost choked to death by the security of the ITV for demanding the participation of the independent thinkers who oppose the media moguls like BBC or ITV etc. Again I was almost choked to death by their security power and the U.K Media praised their security power for their quick response!


I never used any violent means to make the point of the great ideas of humanity such as the “Freedom of ideas.” Yet, I have and I am still being oppressed in this moment in time by people like Russell Brand who are part of the U.K Media.


So with what human consciousness do you invite Russell Brand in Amsterdam?

Russell Brand is a cunning fox with ideas on the one hand, and guns, security and police power on the other.


Here is my voice, my existence, my struggle for freedom and participation as an example. Do I need to give you more examples? When the voices of my generation are being oppressed and drowned out by a giant U.K Media that swallows up human souls?


Please do not be fooled by the reputation of these people, because they are British and have money and power. And we the rest who are immigrants and slaves are treated as inferiors and enslaved and oppressed. Enough with hypocrisy. Invite me in Amsterdam and let me show to the people my pain against the imperialists of the U.K Media such as Russell Brand.



Best Regards


Dr A.C



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