We as humans stand for certain values. Values like goodness, like freedom, like equality, like free speech but not hate speech, like truth, like work for a better world, and etc. Each value needs an explanation of its own. However, it’s not my intention in here to explain to you all past human philosophy.

So I think that to award thugs like Stormzy who have been glorifying guns and drugs and violence is a way of murdering the values of humanity and therefore humanity.

That means that you are supporting this message, like the radios of the BBC have done. That means that you are giving a message to all present day artists to continue to create like Stormzy with messages of guns and gangs and take awards at the end!

Well, you may be so cynical as to ask, “What is wrong with glorifying guns and violence and gangs?”

First that answer is simple; For that’s why we have criminals in jail. Otherwise we should open the gates of jails and let the criminals get awards at Brit Awards. Why shouldn’t we?

Secondly, we are mortals, that means that guns and gangs can kill us. And we want to live this meaningless life in peace and make sense by creating good values for a better world. The latter idea though reflects the ideas of Albert Einstein who said that man makes sense by working to make the world a better place.

Thirdly, to be and to exist as a human being, as being the opposite of the savage, presupposes to create with a positive philosophy in your mind. And art means to reflect and mirror reality and not to kill and to stab. Like your nominated artist Stormzy does.

For instance I as a lyricists and hip-hop artist say to one of my hip-hop tunes called “Wolves and Sheep.”

Oh my God my pain is too deep!

For all I see is but wolves and sheep!

In this I reflect the reality. Is that hard to see this art of creating? But Dj Charlie Sloth, Dj Target, Mista Jam and other who support thugs do not support this kind of message. Because they want violence and hatred to sell cds, catch the attention of the people and make money!

So, Stormzy who speaks of guns is respected and even goes at Brits! And he is supported by the entire industry. As I am fighting against a hypocrite and oppressive industry.

Now let us see the facts of how Stormzy glorifies gangs, and guns and violence.

Like at his Lyrics “In For the Kill”

Got a few dons who love gun crime

Go hard for my dons who ain’t done time

Or at his Lyrics Fire in The Booth

“Put down the gun, put down the knife

Let’s have a fight, don’t be a coward.”

Again praising Gangs.

Like, most of little n… keep it G-ed up

Ge-d up, fuck your mean look

Thinking bout them boxes that my Gs took

No fathers, we was living by the G book.”

And then praising Mista Jam, Charlie Sloth and Dj Target who do not invite me at the BBC Radio One on purpose. Because I oppose their ideas of guns and gangs and violence.

Or at his other lyrics WickedSkengMan

Look, Don’t make me slap you,

Like, like, wait till I catch you…

…I ain’t gonna stab you,

Look, I don’t wanna argue,

But if you talk shit, man’ll par you

Look, at the size of my fist, I will spark you.”

Plus his emotions of anger and hatred as a lyrical poet that he spreads intertwined with music and delivered straight into the ears and minds of people.

The novelist David Lodge suggested that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness.

So Stormzy, a thug that is respected as if he has the fine and subtle feelings of an artist, he pervades the soul of humanity through his lyrics. And he imprints his message into the minds of the people through the reputation of awards and big media support that he has. While on the other hand, my voice as a hip-hop artist, thinker and activist, is murdered just because I oppose these ideas.

Thank you very much.

So how comes that language is not valued? When Stormzy is just a rapper, neither a producer nor a Dj. And his lyrics are all about gangs and guns and violence. For he is an Mc and poet. That means that at least if he can’t give out a positive message, then to not spread hate around from the most influential TVs and radios and now even taking BRITS!!!!

“Steven Best an American Philosopher said that violence catches attention.” And it is clear then why the entertainment industry supports violent rappers. Because of the fact that they catch attention and sell cds. And the more they sell the more money they make. Forget about the world then, just kill and think of the money. And of course be emotional as angry as possible, for emotions are contagious and we know that. Like when we laugh.

And if you want to know more about my positive ideas for change and see an analysis of Hip-Hop Culture. Then you can have a look at my Ebook called; Hip Hop Revolution Philosophy.”

Link on Amazon;

Also, in 2014, when I criticized the editor of the BBC radio One Xtra, Rob Littlejohn. He sent me threatening messages on my personal mobile phone. Where he threatened me that he will call police and his BBC Legal Team for telling him to stop promoting thug life.

You see then? What it takes to go against the stream?

And Stormzy seems to be very keen in saying “BritsSoWhite” because in this way he achieved to be nominated for Brit Awards. And he did that by pretending to, he, a London thugs who glorifies violence, represent all black people!

Excuse me? Stormzy, a thug, to represent black people? Black people can be represented by thinkers not thugs. Thinkers like Frantz Fanon who fought against fascists and who fought against the arrogance and the brute force of a brute Europe. Or like Martin Luther King who fought for equality and humanity against the entire USA etc..

Further, those fathers of thugs or thug-makers, like Charlie Sloth, Dj Target, Mista Jam etc., who work on big radios and have made them personal. They have been silencing my voice for years.

For my ideas for a Positive Hip-Hop with positive language have been murdered. My Ebook published on amazon for a Hip-Hop Revolution never took one single opportunity to be expressed on the big radios.

My entertainment revolutionary ideas never saw the light of being heard by somebody on Entertainment industry. Or to take the opportunity to let the corrupted entertainment industry that I demand movement and creativity and fairness. A philosophy that intends to give opportunities and hopes to the coming generations. To give what I never took – opportunity.

Link in WordPress;

Entertainment Revolutionary Ideas

So how comes that when this thug, Stormzy talks, he takes the opportunity to be heard and speak and even get awards for terrorizing?

On the other hand no one from the big media ever gave me an opportunity to express my ideas. When for these ideas, back in 2016, I got arrested in New York city at the headquarters of FOX TV, ABC, New York times, etc.

Culture means to cultivate. But are we cultivating? You in awarding thugs then, you are cultivating a culture of crime.

My example. I didn’t study in the big universities; I grew up in the streets and served food to the thugs of the big radios for living. I served food to those who continue to silence my voice. And yet my voice and my reason and my ideas and my philosophy is being silenced by these very thugs who own big radios.

Einstein suggested in his political ideas. That in times of centralization the individual can’t do much against the beasts of power who concentrate everything on the few hands. So, I mean despite the fact that I create and think, still Big Media is wrapped up with security and police and their reputation rends rocks.   That means that even when they praise evil, again their ideas are music to people’s ears. Because of reputation. The latter arrests human sub-consciousness and renders one unconscious.

Our Mayor, Sadiq Khan, once said that London holds the torch of humanity. That means that we in promoting thugs in London town are not only making a worse London. But we also are inspiring the entire humanity to do so.

My story; I came from Eastern Europe to live in London many years ago. And for these very reasons. Because artists were coming from London and coming into my place with a 2 PAC ideology of guns and violence. And speaking on radios about these ideas and then shooting in the streets one another.

So, I didn’t want to grab, the gun. I grabbed the ideas, and I said I am going to tell to these people in London to stop inspiring terror all across Europe. But in London I see the eternal philosophy of Europe. That is seems that they are working like in 1984. For there is the idea of killing independent thinking. And OPPRESSION. I see oppression. For I am still waiting for a single opportunity to speak.

And the more I ask, the more I am being oppressed! Very good seems to work 1984!

So for many, many years as an independent thinker, DJ/MC, Hip-Hop Artist and activist never took a single opportunity by those who control information – the big media.

On the other hand, thugs have made big radios like their own houses. And they use police and security forces to shut down our eyes, mouths and murder our voice. By our voices, I mean, we present day independent thinkers and creators who create ideas to change the world.

So, you can continue to award thugs like Stormzy, dear Director of Brit Awards and BPI, Ged Doherty. You can continue to spread thug-life by awarding thugs of the big radios and this culture of violence.

But take responsibility for you are murdering the values of humanity. And therefore you are murdering humanity through your power of reputation and money.



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