www.mediareform.org.uk website, that is ran by Goldsmith University of London, says:

Britain has one of the most concentrated media environments in the world, with 3 companies in control of 71% of national newspaper circulation and 5 companies in command of 81% of local newspaper titles.

The hacking scandal and its aftermath demonstrated how that power has been used nationally, whilst at local level community after community is losing the means to publicly hold power to account.

Urgent reform is needed to reclaim the media in the interest of the public.”

While on its Blog where it writes, “Who owns the UK media, “Media Reform says:

“We believe that concentration within news and information markets in particular has reached endemic levels in the UK and that we urgently need effective remedies. This kind of concentration creates conditions in which wealthy individuals and organisations can amass huge political and economic power and distort the media landscape to suit their interests and personal views. Urgent reform is needed in order both to address high levels of concentration in particular media markets and to protect against further concentration in others.”

Well to chop the legs of the big media. And give some of their power to the local media seems too hard for me. Because it has become custom that whatever is won through manipulation is given back only through war.

So we see that we have a huge problem in here. And the problem is contained in this idea of Karl Marx. Where he thought that the thinking humanity that thinks and creates, but that is oppressed, would always be unacceptable to the animal world of the philistines who live merely to enjoy what others have created.

Also the same problem is implied in the fact that those, who power has corrupted, seem to never accept any fact or truth or reason that slightly or even indirectly violates their power!

Well, in one of my previous blogs, I have suggested the idea of chopping the legs of the big media off. So to reform big media and give some of their power to the local media in general. However, in this article, I want to point out the NECESSITY OF THE FREEDOM OF IDEAS. AND OF THE RIGHT OF PARTICPATION. As an easier solution and urgent need of humanity.


What is the philosophy of the Big Media?

Big media, like a single body, think that one must use their studios only if one thinks like they think. Or speak what they dictate you to speak. That means you to speak only in relation to their daily or weekly themes. But not of your independent ideas. You see?

However, even in their daily and weekly themes there is a big queue. Because there is only a show called “Question Time” in relation to the daily and weekly themes. Where the citizens can participate with questions, opinions and ideas.

And that’s what the question time show tells you if you call them for an application. Or even if you apply online: “Due to the large number of applications, we cannot guaranty that you will receive a call.”

And if you are lucky enough and receive a call then they say “You will need to discuss the current week news if you want to be in the audience of the Question Time!“ That means that if you have an independent idea, that may not be in conformity with the current news, you will never be accepted!

What a great wolfish thinking! Isn’t it?

However, if “Question Time Show” receives many applications that means that people want to participate in modern history through ideas, right?

But why do people want to be in the shows of the BBC or of the big media in general? Why don’t people want to participate in my show called “Creativeism Movement Show” that I produce on periscope? Very simple. Because it is Big Media that controls information. And it is through big media studios that they can reach a large audience with their ideas.

So what do you do then? You create only a Question Time show for 60 million people? That’s true, there is no nation where all people want to participate with ideas. Because to participate with ideas means to have ideas. And not all the people have ideas.

But if you deny the right of participation to the people of ideas what does that mean then? It means that you are corrupted and that you do it on purpose. That is the DICATORSHIP OF IDEAS.

For that is a dictator’s thinking to silence people of ideas and drown them out with big media’s reputation or police brutality and so on.


If big media didn’t put all the human attention on a few celebrities and reality stars. Then first of all, people would stop becoming the idolaters of the clothes of famous walking dead folks. So they would forge their own destiny with ideas and creativity.

If big media didn’t turn “celebrity people” into a religion that the simple and the low want to idolize, we would see more justice in the world. And more fairness.

If big media didn’t control information in such an unjust way then we would see participation. That means we, people of ideas, would be able to participate in modern history through ideas. But there are no TV Programs on Big Media dedicated to such ideas, to the participation of ideas.

For if big media wanted to see people of ideas express their ideas through their headquarters, then why did they never create platforms for such things to come into existence?

You say, use social media? But we see that social media again is serving to the expensive clothes and high wages of the people of big media. We see that social media is serving to the millions of the followers that people who work on the big media have.

And we see that we, people who have ideas, are not allowed to participate in modern history through ideas. We are either silenced by the brute force of the security of the big media or drowned out through the big media’s reputation.

And we see that in essence, it is a bundle of subconscious factors and conscious truths that give to the big media the big upper hand to drown out independent ideas.

For how can one translate the truth that some thugs, who glamorize gun crime on some big media headquarters, are kept for social leaders! And they are even kept for people of truth and ideas! What a big evil, what a madness, what a corruption of the big media headquarters then!

My Philosophy

I believe on the people of ideas. Just like Karl Marx believed, so I do. I think that people must not be oppressed and manipulated. So people who have truths, ideas and reason must be allowed to participate in modern history through these qualities of the beings of being.

For in the ever-changing reality, ideas and people change. So the world must be allowed to be changed through ideas.

Further, we, as human beings, are supposed to stand for some values like fairness, goodness and freedom. But where are these values when you oppress the ideas of the creative people?

Why do I demand the freedom of ideas and the right of participation to come from the big media headquarters? Because, you, big media, control information and you must give opportunities to the people of ideas.

The freedom of ideas can come only through participation. That means, big newspapers to create platforms for new and independent ideas. Big radios to create platforms for new and independent ideas. And big TVs to think and act the same.

So we participate in modern history and live like humans in the house of good, fairness and justice. For at this moment we live in the house of a capitalist greed that wants everything for its tummy. We live in the house of manipulation, corruption and oppression. That’s why I demand the Freedom of Ideas and the right of participation.


So we can make sure that we see the best ideas coming forwards, the new being able to be heard. And truth and justice to prevail over all.


Read the facts of how the UK Media is controlled.

www.mediareform.org.uk website writes on its blog, Who owns the UK media, “Average Daily Circulation, National Newspapers (July 2015)

Sun 1,856,790 – 27.2%

Daily Mail 1,657,706 – 24.3%

Daily Mirror 878,527 – 12.9%

Daily Telegraph 489,459 – 7.2%

Daily Express 429,810 – 6.3%

Daily Star 411,725 – 6.0%

Times 394,910 – 5.8%

i 276,137 – 4.0%

Financial Times 207,179 – 3.0%

Guardian 168,369 – 2.5%

Independent 57,930 – 0.8%

Total 6,828,542 – 100.0%

Combined Print, Online and Mobile Readership, UK National Newspapers (June 2015) – NRS PADD

Associated Newspapers Ltd – 20.1%.

Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN Ltd) – 16.3%.

Guardian News & Media Ltd – 15.0%.

Telegraph Media Group Ltd – 14.1% .

News Corp UK and Ireland Ltd – 13.7%.

Express Newspapers – 11.3%.

Independent Print Ltd – 9.5%.

Total 100%.

“Just two companies,” continues Media reform Coalition to say, “Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp UK and Lord Rothermere’s Daily Mail Group, control nearly 60% of national newspaper circulation.

If you include online and mobile readers, the situation isn’t that much better with five companies accounting for 80% of all consumption, online and offline.”

And it goes on explaining of how the television is owned.


Ownership and Revenue

The biggest broadcaster in terms of revenue, by some distance, is Sky (Figure 1). The BBC is the largest of the PSB broadcasters with £5.1bn, of which around £3.7bn is provided by the licence fee.

Then at last we see of how radios are owned.

UK Radio Stations – Analogue

There are eight national and 332 local stations operating on analogue licences. The BBC accounts for five of the national analogue stations. The remaining three commercial national stations are Absolute Radio (owned by Bauer Radio), Classic FM (Global Radio) and Talksport (UTV Radio). In local radio, the BBC operates 43 the local stations. Table 8 shows the breakdown of commercial ownership of analogue radio licences. Two companies, Global Radio and Bauer Radio, account for just under 40% of licences, while five groups (Global and Bauer, plus Celador, UKRD Group and UTV Radio) together account for 168 stations – 58% of the total.

Goldsmith, University of London explain their ideas and the reason of why we need fairness and truth from the national and international news agencies.

“This short report shows that just three companies dominate 71% of the national newspaper market – a market that may be shrinking but is still crucial when it comes to setting the agenda for the rest of the news media. When online readers are included, just five companies dominate some 80% of market share. In the area of local news, six giant conglomerates account for 80% of all titles while the 50-plus publishers have less than 20% of the remaining titles. We are facing an increasing number of news deserts given the fact that 36 million UK citizens – some 57% of the total population – do not have a local daily paper that is able to dedicate itself to matters of concern to their community. And where there is still a local press presence, some 85% of local government areas are faced with a monopoly or duopoly supply of local outlets.

Sky, effectively controlled by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox empire, is by far

the UK’s biggest broadcaster and continues to dominate the pay TV landscape.

ITV is making huge profits on the back of its format sales and faces fewer and

fewer obligations to serve domestic audiences. Meanwhile, Channel 5 is already

owned by a US giant, Viacom International, and there are constant rumours that

the government is keen to sell off Channel 4 to the highest bidder. Two companies

have nearly 40% of all commercial local analogue radio licences and control twothirds

of all commercial digital stations. Only 14% of non-BBC stations are now

independently owned while radio news is provided either by the BBC or by Sky.

We believe that concentration within news and information markets in particular has reached endemic levels in the UK and that we urgently need effective remedies. This kind of concentration creates conditions in which wealthy individuals and organisations can amass huge political and economic power and distort the media landscape to suit their interests and personal views. Urgent reform is needed in order both to address high levels of concentration in particular media markets and to protect against further concentration in others.

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