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Global Radio! What is their evil? Creativeism Movement Show and Dr A.C prepare to challenge them with a PROTEST and Ideas on 17th May 2017.


In 2013, RadiotodayUK said: Global Radio has signed up former BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ Tim Westwood for a new weekly show in the capital.”  

But Tim Westwood has been terrorizing Europe and U.K for years. Working with a 2-PAC Machiavelli ideology of supporting artists or thugs that glamorize gun crime and gangs. An ideology that is based on the philosophy of drawing people’s attention at all costs to SELL MILLIONS OF CDS. Even if this philosophy brings gun crime in the world. And David Cameroon accused Tim Westwood in 2006 for encouraging people to carry guns and knives.

However, RadioRodayUK also wrote;

Richard Park, Global’s Director of Broadcasting, said: “Tim Westwood is a true pioneer of the music and radio industry in this country. He is the undoubted king of urban and hip hop in the UK and we are thrilled to welcome him to Global and Choice FM.”

So you can see now how the GREEDY BARBARIAN, Richard Park, glories Tim Westwood just because he has worked for the BBC. And therefore he was famous! But what about the ideas of gun crime and gang and thug-life that he spread across Europe through the reputation of the BBC? That’s fine! He has a talent to do that! He brought thugs at the BBC and turned them into HEROES! GOOD.

This then is the first EVIL of Global Radio. That is the fact that they don’t care if you spread terror or good. What they care is MONEY AND POWER AND FAME! You see then what EVIL they are and what danger they are to our society?

Nevertheless, Global Radio is part of a corrupted big media system that is instilling terror in the soul of the today artists. And that is murdering the creative spirit of the independent thinkers.


So the truth is that most of the today corrupted criminals of the big media, like Global Media, are funded by big corporations. And they love that. Money and power for them and oppression for the rest! Good, isn’t it?

Thus, we, present day thinkers who oppose their idea of oppression, have but two choices: To love their oppressive ideas or kill ourselves. Because to us is denied the most basic human right. That is to participate in the modern history through ideas and movement. To us is denied that right of expression of ideas that we create for change and innovation. Ideas that we create to make the world a better place. In a simple sentence: They are murdering US.

And those who are murdering us, today artists and thinkers, are but a few people that are led by greedy ideas. That means that those who work for certain big media organizations want everything to belong to a few gluttonous barbarians. And one of those capitalist media organizations who think in this way is Global Media that controls many big radios. Or corrupted NAZIS.


They also manage radios like Capital XTRA that promotes gun crime through negative artists like Stormzy, Devlin, Ghetts and so on. The latter, the idea of negative artists or thug-life or 2-PAC Machiavelli Artists is supported by almost all big radios. Because in glorifying and in glamorizing GUN CRIME, they catch the attention of the people. And so they sell millions of CDS.

This is what they say in relation to CAPITAL XTRA: Capital XTRA, the UK’s first national commercial urban dance station.

That means they manage this radio and deal with talents like TIM Westwood that promotes drug dealers and thugs and that dubs them artists! The talents of GLOBAL MEDIA!

Futher, Global Media says in their WEBSITE on google:

Welcome to Global

Home to some of the UK’s best-loved radio stations such as Heart,Capital and Classic FM, to name a few, we keep 24.4 million* listeners tuned in and entertained each week.

And that’s just for starters; we’re also one of the biggest live festival companies in the UK, selling over a million tickets a year, manage some of the best musical talent around, publish some of the biggest tracks in the charts, and run two of the freshest music TV channels there are.


So they feel good in controlling big radios and silencing people who have ideas. And they feel good because as you see they sell over a million ticket a year. Plus a million other benefits for them. You see? Money and power for them and oppression for the rest.

Therefore, this is my activist appeal to these corrupted fascists of the Global Media. Tomorrow, 17the of May 2017 I grab a loudspeaker and shout to them the facts above and the acts below live on my Creativeism Movement Show on Periscope:


Corrupted Fascists of the Global Media

Stop Controlling Big Radios Unjustly.

Fascists of the Global media we need weekly participation.

We need monthly participation.

We need monthly participation.

We do not need you to come and corrupt a few artists and drown the rests in the seas of oppression and death.

Corrupted Fascists of the Global Media we need fairness.

We need fair sharing.

We need new ideas to come forwards.

We don’t like anymore your fascist of oppressing ideas and the artistic spirit.

We want truth and reason and humanity.

Therefore, corrupted Fascists of the Global Media

Stop Controlling Big Radios Unjustly.

Now let’s have a look at one of their ideas: The Big Music Project.

This idea is funded by the Big Lottery Fund. But what is the evil of this doing and thinking then? It is the fact that they want to take the free play and free competition that must be between artists. And so they to bring a few artists to big managements, to win millions for themselves and to drown out the rest of the world with their media power! This is their philosophic wolf-like ideology, basically!

You see who they are? Now read what they say in their website again?

The Big Music Project

We believe that young people from all walks of life deserve the same opportunities.

The Big Music Project is a unique £4 million initiative funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Global Radio’s Capital FM and the BPI have joined forces with youth work charity UK Youth to help young people from every corner of the UK get closer to their dream career.

Yes closer “ to help young people get closer to their dreams” they mean closer to their clutches. But why isn’t there a weekly participation, a monthly participation between artists? Why? Because they do not want to see artists participate in modern history. They don’t want to see thinkers participate in modern history. So they want even the right of expression for themselves. They then, are but murders of the artistic soul and murderers of the independent ideas.

Another description that describes them again is taken from their website. This is what they say:

“Supporting artists all around the world. Entertainment is at the very heart of our business. From artist management through publishing to events, touring and festivals, we are dedicated to creating and sharing the world’s best music and entertainment with people everywhere, every day.

When it comes to music and entertainment – we’re there at every stage. We manage artists careers, publish a wide range of music, and run some of the biggest and best music events and festivals. We’re obsessed with every aspect of the entertainment business.”

With the ideas of “supporting” they mean controlling. They want to control everything and be in control of everything. They have learnt from those who created the first and second world war that GREED is greed is great! So “hurray for greed” they say!

That’s why, I, as a present day thinker and artist that is oppressed by the very barbarians, demand change based the right of participation. And I demand change based on the ideas of fairness, movement and creativity.

Noting Hill or London Carnival 2016– An Excess of Partying of an Irresponsible Perverted European Youth that feeds on the Blood of Third World PEOPLE




Drugs? Yes wanted by the educated youth of London. Violence? Yes, facts show that, yesterday, 28th August 2016, 100 people were arrested and five people were stabbed in four knife attacks. The educated youth of London!!! Plus some very violent fights that I witnessed myself.


Sick gays or perverts? Yes they are everywhere and abusive. Whenever I encountered them in the street they watched me like wanted to EAT me entirely. “I like your jacked,” said a sick gay while trying to come closer to me. “I like your nose,” said another sick gay a few minutes later.


Relationships? Nah! The hardest thing in London is called “woman and man relationship.” Men are called evil just because they want to make a relationship with women. Gays are called HEROS here and walk full of PRIDE. Especially when they abuse straight men emotionally. For instance, like some masterminds and perverts here in London that I see everywhere.




So when they gather together into parties like this called “Carnival” they don’t come to have fun, meet new people and why not make a relationship and have sex. Sex with free will is not evil. Evil is only the perverted sex of man with man that in all reasonable analysis that one may take will think; “It means that end of the WORLD.”




And so they degenerate into fights, stabbing, perversion and hatred. BECAUSE MEN IS EVIL. SICK GAYS are HEROS. WOMEN ARE ANGELS BY NATURE!!!! And this is just the beginning of a 1984 Orwell style.


Now let me explain the today problem in a philosophical point of view.

Rosa Luxemburg and Vladimir Lenin both held the opinion that the Big Powers will share the world in between. And keep the party going with “slaves or workers of the third world.” Thank you very much!


Almost the same idea was reflected by Orwell at his dystopian novel, 1984. And his ideas of super states like Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia who were always fighting but no one knew what really was going on. The same is in 2016. Good for us!

So the past philosophic ideas of Luxemburg and Lenin are working perfectly well. Nato is expanding. And modern slavery is obvious with the third world people struggling for existence as a few European and American masters are sucking their blood. Their greed mirrored in the big corporations that want the entire earth for themselves is beyond all meaning of EVIL.


Also these very “masters” are even bringing their blood, (or commodities that are produced by the third world people for the Big Corporations) into London to be shared into shameless carnivals. The place where the unconscious “KIDS” of Europe get wild!


Oh what a shame for humanity! The cannibals, manipulators and criminals of all criminals pretend to be humanists! London makes me sick. It is NAUSEA.


For the working class people of Europe are literally sheep. We saw what sheep-people “British people” are. When the EU referendum was made to test their intelligence. They followed the “lies” like the herds of sheep do follow the orders of the shepherds to go and feed in the grass. Also we see the American people, or the sheep of all sheep, that made “the republican nominee” a pure Nazi like Donald Trump.


So, thanks to the sheep of the Big Powers like UK and USA we have a world of evil. Because it is “THEY” that give power and AUTHORITY to the UK and USA masters to continue the wars. Truth must be told.


However, the masters of Europe and USA coax their working classes like a shepherd does his animals. And it is done in this way. By giving slightly better jobs to “EU-USA” working classes than to other third world people. Who clean the streets and the toilets of London.


For this is the bitter truth; “Who is coming in London to do the worst jobs?” Is it Nick Robinson with the neo-fascists of the BBC? No. It is the eastern European people and Africans, Asians, and poor people from Middle East. That’s how it is done.


But, however, do the wars continue? Yes, the war on terror flying from London and New York to the heart of Middle EAST!! And whoop, whoop! Every now and then “Nato” and the USA army, sometimes on its own, miss the target. And so innocent people die just like that. Like that one on the 20th July 2016 when a U.S airstrike killed 56 civilians in Syria. But that’s not a problem. It was just 56 people. So the youth of Europe can share their innocent blood into “carnivals.” The unconscious vampires of Europe.


As a result the European and American masters go and kill innocent people around the world. And bring all the commodities for the morons of Europe to party like animals. With no dignity and no respect, but literally like animals. Like pure animals of the jungle. Animals that the only thing they know it is called “eating and drinking.”


And of course that the essence of human being is in balance. That is neither to be a criminal nor a perverted creature that follow the feelings like animals. For it was said 24 centuries ago by Plato that in feelings we are like animals. Thank you very much!


Hence, only when we filter “our feelings” with reason, can we be called humans.


Speaking about the Noting Hill Carnival, The Standard said; “….more than 100 people were arrested and five men or boys were stabbed in four knife attacks on Sunday.”


So you see when you follow the feelings to an animal-like extent one becomes animal. For in the first place; one animal is called “animal” because of the lack of reason and consciousness. And the lack of reason and consciousness degenerates humanity to the lowest kind of being– animal kind. Thank you very much!



But, however, did I see any human being, yesterday 28th August, 2016? No. The only thing I saw was animals with drinks on their hands dragging their asses around the streets of Noting Hill gate. And also pushing, and kicking and fighting just like wild beasts do.


Despite, the wild wolves, or police officers being everywhere still animals wanted to fight. And that’s what I witnessed, – fights, drinks, drugs and EXCESS of partying. That is following the feelings to an extent where you cannot call a human a human but an animal. Also, to mention it, is the fact when a “wild man” tried to grab the bag of a woman. And as I said to him leave her alone and put my hand in between him and her, he moved waved his hand with a bottle to smash my head. But thankfully someone pushed him forwards and so both she and me went on our way.


Further, amid all the animals, there were a few women who liked to play too much. Whenever women of London are, they think that they have the rights to kiss you, to dance with you and to play with you. And you are but their play! They can kill you. But still you are the evil!


The only thing women like is called “GAYS” and very rich men. Because gays fuck them whenever they like and never care about them. So the animals of London understand relationships not in care, measure and balance. But in fucking with everybody and caring for nobody. As regarding the “rich men” they can pay to them for whatever they like. All the commodities can be under women’s feet when the rich men are around!!! Hmm. The intelligent, very intelligent women of London!!! A profound evil lies deep in their soul at their own feet and featherbrained doings.


For it is women’s alienation that is bringing degeneration in the world. They think that they should not care for humanity. They want freedom. And the featherbrained women and sick gays of London understand “freedom not in care and responsibility,” like Sartre and Heidegger thought. But they understand it in saying, “Fuck to everybody.” That’s why I have more than five years in London, but can’t make a relationship work.


These are the animals of London. A city of prostitutes, perverts, drugs dealers and BIG OPPRESSORS like police, security officers and Law Makers with fake laws on their hands. A city of profound EVIL, basically.


Yesterday at Noting Hill Carnival or London Carnival as I like to call it, I drunk too. I had about five to six beers. I got drunk, I hanged a few hours around, met a few people, a woman kissed me while we were dancing, I kissed her back and then she abandoned me for no reasons. But I accept the game. A woman says “come” I go. A woman says “no,” to me means no. And that’s why I call myself a gentleman and true feminist. That is that I love women and I respect them to death. But when they play with Shakespearean intrigues then I must tell the truth to them. For truth is great a value. And one must have balls to say it. Because all hypocrites of my time hang to lies and dishonesty. Who is speaking truth here?



So at the end more upset than I was before going to the party, I went home. This is was my first carnivals in London, and I hope to never go back again.


And oh, yes, to not forget the perverts of all perverts, – the sick gays. I have to mention them again. For they were out and about looking at me and trying to touch my hands. Whenever they are they think that they have a right to abuse a man emotionally. Because of course excess of partying brings perversion. Now they are allowed by law to abuse us. “The perverts of Europe who feed on the blood of the poor people around the world. – Blood-suckers and perverts. They think that they can abuse you and they can do it by law.



The laws of law makers of UK and Europe! Basically, we know from the past how Power always abused humanity by laws. Like in 19th and 20s century where power by law threw all the sheep into wars. Or when they exploited them in the houses of terror or factories where children were exploited to death. Or gas chambers in 20s century etc.., etc.., thank you very much.



If You Wanna Learn How to Kill Innocent People, Then Join The American Army

On the 20th July 2016 a U.S airstrike killed 56 civilians in Syria. A few media moguls like Twitter, Telegraph News, and a few not-much-heard papers mentioned that. As the rest of the big media kept it secret! Or perhaps they silenced truth on purpose, like they have been doing always in the past.


 Brown, black and white bodies were terrorized barbarically by the U.S Army power. These innocent people were trying to flee the war in Syria.  A war again that was initiated by the wise neo-Nazi politicians of Europe and U.S.A.



Up on the hills of nature, there where innocent people were supposed to be protected by the western powers.  There exactly they were butchered by the powder of the American bombs and spread around like dust in the air.

There, up on the hills of nature, they were laid down like animals into slaughterhouse. There, up on the hills of nature, these innocent people were destroyed and made nothing just like that. And all of this because the American Army kills innocent people and takes no responsibility!


But can evil power take responsibility? Evil power is evil power. It kills you today, cries for you tomorrow with crocodile tears, and buries you with a smile on the lip. It is called evil power. The power of machine guns. The power of the American army. The power of criminals that pretend to be innocent like Jesus on the cross!



“So if anyone wants to learn how to kill innocent people, then please do join the American Army.”


But, of course the big tummy of the USA politics wants to feed, get dressed and to get free holidays not only for themselves but and for their slaves too. So the only way to do so is by having the American Army terrorize innocent people. And also by having the big media silence this truth and fool the sheep at the bottom.


 So the “silenced truth and the terrorism of the American army” can make sure that the potbelly of the American sheep and American corporations can continue to dominate the world by force. Welcome to our world. A world where reason is silenced by force. A world where truth is silenced by force. A world where terrorists are called humanists and vice versa. A world of evil, basically!



“So if anyone wants to learn how to kill innocent people, then please do join the American Army.”





A Critique of Political Economy
Karl Marx




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Politics! Why is David Cameron and Boris Johnson Playing the “Fear” Card?


We’ve been waiting for more than 2000 year for the politician-philosopher that does work for the people and not for his/her career and personal interest. In here I mean about the ideas of the Plato at his “Republic” where he wanted to see political leaders that genuinely serve to the people and not to their pockets.


The bitter truth though, is that we’ve learnt that before the “Republic” of Plato, after Plato  and up to the present time, out there is not even a single political leader being it, king, queen, polemarch, prince, pope or modern politician, to be singled out for true honesty. Because “true honesty” is the lacing and lacking point of political leaders and politics, that’s the thing. And “ true honesty” has been missing almost in all our human history. That’s the fact of the matter.


Question; “Who was a true political leader with true honesty in our world’s history? Was anyone from those that fought in the Greco-Persian Wars? Those who fought fire with fire like Miltiades and Callimachus at the Greek side or Datis the puppet of Darius I of Persia at the battle of marathon?


Or was Pericles a true statesman with true honesty? Pericles who invented war strategies not to protect Athens but rather to broaden the borders of his influence while treading on the path of greed and hate!

Or was a true leader of humanity Alexander the Great that wanted to see the world under his feet and who cut off people’s heads like throwing stones into a river? Or were great the famous others after him like Julius Caesar with many plebeians of the Roman Empire like Caligula etc? Or were great the popes, the papacies and their papal states of the middle ages who rose to power to paint humanity into red? Or was true to the people, Charles I of England who longed for divine right of the King and so ended up beheaded in 1649? Or was true to the people Louis XVI of France who ended up at the same place? Or was a true leader with true honesty Napoleon who wanted to bring back the glory of the Roman Empire?


Or were great those who preached violence in the time of Karl Marx and after Marx’s death? Those who created the great wars in the 20s century and left in the soul of humanity an irredeemable pain that is still haunting our spirit.


So when out there, in world’s politics no one was great, then how are we supposed to see a good Boris Johnson and just David Cameron? The good and the just never existed. For this world has been rotten to the core and it is still rotten to the core.


And Nietzsche suggested that it was creators who changed the world. That means that it was those who kept in check the great dictators and fought for freedom and true democracy that improved things on earth. Those who created goodness and stood up to evil in the hardest times – the true creators or the liberators of humanity!



With this I don’t want to tell you that I want to be your history and philosophy teacher. No. That’s not the reason of these words of blood. I just want to make the point and say, “Political power corrupts human spirit and it has done so in all human history. And absolute power corrupts absolutely everyone. Who wouldn’t like the idea of doing to the world whatever that one liked and wished?


So the only thing to keep peace in the world in these days of wars and hate is by keeping politics in check. And by making sure that the big media tells the truth to the world as it is and does not side with evil, but it sides with goodness, truth and justice.


And the reason why absolute power corrupts absolutely everyone is because it is “greed” what makes one become a politician or fare towards politics. Because in there is implicitly and unconsciously implied true power. The power of violence and force. The power of enslaving people.

And in politics also is implied the power of making decisions that can wipe out nations and why not continents and the world too. In the now through the A. Bombs that can be achieved easily. If they decide to do so, and if we allow them to do so. That’s the bitter truth of our time. That is the time of pain and suffer.


On the other side of humanity it is pain that makes a Creator work hard to change the world for the better. Just like it is pain that pushes the artist to create a magnum opus.

The BBC wrote on 9th May, “Peace in Europe could be at risk if Britain votes to leave the European Union, David Cameron has warned.”

 On the other hand it is the Telegraph that mentioned the ideas of Boris Johnson; “The European Union is pursuing a similar goal to Hitler in trying to create a powerful superstate, Boris Johnson says.”


So, we see that as the EU referendum is approaching, top politicians in London are preparing their bayonets of hypocrisy.


David Cameron and Boris Johnson instead of using true arguments of what is better for the people of the UK. They focus on false arguments, personal greed and corporate interests.


“I want to win,” says the greed of Boris subconsciously. And so he mirrors his subconscious greed in his statements about Hitler and Europe. He wants the British People to leave the EU.

But to achieve this, he works hard through his rhetorical skills to make people feel the “fear” at all costs. “Fear” here is the point.


On the other side of politics it is David Cameron’s greed that says “I want to win too.” I want the British people to remain in the EU. (that however implicitly says that he wants the power to be concentrated on the hands of the few)

And for that he drops an entire negative rhetoric that is available under the sun. And just like Boris that tries to frighten the people with Hitler and Napoleon examples, so Dave freaks people out with his assumed ideas of “peace could be put at risk and Deash” etc.


So we see “fear” as the nucleus of the present day politics.

Fear! But, why fear? And what is fear?

Let me dismantle the idea of why they use fear. And I think that they use “fear” as their main political point because; firstly they lack a reasonable manifesto in terms of organization and creation. A manifesto that can tell to the people what is good and what is bad and that can contemplate a peaceful and productive future with true examples and reason. They lack sincere and concrete ideas. Hence due to the lack of vision, true organizing principals and assurance for the people, they resort to fear.


And in this way Boris and David Cameron become the demagogues of all demagogues. That is instead of using reason and ideas they appeal to popular desires and prejudices. And so they use fear to scare the people, just like adults do scare their children with “ghost-like tales.”


Now what is fear?


To put is philosophically, I’d say that “fear” is a negative emotion that unconsciously can achieve to shut our being down. Fear makes us cower to its implicit or indirect expression that is in speech. A speech like the ideas of David Cameron that says that peace could be put at risk if we leave. Or like the ideas of Boris Johnson that compared EU’s ambition with Napoleon and even worse, Adolf Hitler.


However, in terms of spirituality and psychology, I will use Eckhart Tolle to explain it. For he is a master of feelings and psychology. And Eckhart said at his book, “The Power of Now,”

Fear is our basic underlying emotional pain. Fear is ego’s fear of death, of annihilation.”

So that’s why the demagogues, Mr Johnson and Mr Cameron, use fear. They are masters. They know the power of fear. They know what fear can do. And they know too, that in using fear they can enslave the people and draw their attention, as they want it to be.

And so they use the “fear” card to achieve their goals.

And a satirical verse with the title “Thank” would speak like this;


Thank the gods and thank the politicians!

Thank their ideas and thank their mission!

Thank the gangs and thank their ammunition!

And finally thank the people for their submission!


Now to get serious again and sum it up; Fear can hold us back. For it is truth and goodness that can make us progress and see the future in the angle of genuine humanity. And my ending plea is;

People; please wake up. Politicians, please stop lying.



Simon Cowell – a Greedy Nazi of Entertainment Industry


Simon like AdolfFor goodness’ sake isn’t this world tired of monotonous and corrupted doings?


Simon Cow-ell and Britain’s Got Talent. Simon Cow-ell and X Factor. Simon Cow-ell here in entertainment industry and Simon Cow-ell there!


Isn’t this a GREED of unreal proportions? And wasn’t it GREED what made a Nazi be called a Nazi? Because that’s what Nazis wanted. They wanted the world to be theirs. Only theirs!


And that is what this Simon Cow-ell wants. He wants the world to be forever his. Despite that his ideas now have become old and he with his ideas are faring towards the grave. Just like all of us will do. But he wants to continue to be the main man in entertainment industry and so he does blocks the new ideas.


Also Simon Cow-ell doesn’t want to give up his old ideas of turning people into a laughing stock at Britain’s Got Talent. He doesn’t want to give up brutality that is his main thing.

Nor does this, Old Simon Cowell leave the fresh new idea breathe. He chokes the new ideas. He represents the old. And he continues to starve to death movement and creativity that dwells in the spirit of every time.


Listen this parable that I created for Simon Cowell and the British Media or the present day MAFIA.


The Old clutches the spirit of Time and peels off the layers of its skin. Until one day the Old arrives at the veins of the spirit of Time. And there the Old plunges its monster like mouth and sucks the blood of the spirit of Time or the now like a thirsty vampire.


And again it is the Old who doesn’t leave the new go. The Old continues to empty the veins of the Time till all its blood of the new ideas is dead.

The Old is greedy and wants everything for itself. The old is barbaric and fascist. The Old puts the middle finger on your face and the gun on your head.


This is the Old. This is Simon Cowell. And the thousands of Sancho Panzas and other yes-men that support him in the British Media. The toilet paper media! The superiors of the today or the masters of slaves – British Media and the yes-men.



THE OLD not only kills the new ideas of the creative spirits, but it also leaves these fresh new ideas die in pain. As the OLD stands like a shadow of a cracked cliff over a blue ocean that dances with its waves to and fro like in a fairytale.


The Old kills, it continues to kill, it is thirsty for blood, it is hungry for flesh, and it is barbaric. It is cannibal-like when the old is in GFREED at the stage and level of the British Media that want everything for themselves. And no one who opposes them must be on their studios – the greedy maniacs.


Every year we see, X Factor, Britains Got Talent. X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent.

X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent. X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent. X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent again. And Simon Cowbell again! And again and again Simon Cowell!


But who is this Simon Cowell that has been for 20 years or more owning and doing whatever that he liked with the entertainment industry? Did he have any great idea? Did he make any revolution? Did he bring any great philosophy to better humanity? Did he make this meaningless tiny-rock-planet, meaningful? No.


All what this goblin gargoyle did is sell music and make money. For we live in the times where pigs lead because they have money. As reason and new ideas die in pain and suffer. And with money this Simon Cowell now oppresses all of us who want to bring innovation and change in the world of entertainment industry.


If you have a better idea than Simon Cowell or any other established famous Ape-like human, no one is going to support you. Why? Because in the now it is not ideas who matter, but money and power and fame. And even if you have sold drugs or pimped women still money makes sense.


And unfair money that has been at least in the last two centuries, we know that is an idea of the master to enslave the sheep.


However, MY TIME is the time that has put a dictatorship on the new ideas. This is the now. The dream killers. The idea killers. Those who control the British media and through it they control the people’s minds. The present day MAFIA.



Years ago I read an assumed book of Simon Cowell with title, “I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But…

And yes it was like reading a cow that pretends to know the workings of humanity. But can a cow figure out how humanity or humanism works?


With this I mean that Simon Cowell pretended to be the one that could tell you what it takes to be a star! However he was the one that loved to praise all evil things over earth. A man with no critique nor innovation nor ideas. He praised Eminem that has spread hatred and misogyny. He praised that gangster-man Puff Diddy. He rose to the skies Madonna, a role model for the past 40 years that has turned women all around the world into thinking that to be a prostitute is liberation!


And also he said that he was a kid of a wealthy family that had a mother who swung it with famous people.


And so that means that one day his mother introduced him with some famous producers. And so he took it from there. He was a rich man who became richer. But in his thinking is no innovation.



Now let’s come to the point of ideas. My ideas and his ideas. For idea, from where ideas come from, Hegel said is itself the dialectic which forever divides and distinguishes the self-identical from the differentiated, the subjective from the objective.”


I mean that those who have ideas have also a critique and innovation with them, a subjectivity and objectivity. They know how to divide and differentiate through the art of dialectic. But Simon Cowell did not have such creativity.


And this I am going to explain with my tweets that I typed on twitter in a frenzy of pain and creative explosion on 15th May 2016.


#CreativeismMovement‪ On my eBook I’ve written @SimonCowell impresses the world by turning into a laughing stock those who don’t have Talent.



‪#CreativeismMovement‪ My philosophy that intends to challenge this Dictator, this AdfolfHitler @SimonCowell that doesn’t give up Evil power is

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ to create a show in which we impress the world through great acts & creativity. & not like @SimonCowell by offending people.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ And in my eBook, How To Change the World, I called this show “The Battle of Art and Creativity.” But who cares, anyways


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ But @SimonCowell owns the big media. How is one supposed to bring innovation in a world where is Death to the new ideas?


Explanation; first I call him an Adolf Hitler and therefore a Nazi. Because he like many others on big media, are greedy like dictators. Their greed and hate for new ideas and creators is incredible and beyond all thought and thinking.


They are like the old that I explained earlier. Once they seize some social power then they don’t give up their power. Despite that their old ideas must be changed by the new coming ideas. Despite that their ideas even if once were new now they are old. So they continue with the old. They are the Old. They represent the OLD.


And Simon Cowell continues with his old ideas. But it is time for him to go and let the new breathe. For we need a new worldwide show. We need a battle of great acts where humanity is not ruined nor turned into nothing by making a laughing stock those who don’t have talent at all. We need a Battle of Art and Creativity Show. A show that brings together great acts and where people challenge one another with ideas and skills of all kinds. And so we don’t reduce people to nothing. And so we give opportunities to those who have skills and talents. But not give opportunities to those who don’t have anything to give or that have no skills at all.


If you want to create a comedy show, then that is fine. But to turn people who do not have talent into a laughing stock is cruel.


And these are my ideas versa the ideas of the Simon Cow-ell. I want to elevate humanity he wants to downgrade it. But he has the British Media behind that support his ideas. As the same media has never ever given me a single opportunity to explain my pain and my ideas. So I am mean I am being silenced, because I am the New. As he is being highlighted because he is the OLD.



And this is but a battle of the new against the old. The beasts. The Nazis. The cruel fascists of the British-American media or the present day mafia that have love only for their ideas.



Other Tweets that show what Simon Cowell and the British Media are.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ In #March I was arrested inside the headquarters of the @FOXTV in #NYC. I was there to stand up to the present day evil


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ I was there to express my pain and say to the world my ideas through which I think we can make a better world. @FOXTV !


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ But no one bothered about it. So what am I supposed to think or speak when I get arrested inside the big media? & still


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ This big media like @FOXTV who is supposed to speak truth, it silences truth. Then based on this I’d say I’m speechless


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ The people who control the big media think in two ways or pretend so; “They think that they hold no power over people

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ And they also think that the new generations can’t do like they do. They are wrong. They hold power over people and –


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ the younger generations can do better than them. So these people that control the big media must be replaced & retire.

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ At least every new generation must be led by new ideas. Life is boring without creativity and movement. #GetRidOfsameFaces


#CreativeismMovement#XFactor #BritainsGotTalent #XFactor #BritainsGotTalent & @SimonCowell again!

Isn’t the world upset of this MONOTONY?

‪#CreativeismMovement#Creativity asks for #movement and #change

The #BritishMedia must stop this DICTATORSHIP of ideas and death of new ideas.


Explanation; I think that you got the essence of it. It is the Old, Simon Cowell and the British Media that the only thing that they love is their ideas. I said I was arrested inside the FOX TV but no one ever spoke about it.

How comes?

How comes that the big media that is supposed to speak truth and side with justice, it is this very big media that silences truth and that sides with injustice. I have my being as witness of this ignoble action of the present day pain. The hypocrites and superiors of the Big Media.



They also think that it is only they who can do things. And so isolate the new ideas, kill them and establish a dictatorship of the old over the new.


But as I said on my tweets life is boring without creativity and movement. That means that the old must make space for the new and let it go. The old must let the new breathe and give opportunities.


Do you believe that I have been protesting at the Guardian, ITV and at the BBC just because I want to take an opportunity and express my ideas and pain? Still they do not give that opportunity.


Now you tell me who they are? If not dictators of the new ideas. The Ugly Old. The neo-nazis of the British Media. And with them, Simon Cow-ell.


Gareth Davies said at one online article ‘We need to stop glamorising gangster lifestyle’, says Croydon rapper.”


And Gareth went on; “He decided to speak out after popstar and X Factor judge Rita Ora performed with the group on Trapping Ain’t Dead – about drug dealing – during the televised awards show.

Jaden, 21, grew up in South Norwood and was a member of a gang affiliated with Section Boyz. He is now at university and hopes to inspire young people away from crime through his own music.


He said: “Young people see someone like Rita Ora on national television with Section Boyz rapping about drugs and they think it’s cool. They want to copy what they’re hearing.


“The glamorisation of this culture, endorsed by the industry, has to stop. It’s continuously putting out the message that thug life is cool.”


By this I MEAN that Simon Cowell is part of those that support a thug life as long as he allowed a song that glamorizes violence and drug dealing on X Factor. Also at his book he praised Eminem and other thugs, as I said previously.


Another tweet!

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ A piece of fascist @SimonCowell continues to influence #entertainment and in his shows are artists that are pre-chosen.


Explanations; That is true. In the Britain’s Got Talent show he chooses in advance whom to put in front of the camera and whom not. He uses two pre-auditions at Britain’s Got Talent for that. In these pre-auditions he gives certain directives to some yes-men and they do the job for him. They do what the boss, Simon Cowel says. As Mr Cow-ell chills out on the beach with his cronies. Therefore in greed and hate Simon Cow-ell is comparable but to a fascist.


And this Simon Cowell thinks that it is fair to give opportunities to those who do not have talent. And so turn these poor people into a laughing stock. And in this way catch the attention of the people.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ like the Neo-Nazi @realDonaldTrump this Nazi-man @SimonCowell is not respected for his ideas but because He is rich!!

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ The sheep world values everything that is rich & famous. So the Neo-Nazi @realDonaldTrump & @SimonCowell both are rich!


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ One must read not the consciousness of the #now but the #Subconsciouness. there is the key. The key of Money. #now


Explanation; That is reasonable again. Donald Trump is respected in America because he is a proved businessman and rich. Simon Cowell is respected because he is rich and famous too.


Remember his innovation is in turning people into a laughing stock. Is this what the people must respect? Of course that not. But in the subconsciounsesss of the today people is only “Money.”


They don’t to know how the masters of the banks swindle with the money. They don’t wanna know that or anything as such. Hence once you say; “Fame and Money.” Then you have won the hearts of the people in their subconsciousness.


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ You call American and British people who respect that rattlesnake @SimonCowell people? I call them sheep of all sheep.


‪#CreativeismMovement#Entertainement industry has a dictator that want only his image and ideas be on big media @SimonCowell #AdolfHitler



Explanation; I have been twice at the Britain’s Got Talent and once at American’s Got Talent. I had a rap song called “Dream Big Dreams.” That was about changing the world for the better. And I had a few ideas that intended to make a Hip-Hop Revolution. AND I WANTED TO BE HEARD FOR MY IDEAS.


So did I deserve five minutes on Big Media to express my pain and explain my ideas to the people?


Yes of course. But did I have any big talent. No I didn’t have any big talent. Still I had big ideas, I was able to rap and I DESERVED five minutes to explain my ideas.


However, the point of Simon Cowell is to either give opportunities to those who can be turned into a laughing stock. (And that these people may kill themselves because of this humiliation in front of the nation. But Simon Cow doesn’t care.) Or support some very high skilled talents that have great vocal cords and that are pre-chosen, anyways. Therefore that means that nothing spontaneous or natural is in the show of Simon Cow-ll.




‪#CreativeismMovement‪ The big media in #london is made of dictators that swallow up spirits. How comes that they still silence my ideas, but-



‪#CreativeismMovement‪ they pretend to be good & just people. BBC Radio @1Xtra for instance has not only ignored my ideas for #innovation but


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ they even sent threatening messages for suggesting to them new ideas & for criticizing their violent ones. I still have on my


‪#CreativeismMovement‪ phone the message of Rob Littlejohn, editor of th BBC Radio @1Xtra, a radio that turns thugs into heroes just like that

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ So Rob Littlejohn of BBC @1Xtra texted me saying that If mentioned his name then I had to deal with police &BBC Legal Team.


‪#CreativeismMovement#London is a city where oppression is real in all walks of life. A death of creativity and hatred for the new ideas.

‪#CreativeismMovement‪ They are going to oppress your ideas. They are going to silence your voice and they have the cheek to say “We Are Good!


Explanation; Does it need an explanation at all? All what I tweeted are true. I emailed my Hip-Hop Revolution Manifesto to Rob LittleJohn, the editor of the BBC Radios, and received threats in turn.


I said to him that the philosophy of rap so far has been to bring negative artists forwards. And they do it as a means to an end. To catch the attention of the people. But I want to ditch negative artists and support positive artists.


Again instead of receiving respect and recognition, I received hatred and threats by the editor of the BBC Radio 1 Xtra and BBC Radio One, Rob LittleJohn.


I created another idea and called it “Positive Creativity Show” where we can give opportunities to positive and creative artists. And again I was turned down.



I said let’s turn Fire in the Booth Show, – a show that turns thugs into heroes – into a yearly competitive show and give opportunities to different artists every year. And so these artists who have innovation can take it over each year and hold it for a year only. And so in brining competitions, innovation and creativity. We make life move and positive-creativity flow like a stream into the river with movement and beauty.


I was at Britain’s Got Talent Twice to express my pain and ideas. But again I was turned down. They do not even GIVE me an opportunity to speak.



As thugs go on X Factor and rap “Trapping ain’t Dead.” A song about drug dealing and thug-life.

Thugs go at the BBC and have millions of minutes in their disposition.



This is Simon Cowell. And this is then British Media. They have a greed and hatred for the new ideas that is of unreal proportions. And for that they can be compared only with Adolf Hitler, and therefore Nazis. For he too had certain skills and was an artist too. And Nazis were the yes-men of Hitler like the British Media is to hatred and to Simon Cow-ell.



Humanity though, asks not who is an artist or who has ideas. But it rather asks who has ideas to change the world for the better.



Therefore, British Media, Simon Cow-ell, Nazis, enough hating the new ideas. Enough acting like the OLD has acted in all history. For in your actions and greed you can be comparable only to Nazis of the past and evil.



Dr Che




The Fascist Security of the ITV that Wanted to Put his FIN‬GERS on my Face



Yesterday, 13th May 2016. I was campaigning in front of the ITV to try and raise awareness about my ideas. Also, I was there to introduce a new idea of mine that is “Creative-ism Movement Show.” And that means to question and challenge the power of now, that is Big Media, Politics and Corporations, through creativity and movement.



However, some of these ideas for which I wanted to raise awareness, I have published on my eBook on Amazon under that title, “How To Change The World.” But for this book and these ideas the British Media do not give me an opportunity to speak.

Still in the British Media’s mouth are prostitutes, reality idiot-like stars, drug dealers and thugs. And all evil and negativity of the present day world. And yet my ideas that intend to change the world for the better are being silenced!


The reason why they oppress my ideas is because I oppose their ideas.

Piers Morgan has heard many times my voice and my pain on twitter. But still he doesn’t give me five minutes time to express my idea on ITV. Like ITV is of these people! And like it is to be used for personal interest and not to be used for the interest of humanity, truth and goodness.


I mean what is happening is incredible. It sounds unreal, at the first glance. But it is true as my being on earth. And this happens because I oppose ideas that they do not want to change. You get it? “Ideas are factual like human beings,” believed Dostoyevsky.


On my eBook I have ideas like Hip-Hop Revolution. Thing, which the BBC, the MTV and the Guardian love it to be the way it is. That is with thugs and drug dealers.


Also I want a fair entertainment industry where opportunity, innovation and creativity are highlighted. And a few other big ideas of mine that the big media continues to disregard.

Ideas like Women’s True Liberation. Creative-sim Movement, Positive Creativity, etc.


And so I was campaigning because I am not being heard. I mean it is horrible. I have been many times mistreated in front of the BBC and of the Guardian. And on 23rd and 24th March I was arrested at the ABC, New York Times and FOX TV headquarters in New York. But again no one talks!


I feel like living in a sea of snakes and scorpions where the Big Media that controls the main means of mass communication is trying to poison my true ideas and innovative movement like my “Creative-ism Movement.”


However, the yesterday story at the ITV is as follows.


I was spreading toilet paper in front of the ITV. Exactly at the ITV “sign” that is in the street. Because they feel to be superior over all people and thinkers like the rest of the British Media. The masters of slaves!


And at that time one from the Securities of the ITV came to disrupt my campaign. But I said that I was campaigning against the “Fascists of the ITV.” That is the journalists of the ITV that contain true information and dispense useless stories. He then misunderstood that and came with his two fingers close to my face.


He was literally holding his two fingers straight towards my eyes, (the middle and index finger of his right hand) and brought them close to my face while he was talking. I didn’t move towards him, but he was moving back and forth towards me.


I caught him and his action towards me on camera though. Still I missed to record his fingers. Perhaps because I felt scared and I wasn’t able to focus much in what he was doing. For he had crossed my personal space at that time. And all animals get the shivers down their spine when one crosses in his/her personal space in a threatening manner.


Also, he can be seen in the video that he crossed my personal space with threatening language and a loud tone of voice. I then can be heard saying to him; “DON’T PUT YOUR FINGERS IN MY FACE.” He then replies “I PUT THE FINGERS IN YOUR FACE. You call me that again.”


He seemed to have one-sided idea of being fascist. And his judgment was flawed and wrong. That is the judgment of the sheep that the majority of the British Media have. That is to think that to be a fascist means to get back in time and kill Jews and Black people and other people all over again!


But he didn’t have a clue of the symbolism of fascisms that is “violence and the use of force against those that use democratic means to change the world for the better.


So he was trying to put the muzzle on my free speech and creative spirit. He was disrupting my peaceful protest. And again this Security of the ITV said that he could put his FINGERS on my face. But still this Security of the ITV didn’t want to be called “Fascist!”


That sounds strange to me. To be fascist in your actions and to not want to be called fascist!



And his violent actions towards me turned him but into a fascist, anyways. 


However, I really felt scared. I wasn’t there to fight with the security. I was there to challenge the journalists of the ITV with speech, ideas and creativity.


But that’s how I am being treated. This is the British Media. The superior media that uses dogs with sharp teeth to silent creators. A media that does not even give an opportunity to express your pain. Why? Because they feel superior! They are arrogant. And also they think that they are too intelligent. Too intelligent!


Too intelligent. Of course 1984. That is the answer for the neo-fascists of the British Media.



I know that I am not an English native speaker but my ideas and actions are crystal clear and plain as day. Despite the fact that sometimes I repeat myself due to not having the eloquence of a native English speaker. Despite that my pronunciation of the words isn’t like that of a British man.


But doesn’t mean that because of the fact that I am not a native English Speaker, the big media must continue to silence my voice. And with it my innovative actions too. Because I have studied world’s philosophy to raise my spirit at this level. You get me? You hypocrites and neo-Nazis of the Big Media that pretend to be democrats.


Now tell to your security, to the Security of the ITV to put his fingers on my face. And tell to the British People that you ain’t fascists.



My Answer to a ‘1984 style Sophistry’ used by Fran O’Brein, the top editor of BBC Trust


It seems that to bring an ounce of goodness and innovation in the world it takes your blood out of your veins.


Hip-Hop has been preaching hatred in the world for forty years now. A gangster-lifestyle has been imposed on us from the big radios. And its messages of guns and drugs and violence are not ART. Check my previous letters and emails that I’ve sent to the BBC in the past. Because I have explained what ‘Art’ means too.


 And I think that the BBC must pave the way towards change. The BBC must stop the burst of its imperialist culture. Therefore, the BBC must show respect to a Creator like me who puts the new values on the table and says; ‘A show that appeals for positive creativity and that contain literary criticism must be there – at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra to bring positive rappers forwards and change the world for the better.


Question; ‘Why is BBC siding with a thug-life philosophy?’ Is it that the meaning of capitalism is based in money? And in selling the records of thugs you make money? Is it that we, as humans, are being reduced to a piece of paper? And now you who study at Oxford and Cambridge, you also study how to manipulate the simple-minded, how to use proper sophistry and how to silence the voice of a Creator like me? A Creator that puts the values on the table like I do. And like I have done in relation with the BBC at least.

 Fran O’Brien; 
The complainant was concerned that negative language about guns and drugs and 
violence was being promoted via Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra and was making the world a 
worse place to be in.  
He made the following points: 
  Through rap music the BBC was promoting violence, thugs and drug dealing 
on these services and also on BBC videos on YouTube.  
  The environment can ‘turn on’ criminal genes.  
  Rap promoted crime, murder, violence, drug dealing, misogyny, rape, 
vandalism and more. 


My Reply;


It is true what I said about rap. But for that I have given you examples and facts from all history and philosophy of Hip-Hop. (check my previous emails that I have sent to the BBC Trust and my past complaints too)

And also I have said to you that at least FIRE IN THE BOOTH SHOW Preaches negativity every Saturday night. There is almost impossible to be a fire in the booth show without language about guns, drugs and misogyny.


This reason of mine rejects the sophistry of Fran O’Brein that belongs at the dark corners of the past.


But again if your regulations are illogical, then you must work to make them logical, I think.

What is this rule that the complaint must be made within 30 days? By that the BBC means that whatever is older than thirty days is not valid. And that means that the facts about Jimmy Seville that molested half of Europe are not valid.

 Because they are old now!


But isn’t the BBC ashamed of this reason and regulation? What is this infantile logic, my dear? If your regulation says something that is illogical then shouldn’t you try to make something better for humanity? And so change these illogical rules and regulations of the BBC that sweeps under the carpet whatever that is older than 30 days?

But in supporting thugs like you have done, it tells me that you haven’t much love for humanity.


I know that you people at the BBC have been studying in famous universities.  And it seems to me that there you have learnt too the art of the false arguments and sophistry. But, I grew up in the streets and across the streets I found libraries. And that’s how I merge theory with practice and ideas and creativity with reality better than you do.


And I am doing first things first. That is, ‘A Hip-Hop Revolution.’ Where is your respect though, for us who want to change the world for the better?


Because I am going above and beyond and writing books to bring some innovation and novelty in the world of Hip Hop. But you turn me away either with sophistry or with the power of security! I come to challenge you with creativity and ideas but the BBC challenges me with its security power! That’s not only unjust but inhumane too.



Still, I can tell you two videos that glamorize a gangster life-style, promote violence and that praise guns and drugs. And that are within the 30 days of broadcast.



Check these videos please. I spent One hour checking them. So you who get paid to terrorize us spend some time please and examine yourselves.


Sian’s Studio – Flirta D, Ghostly, Reece West, ETS & Kraze



Second Video


Sian’s Studio – Blacks, Ego, Nerva, Tornado & Snowy with DJ JJ



Fran O’Brein said ‘He proposed an idea for a programme presented by himself to give 
opportunities to positive artists, which was the handed over to a new 
incoming presenter. He was not however given an opportunity to do this. 


My programme idea was unique and had nothing to do with the new presenter. There is corruption at the BBC. There is corruption in entertainment industry in general. So I suggested innovation, movement and creativity. And it was a work that reflected and mirrored ten years of hard work as a DJ, Rapper and Creator that I have listened and learnt to come to this moment and raise my VOICE against YOU, Masters. I listened and learnt and I think and believe that we have to progress with values on the new table like Creators do, but not with guns and drugs and violence like drug dealers of BBC RADIOS do.


So I suggested how;


How do I bring change and innovation?



I can make Fire In The Booth a yearly competitive show. 

And this show must be reachable by every DJ/MC that has got ideas and creativity in his/her mind and that wants to improve rap industry.


This show must promote positive rappers that create through positive language.


Words are charged emotionally. And negative words of guns, and drugs and violence bring in the world negativity.


Also I can create a show with a name like: ‘Positive Creativity Show” or

Hip-Hip Revolution Show and I can bring positive rappers forwards. And so bring change step by step and day after day.


In these shows I intend to bring criticism that is not valued at this moment in rap industry. I intend to put a poetic, artistic and positive feature in the rap lyrics. And I intend to inspire the new generations with a different ideology of creativity. That is, positivity, good vibes and a new way for all of us. A way that does not see guns and violence as an artistic and poetic means of expression and creativity! A way that ditches negative rappers and supports the positive ones. For Djs and Producers at the BBC ditch the positive rappers and support the negative ones. They never ever supported me as an artist. And I’m already 29.


So I want to bring fair share, positive creativity and movement in entertainment industry. But, how comes that a negative DJ/MC like DJ Charlie Sloth does 18 hours per week but out there are thousands of talents who can’t have an hour slot?


Fran O’Brien said;  ‘He objected to being asked to provide a complaint about specific content 
within 30 days of broadcast.    
Audience Services made the following points:  
  They assured him that the BBC does not promote guns, violence or hatred. 


Wrong. False argument. False reason. The BBC is saying that 2 plus 2 make five.

I have showed to them facts and videos. Check my previous statements. And check my previous emails with facts from politicians, to writers and even from previous thugs’ statements that have said that the negative language of the Famous rappers have influenced them in their negative past of robberies and that made them end up in jail.


Or check my eBook on amazon, ‘Hip-Hop Revolution Philosophy.’

 Fran O’Brein also said;


The complainant appealed to the BBC Trust on the substance of his complaint.  He 
noted his comic rap song was not played on the BBC but the BBC had played the words 
of jihadi john.

 True. My song that was more professional than the song of Jihadi John. My song that had more artistic content than the song of Jihadi John. And my hard work and blood and sacrifice that I put to make a better world doesn’t this tell you that the decision to support jihadi John and not support my ideas is a decision that is corrupted?


Here is DJ Charlie Sloth introducing the terrorist Jihadi John as an artist, video link  (to reiterate Jihadi John was a terrorist when DJ Charlie Sloth supported him)


Also here is another song that DJ Charlie Sloth destroyed it after I criticized him but I uploaded today on YouTube to show it to you;


Charlie Sloth ft Mic righteous Suck My dk


With this I want to tell you that the BBC radios have not supported me and have silenced my voice on purpose.




And they did that because I OPPOSE THEIR IDEAS OF DRUGS AND GUNS.


So; Doesn’t this tell you that this ‘Editorial and Creative output is rotten to the core and must change their philosophy of supporting people like Jihadi John and songs like the song that I just showed to you?



DJ Charlie Sloth that made famous Jihadi John shouldn’t continue to make thugs famous. And He must be dismissed for that if a whiff of justice still exists on earth.


He owns 18 hours airtime at BBC while there are thousands of other artists that do not take an hour SLOT to create a positive show!


O’Brien said; ‘His voice was being silenced by the BBC. ‘ 


Yes, first of all are the BBC Radio One and The BBC Radio 1Xtra that do not give me an opportunity to sit down and talk. I have been opposing their ideas of guns and violence for years now. I have come to protest at the BBC for that. So don’t I deserve a televised interview and be able to speak up my ideas and let the people decide what is wrong and what is right?


No they are scared to speak with someone that opposes them because they want to sweep evil under the carpet. And so they silence me with their media power and the security of the BBC.




Nick Robinson, the skeptic of the BBC that takes pictures with fascist activists and refuses to sit down and talk about my ideas that intend to make a positive world tells that again. Because this skeptic Nick Robinson, just like other journalists of the BBC that are silencing my voice of truthfulness, they think that they are the higher beings! They feel superior and master-like. And so for them looks stupid to speak at BBC Radio 4 to an immigrant and a slave like me.


A Slave and Immigrant can’t bring innovation. He is not allowed to bring innovation to the house of masters and superior beings that continue to support thugs and turn a blind eye at things that matter.


 So, I think that the  answer of the FRAN O’BREIN is crystal clear full of sophistry. And it is clear that the BBC is silencing my voice on purpose.


But I am trying to thread the needle and put right what is wrong. Misogyny for instance is almost every week rife at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. Fire In The Booth is a negative show that I wanted to make positive. Still I wonder and question ‘People at the top of the BBC, don’t you feel shame of yourselves of having all that power but still keeping quiet and avoiding things that matter while toeing the line of the rules of the BBC that say, ‘one complaint must be made within 30 days of broadcast!’ Oh! what a shame!




Hence, I consider the answer and logic of Fran O’Brein answer morally and logically wrong. For I didn’t just wake up yesterday and said let me make a ‘Hip-Hop Revolution.’ But I studied the book of the world and said let make a better world through the reasonable ideas and positive creativity.



O’Brein continues to protect the Evil of the BBC’


’In her view the choice of what music to play on Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra and to 
provide on YouTube with the BBC logo was an editorial and creative decision. As was 
the decision to invite or not to invite the complainant to present a programme.  
The direction of the BBC’s editorial and creative output” is defined as a duty that is the 
responsibility of the Executive Board and not the Trust in Article 38, (1)(b) of the Royal 
It was theoretically possible to play rap music that breached the BBC’s Editorial 
Guidelines. But the complainant had not provided specific examples to BBC Audience 
Services even though he was invited to do so and so BBC Audience Services had 
correctly explained they could not give a detailed reply.


 As a conclusion Fran O’Brein, like THE Audience services, are implicitly and indirectly supporting thug life. 2 rappers died within 30 days period in London streets.  One of these rappers was in my area, in NW London. They mirror and reflect the famous BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra.


The more thugs the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra makes famous, the more violent my area gets, the more people die.


Your silence and passivity makes you guilty whether you are part of trustees, BBC or journalists of the BBC.


Rap is an evil ideology that has brought violence ion the world and you must pave the way to change.


As I said previously, I have provided specific examples from all Rap history and philosophy up to the last week.  But the BBC together with Fran O’Brein are siding with a thug-life philosophy. And they are sweeping under the carpet DJ Charlie Sloth, the father of Europe’s thugs that made Jihadi John famous, just like the BBC in the past did sweep under the carpet DJ Jimmy Savile when he raped the women and children at the BBC.



This is the past BBC and the Present day BBC.


However, the BBC reminds me the Ministry of Truth at 1984 and its workings. Right? You silence my voice? You use sophistry to overthrow my true statements. And you say that 2 plus two make five when you say that ‘Complaints must be within the 30 days of broadcast. That is like saying any fact older than 30 days is not a fact! Oh what a shame! It is 1984!


Thank you


I got arrested inside FOX TV for speaking up against VIOLENCE! But the fascists of the American Media are still keeping it Off The Record!



The old society is incapable of healing, because it never heals and creates, but only exists and enjoys. The animal world of the philistines neither act nor think but merely enjoy.

Karl Marx, quoted by Samuel Moore at the introduction of Das Capital.


So we who took up ideas and creativity to heal the illnesses of the present day society are silenced by the rotten to the core big media like The New York Times, Fox TV, ABC, BBC, The Sun, and The Guardian etc. These media moguls control the minds of the present day people and have turned the entire world but into sheep and slaves.


And these sheep and slaves of today also known as people think that whatever comes from the mouths of these underworld monsters and cronies is great! And it must be respected! But we who create the world with our own hands and ideas anew can’t have even five views neither on WordPress nor on YouTube! Just because we are not famous! And just because we don’t speak from the gorge of the big media! Just because we are not thugs and fathers and supporters of thugs like those who work for the Big Media of Britain and America are.


And of course, that’s what happens when the mind of the people is controlled just like the working machines are controlled by the suffering masses.


However, this kind of mind controlling, this kind of evil where the majority of people are turned into sheep and slaves, doesn’t this tell us of an implicit 1984 philosophy? Or a farm animal style where the sheep and horses comply with the orders of the dogs and pigs?



How comes that I prepared ten years, crossed the ocean and went in New York to confront the American Media and their evil ideas, but I was brutally subjected but their security forces?


How comes that I was arrested twice in New York City once inside the ABC headquartres  and the second time inside the FOX TV, and brutally kicked out of the building of the New York Times. But still no one from the American Media ever said that!



How beautiful that it is to arrest a man of ideas and creativity for speaking up against Violence? How beautiful that it is for the American Media to keep the bum of Kim Kardashian and the thugs of rap on their mouths, but to treat a true creator like a criminal?


How beautiful that it is for them to swarm like ants in sugar at Kanye West, the thug, or at the privileged Prince, but to not give a minute airtime to someone who has prepared for years and has come with a philosophy on his mind in New York City?


And on the top of that to arrest this man, push and kick and punch with your security power, and then to say to the American People or the American sheep that they are the good and the just?


How beautiful and reasonable that it is for the American Media to speak and taunt and mention the entire world in their papers! But when one goes to challenge them peacefully, they beat him up, treat him like a terrorist and arrest him like a criminal. And at the end of the story they do not even tell it to the world at all.

They keep it secret! The American Media! It looks that the American corporations that are enslaving the world though sponsor it.



But, isn’t this action of untruthfulness, base, criminal and even monstrous and inhumane? They could have shot or buried my body deep underground and still keep it off record. They could have killed me and still keep it off the record. They could have done whatever and still keep it off the record. They did it and they are still keeping my arrest off the record. This is how good that the American Media is!


But sure, on the record must be only their famous faces. Faces like Kim Kardashiaan and her family etc., the thugs of rap, the imperialist of politics and the neo-fascists of the American Media!


How much more lowly can these sick egomaniacs of the American Media go? How much more aggressive in actions can these negative evil creature be?


As much as it gets to keep up their GREED! But, their greed and their evil power must be stopped though before it is too late for humanity.




I went in America to say, ‘Down with their cultural imperialism.

And to say down with ‘The four evil philosophies of the present day world that they impose on us by force.‘ But still they pretend to be the good and the just!



I wrote to the American Media an open letter and explained their four evil philosophies and the reason of why I was there.


Evil philosophies of their imperialist culture, like a Thug-Life, A prostitute-life, a neo-Nazi press inclination and an imperialist political culture. Also I said that I was there to show you how to change the world for the better. And if possible to take the opportunity and make a Hip-Hop Revolution show at MTV and bring positive rappers forwards because rap industry has been for forty years bringing negative artists as means to an end – to catch the attention of the people through violence and make money. But this is imposed from the big media by the force of the cultural imperialism. People at the bottom mirror them, reflect them and trust them.


You can see that by looking at the videos or articles that come out of their studios. And you can see that by looking at their sales. They have millions of views and make millions of sales everyday. But we creators at the bottom can’t have five views on youtube and can’t sell even an article to pay for our food on the table. This is horrible. And all of this just because we oppose their ideas. “We” I mean those who are doing that. However in Britain and America I see no individual mind, but only sheep doping based in collective interest.


Now you tell me does the Big Media control the mind of the people or not?


The Big Media moguls are but the masters of the present day world. But these masters must be kept in check and made to turn their heads towards humanity not towards their personal or collective interest as Big Media.


Link on my WordPress;



But, again where is the truth that the Big Media is supposed to say to the American people?


Where is the truth?


The truth is like Schopenhauer put it;

‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.’


I am at the stage where my being on earth and my ideas of truthfulness and creativity are violently opposed by the American and British Media. But they oppose me in their melodramatic silence where they laugh up their sleeves while I choke and I asphyxiate from within my self because of the lack of the fresh air when I see drug dealers and prostitutes being the role models of my world. I choke and suffocate from within when I see the AMERICAN MEDIA spreading hatred but I not being able to be heard. Why?


It is because we live in 1984. The suffering masses are the slaves and the sheep as the few at the top are the masters.



This is the now. Blessed be our just and truthful world with criminals, neo-fascists and masterminds at the top.




Young People, Young Rappers are Dying. But, BBC and BBC Radio 1Xtra and DJ Charlie Sloth continue to Promote “THUG-LIFE!”



People wake up! Stop Thug-Life! Young people are dying. Hey! For goodness’ sake, let’s say all together down with this thug-life philosophy of the big radios like the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. And let us make our place where we live a better place.

These thugs that you see around London are mirroring and reflecting the thug-life philosophy of the big radios like BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra etc. It didn’t start today. It didn’t start yesterday. But it rather is a cancerous ideology that got started forty years ago from some real thugs of Bronx New York City. And that continues to be so to this day that I’m talking to you through these words of grief and pain.

Young people are dying because of these messages of a “thug-life” that the big radios are spreading. Wake up! And let’s bring some positivity all together. We can do that. For we have had enough with the ideology of being sheep. And we have had enough also with the art of sleeping. So, therefore, it’s time to wake up and start spreading a positive energy in London and across the world too.

“Let’s create positivity” is my watchword.

And I am a Rapper, DJ and Writer that never ever got one single opportunity from the big radios of the drug dealers just because I oppose their violent ideas.

As a matter of fact the big radios promote a thug life ideology to catch the attention of the people. Google it. There are many writers that say that. Read my Hip-Hop Revolution book on amazon and you’ll discover many facts yourself.

Hip-Hop Revolution


Now come the stories and the pain that young Rappers are dying in gang fights, but that BBC and BBC Radio 1Xtra and other big media moguls continue to promote “Thug-Life!”

And it is shame that people are still sleeping. For I think that people must wake up and think about the present and the future and say; “Down with this Thug-Life evil ideology that brings violence in our streets and lives.”

It is the second rapper that within 30 days period dies in gang fights in London Town.

The first sorrowful and heartbreaking story happened in my area in North West London where I live.

The Mirror said on 10th of March 2016; “A man died in a drive-by uzi shooting last night amid claims it was sparked by a feud between rappers over stolen jewellery.”


“Harrowing footage seen by the Mirror shows a woman arriving at the scene and screaming “Oliver! That’s my son”.

Yes this is the pain of a mother. Her suffering spirit seeing her son die for nothing while the reputation of the BBC kills them mercilessly and refuses to take responsibility. The arrogant and haughty machos journalists and actors and directors of the BBC that refuse to take action and change this thug-life ideology into positive one.

And again it is they who silence by force of their media power anyone who gets in their way. I’m one of these people that have been silenced by the mighty BBC for many years.

“Locals spoke of increasing tensions in the area has in recent days after a video appeared online of a rapper appearing to taunt a rival over some stolen jewellery,’ said the Mirror.

You see a rapper! And these rappers, these thugs of my area listen all day everyday the radio of thugs that preaches negativity and violence. The BBC Radio 1Xtra and DJ Charlie Sloth and Fire In the Booth and other negative shows. And they make videos and get violent just like famous rappers have done in the past and still do. Example; 2 Pac was an artist and a criminal too. Suge Knight is an American Producer, music executive a.k.a thug-maker and a criminal too. Jihadi John was a rapper and a terrorist too. Also he was loved by the Djs and MCs of the BBC who in the past played his records.

So these young rappers and old ones reflect and mirror the big famous rappers of the BBC. These famous rappers all they know is “Guns, drugs and fights.” And it is this negative way of creating that the thugs who own the big radios call “art!” And that’s mad, my friends. Because they are promoting violence.

Here is another article where a thug turned into a zealous student accepts that he has been influenced by these famous rappers that preach a thug-life philosophy.


“One mum told the Kilburn Times her teenage son had been warned not to be on the street at night as “something would be going down.” Said the Mirror.

You see? Now they push us towards fear and hatred. It is not enough of being isolated in big expensive cities. But now we also have to be careful of thugs and their guns and violent ideas. That’s the cherry on the top of all present-day evil.

Again it is the BBC, the mother and father of Europe’s thugs, that is causing all this hatred and negativity to come into being. They are the source of all evil. Because they have the good reputation and fame that rends rocks. And if the BBC says; “Thug-life is art” like it has been saying so far. Then thug life must be art, the present day sheep think.

“Residents in the nearby Church End Estate, overlooking Church Road, said they have been left shaken by the event but were not surprised due to the area’s reputation for violence, drug dealing and anti-social behavior,” said the Mirror.

So this is smoke left behind from the machine of the BBC’s negative spirit. These negative people and immoral creatures recognise no borders. For it is their thug-life ideology that has brought this kind of violence, drug dealing and anti-social behavior into London’. They are the ones that preach all these anti-human and anti-goodness behaviors – the mighty BBC.

Therefore, the rapper in my area that was listening every day BBC Radio and BBC radio 1xtra and the show of the father of thugs a.k.a DJ @charliesloth #fireinthebooth he opened fire with a machine gun reflecting and mirroring the messages of the Djs and Mcs of the BBC.

Here is the second story and grief that happened yesterday on 3rd April, 2016.

Twitter news said; “Rapper, 17, stabbed to death in New Cross. Friends and fans have paid tribute to 17-year old rapper Mdot, real name Myron Yarde, who was found with fatal stab wounds yesterday in Camplin Street, South London. Two boys, aged 15 and 16, are being held and a murder investigation has begun.”

Now look at this tweet here, the guy behind the stabbed to death rapper uses his finger on the trigger of killing just like the rappers of the BBC do.

Now you tell me? Aren’t these young guys reflecting and mirroring the gangster lifestyle of the Djs and Rappers of the BBC Radio One and BBC radio 1Xtra?

I reason for people who have a reason, not for people who can’t think for themselves. I don’t reason for people who idolize the bum of Kim Kardashian and the thug-life of Kanye West. I don’t reason for people who think like power thinks. Nor do I reason for the people who think that two plus two make five, like the BBC or the Ministry of truth does think.

Therefore, I reason for those who want to live in peace and harmony. And understand that these thugs on big radios who are terrorizing our world are on the wrong path of humanity. And change and innovation must come.

Now you tell me?

But I think that this kind of violence that comes straight out of the BIG RADIOS is unacceptable. And it must be stopped. Rappers of the big radios are continually putting forward a message that guns and drugs and violence are good things to do.

They are influential and are influencing the minds of the young people. You can read the direct influence that famous rappers have in the young minds from the shoes that they wear like them, to the hats that they wear like them, to the lyrics and rhymes that they create like them, and up to the behaviors that they reflect and mirror from them.

I am a Rapper myself. And I remember their influence. So don’t be sheep British People. Therefore wake up and let’s make a positive world. For positivity is contained in the positive language and positive actions.

The father of London thugs a.k.a @charliesloth continually makes drug dealers and thugs famous. And he is a negative machine that the only thing he knows is thug-life and gangs. He was the one that made famous Jihadi John and dubbed him an artist.

DJ Charlie Sloth is a piece of barbarian that hasn’t got a clue of humanity. But this barbarian and Hun work for the BBC though! And he has the support of the entire BBC. That’s the trouble. And the BBC has security, power and laws that protect her, this big European prostitute, even when it spreads violence. That powerful the BBC is.

The greed, the cynicism and ignorance of this powerful criminal that is criminalizing the world must be stopped.

Charlie Sloth, a.k.a the father of London Thugs, is backed by the entire BBC. And his power is unreal just like his greed and ignorance is.

NW London where I live is continually becoming more violent. The more thugs BBC radio One makes famous, the more violent my area gets. Their brutality and negativity must be stopped.

My message is; “Stop the thug-life philosophy of 2 Pac and fans of 2 pac like the greedy murderer of humanity a.k.a DJ @charliesloth. And let’s make a hip-Hop revolution and bring up the good vibes and positivity. Let’s stop the scum and criminal messages of these illiterate Djs and MCs of the BBC.



You can find me;

twitter; @TruthAlsoWisdom

Facebook; DJ MC Keen

Instagram; @djmckeenart

Youtube; MC Keen Zarathustra


I Urinated At The Statue of American Liberty – Free Movement

Video on youtube;



WE listen to politicians and to their politics all day speaking about freedom. And yet freedom is freedom for them but not freedom for the world. Freedom is freedom for a few maniacs at the top of the big powers that have enslaved the people of Europe and America and that have put on them, but a sheep-like mask!


 However, how comes that these people still sleep though? Let me be clear with my reason and say from the beginning that Freedom is not freedom for Europe and America, but freedom for the world. And the essence of freedom is but in care. I care for my self and I care about the world around me. And this is my freedom and the freedom of the other that is embedded in me.


So the question is; “How do the big powers still dare to restrict the free movement of the people around the world? Do they base it on their laws? But aren’t these laws men-made? And in these man-made laws once was discrimination based in the color of skin or nationality legal.



So I mean that if laws do not fit to the human logic or to our human reason, understanding and humanism then they are not human laws. Therefore they are but fake, biased and based in personal greed of the few at the top of the world. And the few at the top of the world are made of Politics, big Media, and the criminals of big corporations that have turned us into their slaves. 


 After my two weeks war and pain against the American Media, I came in London and I tweeted to some famous American TVs and journalists like this. 

Zarathustra @TruthAlsoWisdom #CreativeismMovement

When you use violence against those who challenge you with ideas @ABC @FOXTV @nytimes @oreillyfactor @seanhannity

 Zarathustra @TruthAlsoWisdom #CreativeismMovement

Then a Creator pees and pukes at your liberty, laws and whatever you have.

 @ABC @FOXTV @nytimes @oreillyfactor @seanhannity


Why did I say that to these famous people and TVs and newspapers of the America? I said because I went in the USA to challenge them with ideas and creativity. But they challenged me with the security forces and police brutality. They pushed and kicked and punched a man of ideas and letters. One hundred securities of the ABC and of the New York Times and of the Fox TV using violence against a man of books and philosophy. This is the American Media and their laws. Thank you!


And that’s why I went at the Statue of the Liberty and I peed on it. Because they impose their ideas and values on the poor and wretched people around the world. They think that freedom and truth is freedom and truth only when it fits and suits to the personal or collective interest of the American Media, corporations and politics.


And when a philosopher goes to challenge them with ideas and creativity like I did, they use police brutality and their security power to crush him down and throw him out like a piece of paper like they did to me in New York city. This is the American Media. The greedy barbarians and OPPRESSORS of the USA that derive their doings and values from their personal and collective interests.


But who on earth does derive his/her values and doings from the meaning of humanity and humanism?


So the American Media, corporations and politics base their laws and values on their personal or collective interest. And if in anyone gets in their way then he must be crushed and oppressed. This is their philosophy of doing and making. And that’s why we see terrorism being a threat for us ‘poor working classes of the now.’ And all this hate and fear is but the effect of the cause that is American greed of the big media, big corporations and imperialist politics. 


Who are the real terrorists then? Yes they are the real terrorists. The American and European gluttony wants us to enter into a third world war that presupposes unreal human destruction. They want to open the gas chambers and extermination camps for all of us. So people must wake up before it is too late and before we are all sent to the dogs.


 One of my favorite books as a teenage boy was The Castle that was written by Frantz Kafka. I don’t know why I liked it. Or perhaps I knew it. And it was my struggle for freedom. And so I identified my pain with pain of the protagonist known as K.

 K struggled for freedom with the puzzling bureaucrats of the village where he arrived at. He struggled to find a proper and right way to enter in the castle. As I struggled with the puzzling bureaucrats and neo-fascists of my time that were playing it like being democrats!  

K struggled to be legal in a rotten to the core surreal word, as I tried to understand the hypocrites of Europe that were laughing up their sleeves when refugees were getting drowned in the sea. K struggled for freedom and understanding and died with an implied notification suggesting that his legal claim to remain in the village was reversed. As I am dying while I struggle to make people aware that freedom does not mean freedom for the Big Cowboys of the Big Powers, but freedom means freedom for humanity. And like Heidegger suggested: “Freedom means to care.”


But where is the freedom of a corrupted system that has turned people into sheep and slaves and that brainwashes these poor people all day with a degenerated and greedy big media that wants everything for itself?


Where is the freedom of our world when billions of people are not free to move in their own planet?

Where is the freedom of our world when laws are made to serve the powerful, but not justice and humanity?

Where is the freedom or care of our world when children and women and entire families are being killed in the borders for pigs or getting drowned in the sea for nothing? And just because they want freedom! Just because they want to live in peace and harmony. Just because they want to be free like other citizens of the big nations of America, UK, France and Germany etc., are being free.


 Still these citizens of the big powers are free in an enslaved world where their big guys or big cowboys of politics, media and corporations indoctrinate them with fear and hatred through the big media’s rhetoric, enslave them through the big corporations, and have turned them into sheep through police brutality and political imperialism. Where these guys say either do like we say or face the consequences of our imperialist laws. That means that these Big Cowboys oppress their people through their military and police power and through them they enslave the world too.


These are the big powers.


On 23rd March, 2016 I entered into the headquarters of the Fox TV in New York and I demanded to speak with them as a human to a human with reason, ideas and creativity.



What did I just say? Reason, ideas and creativity! Huh! I was thrown outside like being a piece of paper. ‘We make the rules here,’ shouted 100 security officers as they threw me out and then handcuffed me through the police forces. Some machines that knew nothing about humanity or humanism. But that they knew their laws by heart, the sheep and the machines of the America.


So, this is the big American Media and the way that they treat a writer or philosopher that opposes their ideas. They treat you like a criminal if you oppose them. Because they have that fascist philosophy of doing things “either with us or against us.’ And this philosophy is in their media, politics and corporations. They didn’t mention at all the truth that I got arrested because I OPPOSED their ideas.


Therefore, this is how good that they are! They report news when the news fit to them and to their agenda but they hold back news that do not fit to their evil rhetoric.


Information is power, and illuminati knows this.

Having access to accurate and reliable information is power, and the ability to dispense false and misleading information is also power.’

Mark Dice, Illuminati.

 And this is the American and European big media.


 So, you people of the now can’t you see that it is pain talking here?




Now question;

“What do the American and European people think about freedom and truth? Do they think that freedom and truth means “America and Europe?” Freedom and truth means freedom and truth for Americans and “us” Europeans?


Let’s stick to the free movement and freedom.


What about the other people? What do they think?

Do the Africans think that freedom means freedom for Europeans and Americans? Do the Indians and people in the Middle East think the same? Do Eastern Europeans that are isolated in their own continent think the same? Do the refugees that are getting drowned in the sea think the same?


Do the plane stowaways, that hide in aircraft wheels or other hiding places, survive the below freezing temperature of the heights where the plane climbs or that fall in midway think the same? Isn’t that a human struggle for freedom in a world that is divided by nations? Do the European and American people think for themselves or is it that they are indoctrinated by a rotten to the core big media and hypocrite politics that control their minds with lies and their brilliancy in rhetorical skills?



Does the Daily Mail UK still write articles with cruel headings like this; “Horror of residents in plush London suburb as stowaway who had been clinging to a plane plunges to his death in the middle of street.”


And horror is here, not for the tragedy, not for the man, but for the residents! This is what the Daily Mail says; “Residents on the tree-lined road in Mortlake, on the south bank of the Thames less than ten miles from the airport, yesterday spoke of their shock on finding the body after hearing a loud bang.”


Boom! Hurrah! And a loud bang! The machines that the British society brings into life! The cruel, brutal, savage and inhumane journalists that seem to have nothing to say for the human struggle for freedom! Because they are ‘free Britons!’  They live in the land of hope and glory, the mother of the free! And they put the gun on the heads of anyone that gets in their way. Hmmm. You see? The free!


 But can the children of the empire of which the sun never sets understand that “human freedom” means freedom for humanity as a whole? Can these pampered children understand that free movement is the basic principle of the human freedom?


“Rule, Britannia! Rule the waves:

“Britons never will be slaves.”


For sure! And this can be translated like this:


Britannia rule the skies!

 Britannia! Rule the waves!

Rule, and other nations turn into slaves.

Britannia! Rule the skies and the waves.

And turn your working classes –

 Into sheep and slaves!

Britannia! Britannia! Britannia!

Thee be free! Be free! Be free… Free

But always, you know! Free! Free!

Love, love and a Master and slave philosophy!

Thee, thee, thee be free! Free! Free! Free be thee!


And while refugees wobble and bleed to death the American and British presses dance a great inhumane dance! Because they are free. They rule the waves and the skies too. The rulers of everything! The American and European Press! One press! One media! And their ruling classes, at the feet of whom they grovel, put the big guns on the heads of all nations and subdue them by force. The rulers of waves! The rulers of skies!


Greatness talks in here for the few at the top of the big powers! As pain talks in here for the many slaves of the big powers and humiliated and restricted in their own planet – the weak nations.


So, that’s what they think that freedom is: and freedom is freedom for the big moguls of USA and Europe! So they grab a passport, apply online for a visa and move freely from Europe to America and vice versa. And when they want to go to Africa or China or India or anywhere else in the world the doors for the European and American slaves or citizens are open.


But, personally, I as a European man feel shame to be able just grab my passport and go whenever that I like.


 Let me tell you a story. I used to share a house with an Algerian man in London town. He was 43 years old at the time, as I was 25. And amid other things, sometimes we used to speak about life and our human values.

So once he opened his heart and told me that he had come in London 25 years ago, but he still couldn’t have a British citizenship! And that was unbelievable! Wasn’t it?


“My friend,” he told me one day, as we were cooking in the kitchen. “In this country you get crazy. Madness here creeps in your psyche stealthily like a thief in the night. You don’t understand from where it comes from, but here is lots of stress and pressure. Be aware of this! I am telling you the truth.” He told me. “Why do you think so? I asked him then without believing what he was saying at all, and feeling arrogant just like a European man is.

“Listen, you young man, I came here when I was 18,” he then said. “But I wasn’t able to have a passport and be free like you are. I was an illegal immigrant and I remained so for 20 years. I did some low paid jobs for living. I did everything and all of this just to support my food on the table. Still I do not regret for working hard but what I regret is that I was used worse than a slave. People kicked me in the back and slapped me in the face if I didn’t do the dishes properly. And because of this kind of slavery and oppression, then I felt that human need, I felt that I wanted so much to see my family, but I couldn’t go back in my country because of the documents. You get me?”

 He then paused looking at me, as I avoided his eyes and began peeling off some potatoes and onions preparing my food and avoiding his pain just like a European man does avoid the pain of the other people.

 “It was crazy,” he then went on. “But I had no choice. And because of that now I have twenty-five years without seeing and without being able to see my mom and dad and they will soon pass away. Who knows what will happen to them! But I can’t see them. I haven’t got a passport! I haven’t committed a crime or anything like that, but still I’m not free. You understand me?” He expressed that last sentence with an air of disgust towards me and my being.

 “Yes,” I murmured wondering, unfeeling just like a European man is.

 “No you don’t and you can’t,” he then replied firmly staring at me as if trying to say with his look that I was an insensitive creature or piece of paper that didn’t know a thing about humanity. And he then added saying “You can’t understand me because you are an European man. You are a free European. You are born free. As I was not born free. You get it?”

 “Yes!” I uttered again, but this time mechanically focused more on the food that I was cooking than on what he just said. And just like a European man that cares only for his own business and his food so I did and said automatically, “I get it. I got you.”

 “No you can’t understand it,” he then replied bitterly. “ You can’t understand it because you haven’t lived it. But it is mad to not be free in your own planet – you cruel European man!” And he squeezed out the last sentence with a deep hatred and repulsion as if he wanted to say that you are but an animal that does not have a clue about freedom and humanity.

But I was cool and even cold in my blood just like a European man is. And I even felt that I could even kill him and again feel no remorse at all, a pure European in my blood and heart I felt at the time. And so I replied repeating what he just said mechanically and looking around the kitchen but not at all at his eyes, “Cruel?”

 “Yes,” he said staring at me again. “You think that freedom means freedom for Europe and your own people. But you seem to not think that freedom means freedom for humanity.”

 “Nah, that’s not true my friend,” I replied to him with an air of a know-it-all philosopher. “But, that’s true we are narcissistic a little bit, we just love ourselves and that’s it. And that’s true too; that if you try to cross our borders without a visa then that is illegal for you to come here. So it is in our eyes. And you can even get killed for that. You know what I am saying? That’s how our laws are. Our laws are above all laws. And we can’t change them even if we wanted to. Thanks!” Then I focused again at my food.

“Your laws! Your fake laws. Your laws of slaves and masters, you mean?” so he then repeated indignantly. And that told me that he was about to spit at what I just said.

Then he paused for a bit, grabbed the scoop and began stirring his soup up and wiping his cheek with his sleeves. It seemed that he was trying to hold back his tears. But then suddenly when I glanced at him and saw his tears sliding down his cheeks, I tried to sympathize with his feelings but not to empathize at all. “Yes life is hard. It’s hard!’ I said while I began washing my plate and getting ready to eat my fresh cooked food that was almost ready.

 Well, I had been for one year only in London town and I didn’t know much about big cities of that proportion. So I couldn’t say much. I say that not to justify myself but to point out that we always listen and learn, and the more we listen and learn the more we understand. That’s the point.

 So then, the Algerian man went on speaking and now with a low voice that whispered in my ears with suffer and pain and that could break your heart, but not the heart of a European man though!

 “And you know, loneliness, isolation and the rest weighed on my shoulder everyday the more,” he said. The stifling conditions in which life put me in, little by little became a heavy burden on the back of my mind. Stress and pressure was growing and growing everyday the more, until one day, young boy, I found myself in a madhouse.” He then paused, as his eyes seemed to be welling with a kind of liquid that spoke of a deep heartache, torment of the spirit and torture of all kinds.

 “Wow! I expressed then robotically just like a modern day American is, like a machine with no feeling and no human love at all. “Is that true?”

 “Yes” he said. That’s true. “In the beginning I was naïve and I thought that I will be forever strong. But time told me the opposite, young man. Be careful. We live in a mad world where people try to enslave and downgrade our dignity. But you can’t understand me because you are a free European man.” He said; and again disgust seemed to be rooted in his words and that was directed towards my being.

 “Maybe,’ I replied. “Maybe you are right, but did you ever try to talk to the authorities or apply for a passport at all?”

 “Hmm,” he murmured and looked at me with a bit of contempt as he stirred his soup again. “I tried many a time, young man. But, authorities are called bureaucrats young boy, – don’t you know that? I am sorry for you though!” He paused again and then turned his body and face towards me while telling his story.

“I tried to apply for a passport a few years ago, but I was refused before even trying. Some bureaucrats at the council told me that I couldn’t do that. Because I didn’t have rights! You get me? No rights for me!

But even today, 25 years after I first came in this country, they still are dragging it on and on.  They keep postponing and postponing it. It’s called bureaucracy! Maybe they want to give me a British citizenship after death. Maybe they want to give me freedom after death and they are still calculating the last days of my life.” He said painfully, and again some drops of tears slipped down his cheeks. His complexion was pale, his eyes were turning into red and even green, but he still could hold himself up. He looked good and happy in his misery. He had understood what the life was about that’s why he cried and smiled in the same time. He knew that life was and remains unjust. He knew that life was about masters and slaves and that we have to be strong in pain and firm in adversity. That’s why he cried and laughed at the same time. But that told me that underneath his superficial happiness and laughter, there was a deep pain piercing in his blood and body and being.


So I looked at him crying, but I felt detached like a man of a different planet that wasn’t able to empathize with someone that wasn’t like his kind or with someone that wasn’t from the same planet. I even tried to cry but my heart was cold. A cold European heart, like the hearts of the free Britons, free Europeans, you know. Cruel and barbaric! And that’s how I felt.

 But through listening and learning and overcoming and becoming, I learned how to respect other fellow human beings and separate myself from the free Europeans and free Britons and free Americans and free slaves or the present day sheep!

 After a pause he wiped his tears and said, “My friend I got a dream, but if I don’t take my passport, will you make me a favor and carry on my dream?’

 “Tell me,” I replied. I will try but I don’t promise a thing. “Well, I want to see a free movement in the world. I see that you like books, reading and writing so please try and make it part of your dreams and your writings. Who knows one day you may begin and write professionally.”

He then paused again and soon added, but a bit forcefully this time. “So you can make the world aware because this world is made of sheep and not of humans, you get me?”

 “Yes, yes, sounds good,’ I said hastily, cold again like an unfeeling European. “Yes, I will try if one day my pen becomes able to express itself, but for know I do not know what is going to be in the future. “No worries,” he said. Then he went on saying something similar. “Ah! I got another dream that is related to this one, but that is easier, can you try this one then? “Yes, go on,” I said as I saw that my food was ready and began pouring it on my plate, then I started swallowing a few spoons of spinach and rice just like a greedy European does. Greedily.

 “Listen” he said, “because you are a free European. If you ever go to New York can you please go to the Statue of Liberty and pee on it? It has been my dream for years but I don’t have yet the documents to travel and make that dream come true.”

 “What!” I said. Are you okay? “Please” he said insisting. “Do that because they think that freedom means freedom for Americans and Europeans as I have twenty five years that I can’t see my family and my relatives because of the American and European sheep that think so. Please do that.” And tears again began streaming down his face and that seemed like a river that was heading towards an unknown sea of owes and miseries of humanity and isolated nations. That told me of the hypocrisy of the big powers and their oppressive politics, their sheep-people and the terror and agony in the hearts of the weak nations.

 “Cool, I will try then, but I don’t promise!” So I replied to him just to make him feel better, but inside I was cold and hypocrite just like a free Briton or a free European or modern American is. I didn’t feel what I said. And then I left the kitchen with a full plate on my hand leaving him alone. That action though, told me that I just wanted to get rid of his painful form of expression. That’s why I fled from his company running towards my room and eating while walking just like an insatiable wolf, like a free Briton or a free European or a free American. And I ate with an appétit of a greed that resembled that of the French politics of 19th century or the capture of Napoleon III by Bismarck.

 But then different from the free Britons and cruel Europeans or even worse, Americans, I reflected. And in reflection I thought to make the world a better place and tell to these gobbling gargoyles of Europe and America that one of the basic principles of human freedom is “Free Movement.”  That means to be free to walk and go whenever that you like to go on the earth that bore you and that bore your being. To be free to walk on the earth that one dwells. You get it?


How dare those who exploited and sucked the blood of slaves dare to restrict the movement of people?

This planet is not only of Germans, French and the English. It is the planet of all of us. Right?  It is the planet of all of us.

 You remember the antonym of that man that said, “freedom is slavery,” at 1984. His name was, “Orwell.”

 So freedom is not slavery except if we think that freedom means freedom for the French, for the rulers of the waves and the skies, the Britons and the Germans and the greedy Americans!

 Can’t we really see the bare truth that the restriction of the free movement has torn apart families, it has destroyed people’s lives, and it is making our world a worse place to be in everyday the more?

 Janet Napolitano, United States secretary of homeland Security from 2009 to 2013, during an interview at the BBC speaking about immigration amid other arrogant and insensitive views of a macho culture that she is part of, she said, 

“It was time when we didn’t want to deport people but the law required to deport them.”

Yes the law of these unfeeling criminals that have been playing with the people like playing football. And people being the ball in here! The laws of hypocrites, where a few egomaniacs that created the laws control the minds of the billions. And the billions that follow them mechanically, they neither think for themselves nor do they respect those who have an individual mind. ‘The laws’ of the masters that impose them forcefully in the minds of the sheep that do not reflect. The non-reflective sheep!

 Frantz Fanon at his work, Black Skins, White Masks, said, “There is a psychological phenomenon that consists in believing the world will open up as borders are broken down.

The black Antillean, prisoner on his island, lost in an atmosphere without the slightest prospect, feels the call of Europe like a breath of fresh air.” And then he quoted A. Cesaire.

For we must admit that Cesaire was overly generous in his Notebook of a Return to My Native Land. The city of Fort-de-France is truly lackluster and shipwrecked. Over there on the slopes of the sun is “the city – flat, sprawled, tripped up by its common sense, inert, winded under the geometric weight of its eternally renewed cross, at odds with its fate, mute, baffled, unable to circulate the pith of this ground, embarrassed, lopped, reduced, cut off from fauna and flora.”


 So there is another point that makes people to not feel free in their native lands. It is the psychological character of restriction and oppression that is imposed by the fathers of the colonization, Europeans and the owners of slaves, Americans.

 And so the oppressed and restricted people around the world see Europe and America as a place of their dreams. When in reality Europe like America is a place of exploiters and big criminals and pimps where people in here pimp their daughters and mothers and exploit their children to death. They are but bloodsuckers and murderers of the true humanism.


But it seems that because of their restricted freedom, the monsters of all monsters appear in the eyes of other people as being their heroes.  And like Cesaire put it the present day sheep of Europe and America are cut off from fauna and flora. They are but machines and inhumane greedy barbarians that think only for themselves.

But still Europe and America are seen like a breath of fresh air or like a call for freedom. And this is the other bad side of the story.

 But if the people of other nations see the Americans and Europeans as their heroes then it is for these two reasons: first because they are oppressed by a corrupted system that issues visas. A system that evaluates and respects people based on the American principles of being “rich and poor.” But not at all based in the humanistic principles like “if they are good or bad or creative or non-creative.”

 And this was my case when I went at the American Embassy in London in 2013 where my visa to go and visit America was refused. And when I tried to ask the “Why? Then a women with long legs, a shiny face and brainless, came up to me with a fascist authoritarian attitude and said; “You are not financially stable in the UK. You are poor and we are afraid that you will stay there if you go! Therefore, you can’t take an American visa.”

 So this is your reason? I asked her.

 “Yes this is my reason, – can you leave now please,’ she replied strictly with her voice getting stronger and higher in pitch and tone. My question seemed to have irritated her. Even a simple question seemed to be of a great deal for the reasonable lady with the long legs, a shiny face and brainless. The lady of the American embassy in London!


However, thanks to ESTA later on I applied online and I got the USA tourist visa. And I went there; I saw their society of sheep and masters and came back to Europe.

 But at that moment when my visa was refused because I was poor I felt like an entire world of injustice had just happened to me. I went outside I sat on a curb of a sidewalk and I sobbed for hours while cursing the sheep and the shepherds of our planet.


 “I am poor and I do not deserve the visa!” so I kept repeating in my mind endlessly. But this is our truth and the bureaucracy that we experience everyday the more.   

As, the second reason why people of other nations see Americans and Europeans like heroes is because they are isolated and they do not know what they want. They are trapped in their own little space and do not feel free. This lack of freedom subconsciously creates in their minds a will for freedom of unreal proportions.

And because of the fact that they cannot have this kind of freedom, because the corrupted embassies are not going to give a visa to a poor man, then they see the people of the big nations as liberators. And again it is this that triggers a feeling of inferiority in relation to these people.


We saw recently how some people that spent millions to cross the border from Iraq to Germany later on they applied to return back home. Why? It was because in Europe they felt more isolated than in their own country and they found it hard to live there. But the thing is that they didn’t know that before. They were lied by the other people and the big media that makes Europe on big TV screens seem like a paradise! When Europe is but a place of slaves and masters, greed and oppression, cut off from being and cut off from human goodness and cut off from everything that has to do with humanity and humanism. That’s what Europe is.


Still, the poor and wretched immigrants wanted to try it by themselves and see what to be free means. What to live in an assumed “free Europe” means! And because they found it worse than they expected, then they went back home in the Middle East.


Therefore, I think that we have to give to the world its due and stop lying and isolating the people of the weak nations.


Free Movement is the most fundamental principle of the human freedom.


Therefore, freedom for the people and down with the oppressors.


 We must say; “long lives humanity and humanism.” But not long live “oppressors.”


 Therefore, I think that until we have a free movement in the world, people should not go to take pictures at the Statue of the Liberty.  Because in doing so they support the ideology of oppressors that think that freedom means freedom for America and Europe. But they should go to pee and puke at their statue of liberty until American Masters understand that freedom is not slaver and until American sheep wakes up and says that ‘Freedom means freedom for humanity. Freedom for all of us.


Therefore, I the creator of my own world daresay ‘Long lives humanity and down with oppressors and exploiters at the top of the world.



Why am I in USA? – Open Letter to the American Media and American OPPRESSORS

 Recently, I am identifying my pain with the pain of Frantz Fanon. He was a black writer of the last century and that wrote in French. But I am one European simple man that I write in English. Also, I work hard and I dream big. I dream to change the world with my own hands and ideas. But I am not a native English speaker! YOU GET ME? And that’s a big problem!

 So I see how much that the British and American media pay heed to one’s accent but not so much to one’s reason! If I make a grammatical error then you cannot dismiss my ideas as nonsense. This is mad. Can’t you see that it is pain talking here?


“Yes I must watch my diction because that’s how they’ll judge me. He can’t even speak French properly, they’ll say with the utmost contempt.”

 Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks.


Now let me mention two men of human history that had learnt of man’s suffer and pain.


“The immediate task of philosophy, which if at the service of history, once the saintly form of human self-alienation has been unmasked, is to unmask self alienation in its unholy forms.”


Marx and Engels.


I think that ignorance is what holds us back, and knowledge is what sets us free. That’s why philosophy is one of the original qualities of the beings of being. Because philosophy springs from knowledge and reflection.


However, our human history, and philosophy of history in particular, tell us that knowledge can be used for good and for bad. The sweet and sour Hitler gave us that lesson, just like Donald Trump is trying to give us another one.


So I think that the American Media, a chaste and lily-white innocent maiden of the world, is using knowledge for the bad. They are wise and I do not deny that.


 But just a question: “Does the American media reflect when they refer to Muslims as terrorists?


Don’t they know that in acting in this way they are contributing to making our world a worse place?


Don’t they know that in identifying the terrorists with Muslims, they are inspiring youngsters around the world to join terrorist groups?  And as a result they are endangering our lives and making our world a worse place in turn.



“Does the American media reflect, when the bum of Kim Kardashian can be heard all around the world, but I as a creator that have ideas to change the world for the better can not even express myself? I cannot even take one opportunity to express my ideas because the people do not listen us from below. Because people of the today think just like Mark Dice put it at Illuminati, “If people didn’t see it on Fox News or CNN, then it must not be happening, they think.”



“How comes that my positive ideas can’t be heard? But the bum of Kim Kardashian has 40 million followers?”


American Media, can’t you see that you, together with other oppressors of the American society, have alienated the present day world?


What on earth have you got in your hearts, stones, mud, or water? Whatever that you may have got in your hearts; your hearts do not look to be part of the sensitive and sensible human hearts! You are just like robots feelingless and without meaning just like machines wandering around a naught and nothingness.


And because you have this robotic and mechanic power, then you impose your evil values on us, poor and wretched people around the world who want to live in peace and harmony.


 Do you want to know whether I hate you or I love you? Yes I hate you. And I hate you when you impose your negative philosophies on us. And I love you when for each step that you make for a better world.


And this is one of the reasons why I hate you because you do not reflect. And because you do not bother, what within you is evil, negative and wrong to put it right.


One of the examples is implied in these questions:


“Does the American Media reflect when rap continues to glorify a gangster lifestyle and preach hatred all across the world?

Does the American Media reflect when their politicians say “Either with us or against us?” Does the American media know that the same philosophy was used by the leader and founder of fascism, Benito Mussolini?


Does the American media reflect about those people of Hollywood that hold a celebrity status, but that use it to inspire negative ideas around the world? And that their ideas have reduced womankind around the world to a bum? And that their ideas have turned men around the world into thugs?


Does this sound good for the American Media?


 Does the American Media know that Marx and Engels said that without a women’s liberation there is not general human liberation? And that means that by reducing women to lifeless objects, that are good only for sex and to be called “Bit.” they are destroying our humanity and our common fate on earth?


Does the American Media know that they are imposing their evil ideas on us in Europe and in the minds of the people around the world?


Does the American Media know that Steven Best, an American philosopher, said ‘rap violence replicates the exorbitant competitiveness of contemporary capitalism, while its ferocity is part and parcel of a society that places sex and violence at the center of its media culture, and is not hesitant to use extreme force to defend the interests of its ruling elites, whether in the form of police brutality against the underclass or military intervention against declared enemies of the state.’


 Does this sound good to the American Media that despite the fact that I am a creator treats me like a criminal using its security power to silence me?


But at last, does the American Media know why does this happen?


Let me tell to them, that it happens because humans are alienated. It happens because those at the top do not only enslave us at the bottom, but they suck our blood mercilessly and shamelessly too. And part of these present-day innocent bloodsuckers is the “American Big Media.”


Why did I come in the USA then?


I came to oppose four evil philosophies of the American Oppressors that are affecting the entire world. (I will explain what do I mean by that.)

 Also, I came to promote my creative-ism Movement philosophy. I came to show my positive creativity ideology to a world that is in tatters and oppressed by the American Media, Politics and Corporations.


I came to make people aware of their power. And the power of the people is in refection and creativity. But the people of America are not creating enough. And I think so because they have left the world on the hands of the thugs like Kanye West, that spreads misogyny and hatred. They have left the world on the hands of a woman that promotes prostitution like Kim Kardashian:  on the hands of an ego-maniac creature like Donald Trump and on the hands of some other non-reflective species that own the American Big Media and corporations that are behind their politics.


And I came in America to create a Hip-Hop Revolution show philosophy at MTV. That means to create a show that brings positive rappers forwards. Because rap has brought so far, and continues to bring at the center of human attention, negative characters. These negative characters glorify a gangster lifestyle and guns and violence. Consequently these actions endanger our lives and the lives of the people across the world.


David Bohm, at his deed On Creativity, said that “All man does is art but and perception of how things fit or do not fit. “Art means to fit,” he went on. “All men are concerned whether a thing fits or not.”


Do the violent ideas of rap fit in our world that wants to live in peace? Do guns and drugs and violence fit in a society that wants to live in goodness and harmony?


So the American people have left these important issues of “fitting or not fitting” on the dirty hands of the American Media and their oppressors. And their oppressors in turn have given birth to four EVIL Philosophies that are destroying our world.


First Evil philosophy of the American Oppressors is the production of a thug-life Philosophy that has affected all of us around the world.


And this is evil philosophy is called “Rap.” From Africa Bambatta to Dr Dree, to 2 Pac, To Eminem, to B.I.G and up to the fathers of European thugs like Tim Westwood and Charlie Sloth in London, we have seen a philosophy of rap that is destroying our world. This thug-life ideology pervades the minds of the young people and educates them with violent attitudes and negative ideas.



I live in NW London and every day I see how my area is becoming more dangerous? Why? It is so because young people repeat the lyrics of the famous rappers in their minds millions of times and go in the streets to sell drugs, instead of going to school and listen and learn. The last shooting that happened in between some young rappers in NW London was in March 2016. And it was in the area where I live. So what are you expecting me to do? If not to fight and make the world a better place.


DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC has made all the thugs of Europe famous. He sees that the USA makes thugs famous. And so inspired by the USA THUG-STARS he uses the reputation of the BBC to make our planet a worse place.


Also this DJ Charlie Sloth made famous at the BBC the greatest terrorist of all times that was Jihadi John. Jihadi John was terrorizing London in 2013, at the time when DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC dubbed him a great artist. He was glorifying violence and hatred in his lyrics. So didn’t this indicate that his character is made of evil and didn’t deserve his songs to be played at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra?


 But why do they do this?


They do this to bring negative rappers forwards because they catch the attention of the people quickly and so they can sell cds. So they make money. And that is their point. I as a rapper and Dj and creator never ever got one single opportunity to show my talent at their Radios. And that’s unfair and evil.


Therefore, I want to create a Hip-Hop Revolution Show at the MTV and bring forward positive characters that can rap about positive things and make the world a better place. In this show I intend to see a poetic, artistic and literary feature in the rapper’s lyrics. I want to educate the young rappers to rap about positive things and listen and learn about the ways of human creativity. That means that they should not glorify a gangster lifestyle and that they should not praise guns, drugs and violence. Because violence is evil, especially when it is glorifies in the first person, I do, I make and I create. In this way it pervades the human psyche in its deepest feelings and thoughts. The novelist David Lodge suggests that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness. So you get it?


That’s why I hear a rapper called Stormzy that goes at the BBC and that glorifies guns and violence. And then I see other rappers that are inspired by these thug-stars and that come and shoot other people in my area. So they endanger my life and the lives of my community first and foremost.


So then what shall I do?


I am telling you that I must fight tooth and nail to make the world a better place. That’s what I must do.



Second Evil Philosophy of the American Oppressors is the Prostitute-life philosophy.


As I said earlier that Marx and Engels said that without a women’s liberation there is not general human liberation? But the feminists of the USA and UK and Europe are telling to the women of today implicitly that prostitution is  “a means” of liberation. These American and European PIMPS are reducing women to lifeless objects, that are good only for sex.’ And so pushing us, the weak men of the today, towards a suicide!


I say that because I have been living for five years in London town but I couldn’t make a relationship work with a woman.


How comes that despite being an artist, I couldn’t make a relationship work? Why? Did I know any woman at all? Yes everyday I had a new crush with a different woman. But then, they saw that I was an artist, not famous, not having a car, not having a mansion and not having big money. And to these women that I met in London, that meant that I didn’t deserve to make a relationship with them! And this is cruel and barbaric.


Do I as a human being have a libido or sexual desire? Shouldn’t I be able to give a meaning to my sexual desire? Shouldn’t I be able to live like a living being amid other living beings? Because I have been living like a living being amid the dead.


My friends when I speak about my bitter experience, I reflect the present time too. And I can tell you how it works in philosophy and every thing.


Let me tell you a short story.


When I used to Dj in the past in London, I had women coming to me every now and then. And after a short meeting while I was djing, we went to my house in NW London. So what does that mean to you?



This should tell something to the feminists of the USA, no? And it should tell that the big Media, (including Hollywood and other oppressors) has inculcated in the minds of the today women the idea that they should look to the Man like being their “BOSS.” Man must pay for everything, man must work day and night, and man must be the one that changes the world.” So women want liberation while they sleep with the powerful men.


Also, the ugly lyrics of female rappers and pop stars of Hollywood that say, “Show me the money and that make relationships all about money, “ do you think that it hasn’t inspired women around the world to act like this?



The power that these celebrated people hold is unreal. But that’s why we live in a world where we pray and idolize shoes, bags, hats and clothes. That’s why we live in a world where life has lost its meaning because we idolize some fake and false famous people and their shoes. And so we follow their behaviors just like sheep do follow the shepherds. Isn’t that mad and evil?


Therefore, I am here to tell to the people to give up these evil ideas and be aware of the human power.

 And our human power is called “creativity.”

Wasn’t he Hegel that said that everything is about being aware? So I came to make people about their power or creativity.


 Also, we saw that in the past Madonna’s ambition to get naked inspired women around the world. And we are seeing that today. We are seeing that the narcissistic obsession of Kim Kardashian with her bum and her breasts has inspired the women around the world to act in her path. And so women around the world are walking just like that on the path of Kim Kardashian that is strewn with the pedals of narcissism and misanthropists’ ideas.


Kim and her friends are telling to the women of the today that they can get famous and make money with their BUM. And that’s it. That’s what they call liberation! Have a look on Instagram and see by yourselves what goes on in there.


But now let me tell you what do I mean by True Woman’s Liberation. And by true woman’s liberation, I mean a woman that works hard and dreams big. I mean a woman that looks forward to perfecting the skills that she wants to have in her life. I mean a woman that works to perfect her skills and her talent, and a woman that achieves what she has put in her mind through work, not by selling her BUM. And it was Rosa Luxemburg that said that power means achievement.


So I mean, that the women of the today should fight for power and achievement. And in this way they will inspire other women around the world to do the same thing. In this way then, we men and women of the today work as equals and change the world for the better. We walk together hand in hand and like human beings. Therefore, we must stop selling the VAGINA of women. That’s the point.


How comes that you can’t see that this is degenerating the world of the today?


And true, Women of the today refuse to struggle with you for achievement or power if you are a Man that does not have a mansion, a car or a good job. Isn’t that unfair? Isn’t that inhumane? Isn’t that pure evil?


And this again reminds me of the pain of Frantz Fanon. And the black women that had expressed openly, at the university where he had studied, that they would never marry a black man. So the women of the today are expressing it indirectly that they do not want to be in a relationship with a poor or simple man.


You will say, “Love is love!” Let me tell you that love is “our lust.” But when this lust is combined with truthfulness and unmixed feelings then it becomes love.


But true love must be like Camus put it at “The Falling – one in a million.


Therefore, you, American Media, you oppressors of America have alienated the women of the today. You are giving the impression and saying to all women that they are free to do whatever they like.  But you do not explain what to “be free means?” And that to be free to do whatever one likes, – isn’t that evil? What if one wants to kill. Should he or she kill then?


  But what is freedom without taking responsibility for your actions? Is it freedom to sell yourself to a powerful man and tell to the world that you are free! When the truth is that you are a slave of the powerful. Are you trying to fool us, you American Oppressors?


But at the end of the day we are sentient human beings that need one another. Freedom doesn’t mean to see a million women looking for Prince Harry and a million men being single because of this. Because this is an illness of our present day world. And this is mad.

 And we the creators of the today must change this evil philosophy that American Oppressors of the big media and Hollywood fake stars and other meager and mediocre creatures impose on us.





Third evil philosophy of the American Oppressors is the negative rhetoric of the Big American Media.


 Well this is the bitter truth. The Big American Media moguls are referring to Muslims as terrorists. Example Daesh is not a Muslim group because they do not represent Islam. So why does the American Media act like a wrathful and angry wild bull?


Let’s call a spade a spade and say that these people that use Islam to terrorize the world, they do it as a means to an end, That is to say, for power. People have used religion as “will to power” in all human history and they still do that. So why are we wondering about that then?


The point is here. Because in doing so, in referring to terrorist groups as Muslims, the American Media is giving a message to the young people around the world to go and join the terrorist group on behalf of Islam. And we have seen that many people who follow Islam around the world have done so. And that is thanks to the American and European’s Media rhetoric that tars all Muslims with the same brush.


“Why is this wrong?” You may ask.


For instance, if I go and buy a gun and then start shooting people at random and say that I hold up ‘American Values!’ I can even say that I do it on the behalf of the ‘American Values.’ I can even say that I do like many American citizens have done so far, that buy a gun and begin to shoot people at random.


So if I buy a gun and start shooting people at random and say that I do it for the American Values. Then would you continually say on the Big TVs and write on the front pages of famous tabloids that ‘I am an American?



And if other people do like I do, then would you refer to these people as people that hold up ‘American Values?’



So it is with the terrorist group Daesh that terrorizes the Middle East. That is to say, some crazy young people who haven’t got a clue of Democracy, and that these crazy people wanted to take power by force from the outset. They took religion as a justification and now they are doing what we have seen doing – massacres.



Therefore, there is a problem that needs solution. But, it shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity that fits best for the European and American media moguls. That means they shouldn’t lay the blame on Muslims and shift their responsibility just like German Media did in the past when they massacred JEWS.


So the big European and American media moguls should not refer to the terrorist group Daesh as a Muslim group. But they should call them simply ‘the terrorist group ‘Daesh.’


American Big Media also, whenever that an immigrant happens to commit the slightest crime, they point him or her out and make a mountain out of a molehill.

They portray immigrants as being evil of all evil. And they themselves laugh up their sleeves when fascist movements stand up in arms against refugees.


I think that we must “Leave the right thing to the right place.” That means that you as media do your job as media not as a General Register Office or police. Leave it to the police the background and ethnicity checks – fascists.


If you want a society to live in peace and harmony, then don’t point out certain ethnicities or colors of skin as being evil and others as being good. That’s how I think that we should work.


Has the American Media forgotten that we are all immigrants on this earth? On this earth of naught and nothingness! Do they have any human feeling at all?  Aren’t these negative messages of the European and American big media responsible for having triggered all the fascist movements of the today?


I think that the big media has to speak about a certain crime when it happens. It has to describe what happens. But the media and the journalists have no rights to point out one’s nationality or dig deep down in his ethnicity and place of origin. Because this affects directly minorities that live in certain states, and that they are the refugees. And whomever that does that is a fascist in his/her actions whether he or she likes it or not.


I have to remember to them also, that Jean Paul Sartre said in Paris that “You are what you do, not where you are from.” You get me?



Therefore let’s judge and value others by our actions and values not by colors of skin and nationalities.



Raya Dunayeskaya said at her deed Women’s Liberation that, “Theory produces effects that change people and the way they perceive the world.”


Therefore that means that the American Media and its theory that refers to Muslims as terrorists and that points out immigrants’ nationalities is producing effects that are changing the world for the bad.



And it is the American and European’s media rhetoric that has made all these fascist movements spring up like mushrooms after rain. And now they are feeling the love of Donald Trump that resembles that of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.




Fourth Evil Philosophy of the American Oppressors is their Imperialist Political culture.


Rosa Luxemburg, at the Anti-Critic, wrote ’The typical external phenomena of imperialism; competition among capitalist countries to win colonies and spheres of interest, opportunities for investment, the international Loan system, militarism, tariff barriers, the dominant role of Finance Capital and trusts in World Politics are well-known.’


So, these things were well known in the beginning of the 20s century. But still many things are the same. Our big politicians and politics are doing evil on other nations and our future. We live without understanding “the why?” How can we be happy, when the Syrians are torn apart because of the American imperialist politics?


So we are thrown in a sea of woes where politicians create any kind of pretext to throw people into war just like throwing stones in the river. Our world is mad. From financial market wars, to civil wars and up to the war on terror, everything is created and made by the greed-driven minds of the politicians of the big nations. And they are the masterminds and mind controllers of the imperialist American greedy political culture.


You remember George W. Bush back in 2001 that said,

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” That means that whomever that is against them is a terrorist! And this is a pure imperialist and fascist speech.


Benito Mussolini also, the founder of fascism, once said in a speech in Italy: “O con noi o contro di noi”—You’re either with us or against us. Thank you! Now you make the logical connection yourself.


So this imperialist culture has been dominating and controlling our present day politics, but they have done so implicitly.  People think that we are living in democracy! Are they mad? But democracy means “power of the people not power of the few.” Democracy means to live in an equal society, but not in a society where the gap between the rich and the poor is so deep and so far and so out of place just like earth is with the stars of a different universe.



Eloquent politicians and eloquent journalists, that grovel behind them or behind power, have turned people into sheep that pay taxes unconsciously and think with not, and have not regard or respect for other nations.


The people of the today that are part of the big powers are simply the slaves and the sheep of their appointed ruling classes. I am a slave and a sheep too. But this salve and this sheep now is now daring to talk to the masters. That looks bad in the eyes of the masters, of course. But, how about you? Are you still listening to drug dealers and their messages?


So, the now is like Orwell put it at 1984. The now is a dystopian place where the big powers like Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania quarrel for these small nations in between them. Europe, Russia and America are fighting with one another for control over Syria, Ukraine, Palestine and other preys around the world. Where is the justice? Where is the humanism? Where is the goodness?


So these are the four evil philosophies that American Oppressors are imposing on us, poor and wretched people around the world. And so they are endangering our lives and the lives of the American People too.


 Therefore, I came to take the opportunity to change the world for the better. And I will fight for this with God and Devil.


Also I came here to show some of my ideas of my second Ebook, that is called “How To Change The World.” And that’s why I came in New York. I came to stand up for my principles that intend to make the world a better place too.



Then my closing sentence is this;


I invite the entire American Media for talks. Where are they? Why are they afraid of talking?







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What’s The Feeling of Throwing Your Books Away


Two things I find very ugly in London Town – rent and women. I have had very bad relationships with the landlords and with the fair women too. But it seems that with money you can fix both of these troubles.


However, I am not intending to talk in here neither of rent nor of women. But I’d rather like to talk of the pain of being an artist and having to carry the artist’s food or books around a big and cruel city like London! The pain of having to dismantle your bookshelf every now and then, because you have to change your house! And at the end it is ‘your stubbornness of wanting to throw away nothing that weighs on the top of your shoulders more than anything else!’


So my stubbornness and persistence becomes my pain. And it is this pain of having to drag up and down the city my voluminous notebooks and books that I have accumulated for years and years! And every scratch on these papers seems so important to me. Every idea that I have noted down on these papers, I identify with my blood and life and being on earth.


So what can I do? Shall I throw these books away or wait till my mind unleashes and perhaps I become able to make a living with the art of writing and creating?



Lotte Lenya, the editor of Three Penny Opera, said that Brecht at his early stage in his career he habitually kept numerous works-in-progress whirling around him (never throwing away so much as a scrap of paper on which he had scribbled two words).



And just like Brecht was so I feel that I am doing – a maniac of papers and letters that’s how I feel. Or perhaps I love so much my ideas that everything that I write looks like there is my life. And that’s why I am so bad at editing my work and so bad at trimming and cutting. That’s why I still can’t make a living with what I love to do. A failed man!


So I, like Brecht, never threw a piece of paper away. And a few years ago it was not so popular the kindle edition, during the last year though, all my books are from kindle, but in the past I loved the paperback. And still I love paperback books, but how am I supposed to keep them? Reading books does not give you a certificate where you can show to those who ask for it? But reading presupposes writing said Sartre. That means that that those who seek want to create in turn. Hmm!



And a seeker of knowledge or an artist loves books, – that’s the thing with the artist. It has been so. It is so. And it will be so. He knows that he has to listen and learn in order to make his ideas come out properly and subtly.

And sure that no one is born an artist, a great writer or a great philosopher.

Remember? We go to schools to learn and then we teach the younger generations in turn. We are the pupils that become the teachers. We are the listeners that become the speakers and we are the children of the nature that become its creators. Therefore, becoming is the way that we choose compulsively whether we like it or not!




Now to begging with, let me explain it in a few paragraphs, what happened the very last time that I had to change my house.


It was the end of January 2016, when the landlord sent me a message where he said;

‘Hi, hope you are well. Yes it’s 2016, and you know, our rent for the new year will be reviewed to keep up with inflation and very demanding rental market. And an increase will be added on your monthly payment.’


And it was an increase, which I couldn’t afford. So I had no choice, but rush to find another room and as soon as possible. And after that I had to start and throw at least the half of my bookshelf or invent any magic idea of disappearing and making them appear whenever that I wanted them!


Yes, I was fed up with everything. No magic idea could save me. But still I wasn’t able to leave everything there and abandon all what I had. There were my ideas, my creativity and my entire life. There, on the scribbled and scrawled papers was my being and my nothingness too. But in a world where everything is being reduced to a piece of paper, ideas do not make sense if they don’t make money. That’s the pain and suffer of the artist of the now! He has to make money with his ideas otherwise he doesn’t make sense at all and he can’t even survive in this world that is becoming terribly expensive.



I had come to this room, in Dollis Hill London, six months ago in August 2015. But I had to leave again. Previously I had been living in a single room that was more like a box room or like a bunker with no fresh air and no place to turn around. I had been there for a few years crammed with books, notebooks, pens and pencils and ideas written on hundreds of papers and that were spread everywhere. There you could find poems, plays, tragedies, short stories, but and novels. Nothing was ever published. But all what I had was piled up one upon another in my single room and waiting for me to edit and re-edit and trim and cut. Oh! And then find the time and the inspiration to bring into being or perhaps one day publish parts of these ideas that seemed to me so remote, but and so close in the same time.


The choice that I made to come to London, to this expensive city, was a total madness. And now I regret it! To pass from a suicide attempt to another suicide attempt, isn’t that mad?


Isn’t that mad to live in a city of 12lve million people, but not be able to make a true friend? Isn’t that mad to live in a city where single women are everywhere, but still despite knowing thousands, you won’t be able to make a relationship work without having a good job, a mansion and a good car?

Isn’t that mad to live like a living being amid the dead?


If you are living in 2016 and you are not puking, then there should be something wrong with your bowels.


There was no other solution for me. To leave the current house and find something cheaper was the only choice.

So I began my journey of looking for a new room in London. And after I found my new living place, I went quickly to my current home, climbing the stairs with the speed of an athlete. And like a lover when he rushes to see his girlfriend, so I opened the door to see my loved, precious and unpublished works and deeds of many years.

And first of all I gazed at the bookshelf. I stood there staring for a while like a bewildered child with not knowing what to do or like a criminal that is about to commit a crime. And the crime being in here my books and ideas! But soon, after a few minutes of silence and pain with tears sliding down the cheeks like a stream to the river, I gathered my pieces together and thought that now it is the time for the hard decision to be made. What to throw away and what to keep?


The room in which I was going to live was a single room, so I had to make some space. I was moving from a double room back to a single one. This is London, money is cruel and the world is cold as ice. And a true artist doesn’t work for money. He is a liberator and works to change the world. For he deep down knows that evil can be fought only through the power of knowledge. And he knows that evil is man himself because man has on his hand good and evil. That means that it is up to him what to do with it. Hence, those who commit evil need to be fought by those who want goodness: by those who want to live in peace and harmony with the people of all nations and the world. Isn’t that true FOLKS?



So, after some time of reflection, I cleared the place on my left and right hand side.

And then I began throwing away and piling up one upon another books, notebooks and scratches of all kinds and genres. On the left I threw what I didn’t want and on the right I placed what I wanted to keep.





First, I started off by throwing some dictionaries on my left side. Then I moved on to some notebooks, and old ideas that I deemed as being irrelevant to keep with me.

Then I threw some sixteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth century plays, novels and philosophic books like Descartes, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Molière, Lord Byron. And then I stopped hovering upon James Joyce and Thomas Man, but I wasn’t able to throw them away, so I placed them nicely down on my right hand side. Then I stopped at the dreams and psychology of Freud, but I threw his works together with his ideas that demeaned art and the artist. And after him my eyes went upon Martin Heidegger. Good thinker I thought he was. ‘But sorry no space,’ I said with a low voice. Still I knew that I had some notes of his best works. Then came the time of his counterpart of European existentialism and Jean Paul Sartre, so I threw his ‘Existentialism Is Humanism’ but kept his deed ‘Being and Nothingness.’ After that my hand slid down a bit and my eyes stopped on another shelf, it was the time of Marx and Engels to go away. So I threw their joint works and kept Das Capital. Subconsciously, it reminded me of the pain of the present day Capital, exploitation, human humiliation, greed and hatred of all kinds. And then I paused for a bit staring and reflecting what to keep and what to throw away. What to throw on the left and what to place nicely on the right!


After that some other fresh but hot tears slipped down the cheeks, some more pain was killed and some more time died away into the past and nothingness. Then I began again doing what I was supposed to do – throwing my books away!


But every attempt to throw something away it was like peeling off my being or cutting off parts of my body. It was me there. It was my everything. It was my work of many years and books that I had read but that I didn’t want to hurl in the rubbish just like that. So I felt attached to these books and notebooks even more than those kids of the today who are obsessed to their computer games.


Next in the queue was Vladimir Lenin, but I kept his deeds. I thought that he predicted pretty well the future when he said that the formation of international monopolist capitalist associations will share the world among themselves in the future. That means that all small nations will be like food for the dogs of the big powers. And the big powers will quarrel like true criminals to share their spoils. That was the point. And that is what we are living today.


But, that wasn’t all. My eyes jumped on another shelf. And so Thomas Aquinas and his proofs of God were next to go. Then Nietzsche and his Zarathustra were to stand with me. Then ancient poets and philosophers came up next. ‘Agamemnon and Prometheus Bound’ by Aeschylus were part of the books that desperately I had to throw away. Then from there my eyes went to another ancient poet and thinker, and he was Buddha. What a chandala-like philosophy I thought. So I threw him away without much ado! Close to him were Socrates with his apology and Zoroaster with his poems of mindfulness and good thought. But I kept both of them.

After that my sight bowed down on another shelf and permeated the messages of some old poems that I had written ages ago. But, unfortunately, I threw them too. And from there my eyes jumped like a kangaroo and stopped on some present-day scientists and thinkers like the ‘The Consciousness by Christof Koch. What a Christian monk that he is, I thought. But still I kept him, perhaps because I wanted to say to him that he was an arrogant priest that more than thought he had arrogance. Also some other present day scientists, psychologists and thinkers like Stephen Hawking and Richard J Davidson and Russell Brand and Eckhart Tolle, I kept with me just because I disagreed with their ideas and I wanted to tell them that out there is more than meets the eye. And that they are but hypocrites of my time that more than good are doing evil.


Then from the present day world my eyes jumped back to the ancient times and Homer, Gilgamesh, Heisod and Old Testament. I stopped for a while again thinking and deliberating with my self. ‘Shall I throw everything’ I said and just walk out of my house with my clothes and that’s it? I hadn’t got rid of the one quarter of my little home library, but suddenly I thought that I am going to keep the rest.


Maybe next time I am going to throw myself away in the river together with my books and notebooks and ideas,’ so I murmured to myself. So dear were the books to me, just like a child is to a parent. And then my mind went to Leo Tolstoy and Ana Karenina. I was done with this book ages ago. But there was a precious phrase that suggested that those who can’t make deeds at least should bring children into life. Subconsciously, I was thinking about something else in the same time. And it was about family, life and children. My friends were leading a happy life and had created a family etc. They had children; a job, a house, a car and they could go and come from holidays without much trouble!


As I had brought myself at the bottom of all bottom just because I loved books and creativity. I hadn’t gone in holidays in my last three years and I was trapped in a single room in London with no friend, no girlfriend and a night job that was just for keeping my food on the table. Still, that job could help me to study though, and that was true. But to study what? ‘Nothing makes sense,’ I said. Why did I come into this life?’ I asked myself again. But that was too big a question and I remembered that when I was five years old I had complained to my mother and had said, ‘ Why did you bear me mom?’ Then I tried to remember the answer of my mother, but I couldn’t. Still the look of her face appeared to me as showing a mother that was baffled by the question of her five years old son. And then she had hugged and kissed and held me on her arms and turned around with me, squeezing my body with her love and affection that was unearthly. And so she had made me forget what I just had said to her.


After a pause accompanied with some weird reflection and imagination of naught and nothing, I asked myself, ‘At least why didn’t I get married when I was fifteen then? Why did I destroy myself just because I dreamed big? Isn’t that mad? I’m already 28 and almost 29, but what do I remember? I remember fighting for freedom because I didn’t feel free. An Eastern- European man living in a world that was chopped up by Hitler and shared in the afterwards by the greedy neo-fascists that were quarreling for their spoils, just like Orwell described it at 1984. That’s what I remembered. I remembered fighting for freedom.



And then, what? What was it that I remembered? Yes, I remembered that in the same time I had looked for a liberated woman to struggle with me and change the world together. I had looked first because my libido or sexual desire as a human being compelled and forced me to do so. Yes that’s true. I needed no one to go there where I wanted to go or achieve what I wanted to achieve. But remember that we are humans and the living beings want the living as the dead live with the dead. Have you ever seen a dead being coming back? If not then why on earth this world is so cruel and so cold and so mad to its own self and its own children? Why? Because of money? Because of this fake and false symbol that we created? ‘But we created money and everything’ I said to myself loudly. ‘So shall we respect one another because of money or because of our qualities and our work?’


And then all of a sudden, I became conscious that I had left the bookshelf and I had started pacing the room up and down uneasily and thoughtfully.

‘What else do I remember?’ I reflected again as I stopped and turned the back to the bookshelf, looking through the window on the boulevard in front of my room, and glancing at the trees and leaves that were falling one after another like snowflakes.



‘I remember that since I came to London and onwards, each year I had contemplated to commit suicide and a few times I was closer to losing myself. The first time it happened when I was working in a restaurant as a waiter and door host. The Manager there was a bully with the feelings like that of a horse. He had treated me for months not like a human but like an animal, ordering me every now and then like I was his plaything, but not a colleague and friend that had to be treated with respect, courtesy and civility. And then, during that time, I had felt sad because of loneliness and the bitter moments that I had to pass in a work where I was treated like a slave or a lackey. Hence then was my first time of contemplating suicide. The second time was in 2012. After I had finished my performance in a talent show, suddenly I felt disappointed for what I had found in there. I had expected subtle people with subtle ideas, sensitive and creative people. But I found some coarse folks that were blind and deaf to human creative ideas. And that had saddened me to death and dashed my hopes into nothingness. The hopes that I had had that in London I will find companions and fellow-creators that want to change the world like creators do, but not brutal and rowdy folks that aren’t up for great things!

Now reflecting in hindsight it sounds like being childish, but that’s how I had thought at the time. And so in the aftermath of the show I walked out of Excel London and then stood across the river with my hands hanged on the top of the balustrade and staring at the cold and turbulent waters crying and thinking, but to jump.



Also, another time that I attempted to commit suicide was a bit weird and inexplicable. Something was pushing me to jump somewhere or do something and destroy my being. So at that time, first of all, my mind went to some knives that I had in the kitchen. But soon that appeared too cruel and ugly a method to end my life. Second thing that pervaded my mind like a thunderbolt was the thought of jumping off a bridge, but still the closest bridges from where I could jump were too far from my place where I was living. And even a lake where I could have drowned myself was at about 30 minutes far from my house where I was living in London.


But still even at that difficult moment through the subtlest perception of my mind, and perhaps due to some psychological books that I had read at that time, I thought that something must be wrong with my brain. It can’t be explained otherwise that all of a sudden I wanted to kill myself, I thought.

‘Perhaps it is some brain swelling or perhaps it is the fact that I have isolated myself.’ So I thought quickly, and it was quick like the speed of light is. And all of that thought went through my mind; it pervaded my being, my soul and my blood. However, it was not time for much meditation,  I had to act swiftly. I had to think how to save or destroy myself because my brain was playing dice with me and I was afraid that soon I would become worse. That was the fear. The fear of going from worse to worse off!



And that happened one December day in 2012 where all of a sudden in the middle of the night I was pushed towards the death feeling and self-annihilation thought. In the past I had heard a Latin phrase; ‘Mens sana in corpore sano that means a healthy body in a healthy mind. And I used to love sports and running and sometimes I frequent the gym too. Hence perhaps because of that then I thought that it was the time to go out and run. Because all I was doing was work and reading and writing. I had isolated myself, and my mind from the outside world! You get me? In getting to know myself and in exploring it, I also get to know not only myself but the world too.




And thus I got out of my house in Kingsbury London and started running up and down the park praying to God like mad ‘Please, please, not now’ I said all the time. I felt the ‘suicide want’ so close. I ran for about one hour all over the open area of Kingsbury Park London, in the middle of the night, associating it with some physical exercises, stretches and push-ups. It was crazy but that seemed to have saved my life.


Then, after one hour of running and exercising, I went home having a shower and a good sleep. And so, in the morning when the sun began to rise I gave up God and all thought about the afterlife existence. Not because that before that I was believing in any particular religion, but because I used to believe in one “God.” Brainwashed from the ideas of elder men and books. And that was mad as the idea of god or many gods is. But that’s how one can find his or her way, and it is through listening and learning and overcoming and becoming. That’s liberation.


What else do I remember? I remember many other things, short and long stories. Many other times I attempted to kill myself too, a few smiles, a few parties and the rest is but reading and writing and working to perfect the art of creating ideas in a logical order. And also working to pay my rent and to support my food on the table, – a true and a proper slave of my time!


Also, I REMEMBER that I fell down seven times, but got up eight!



I remember much more past pain and past hate. But, because I want to end this story as soon as possible and because of the fact that I just thought to express some bits of my suffer for WordPress use only, then I am telling you only what I did next.


And thus I turned around looking everywhere in my room. I looked at the mirror on my left hand side, at the wardrobe close to the mirror, at the bed in the middle of the room, at some poems stuck on the wall, at some other worthless materials across my bed like shoes and unwashed clothes. And then I glanced at my working table that was close to me and that had some books, pens and notebooks on the top. A feeling of creative inspiration and ideas that were just budding at that moment pierced my being: as some dust rose from the table mixed with some dim rays of the sun that pervaded the space of the room. I paused to reflect again. And after, I turned slowly on my right side looking at another table that was close to the bookshelf and that had on top of it a studio speaker, KRK Rokit 5 and a DJ controller, Tractor S4, that I used to play music at times.

Then my eyes wandered around and up and down the bookshelf stopping at my left side were the books and notebooks that were to be thrown away were waiting for me to give them my last goodbye.


So quickly, I grabbed a bin bag and put all the books that I had set apart, the mentioned and unmentioned ones, and later on I left them outside in the street. I thought perhaps someone else wants to know and if one wants and looks then one finds. Because I grew up in the streets of Europe myself and I knew that feeling of being hungry to know and not being able to find the time! But across the streets I found libraries too, and when I didn’t have time, then I made time. I read while I was in the bus, or while being on the train and even while I was walking on the streets.


After that, the next thing to do in line was the pain of having to drag the three quarters of my bookshelf to my new living place.

So one afternoon in the beginning of February 2016, occupied on the both hands with two half-broken suitcases, I got out of my house in Dollis Hill London with my mind looking forward to my new living place. And once I was in the street I paused for a bit and turned around looking at the trees, the bus and the train station that was close to me, and at last at some shops that I used to buy bread, water and food. Then I breathed deeply and raised my eyes looking up at the sky that was dark as always. And then I lowered my eyes again looking at the streets that were slippery and wet because of a heavy shower that had just finished and another one seemed to be on its way.



So I began to walk towards my new living hut, staring in distance like a mad man. I began to walk on my journey of having to drag and pull and haul my half-broken suitcases that were overloaded wi†h books. And in pain and suffer I ploughed the harsh air and dancing streets of London. Looking forwards to seeing my new house with the dark clouds that were following me everywhere and that were my only companions and friends!


In the beginning though, I thought that I was strong, but later on in the journey I felt weak and I was about to break down, or abandon everything there and run off. My arms looked heavy like they were falling off my shoulders: my palms were sweaty and cold and my legs were just walking mechanically one after another led by a brain that was about to shut all down.


And as I was wandering and cursing everything that was alive translating the entire world as hypocrite and superficial, the hard concrete curb of the sidewalk began to twist and turn around. It had taken the form of a snake and so it was twisting and turning and climbing and at last running. But now running like a half human and a half snake being. And everything looked so strange and out of place just like my fantasy is.

But that taught me a lesson and said to me, that I was about to lose my consciousness because I was getting really tired. My retinas seemed to be on the edge of falling down together with my eyeballs and hands and every other part of my body. And a feeling a fright pervaded my being, as I got scared of stepping on my fallen eyes. Then it seemed that my ‘broken off’ arms had fallen on the street and had began to jump all over the place and were about to take a consciousness of their own and begin to read my books. A consciousness equal to those that they call the simple-minded. But true, all the simple-minded folks can do great things with a little patience and will to know and create. Do they want that though? That’s the question.



In the beginning I didn’t think so, but then I learnt that books were really heavy a thing to drag on the lumpy slabs that were worm-eaten and old like the city of London itself. I was losing energy, momentum and vision. But still I kept going and going looking forward to seeing my new dwelling place! As the dark clouds continued to make me company all the way through. They were so loyal and so royal!



And at this moment that I am writing and expressing my pain I ask myself: ‘Why didn’t I just throw everything then and there and shoot myself in the head? Mad no? And die then and there. What was I trying to prove with these books? What was I trying to do with these books? Was I trying to steal a few ideas and then make a better world? Was I trying to change the world? Oh yeah that was the bottom line of my thought. I wanted to listen and learn more. But listening and learning is pain and presupposes pain. Why did I listen my father’s order to read books, then?  My father was madder than me! Where are the dark clouds of the bygone days, then?

Once I was in my new home, I felt myself free of the dark clouds and so I thought. Just like it is true that politicians create crises here, crises there and crises everywhere, so a man who loves wisdom and ideas is doomed from the outset. It is the system designed to speak only of money and nothing else. But in doom and gloom, storm and stress I shall find my way.

If this world were a paradise, I thought again, then out there would be nothing to do. But, because this world is full of wars, violence and therefore evil! Then out there is much to do, much to make and much to create. ‘Fight for a better world,’ I said to myself with a low, but firm voice and in the same time looking forward to inspire others to do the same thing. Because with what we do, we appeal to others to carry on doing. And that was what the existentialists of 20s century implied in their ideas.



However, in all honesty, now I understand why a human loves dogs, pigs or animals more than humans. Because the humans of the present day are married with a fake and false symbol that is called ‘money.’ And they do not show love without you showing first the money. They say “show me the money!” Like this, it is case in Europe, like this it is the case in America. And like this it is the case everywhere where money is valued more than humanity.


To be a creator, it takes some doing. You need to learn to take the rough with the smooth and be able to dance with the stars. For writing is an art. As art is that hidden skill that sleeps within everyone! But that one has to work hard in order to acquire it and bring it out. And like Virginia Wolf put it at Between the Acts, ‘We are all skilled, but the thing is how to bring it out.’ So she said and so it is.



And as I do not have a certificate to prove my school, then the only way forwards to changing the world is to create a book that makes true sense and carries weight.



So this is my story, now my bookshelf is empty, but not my mind!



Revolution as a Solution for the Hip-Hop Evil

David Bohm said that art means to fit. Therefore, what rappers are doing does not fit in our reality. So it is not art. And if it is hatred like it is, then it has to change. Let’s call a spade a spade for the first time in human history. And say in unison to the wrong as being wrong.

My philosophy is to create a Competitive Rap Show. Where I, as a Rapper, DJ and Creator through ‘this show’ to introduce my ideology to the world. And in this way to give a message to those who want to bring change and novelty. And also, to give a message to those who love art and creativity.

So, here it is not the show that matters. But what matters in here it is the ideology.
And it is an ideology that can inspire the younger generations to bring change, novelty and innovation.

An ideology that is full of positivity and creativity has to be there. So my Hip-Hop revolution Show Philosophy has to be in front of the world to inspire the upcoming generations with a clear message of literary values. Values that contain within itself the beauty and splendor of language that criticize and entertain but that do not spread violence and hatred.

This ideology contains values. Values that intend to push the youngsters of the rap world towards change, art and positive creativity. But not towards negative creativity as it has been so far.

Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy

My philosophy is made of four philosophical principles.

That means; to point out, to indicate, and to show the way to the world. To tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist. And finally to inspire the world with these ideas.

First: ‘To point out what is right and what is wrong in the rap ideology.’ That means to point out that to glamorize a gangster lifestyle and to promote violence and to praise guns are wrong ideas to do. Because these ideas point out evil, these ideas bring and create evil upon the earth that we share and dwell.

And that’s what evil is. And it is, wrong doing, wrong making and wrong creating. Evil is violence.

Another wrong thing is that big radios, big TVs and big producers continue with the same old philosophy. That is to say, they do ignore the most important quality that is part of any lyrical content. They ignore positive messages and value mood, feeling and flow more than the meaning of one’s lyrics.

I am not saying to not value mood and feeling, but I am suggesting to value more a rapper that has something to say, not a rapper that glorifies violence.
And the feeling that many famous rappers have mastered is the feeling of Anger.
The ‘Anger feeling’ combined with negative language bring ‘violence.’ And violence is here the essence of all essences that the rap industry values.

And to value this ‘anger feeling’ that is combined with negative language and that brings violence instead of one’s message is mad.

Truth be told, this way of doing and thinking that MTV, BBC and other big media moguls use, is a pure American Existentialism that points out only mood and feeling, but ignores one’s message or positive language.

And they ignore the essence of creativity. That is to create and in creating inspire good, but not evil.

So we have the remnants of an American existentialism. We are living it. An ‘American Dream philosophy’ of Norman Mailer that speaks of brutality, murderers and mafia. As the European existentialism of Sartre that says ‘I’m what I say and what I say, is what I’m – I am language. Freedom is responsibility etc. And Heidegger that calls language the house of being and that says that those who create with the words are the guardians of this house. All what I said seems to not make sense for the evaluators of Thugs at the MTV and the BBC and other big media moguls.

But I point out and say that in Hip-Hop is more than meets the eye.
That in Hip-Hop is ignored the most important part of it and that is; One’s Message. And that in Hip-Hop is valued the most ugly idea of it. That is the evilest, oldest idea that has ever existed and that exists on earth and it is called – VIOLENCE.

Also the present day record labels are making famous drug dealers and criminals. They are raising violent rappers in the position where they can become the inspiration of the younger generations of the world. They literally make ‘Thugs’ our role models.

Examples everyone knows. But, like Dr Dree that signed Eminem because he was a misogynistic and violent man. Like Young Jeezy that in 2013 signed Detroit rap group Doughboyz Cashout to his Atlantic-distributed CTE record label.
Like Jihadi John the terrorist that DJ Charlie Sloth made famous at BBC Radio One and Radio 1Xtra. And dubbed him a talented artist! Meridian Dan that was praising guns and knives and violence all around London, but that BBC Radio 1Xtra turned him into a hero. Like Stormzy that has praised drugs, guns and violence and continues to do so. But that rap industry has turned him into an idol for the youth.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of examples that show that the Rap Industry continually brings negative rappers forwards. Rap industry awards negative rappers like the MTV and the BBC have done so far.

Rappers that have spread violence across the planet. Rappers like Eminem, like Dr. Dree. Snoop Dog, B.I.G and other animal farm creatures that have praised and glorified drugs and guns and violence. And their fans within the rap industry that still continue to do so.

And rap industry barely gives opportunities to rappers that have positivity. That being so is the greatest wrong thing that they are doing because in this way they are simply multiplying their evil, but not allowing good to be and become.

Example, I, as a positive rapper, never got the opportunity to rap at their disgusting radios that are fooling masses with guns and drugs and violence.

So MTV and BBC and other media magnates should not award these rappers that have spread and continue to spread VIOLENCE. Can’t you see what they are doing?
Can’t you see that this ideology is killing our human values forever?

Now let me indicate the right way and how to put it right.

MY second principle: ‘To indicate the way, to show to the young people but and to the old rappers, how these things work. To educate these ‘assumed artists’ with positive vibes, positive language and positive creativity.

Many rappers glorify guns just because they think that in doing so they can catch quickly the attention of the people. And so they can sell millions of records. That is their point, to sell records and to buy shoes. It seems that they can’t look beyond a pair of shoes and money and dancing.

Indicate the similar difference and different similarities of art and creativity.

Indicate that there is a way through which you can create without being necessary to swear or glorify a gangster lifestyle. There is a way that can entertain without being necessary to praise guns and knives and violence, full stop.

These violent messages and ferocious words are also intermingled with violent actions, are also expressed through the body language of the famous rappers that always use that ‘pulling the trigger sign’ with their finger on the trigger always.

And that sign of the finger on the trigger indicates, but a million actions and contains a million words. And it is, but a sickness that needs a vaccine in order to be heeled and restored to humanity.

And this way of doing it, is called ‘literature. It is called art, and it is called creativity that point towards humanism and goodness, but not towards evil doings and social and humanistic destructions.

Many rappers are unaware of human values and humanity. This action shows that they act out of greed and longing for money and power. But like Nietzsche put it, money-power is the power of cowards, but knowledge is the real power. So I mean rappers should start to hit the books and understand the art of ‘creative positivity.’

Negative creativity of a thug-life and guns and violence can destroy the world. As positive creativity that contains a rich language and a humanistic symbolism can make the world a better place.

“So I can put it right in creating a competitive show and giving opportunities to the best rappers or MCs or poets. Call them as you wish. But in this case ‘the best’ means to pay heed at the content of individual subjective objectivity and objective subjectivity.
To pay heed to what this individual rapper or poet has to say or bring into the world. And support him to come forward and change the rap world through lyrics and creativity.”

A rapper that wants to be part of the revolution need to have in his or her subjectivity ‘art, literature, poetics, positive language and positive creativity, but not negative creativity.’

So I can put it right by bringing forward these new passions and new forces, new feelings and new powers that have novelty, innovation and something different from the guns of 2 Pac, Eminem and B.I.G.

I can put it right in giving the opportunity to those rappers who have positivity and love for art and creativity.

In giving the opportunity to these rappers that have the calling of literature within them. And that want to make a better world through their actions.

I can put it right in putting literary values in rap. Values like better metaphors, better similes and a better symbolism that contains positive creativity. This in essence presupposes that in Hip-Hop lyrics should not be praised guns, nor knives, nor drugs nor social hatred like misogyny or demeaning language and derogatory terms, etc.

And these artists that do so and glorify violence, they should not be allowed on big radios. They should not be respected and awarded for what they do like MTV and BBC Radio 1xtra and other big media moguls have done so far.

And in doing so. In not allowing to be praised GUNS, KNIVES and Violent Messages in general. In not awarding this kind of rappers. Then you give a message to the youth around the world and to those who write hip-hop lyrics. And to those that pipe, recite or rap. And in doing so, you tell them and show them the way. And that this way indicates that it is time for change and it is time to give up praising violence and guns and knives and drugs.

Also we have to pointed out the truth that in praising and awarding the most negative Rappers on earth like the big media has done so far. In doing so, we are undermining our freedom of doing and making and creating good. Day after day we are replacing good with doing and making and creating evil. That means that we are destroying our world with our own hands. And that means also that we are not creating and valuing anymore good, but evil.

Violence can’t be good. Therefore it is evil.

So the point is that this kind of violence that the BBC and other big radios or TVs promote is unacceptable and need to be stopped. And the sooner they are stopped, the better the world will be.

The third principle is the sum of the first and the second principle.

So, what does this mean? ‘To point out and to indicate?’
It means to show the way.

It means to show human qualities like art and creativity and in the same time indicate what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong. And so show the way to the youngsters and to the world in general. It means to indicate the right way and push the world towards the positivity of being.

The fourth principle is to inspire the youth and the world through these innovative ideas of positive creativity. And so to spread a happy and optimistic energy on earth as we show the way.
In this way we get rid of evil ideas. Evil ideas like guns, like drugs, like hatred, like misogyny and other kinds of demeaning language or derogatory terms that many rappers make use.

To inspire means to make the world breathe. To inspire also means to give and in giving create, but create based in goodness and not evil. And this is the essence of positive creativity. For to be honest, a creator was even Hitler but he was an evil genius and his ideas were hidden like a snake in the grass to create evil, but not good, to poison, but not to nourish.

To sum my idea up, to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist means to be positive, to be humanist and to be creative for humanity and for our world. For it is us that create our world anew with our hands.

So in a competitive Hip-Hop Revolution show Philosophy, I intend to bring new passions and new powers that have positivity forwards. That means to support and award positive rappers and ditch negative rappers. And through this idea to overcome the 40 years ideology of rap that continues to brings negative powers and passions forwards.

So, we see movement, we see hope, we see fair share, we see art, we see creativity and we see novelty every single year. As a result, we see a better entertainment industry.

In this way we change a great error of history and put right all what has been wrong so far. Thus we bring in hip-hop some innovation, newness and novelty.

Then, let us inspire these young, budding artists to bring art and creativity based in humanism and goodness. Let us inspire and move these younger generations towards creative-ism that means to be, to exist, to listen and learn and in listening and learning to create. But to create based in humanism and goodness, not based in evil like Rap’s ideology has been so far.

In a few words: My philosophy is that I want to make Rap in general an art that inspires goodness, contains human values and entertains the world as well.
My philosophy is that I want to replace the ideology of 2 Pac and MACHIAVELLI, that is a way of thinking in the now and that means that to praise violence is art, to spread hatred is art and everything is art, with my philosophy of MC Keen – Zarathustra. My philosophy intends to entertain the world, to be creative and to have fun. But it condemns those that spread hatred and negativity around the world.
Let’s rap or pipe or chant or play with the words, but let’s do it through positive creativity and positive vibes. Let’s use our Human Creative power to make a better world, but not destroy it.’
We have had enough with characters like Don Quixote and people like Machiavelli that wanted and still want to turn the wheel of the world backwards. Let’s move forwards with Zarathustra’s philosophy and positive creativity.


How rap will change

The day before, during and after the revolution

The day before the revolution

To finalize my philosophy we need to go to the essence of merging theory with practice and action with thought.

We need to get started with a Hip-Hop Revolution Show.

The day before revolution we will be that moment in time when we will be looking for positive new passions and new forces. It will be that moment when we will be looking for those that we hope that will change rap’s evil. And replace all evil with good.

So, in the day during revolution we will be picking and choosing the best of these positive new passions and new forces.
We will select the best of the rap participants.

And the day before revolution it already exists. It starts here. It has already started. And it is this suffer and pain of mine that I am trying and working hard to make the world aware about the evil of rap world.

Secondly, values should be based in the literary meaning. That means to give the opportunity to the artists that have the best messages and that represents and mirror reality by the best means.

Also, a placard should be written somewhere in the background for the public to read and rappers to know.
No hatred, no demeaning language, no rape/sexual assault messages, no physical violence idea, no negativity, but art and positive creativity ideology only is allowed at Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy.

And this is the show through which I look forward to putting a poetic, artistic and literary feature in rap lyrics.

Thus, we expect to see a poetic and literary essence in rap lyrics. We expect to see better metaphors, better similes and better symbolism, which isn’t necessary to be of a great writer or of great writing. But it is necessary that rap lyrics contain positive language. And it is positive language that brings positive vibes and moods.

So, those who we inspire today will inspire others tomorrow. And thus by putting values and giving the opportunity to the best, thing which no one did it before, we make a better community, better society, better world and hope that one day Rap will change.

Rap is getting worse everyday. And it is going from worse to worse off. Because the majority of people within rap industry do not pay attention to Language or to the message that one gives. And if they do, then they are simply devoid of any literary or logic knowledge at all.

Therefore, my “Positive Creativity” ideology is in the core of the philosophy. And therein subjectivity and objectivity, theory and practice will be united in the truthfulness of unity that is action. And positivity will prevail on earth.

For positivity of being on earth is found in positive language and positive action.

The day after the revolution

In the day after the revolution we will introduce these talents to the world and hope that they will bring innovation through positive ideas and creativity.

And when old brutal creative ideas will be replaced by the new creative ideas. When new rappers do not see a criminal like Snoop Dog, Dr Dree, Eminem and others like heroes, then rap will start changing.

For it is the coming generations that can change the rap world not those that died in the shoot-outs! Nor those that continue to preach terror through their lyrics.

Hatred and negativity is growing within rap. So I come from within as a rapper knowing its tricks and skills and being able to introduce a different ideology.

The answer to the question should be not ‘who cares.’ But we care.

So, the day after revolution is the hope that these new passions and new forces, new feelings and new powers will bring some art and creativity into the world. And that we will continue to keep up the good work and bring the best artists with the best works forward.

So those who we inspire today will inspire others tomorrow. That follows that if we make a better living place today, the coming generations will do it tomorrow.

Sartre at his politics said that it is by transcending the given toward the field of possibles and by realizing one possibility from among the others that the individual objectifies himself and contributes to making history.

‘The given’ here is the hatred, brutality and negativity that is caused by rap industry. And that is present in London, LA, New York and all around the world.

‘The field of possibles’ is searching for an ideology that can overthrow and overturn this evil and hate that these ugly monstrous individuals or egomaniacs have created.

Now that I have created a philosophy of how to change rap, that means that I search for a possibility. And the possibility here is ‘Hip-Hop Revolution show philosophy.

And through this philosophy I objectify my ideas into practical praxis. I bring the show into life. I identify my ideas with my positive action. And then I look forward to seeing the world to progress and change. In this way, we together contribute to making history and to making a better world as well.

Therefore, lets change the world with our own hands and ideas.


Suicide Essay

Five years ago I tried to kill myself. Four years ago I tried to kill myself. Three years ago I tried to kill myself. Two years ago I tried to kill myself too. And still…

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Open Letter to Russell Brand

London, March 3, 2016



Russell Brand

Dear Mr. Brand

I read your ‘Revolution’ book last year. It was interesting and eloquent. Your thought was deeper and profounder than your ideas that you show on twitter and Facebook.


But I am not writing to you because of your book. But because of the idea that you pretend to be part of those that want to make a ‘better world.’ However, I do not see you as such man.


The fascist doings of the BBC and the thugs that the BBC makes famous disgusts me. But where are you to stand for humanity and Humanism?


That’s not all. Out there are many things that are going wrong and that we must fight to put right. The world is in tatters. But where are you to stand for humanity?


Well, now that I decided to write an open letter to you, let me say two words about your Revolution book.


I oppose many of your ideas. Like the ideas of “Spirituality and God,” in philosophy. I oppose your ideas not because Nietzsche said that ‘God is dead.’ Because God was dead way before Nietzsche. But I rather oppose your ideas because of the substantial essence that God is Creativity. And positive Creativity is good. As spirituality is evil. And evil is wrong doing and making and creating. And you are doing evil in promoting spirituality, my friend.


And the difference between spirituality and creativity is like saying a dirty swamp. And then comparing this dirty swamp with the ever glowing floods of Niagara Falls! The first is stagnant. The second is always moving and always flowing and always giving beauty. Spirituality is a means of being stagnant. As creativity, is a means of moving and flowing and creating forever in the ever-changing reality of now, – my friend!


Creativity means to understand that you have been created to create, my friend. That means that Nothingness created me and I create and recreate this nothingness with something in turn, my friend. Creativity means to be awake and forever create the ever-changing reality of now, my friend. As spirituality means to fall asleep like Buddha standing under a tree and waiting for enlightenment! And that’s mad, my friend.


I liked some of your ideas though, like the ideas of making some limits in political economy. The ideas of making some positive rules and regulations: and ideas of making the greedy corporations support the world.


Because we are selling our planet to a few psychopaths or like you put it ‘The occupants of a bejeweled bus that are behind the present day mayhem.’ And I liked your ideas against private security and against guns. Also I liked some other egalitarian deliberations like sharing, etc.


But the reason for writing to you is not your book, as I said. But it is the evil phenomenon of the present day world. We have a Big Media that is controlling the minds of the people. And that’s true and painful. We have a big media that is focused only on the negative side of the world. And this happens as a means to an end – that means to control the minds of the people and sell their newspapers. That’s all they want – money and power.



But, how can one make the corrupted British Media speak “truth”? They are rotten to the core. They speak only when something suits or fits to their interest. But, they ignore truth if truth does not fit to their collective or personal interest. And that is true and painful in many different directions.


But, let me take my example. I am struggling to be heard. And I live in London town where thugs and prostitutes are being heard and respected. Is this what we call being and life and love and humanity and human values and merit and demerit? Is this what we call humanism?


How comes that when a porn star like Kim Kardashian shifts her bum the entire media talk about it? How comes that when a thug like Snoop Dog says something the entire media talk about it.



How comes that when the son of the prince farts the entire media stands by? When a drug dealer tweets the entire twitter stands by? But when a creator writes values on the table. The British media keeps quiet and it is silent like bears do when they hibernate in the winter. But still these bears are dangerous even when they hibernate!


On October and November 2015 I was protesting in front of the BBC. And when the security of the BBC forced me to leave its territory. Then I called many British newspapers and told them to write an article about what was happening. I told them that I am opposing the thug-life ideas that the BBC spread through BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. I told them to speak the truth and let the world know. But all hung up on me and all said ‘Sorry not interested!’



What still happens and happened can be explained like this, ‘That those who study in schools think alike. I’m speechless, my friend.

I want to grab a bucket and puke around London. This city is full of evil and exploitation. And I am a slave that I work sometimes 18 hours per day to pay my rent. Still, I am proud of being a slave and of my slavery. But this slave now is daring to oppose the masters. ‘Down with the masters and hypocrites,’ I daresay. But it seems to be hard for masters to see a slave that opposes their ideas and accept that thing. Hmm…


If everyone sticks where he can do better, then the world would be a better place. At this moment I can do better in Hip-Hop. I have been a rapper and Dj for about 11 years, but I never got an opportunity from the thugs that control the Big Radios. So I wasn’t able to become a voice of positive creativity in rap.


Still, I opened the book of the world and I listened and learned. I didn’t sell drugs, but I worked hard. And for many years I have been thinking to create a show at the BBC or MTV and bring positive rappers forwards. Because Rap industry supports, and brings at the center of attention, negative rappers that spread violence and hate.


And they do it to catch the attention of the people and perpetuate violent ideas in the human mind. And so they sell their cd-s and make money.


You yourself said at your book; ‘That Pac loved guns and Eminem loves guns.’

Rap intentionally perpetuates violent ideas, my friend. Because violence sells. And many rappers have been thugs and drug dealers. However, the truth is that they do it for money.


Charlie Sloth invites thugs at the BBC Radio One that promote violence and hate. He made Jihadi John famous at the BBC in 2013 at a time that Jihadi John was terrorizing London.


Where are you to criticize the BBC?



I went twice in front of the BBC to challenge the BBC with ideas and Creativity, as I said. But the BBC challenged me with its security power. And that’s a fascist way of doing things.

The BBC did it. People at the top of the BBC are hypocrites, sophists and fascists. Their actions of imposing a THUG-life in human mind, and doing nothing to change that, show that clearly.


But, where are you to criticize the BBC?


I contacted almost the entire big British Media, as I said. And I said to them to speak about it, but no one cared about Truth. The Guardian, The Sun, The Mirror, London Evening Standards and more newspapers hung up on me. But when the BBC makes thugs famous and terrorizes Europe no one bothers to speak up. When the BBC silences those that oppose its ideas, like I did, no one bothers to say the truth to the British people!


‘Rap violence replicates the exorbitant competitiveness of contemporary capitalism, while its ferocity is part and parcel of a society that places sex and violence at the center of its media culture, and is not hesitant to use extreme force to defend the interests of its ruling elites, whether in the form of police brutality against the underclass or military intervention against declared enemies of the state.’

Steven Best and Douglas Kellner
, Enculturation, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1999.



This is our society, my friend. Culture means to cultivate. But what are we cultivating? Are we cultivating evil? And calling good ‘evil’ and vice versa, my friend?


I’m telling you we are cultivating a Thug-life culture with rap stars that glorify violence and guns. We are cultivating a Prostitute-culture that pushes women directly and indirectly towards prostitution. And porn industry is purely “prostitution” because women get paid to have sex. Pop culture is forever using women as a tool or commodity that sells. And that’s mad too.


But, where are the ideas and creativity of these assumed artists?

Hitler was an artist too. He was a painter. The thing is what do we mean by saying ‘art and artist? James Joyce and Thomas Man did know what ‘to be an artist’ means – that is the pain of being misunderstood while you want to make the world a better place.



Also, we are cultivating a Neo-Nazi Press Culture that for everything blames refugees and Muslims. And the evil rhetoric of the press is the bread and wine of all these fascist movements that we see around Europe and America.


And finally we are cultivating an imperialist political culture that puts it like George Bush and Benito Mussolini put it: ‘either with us or against us.”



The present time is like a famous phrase of Bertolt Brecht at Three Penny Opera, ‘The beggars are begging, the thieves are stealing and the whores are whoring.’

Thank you, my friend!

With what I said, I’m not trying to be your friend – we are friends of the same world or nothingness. But I wanted to know if any of your ideas were true. Ideas that intend to make a better world. If so, then, let us talk. I invite you for talks.


Where are you? I invite you to talk hard and be fair.


Yours sincerely






The Chandala and Charlatans of the British and USA Media Moguls, Everyday Open a New Grave for Muslims and Immigrants

Well, it is wrong to call them the British and the USA Media. It is better to call them the big media or simply the big media moguls. But because they are so obsessed with Muslims and Immigrants, then I do not have other choice. But fight those that want the death of humanity – and whomever that they may be.


The truth is that the British and American Big Media are made of chandala-like and charlatan-like people. They are the Neo-Nazis of the today. But that pretend to be humanists!


They are the Chandala and the charlatans of the now that feed on the blood of poor and wretched immigrants and Muslims.

Thanks to their universities and thanks to the common sense, they have learnt how to put two words together! And so they take advantage of their inherited privilege and compose the poems of hate and evil daily and shamelessly.

I say that because for whatever that happens, they blame immigrants and Muslims.


And “truth” for them is truth that suits and fits to their personal or collective interest as Big Media! Humanity for them is the humanity that fits and suits to their personal or collective interest as big media.


So they measure and weigh values of the today. And they do it based on their personal or collective interest as big media. Or say; the chandala and the charlatans of the now.


And if you see some newspapers around that sometimes pretend to be on the side of immigrants and Muslims. Think about it. They do it to keep the balance of the power. Speaking philosophically, at the end of the day they do not derive their doings and makings from the values of humanism. That is to say, truthfulness and goodness. But from their own personal or collective interest as Big Media.


Remember; Truth is truth when it suits and fits to the British and American Big Media Moguls.



So the big media moguls make a mountain out a molehill when they want and they reduce a mountain to a molehill when they want also. Therefore, they are the bigger part of the evil of the present day world. An egoistical evil that can’t be measured and that recognizes no border!


Hence, whoever that is at the top of this evil should come down, chill out and understand that we are all humans.



Marx said something that made sense in the nineteenth century; ‘When you play the fiddle at the top of the state’ he said, ‘what else is to be expected but that those down below dance.’


So when the British and USA Media for everything that happens blame Muslims or immigrants, then those down below are expected to dance.


And thus we see so many successful fascist movements, white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Movements like Britain First, English Defence League in the UK, Pegida movement in Germany, the National Front in France, Soldiers of Odin in Finland, Ku Klux Klan (KKK), in the USA, and more.

Thanks to the Big Media Moguls rhetoric.


So their rhetoric achieves its end and gets physical.



In the past, the problems of Adolf Hitler, Nazis and their supporters were – JEWS, black people and gypsies. Today, the problems of the neo-fascists of the British and American big media are immigrants of all kinds and Muslims. Now though, the about-to-become the Jews of 1940s seem to be the Muslims. Thank you!




The BBC for instance, refers to the Deash, that is a terrorist group in the Middle East, as Muslims. And the reason for it lies underneath the ocean of western brotherhood. Just like the BBC does, so do and many other big media moguls around Europe and USA. And they do it on purpose. Bear with me, I will tell the ‘why’ and the ‘what.’



Even the egalitarian, the man of justice and true democracy or the power-hungry hypocrite, Russell Brand, said at his Revolution that there should not be built any more mosques. But if you think so for Muslims, then you have to think so for all religions. It can’t be so only for Muslims, unless you want to stick to Muslims like Nazis to Jews. Thank you!


Hence, this shows that all the fascists of the British and American big Media are set against Muslims. They seem to not be able to distinguish the good from evil. Or it is the other way around, the fact that they like to be economical with the truth because of their own interest.



And this is how they think.


Firstly the Big media moguls like the BBC think that by referring to different terrorist groups as Muslims, they can put down a religion like Islam and so keep their heads and the heads of all immigrants underwater.



It is not enough the truth that Muslims and immigrants are the most oppressed classes of the present day world. But on the top of that they have to listen the BBC and other big media criminals that refer to terrorist groups as Muslims. These actions in turn paint all immigrants with the same brush when a single immigrant happens to make something wrong.


In doing so, they show clearly to think that Muslims and immigrants are the trouble. But not at all the present day European politics that feed on the blood of foreigners and immigrants. Not at all the present day European politics that went in Middle East to rape their women, kill their children and burn up their houses and turn entire neighborhoods into ashes. No. It wasn’t that European politics at all. You see?



Question, ‘Why does the Big Media refuse to call a spade a spade?’


Let us refer to the terrorist groups as terrorists. And let us be true to ourselves and our human nature as well. That is that whenever that an immigrant happens to make something wrong, say where it happened and what happened.


But don’t go to make background and ethnicity checks and feature it on the front pages like the New York Times and other fascist Media Moguls do. Whenever it happens that an immigrant makes something wrong or commits a crime.


Leave the right thing to the right place. And you as media do your job as media not as a General Register Office or police. Leave it to the police the background and ethnicity checks – fascists.


If you want a society to live in harmony, then don’t point out certain ethnicities or colors of skin as being evil and others as being good. Because if there is something evil on earth, then it is the English ruling class that invaded the world and exploited millions of slaves and killed other millions. It was they that brought the planet to their knees together with the French and German ruling classes. Not the wretched and poverty-stricken immigrants and Muslims. You get it? You, The Sun, the New York Times, the innocent ‘the Guardian’ and other powerful media criminals like NBC and BBC and others…


It is truth that the French, the English and German ruling classes of the today are still feeding on their past imperialist glory. And they still have an imperialist way of doing and making things.


You remember George W. Bush back in 2001 that said,

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” That means that whomever that is against them is a terrorist! Thank you imperialists.


Benito Mussolini, the founder of fascism, once said in a speech in Italy: “O con noi o contro di noi”—You’re either with us or against us. Thanks. Now make the logical connection yourself.



So the immoralist and imperialist Europe and USA still do not get the idea that we are all immigrants upon this earth!


But at least let us make bearable our history and our fate that is doomed from the outset. Don’t be that greedy present day media tycoons. Because we know that you do it to keep under control the working classes, the suffering masses and tell them that the problem is not ‘us’ but immigrants and Muslims! Hmm. You see?


The truth is that the damaging language used by the USA presidential hopeful, Donald trump, that recently said that all Muslims should be barred from entering the USA. The unacceptable language used by the BBC, NBC, ABC, and almost the entire USA, UK and European big media moguls, has had its disastrous effects on immigrants and Muslims in general. I say that because they refer to terrorist groups in Middle East as Muslims! That’s mad and greedy.



Tomorrow I can go and buy a gun illegally, start shooting people at random and say that I hold up ‘American Values!’ I can even say that I do it on the behalf of the ‘American Values.’ I can even say that I do like many American citizens have done so far, that buy a gun and begin to shoot people at random.


So if I buy a gun and start shooting people at random and say that I do it for the American Values. Then would you continually say on Big TVs and write on the front pages of famous tabloids that ‘I am an American?



And if other people do like I do, then would you refer to these people as people that hold up ‘American Values?’


So it is with the terrorist group Daesh that terrorizes the Middle East. That is to say, some crazy young people who haven’t got a clue of Democracy, and that these crazy people wanted to take power by force from the outset. They took religion as a justification and now they are doing what we have seen doing – massacres.


Therefore, there is a problem that needs solution. But, it shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity that fits best for the British and American media moguls. That means they shouldn’t lay the blame on Muslims and shift their responsibility just like German Media did in the past when they massacred JEWS.


So the big European and American media moguls should not refer to the terrorist group Daesh as a Muslim group. But they should call them simply ‘the terrorist group ‘Daesh.’



And those who refer to the terrorist group Daesh as Muslims, they are either innocent simpletons and they do not know what they are doing. Or they are like the BBC, NBC, ABC and other big media tycoons that do it on purpose. That is to say to create chaos and blame Muslims for everything. While they indulge in their Master-and-slave like power.


To prove what I am saying I have The New York Times that wrote this article in January 2016, – American Muslims Under Attack After San Bernardino and Paris Terror.



‘According to a recent analysis based on reports from the news media and civil rights groups,’ the New York Times said, ‘the rate of suspected hate crimes against Muslims has tripled in the time since the attacks in Paris, with 38 attacks regarded as anti-Islamic.


(Remember; all this happens because the American and European Big Media Moguls refuse to call a spade a spade. They refer to terrorist groups as Muslims. They do it on purpose. That is to say for their personal of collective interest. And this directly and indirectly triggers fascist movements.)



Hate crimes like, Mosques vandalized with ‘Jesus’ graffiti.

Arson suspected at mosque. Man killed after threatening Muslims. High-powered rifle fired at mosque. Cab driver shot for being Muslim, Attack on a shopkeeper for being Muslim, attack During Prayers and many more ugly actions taken against Muslims.


What do these facts tell to you? Doesn’t it tell you that a bad rhetoric can incite, stimulate and intensify hatred in the world? Wasn’t it the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler that made Germans kill, gas and massacre mercilessly Jews in the WWII?


If so, then that means clearly that the British, European and American Media moguls everyday open a new grave for Muslims. And history may repeat itself.



If the big media moguls continue to refuse to call a spade a spade, if they continue refer to every terrorist group as Muslims.

Then history can repeat itself and Muslims seem to take the fate of the Jews of the Second World War.


The yahoo UK wrote, ‘Anti-immigrant ‘Soldiers of Odin’ raise concern in Finland


‘Wearing black jackets adorned with a symbol of a Viking and the Finnish flag, the “Soldiers of Odin” have surfaced as self-proclaimed patriots patrolling the streets to protect native Finns from immigrants, worrying the government and police,’ Yahoo UK said. ‘They have carried placards at demonstrations with slogans such as “Migrants not welcome”.’


Well don’t worry that much about this. The same ugly fascist actions I have seen many times happening in the UK. The Britain First Movement and some other neo-Nazi groups operate unhindered all around UK.


The latest violent act that happened in the UK, and that was triggered by the Far right fascist groups, was tweeted on 30th January 2016.


Kent News ‏‪@HeartKentNews 8h

Violence between anti-fascists and far right in ‪#Dover following rally ‪#News


During the same day, the Internet was buzzing with violent actions against immigrants and Muslims that were happening in Sweden and Germany.


However, in the UK for instance these fascist activists have the endorsements of some famous journalists like Nick Robinson. I say that because Nick Robinson was photographed laughing like an ape during the Rochester by-election campaign with Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First. The latter is one of the most violent movements in Britain.


And when I tweeted to Nick Robinson during the summer 2015 and said;


Zarathustra ‏‪@TruthAlsoWisdom 27 Jul 2015

‪@bbcnickrobinson‪ Just a question for you great political analyst -what is the feeling of taking pictures with Fascist activists?


He then replied saying;


Nick Robinson ‏‪@bbcnickrobinson 27 Jul 2015

@TruthAlsoWisdom As the grandchild of German Jewish refugees I don’t need lectures on perils of fascism, thanks all the same.



So Nick Robinson tried to cover up his profound evil with his origin roots! Seemingly that he is a Jew. And now because he is a proud-to-be Jew he can’t be a fascist in his actions! So he fools the simple-minded folks! So he throws dust in their eyes.


As you can see he didn’t reply with a fair answer. The fact that he has Jewish roots that doesn’t tell me anything. He can have Jewish roots and be a Nazi in his actions.


Now the question is not ‘who are the Germans and who are the Nazis of the past.’ Because we already know that. We know how the Nazi German ruling class killed, gassed and massacred Jews of the WW II. And not only Jews of course!


But now the questions are, ‘Who are those that live in the now, but that act like the German ruling class in the time of Nazis? Who are the Jews of the past that are living in 2016? Who are the Jews that are living the same Jew-drama and going through the same Jew-tragedy that Jews went under the leadership of Nazis? Who are these wretched, unfortunate and desperate people?’


The question comes to be, ‘Who did massacre the children of Palestine in 2014? It was the Jewish Ruling class in Israel having the support of USA and Britain. We saw that in August 2014. When the Israel ruling class bombed the Palestinians, the British and American ruling classes laughed up their sleeves. Thank you!


Therefore, if Nick Robinson is a proud-to-be Jew. Then he is a secret supporter of Britain First that is a fascist movement and that hate Muslims too.


This is explained now logically because the Jewish ruling class of Israel is almost like the past Nazis of the Germany.


So Nick Robinson should not use his Jewish roots to cover up his profound hatred that he has against Muslims and humanity. Right?


It doesn’t matter where you are from. But it matters what you do. ‘You are what you do’ said JEAN Paul Sartre in Paris 65 years ago.


Therefore, the Jewish ruling class, American and European ruling classes are taking up the path of the past Nazis. As a result, the Jews of the past seem to be the Muslims. Especially Palestinians that are suffering under Jewish fascism that are backed by the USA and European ruling classes.


And poor immigrants look to be continually under threat. Immigrants fleeing war like Syrians.


And Syrian war that was caused from the dissent that happened in between European and American ruling classes and Russians.


Open thine eyes and look how Russian ruling class pulls on one side of Syria. And European and American ruling classes on the other side. They fight for their spoils just like in 1984. Wake up folks and think for yourself. Thank you!


Immigrants and Muslims those are taking the fate of the pasts Jews.


This is Nick Robinson, the BBC and the British and American big Media. That is to say, they are the present day hidden neo-Nazis.



And Nick Robinson is one of those neo-Nazis of now.



Also when I tweeted to Own Jones, the small privileged journalist of the Guardian, and said.


‪@TruthAlsoWisdom‪ think you need a liedown 🙂



Right? You see? When the BBC terrorizes the planet through its big radios and this truth does not suit and fit to the Guardian. Then it is not truth!

So thinks the little privileged monk of the Guardian!

The little monk of the Guardian, that when his personal interest is violated he jumps like a devil to say it with all the passions of hate and evil. But when there is the truth of the matter that does not suit and fit to Own Jones or the Guardian, the Sun or other big media moguls. Then it is not truth! Thank you!


Truth should suit and fit to the Guardian or other present day media tycoons in order to be truth!


This is it. The evil of the present day. And nothing left, but to grab a bucket and puke around London and New York.



The truth though, is this. That if you look in the past you will see that Tim Westwood was encouraging people to carry guns and knives at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. David Cameron said that in 2006.


Now in the 2016, Dj Charlie Sloth continually makes drug dealers famous. And he supported, at the BBC in 2013, the most terrible terrorist on earth that was Jihadi John.



But Tim Westwood and DJ Charlie Sloth never took the slightest critique from Nick Robinson or Own Jones. Or other famous journalists of the BBC and of the Guardian! Why? That is so because they are evil themselves. And evil never criticizes evil.


Truth should suit and fit to either the collective or personal British and American Big Media moguls in order to be TRUTH!



Question; ‘How did these fascist activists crop up just like that all around Europe and America? White supremacists in America! And white supremacists in Europe! They did so because of the big media rhetoric that refers to terrorist groups as Muslims. Therefore, their ugly rhetoric must be stopped and peace, harmony and truthfulness be spread around the planet.


Facts are pouring down like a heavy rain from a dark sky. And these facts show that the European and American big Media are becoming almost like the Nazis of the past.


The online Web-based research, ‘Media-Matters-For-America,’ wrote on January 8, 2016, ‘Fox Downplays Sexual Assault, Until It Fits Their Anti-Muslim Refugee Agenda.


It went on saying that, ‘On the January 6 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File, Fox guest and The Blaze television host Dana Loesch asked  “are we going to have to have like a little lesson on, can we teach these, you know, coming from a patriarchal society, can we tell Muslim migrants to not rape and sexually assault women?” Host Megyn Kelly also baselessly claimed that “they’ve let in a bunch of migrants … [and] the crime are allegedly committed by these guys!”


So now from the USA we come back to Europe.


Yahoo UK wrote on 13th January 2016, ‘German far-right cell planned attacks on Muslims, refugees – said prosecutors.’


The far-right front leader of France, Marine Le Pen, continues to maintain an evil rhetoric that blame immigrants and Muslims for whatever that happens in France.


The Week Magazine said in an article published in 2015,

‘The Sweden Democrats, a once-reviled party with roots in neo-Nazism, took 13 percent of the vote in last year’s election to become the third-biggest party in Parliament, mostly on a campaign to halt immigration.


Also it said; ‘ The neo-fascist Jobbik party, which advocates ethnic purity for Hungary, took 20 percent of the vote last year to become the third-biggest party in Parliament.


Furthermore, we have seen the Polish and the Danish and many other far-right European movements taking the same stance – spreading hatred against immigrants and Muslims.


As a result, these actions show that hatred against Muslims and immigrants is in full sail all across Europe.



On January 14, The Intercept_ published an interesting article.


‘Fearmongering Around Muslim immigrants echoes Anti-Asian Hysteria of Past.’ said Murtaza Hussain.

And the journalist continues to say that, ‘The fearmongering around Muslims entering the U.S. resembles not only the earlier panic over East Asian immigrants but around Jewish refugees as well.



Also he mentioned the entry of the Americans into World War II and the evil rhetoric of the famous American newspapers that were in favor of mass internment of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast, declaring, “To hell with habeas corpus!’



Now another final proof of How British and American Media uses its rhetoric against immigrants.


For instance, when a crime is committed from any immigrant. The Yahoo UK and New York Times together with the entire European and American media make for ‘immigrants’ background and ethnicity checks. They make them appear as the evil of all evil and tar the entire immigrants with the same brush.


But they refuse to say simply who committed the crime. What happened? When did these people commit the crime? Where something happened and why it happened. The latter mere description happens only when they are European or American nationals.


So for immigrants, they go deep at the their background and origin. And so they blame it all at his nationality and at his background, making them appear as evil with all his nation and all the blood relations of past and present.


As when it is American or European respected citizen that commit the crime. Like French and German and English. They make the crime appear as not that important and trim and cut redundant phrases that will relate it with the country of origin and make them appear evil.


The respectable British, French and English that from the 15th century to the middle of 20s century massacred and killed one another. And also they killed and massacred the weak nations that they invaded or that got in their way.


Example of how the British and American media works when an assault has happened in the UK or USA.

The Northamptonshire Telegraph wrote on 14th January 2016,


‘Police are appealing for witnesses to an alleged assault in Corby to come forward.’

The incident took place in Canada Square between a group of teenage boys at about 4.45pm on Saturday, January 9.

As regarding one rape story that happened in the USA recently, Yahoo UK described it with plain words cutting and trimming. Sure! As it always happens when an evil doing is executed by the USA or European respectable citizens.

‘Teen Boys Charged in Horrific Rape Released From Jail.’ Yahoo UK said. Also it added a few more details about the ‘what and the why.’ But nothing special like pointing out the evil culture that is instilled in the New York by the ugly and monstrous environment of guns and drugs. This thing was not mentioned at all, nor background and ethnicity!


So when they like they keep it short and sweet. But when a crime has happened as far as one year ago. And the perpetrators are immigrants. Then they dig the graves and unbury the dead.


They seize the opportunity to unfold all their hatred and evil spirit that these fake people of the Big present day MEDIA have for immigrants or the slaves of the now – also the ones that are the oppressed of all oppressed classes. And so they blame it all on immigrants!


A journalist of The New York Times, DAN BILEFSKY, on 11th January 2016 he tried to unbury the dead and wrote, ‘Swedish Police, Accused of Cover-Up, Look Into Reports of Sex Assault at Festival.


He then added and explaining that he was speaking about a rape that had happened a year ago. So he said, ‘ The police in Sweden, responding to accusation of a cover-up, said on Monday that they were investigating why the public had not been informed about sexual assaults by men reported to be migrants at a festival in Stockholm last summer.



So he points it out, ‘MIGRANTS!’ And he does it on propose. The fascists. There is not need why to point it out that they are migrants. At the end of the story we are all migrants.


But when were aware Nazis for being on earth? Were they aware when they gassed the Jews?


Another hateful journalist, Ivar Arpi – an ugly misanthrope, wrote in the Spectator newspaper saying that ‘immigration cannot be discussed frankly in Sweden. If you mention anything negative about refugees or immigration, you’re accused of playing into the hands of the reviled far-right.’


So he means that we have to label immigrants as criminals en mass! Whenever that it happens that one immigrant commits a crime! Because when one British or Swedish man commits a crime the media does not point out the Swedish or the English as being evil.


But the immigrants are portrayed in the most incredible way. And this action is despicable and sickening. Also, it is made on the purpose that serves an implicit Nazi agenda of the present day big media moguls.


Furthermore, the immigrants are the one percent part of the modern slavery, that are the present day working classes or the suffering masses of all countries.

But they are not the one percent part of the big and rich European countries. Also known as “exploiters.”



So, the Spectator and the New York Times and other big media tycoons were taking advantage of the news that some immigrants abused some women in Cologne Germany. And this was as a means to an end, – thing which suits and fits to their personal or collective interest.


This action though, was awful and whenever that it happens is awful.

Because it is not only immigrants that commit crimes. That’s true.


Therefore, this kind of racism and hatred that the big media are inflicting on immigrants is totally horrible and unacceptable. And it is closely to a Nazi Press way of doing.


Remember to say the five ‘Ws’ who, what, when, where and why.


There is no reason of why to call a perpetrator an immigrant or English. Unless you want to point out certain types of ethnicities as a means to an end. That is to say, – for political power and hatred. And this is what the present day European and American big Media is doing. That is, “they every day open a new grave for immigrants.”


 Why does all of this happen?


I gave you many facts and reasons of why it happens. But, it is political for sure. And you know politics is all about power. Politics is either about gold and silver or gas and oil.


And these journalists who continually blame immigrants and exaggerate things making a mountain out of a molehill serve directly or indirectly to fascist movements. That is to say ‘bribery’ shouldn’t be ruled out.

They perhaps take money underhand from these fascist activists! Who knows! Still they get money when they utter hatred and sell their newspapers.


Or, perhaps hatred sells more newspapers. Or perhaps it is an indirect and implicit political agenda. That means, ‘it is ordered from above



Or it is this the other way around, that they incite hate against immigrants and Muslims because it serves to their personal or collective interest as Big Media.


At the end that means; “They want to keep immigrants and Muslims with their heads under water. And so they remain forever the masters of slaves like they have been so far.


Therefore, that follows that the rich westerners that own the big media. And that are behind the big media want to keep Muslim with their heads under water and make them regret their being on earth. The rich westerners! These great people! They are generous ain’t they?


Their generosity goes beyond all reason in porn industry when they buy and sell the daughters of the European and American working classes and push them into the rehab and mad houses. And they call porn industry an art! They call women degeneration an art. They call killing an art. Everything for rich westerners is an art. All evil that comes from them is an art. Hitler was an Artist too. He was a painter. The rich Westerners! God bless them. The dead god of Nietzsche – hopefully!


But if evil comes from the other side. If evil comes from a side that they don’t like, then the rich westerners want to tar all the people with the same brush.


Why do they continue to refer to every terrorist group as an Islamic State?

Why don’t they call a spade a spade? Why does the BBC and other big media moguls refuse to refer to IS as Daeash? Why do the big media moguls continue to blame immigrants and Muslims en masse?



Why doesn’t the Big Media call the Pac culture of violence as being ‘Terrorist or evil?’ When it is BBC Radio 1Xtra that all day every day preaches hatred and glorifies violence?


All these are questions that need an answer.


May peace prevail on earth. And may understanding pervade the minds of these terror-lovers and fascists of the European and American ruling classes and Big Media Moguls.



Thus Speaketh Zarathustra to thee folks of the now!

Second Open Letter to the BBC. Dear Fran O’Brien, Tony Hall, Rona Fairhead – Dear Corrupted World


 The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways, the point, however, is to change it.

 Karl Marx, Theses of Feuerbach.

 So just like Karl Marx put it in world’s philosophy, so it is with rap’s world. You understand it? It is not incomprehensible.  Is it?


I mean, many politicians, writers, simple citizens and important people around the world have tried to explain the evil of rap. But no one has ever created a philosophy of how to change it.


Rap came from the ghettos of New York City. That means that those who began to rap had no idea of poetics or literature or humanism. But they had some knowledge of djing. And through the art of djing and in listening and learning from the lyrics of famous singers of the time, they began to toast and boast and rap. So rap came into being.


Some of the famous names that created rap were DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. All of them were gangster and loved guns, drugs and violence.


The rappers that went on their footpath and went from bad to worse were Dr Dree, 2 Pac, B.I.G, Eminem and others. Tim Westwood also, in the past he pushed hard to spread their evil message around the world through the reputation of the BBC. And now DJ Charlie Sloth is doing just the same – he is trying to perpetuate a Gangster Lifestyle in the human mind. And he is doing that at the BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra.


Is it incomprehensible? Is it?


What you listen on radios today you see it in realty.  I live in London town and I see how Rap is influencing the youth. I see young people memorizing their violent lyrics and becoming violent themselves.

Just think of it, if you listen all day songs with violent lyrics wouldn’t these violent ideas influence you in turn? And think of it as being an impressionable young mind. Thank you!


 The truth is that Rap has been corrupting not only the youth of London, but it has been corrupting the youth of the World as well. It is ‘music’ that is rooted in our spirit that first catches their attention, and with it lyrics that fuel them with the fire of violence and evil.


I see and listen about young people across Europe that listen to violent rap lyrics and become violent themselves. (at the end of this letter I will give you some proofs from some French MPs.)


 Also, I remember how much rap influenced me in my early teen days. And how much I hate rap now that I think that I have learned a few things in life. And that life is about knowing, overcoming yourself and becoming something bigger, greater and better. Life is about peace but not violence. But rap is spreading violence. That’s why I want to bring some change.


 Is it comprehensible?


 Hello Fran O’Brein. For goodness’ sake I know that you are an editor. And for sure, that you can write better than I do. But all of you at the BBC can’t reason better than I do. I reason better than you. And please don’t stick to any grammatical error of mine, but stick to the reason. And reason says that you are on the wrong side because you are spreading hatred via BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra. Reason says please take responsibility and enough with lies and shifting responsibility on others. So reason speaketh to you dear Fran O’Brein, Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall.


Rap has become a cancer to humanity. And this cancer is spread by the BBC’s radios. So isn’t this cancer something for you folks at the top of the BBC?


If not, where shall I find justice then? Where shall I take an opportunity to make the world a better place? Where?


Is it incomprehensible?


 Well, please read what the BBC says on Google about the BBC Trust;

‘The BBC exists to serve the public, and its mission is to inform, educate and entertain.

The BBC Trust is the governing body of the BBC, and we make sure the BBC delivers that mission.’


The truth is that BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra have been glamorizing a gangster lifestyle for years. They have made famous drug dealers and real terrorists like Jihadi John.  Therefore, they have been preaching hatred and spreading evil for years. But no one says a thing against that!


Where is your good reason Fran O’Brein? Are you a human of understanding and humanity? Ain’t you able as an editor to write an article and criticize this rap cancer? The profound misogyny that many rappers spread via the BBC, what does it mean to you? This kind of evil, doesn’t it inspire you to put a few words on the paper and try to change the world? OR IS IT THAT THIS ISSUE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU?


 DJ Charlie Sloth made famous Jihadi John on 2013 at the BBC, while Jihadi John was terrorizing London. Does that sound good to you? Where is your pen as an editor that you are Fran O’Brein?


You humanists of today should ask yourself. Are we humans? But, I fear that you are fascists. Your actions show that.


I came twice at the BBC to challenge you with good ideas and creativity, but you challenged me with your security power!

You see?


 Furthermore, why did you, Fran O’Brein tell me via email that ‘Your letter does not raise any matters that are for the BBC Trust?’


When it is the BBC that says on Google that our mission is to inform, educate and entertain.


 Then Fran O’Brein you seem to be wrong. Or does the BBC mean that by informing, education and entertaining, the BBC looks forward to spreading hatred, and to making terrorists and drug dealers famous?

So that means that you refer to art as violence.

Then art is violence. Because you are changing the meaning of art, and human creativity also.  Ain’t you?


The truth is that these violent messages that rappers of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra spread are infecting the world with evil.

Violence is evil.


Is it comprehensible? Or isn’t it? I think that it is not incomprehensible. I think that my reason is comprehensible.


 Now let me reiterate the ideas of my first letter that I sent to Rona Fairhead. Also I will add a few more ideas to show you that I have the philosophy ready to improve the negative rap ideology.


 My first idea was this. I wanted to take over ‘Fire In the Booth Show’ as a matter of honor. And I as a Dj, MC and Creator to bring values, innovation, creativity and positivity at BBC radio 1xtra or BBC radio one.


 I do that because I want to bring to Rap ideology, positivity, positive vibes, positive language and positive creativity. That means to get rid of the ideas that glorify guns and drugs and violent messages in general. And announce that at the ‘Fire in the Booth Show’ will not be allowed artists that praise Guns, Drugs and Violence, full stop.

These ideas of positivity and creativity, that are humanistic values in essence, will make rappers think and create in a better way. So not only to censure the lyrics of the negative rappers, but to not allow them in the show at all. Because the idea of censuring them doesn’t give them a lesson, it doesn’t show them the way and it doesn’t criticize them. It doesn’t educate them regarding what they are doing and that is totally wrong.


Why on earth all these rappers that come at the BBC and glorify violence do not get criticism? So first of all, I will not allow negative rappers that glorify violence in the show. And secondly I want to bring strong criticism with me and criticise whomever is at the top of rap industry and that preaches hatred in the world.  Is it comprehensible?

Also, I think that only in this way can this social cancer start to become a budding future. Only in this way can this infectious disease, that is rap, start to fade away and replace its ideology of guns and drugs and hatred with the ideas of art and creativity and positivity. Ideas that aim and have as a goal – humanism and humanity.

Is it comprehensible?

Also I wrote to you regarding the essence of being an artist.

I said you what Thomas Man, Franz Kafka and James Joyce meant by the idea and the meaning of being an artist. And my opinion was as follows. First of all to be an artist always meant to be a human being that is always with a book on the lap, but not a human being with a gun in each hand. And the BBC is portraying artists as lovers of guns and violence. That is a wrong ideal and I want to change it.

Now, let me briefly clarify a big misunderstanding that is happening in here. And make clear how things work.


When you make a movie you usually mirror and represent the reality; you create antagonists and protagonists and you leave people to see by themselves, what is good and what is bad. When you write a book is almost the same thing. But when you rap you express subjective ideas and thoughts because you write Lyrics in the first person; I make, I do and I create. And so through this method one penetrates deep in the human consciousness.

To be a rapper is different from being an actor. When you are an actor you play a role. As when you rap you pretend to be a poet and have a message for the world. As I said, when you rap, you speak mainly in the first person, I do, I make and I create. And so you pervade the human consciousness and influence it through music, lyrics and feelings. So it is with rap and rappers.

The novelist David Lodge suggested that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness.

Therefore, rappers are or pretend to be lyrical poets. They express their subjective ideas and thoughts. But they do it badly and madly. And they do it so because those at the top of rap ideal are ignorant. They are ignorant because they love violence.

 Therefore, ignorance and violence are not strength but evil. So I want to grill them in criticism. I want to change rap. Moreover, I have what it takes and I can tell you how it goes.

Many rappers that have preached hatred have been the authors of crimes and the narrators of their stories. Like 2 Pac and Eminem. That’s true. They have been the drug dealers and the authors of their stories. So these authors now like only their kind. They like only negative rappers. They like only negativity and hatred.

Furthermore, in combining the hip-hop beat, technology and lyrics, rappers have become masters of feelings. And they always practice the sad and angry emotions, through which they penetrate deep in the human conscious awareness. Therefore don’t be surprised if you see a London and Europe full of thugs and drug dealers because they reflect and mirror the super-thug-stars at the BBC. As a consequence, thugs of the present day world are directly or indirectly inspired by the thugs of the BBC.


‘I’m language and language is what I express and what I express is what I am’ said once Sartre. I mean language is action. Language is thought and in language is contained positivity and negativity of being on earth. ‘Language expresses our thoughts and ideas’ said Martin Heidegger.


Therefore, I think that to continually make use of negative language means to spread negativity. Because words are emotionally charged. Negative language is charged with negative emotions. And this is what the BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra have been doing so far. That is to say; they have preached hatred and negativity. As a result BBC has made the world a worse place.


Therefore in Rap must come some change. And I want to bring positive rappers forward. And ditch the negative ones until they give up their negative ideas of guns and drugs. That means that I want make the world a better place.

Is it comprehensible?


 In the UK are thousands of DJs. So I wanted to take over Fire in The Booth show for three months only. And then leave it on other hands through a competitive show. I want it to make a yearly competitive show.

That is to say, to make ‘Fire in the Booth’ a Show that is reachable by every DJ/MC in the UK.


 Every year a DJ/MC who has novelty, innovation and new ideas in the back of his mind to be able to take over the show.

And my idea is to make it a show that every DJ/MC keeps it just for a year and then leaves it on the hands of someone else the next year.

And so we see movement, we see hope, we see fair share, we see art, we see creativity and we see novelty every single year. As a result, we see a better entertainment industry.


Because innovation is not valued in the entertainment industry. Because the entertainment industry is rotten to the core.

Because the entertainment industry rarely gives opportunities to talented people that are out of their circle. Because people who work in the entertainment industry respect their friends and the friends of their friends. And so they have made an entertainment industry in general that is full of evil and negativity where there is no fair share and no opportunity for these people that they don’t like.


In rap industry they have made their rules. The rules of drugs, guns and violence. So I want to reverse these rules and get rid of these violent messages. I want to bring my ideas with me. Ideas that these rappers that praise guns, knives and glorify violence shouldn’t be allowed at Fire in the Booth, full stop.


Charlie Sloth looks like a real Don Quixote. I say that because he is a fan of Dr Dree, that was part of one of the most violent groups in the world N.W.A. And he wants to repeat this ugly history. He wants to do whatever Dr Dree did in his own time. Therefore, he looks like Don Quixote because he wants to turn the wheel of the present day world backwards.


In one of the messages that he spoke to me on Instagram, he said that I am not responsible for what rappers say at the BBC. As I want to take responsibility for what rappers say at the BBC. I want to criticise them and I want to educate them, not just stand there and praise them like Charlie Sloth does every Saturday night.

That is not acceptable. The fact that when rappers, at the BBC, glorify guns and violence he supports them in what they do. What do you want more then? You invite drug dealers at the BBC, praise them and make them famous. Thank you. That’s all you need. That is what Charlie Sloth does. And that is what I want to change. Namely, I will put things right for the younger generations of the world.

In a few words; ‘My philosophy is that I want to take over ‘Fire in The Booth Show’ and give opportunities, to come and rap or pipe or chant or play with the words, only to those that have creative values and positive vibes. And only to those that use their Human Creative power to make a better world, but not destroy it.’

My philosophy is that I want to make Rap in general an art that inspires goodness, contains human values and entertains the world as well.

My philosophy is that I want to replace the ideology of 2 Pac and MACHIAVELLI, that is a way of thinking in the now and that means that to praise violence is art, to spread hatred is art and everything is art, with my philosophy of MC Keen – Zarathustra. My philosophy intends to entertain the world, to be creative and to have fun. But it condemns those that spread hatred and negativity around the world.

This was my idea in a few paragraphs. I know that you will now say that it is not ‘our job’ to give you this opportunity. But who are those that can give me an opportunity then? Who? Because I live in a world that is rotten to the core in all directions.

Let me tell you that I have explained to Rob Littlejohn my philosophy via email and I begged to him in 2014 and 2015, to give me an opportunity to improve rap. But he instead of giving me an opportunity, he sent me threatening messages on my mobile phone. He silenced me for about one year.


Rob Littlejohn said on my phone this, ‘If I see another tweet with my name in it – you will be dealing with the BBC legal team and police for public slander. Please take this as a final warning. Goodbye.’ And it was a sweet as sugar threat. Thing, which I kept inside me and I felt the pain deep. The pain of being threatened because I wanted to make a better world!

There was no slander in my messages. There was only truth. Jihadi John accusation was true. They made him famous at a time when he was terrorising London. It is true that they make famous drug dealers. It is true that they glamorise a gangster lifestyle. And it is true that they glorify guns and drugs and violence. So Rob Littlejohn simply used the name of the BBC to silence me.

Also at that time I was thinking about suicide. Rob Littlejohn and his threat did that. The BBC did that. And that’s why I have named you ‘fascists’ for a million times on twitter. It was pain and truth that compelled me to say that.


Also I have called the BBC Radio 1Xtra many times. I have tried to keep in touch with some people there. A few producers promised me that they will reply to me but they never did. I have come to protest at the BBC, but no one spoke about it. Why?

Then, where is the opportunity to make a better world? Where is the fair share of Entertainment industry?


Is it comprehensible?


Question; Have I created any show to change rap? Yes I have introduced a ‘Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy in 2015 on an Internet TV station. But it is the big media that controls the mind of the present day people. And whatever you say, whatever you do or make, if you do not take the recognition of the big media, then you are lost. No one listens to you. The big media controls the mind of the people. That is true.


Is it comprehensible?


Did you forget the truth of the matter that we are the products of a violent world? So is it stupid to campaign against some disturbing and ugly messages that the BBC SPREADS? Is it stupid to fight for my principles that oppose your ideas of violence, hatred and brutality?


 Fran O’Brien on her email to me, she said, Your letter is incomprehensible and does not raise any matters that are for the BBC Trust.


Am I incomprehensible? But the proud-to-be drug dealers and gangsters of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra are they comprehensible?


Am I being incomprehensible? In my open letter to Rona Fairhead, I also sent some video links. I sent some of the videos of the BBC Radio 1Xtra that they have uploaded on YouTube. I sent the links of these videos. These videos showed rappers that glorify guns, drugs and violence.


Did you check the videos? Let’s say that I was incomprehensible. But, how about the videos? Were the videos of Rappers of the BBC that I sent in my Open Letter to you, incomprehensible?


Am I incomprehensible Fran O’Brein?

Don’t you feel guilty for all the misogyny and hatred that BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra spread around?


If you people at the top of the BBC have learnt about the art of the sleep. Then have a good sleep.


 But, let me say to you that;


To glorify guns is not art.

To glorify violence is not art.

To glorify hatred is not art.

Art was born to denounce violence, to denounce hatred and to denounce the means that kill humanity.


And David Bohm said that art means to fit. Therefore, what rappers are doing at the BBC Radios does not fit. So it is not art. And if it is  hatred like it is, then it has to change. Down with your hatred, down with your ignorance and down with your evil power. Long lives humanity. Long lives humanism. Long lives truthfulness, freedom and human goodness.


  Now let me add and two more ideas;


 One idea is to create a Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy.


And to explain this philosophy of mine in a few words, then I have to unfold it through four philosophical principles.

That means; to point out, to indicate, to inspire and to show the way to the world, – to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist.



First: ‘To point out what is right and what is wrong in the rap ideology.’ That means to point out that to glamorize a gangster lifestyle and to promote violence and to praise guns are wrong ideas to do. Because these ideas point out evil, these ideas bring and create evil upon the earth that we share and dwell.



And that’s what evil is. And it is, wrong doing, wrong making and wrong creating. Evil is violence.


Secondly; To indicate the way, to show to the young people but and old rappers also how these things work. To educate them with positive vibes, positive language and positive doings.


Many rappers glorify guns just because they think that in doing so they can catch quickly the attention of the people and so they can sell millions of records. That is their point, to sell records and to buy shoes. They can’t look beyond shoes and money and dancing.


 This action though, shows that they are unaware of human values and humanity. This action shows that they act out of greed and longing for money and power. But like Nietzsche put it, money-power is the power of cowards, but knowledge is the real power. So I mean rappers should start to hit the books and understand by themselves how humans have lived in harmony and how they have destroyed one another.


People have lived in harmony when they have promoted goodness, balance in doings, makings, and humanity.  But humans have destroyed one another when they have started to promote hatred and violence.


So the point is that this kind of violence that the BBC and other big radios or TVs promote is unacceptable and need to be stopped. And the sooner they are stopped, the better the world will be.


Thirdly to inspire the youth and the world through these innovative ideas of positivity, good vibes and good language that spread a happy and optimistic energy on earth. And so show the way through these very ideas. Also, it is important that we get rid of evil ideas. Evil ideas like guns, like drugs, like hatred, like misogyny and other kinds of demeaning language or derogatory terms that many rappers make use.


To sum my idea up, to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist means to be positive, to be humanist and to be creative for humanity and for our world, which we create it anew with our own hands.


So in a competitive Hip-Hop Revolution show Philosophy, I intend to bring new passions and new powers that have positivity forwards. And through this idea to overcome the 40 years ideology of rap that continues to brings negative powers and passions forwards.


 Second New Idea


My second new idea is to create a show called ‘The Time for Positive Creativity. Where people of any genre and any age and any talent can come to rap, to speak, to recite, to pipe or to sing whatever they like. These people can come with the purpose of spreading a positive energy. And this ‘whatever’ should be based in Positive Creativity ideology.


And positive creativity ideology is based in human goodness and in positive and creative language. Thing which means that you as an editor, Dj, rapper or whatever should not allow ideas of evil to penetrate in the show and so to destroy its basis. You should not allow derogatory or demeaning language in the show.


You should not allow negative language in the show. For it is negative language that spreads negativity in the world. And it is positive language that spreads positivity in the world too.


So let us keep up optimism, good vibes and positive energy. Let us propagate POSITIVE CREATIVITY and make the planet a better place. Less violent and more positive.


 Authors, Thinkers and Politicians that have written and spoken about Hip-Hop Culture and its evil part


The Influence of Rap and Hip-Hop Music; An Analysis on Audience Perception of Misogynistic Lyrics.’ By Gretchen Cundiff.


Using a qualitative content analysis, this research examined how college students perceive and respond to the portrayal of women when exposed to misogynistic lyrics.



Henry A. Rhodes, is a writer and teacher in the United States, at his study ‘The evolution of rap music in the United States, he speaks about three major events which took place in Bronx, New York City and which led to the birth of rap. Also, to the birth of violence and hate.



Rap, Black Rage, and Racial Difference

Steven Best and Douglas Kellner
Enculturation, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1999.

Here you can have a look at the east and west coast murderers, racial hatred, brutality and violence as the essence of it. Steven Best said; ‘Artists living and dying the violent scenarios they were performing.



Is Extremist Hip Hop Helping ISIS? An article written by Hisham Aidi said that ‘After the beheading of Foley, anxieties are building on both sides of the Atlantic on the hip hop connection in European Islam and its recruitment potential into the ranks of ISIS and other jihadist groups in the Middle East and North Africa. 


Street Image Helps a Young Rapper, Until It Doesn’t.

Hip-Hop Star Bobby Shmurda, in Jail, Finds His Label Unsupportive. By JOE COSCARELLI.


This article shows the relations of rap and crime.


‘Judge Rules Suge Knight to Stand Trial for Murder.’ An article written by Jeff nelson. Again this article shows the relations of crime with rap.


‘We Need to Stop Glamorising Gangster Lifestyle’, says Croydon rapper. Written by Gareth Davis on November 2015. This article shows the facts that rappers promote violence.  And their violent messages influence the young generations of now.


With these facts, I want to say that Rap in general brings violent characters forward because at the top of rap industry are people that love violence. And they know that violence catches human attention quickly. But they are okay with that because they make money. Therefore, we live in a world where money is above all and everything.


But, I think that this negative ideology of rap should change its path.


Politicians and Politics.


German officials have tried to indict rappers. French, Canadian and American officials also have tried to do the same thing.


David Cameron in 2006 accused Tim Westwood for encouraging people to carry guns and knives.

French MPs in 2005 accused some rappers in France for inciting racism and hatred. And they said that these rappers that promote violence should be banned from radio play.

‘MP Francois Grosdidier told France-Info radio it was no surprise youths ‘saw red’ after listening to violent lyrics.’ Said BBC News on 24th November 2005.


Running for reelection in 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle urged record stores to stop selling Shakur’s album 2Pacalypse. Now on the ground that its lyrics condoned violence against the police.


Even Russell Brand at his Revolution book said that these messages of guns and violence of 2 Pac and Eminem move fast and stick hard. That is to say that violent messages that the BBC is spreading are moving fast through the fame of the radios and sticking hard in human mind. Consequently these messages make the world more violent and a worse place to live in.


Furthermore, there are millions of facts and articles of men that love peace and harmony that show that rap is degenerating and downgrading the world. And that these violent rappers are inciting violence, disorder and encouraging evil on earth.


The ending point; now that I put the values on the new table. I told you the how, the why and the what. Now it is time that you do your part. Do something about it. Or give me an opportunity to make the planet a better place.



Thus speaks Zarathustra to you folks at the top of the BBC and to the world that is rotten to the core.





A Suicide Attack On the Evil Values of the Present Time by the Creator of the New Values

‘Every time that I close my eyes, I feel like this is going to be the last time that I will breathe consciously. Not because I don't like living anymore. But, because questions keep coming and answers keep declining.

However, I still keep going through the storm of....

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The Mafia, Bernie Sanders and the New York Times working in concert with the Killer Mike, the Terrorist

POLITCS -12540529_575348959286608_3355280632716487973_n

Killer Mike is one of the most violent rappers in the USA. A big evil that preaches hatred. An evil creature that glamorizes a gangster lifestyle, glorifies guns, drugs and violence. Google it. Killer Mike Lyrics.


Now instead of getting criticism for what he does, he gets admiration from the New York Times and Bernie Sanders. This is it! That’s all you want! Politicians, media moguls and thugs working together! That is to say; thugs working with thugs for a better world!


Question: ‘How comes that this violent man, Killer Mike, now he is praised by politics and media? Isn’t all of this just because he has some supporters and these supporters can vote? And is it that politicians are after every source that can bring to them some votes? ‘Votes,’ I said. And the knives behind the back of those who vote these hypocrites. The politicians.


Obviously, whenever you see powerful politicians, you also see powerful media moguls standing behind them like ancient shields. That’s how they consolidate power. They have powerful shields and evil mouths. And now that is election time they seek support from the scum and disgusting ideologies of the present day society. These big evil mouths! Present day media and politics.


Therefore, with whatever sword that you strike these evil beings, their shield is strong. Their evil mouth is big too. The big media shield. The big media mouth. The nocturnal moths and bats that never stop speaking and talking and acting like humans!  The mind controllers. The present day media. The masters of feelings and minds. The true terrorists. The real mafia of the present day world. The big media. The big evil. Bernie Sanders, the New York Times and Killer Mike!



You see? All of a sudden you see Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders. Obviously it’s politics. ‘It’s election time,’ as I said previously. And so the New York Times that benefits from their promotion, now it glorifies the link of the fox and the wolf. Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike. Mafia and terror-spreaders. Or to put it in a better way – the thugs.



This is the now. The hypocrisy is deep. The pain is profound. The ugly actions are everywhere. And now evil is called good and vice versa. Even teens in their slangs now they use the bad as good and vice versa. Yes this the now. Can’t you feel the pain? But pain is not for sheep pain is for humans. Ask yourselves are you a human?



What else do you want on earth to see? This is the so-called apocalypse. A politician like Bernie Sander, that pretends to denounce violence, makes relations with killer Mike, that preaches violence.


And the New York Times. The so-called impartial media! Now it instead of harshly criticizing this hypocrite and dangerous action, it glorifies the bond. Of course the bond of mafia. The mafia of media. The mafia of politics. And the mafia of rap. All working together in concert and with a mission in their minds, to fool the present day sheep and throw dust in their eyes.


Apocalypse. Apocalypse. This is the end of the world. And we are living in the days of an Armageddon. The French Bourgeois of the 19th century are back into being. And this class with its writers, its speakers, its men of talent and ambition, its deputies, generals, bankers, and lawyers, has grouped itself round a New Yorker journal, – the New York Times. The Mafia.


Humanistic Socialism – New Political Theory by Dr ACactivism

In an exploitative capitalist mode of production, that seems forever to make the richer rich and the poor, poorer. We see the alienation of the many good and righteous beings into greedy, mean, weak, vile, ungenerous and hypocrite people. And this happens by a high form of exploitation that shows to be as clear as day and true as light. And as the logic of two plus two equal four. 

For what else would you do under intense mental pressure, continual exploitation and unceasing worry about your food on the table, your rent and your existential needs?

So the political conditions, that have been created to exploit, and the circumstantial politics, that have been forged to manipulate, will willy-nilly alienate the many into something vile, mean and evil. Human beings who would refuse to care and stand for what is human. And human beings who will see even the “murder of man by man” as a new normal. Just like the exploitation of man by man is. 

But how did we come to this point of human degradation? one may ask.

Nowadays, we see that a heyday of a new form of Feudalism coupled with a rotten form of capitalist mode of production has plagued our entire Western world in the last centuries. And created a form of political theory similar to that of a feudal pyramid.

Now of course, here are a few differences to be pointed out. For example, our sick mode of capitalist production instead of...

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Merry Christmas to London, to the city of Thieves, Prostitutes and Beggars

‘The beggars are begging, the thieves are stealing, the whores are whoring.’

Bertolt Brecht, - The Threepenny Opera.

Well, what I noted above was happening or happened only at the time of Brecht. Or say that that was only happening during the 20s Century. Was it? No. Wrong.

Well, maybe the beggars were begging, the thieves were stealing, and the whores were whoring only in the 21st century? No. Wrong. It never happened.

These things are not happing now and here, in my time, at all. Yes what I said is as true as steel. Very true! These things never happened! True!

No, I do not see a London full of escorts. No. Full stop. I do not see a London that buys and sells women. No. No. No, I do not see a London that exploits to death everything that is weak and that is part of the working classes. 

No. No, no, I do not see a London with a few thieves at the top and millions of beggars at the bottom. No. No. No. No. No. No, I do not see a London where thieves are stealing, whores are whoring and beggars are begging. Wrong. My theme is totally wrong. Bertolt Brecht was wrong too. Merry Christmas…

Hey, you hello? Before you go, wait a second though, let me explain myself and tell you a story. That is my story.


First, let me talk of the the Category of the Thieves.

 Merry Christmas to the Big Media that speaks only about its own interest – Merry Christmas.

The Press of Fascists - Merry Christmas.

On 25th November 2015 I was talking on the phone to the Guardian Newspaper. A fascist journalist was on the other side of the phone talking to me. And we were talking. But I ask, "How dare one talk to a corrupted and sick system that speaks and talks only about its own interest?"

‘Hi there’ I said, ‘my name is Zarathustra. And I am protesting in front of the BBC. Is it possible that you can come and tell this truth to the world?

‘Why are you protesting at the BBC?’ came the voice of the Journalist from the other side of the phone, strict and angry like he was talking from a war place where bullets fire continuously.

‘I’m protesting here because BBC Radio 1Xtra continually preaches hatred.’ I replied.

DJ Charlie Sloth has made terrorists famous at the BBC.  And this is a fact.  He also controls entertainment industry with a few other friends. And allows at the BBC Radio One and 1Xtra mostly those that he knows. So creating big corruption in the entertainment industry. 

However, the BBC is not taking any actions to put things right. BBC is not taking responsibility for the evil that it spreads or for the social power that it controls.  So I want to make the world aware and put things right. You understand me?

‘I’m afraid this is not for us’ he said. ‘This is not a story that can be with interest for us. This is not a story of interest for us.’  the journalist phone operator repeated. 

"This is not a story of interest for us!" So, it seems that they speak only about things that they like, but not about things that matter for the world or the for the human beings "This is not a story of interest for us." he said. Right?

‘But also, I have been intimidated by the security of the BBC and I have been forced to leave their headquarters.’ I added. ‘This is not for us.’ he answered. The journalist of the Guardian that was supposed to be interested to say the truth to the world! In this case refused to say the truth!

‘It is a truth that needs to be said to the people’ I stated, ‘they should know about things that matter and happen otherwise people will remain like sheep in stables, running to and fro from the stable to the water trough, you get it? I said to the phone operator. 

"Otherwise people will know only to run from work to home and vice versa. Just like they are doing now. You get me my dear journalist of the Guardian?"

‘I’m not interested,’ he shouted. His voice now was becoming coarser and coarser and even intimidating like the security of the BBC.

The security of the BBC, was a big, tall, fat creature that was like a jungle elephant and that seemed to know nothing about humanity. However, he knew the name of the BBC very well. And only the BBC made sense to him!

So, He was standing in front of me a few minutes before my conversation with the fascist journalist of the guardian. And thus in a firm, strict and resolved tone of voice, he said. ‘You leave the territory of the BBC now or I will speak to you in a different way."

So with an imperialist breath and manner, he forced me to leave the headquarters of the genuine BBC! And the one who did that was not any journalist, who works behind the scenes in the studios of he BBC getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

So, rather, the one who forced me to leave the BBC's property was their Security power. The security who protects the intelligent. 

But, anyways, I didn’t go at the BBC to speak to the security. So rather I went there to speak to these people that pretend to love wisdom, but that, however, they love to oppress and drown out our voices."

‘So the truth that the Security of the BBC was intimidating me a while ago. The truth that the DJs of the BBC Radio 1Xtra preach hatred and control entertainment industry. And do not allow us to participate with songs and ideas at The BBC. The truth of the matter that they make terrorists famous at the BBC, is not for you? Isn’t this a story that need to be said? Isn’t this the truth of the fact?’ I said.’

The journalist of the Guardia hung up on me at the end. 

I called the Guardian there and back again.’It’s me Zarathustra’ I said, ‘I believe in reason and humanity, do you? ‘Don’t call us again’ He replied angrily and with an air of trying to not only scare me, but even stick the fear in the radio frequency link and make it blend with my body quarks. ‘Don’t call us again.’ he said. This time firmer, bolder, louder and showing to be more fascist in his voice.

But he didn’t tell the reason of why to not call him again. I mean the human reason. Not that brutal reason that this truth is not for us. For truth need to be said to the people. For at the end these people are empowered by us, the people, to say the truth to the world. Not oppress and control us. 

Further, the bum of Kim Kardashian and present day models, that take half of the space of every newspaper, isn’t more important than our fight and war for a better world, is it?

 The bum of Kim Kardashian isn’t more important than our fight for a world without hatred and violence, is it?

I have asked myself about creativity and activism before deciding to put ink on this paper. And I still do ask and I am glad to listen and learn. However, let me say here that the Present Day Press has no respect for anything good and true on earth. For they respect only if something is of interest for them. This is the Press of the today. The press of fascists and Nazis, I mean.

One may ask thus; what is the job of these present-day papers? Isn’t it to tell the truth that matters to the world? And if they are not doing that. If they refuse to publish things that matter, then why are they calling themselves ‘the Press?"

Are they called, the free Press because they faithfully serve to the personal interests of different corporations? Yes, the truth seems to be so. 

So the fascist journalist of the Guardian hung up on me again. And he did so, because he works for the "independent free press" that serves only to its own interest. And that speaks only about its own interest. 

Then yes, I called again. I wasn’t angry at all, but I was feeling the pain deep. The pain of living in a world of hypocrites and double-dealers that refuse to tell the truth to the world. The pain of living in a world of the sheep that think that whatever comes from the Guardian and BBC and the Sun and The New York Time, and other present day media moguls, it is great. And needs to be respected and heard. 

So if you don't have fame, you make no sense. This is how the present day sheep thinks. No fame, no sense!

'Why don’t you tell the truth to the world that the BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC make terrorists famous, controls entertainment industry, silence our voice and uses security power to intimidate us?" I said on the phone to the fascist Journalist of the Guardian.

‘Don’t call us again’ yelled He. And He yelled just like a dinosaur that was near its death, but that deep inside longed to live and tread on human’s heads and bodies and why not swallow them all up once and forever.

He didn’t say the reason, the human reason of why I should not call again the Nazis of the Guardian. Nazis that refused to say the truth again and again. The last sentence I also said on twitter on 25th November 2015. You can check it out at @TruthAlsoWisdom.

Then, after ending the phone call with the Guardian, I called a few other newspapers. I called and emailed: The Telegraph, the Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the London Evening Standard and some other local, national and international newspapers.

What was interesting though, was the fact that they all replied and said the same thing. That is, "This is not of interest for us. This is not a story for us."

And so, it seemed like they had been at the same schools and they had studied the same books – the books of hypocrisy. The books of speaking and talking only about their own common media interest.

The Daily Mail, for instance that in the past supported Nazis, now they hate Muslims. For they have changed their tactic of thinking, but not their essence of working, however.

Nevertheless, there are too many newspapers like the Daily Mail nowadays. So don't worry about this! 

Then, at the end, allow me to say, Merry Christmas to the Press of Fascists. Merry Christmas to thieves of the U.K Media monopolies who feed on the blood of the simple-minded people.

Now, the Second in row that enter at the Category of thieves are the politicians.

For they are the thieves that steal family members from the working classes and send them to war. They are they thieves that say war is peace and vice versa. 

We must understand that we are all in the same boat in regards to hatred and wars. And the world makes no sense with wars and hatred. Hence, we should say "STOP and NO" to David Cameron why is saying that war is peace so obviously and so openly.

For it seems that Cecil Rhodes, the past famous warmonger of Britain, is still alive. And he is passionate about war and invasions. And this Cecil Rhodes is called but, David Cameron. 

To be  honest, nowadays U.K Politics and Politicians" are doing to the world almost exactly what Orwell predicted at 1984. And almost exactly what Lenin said at his deed Imperialism is the Highest Stage of Capitalism. That meant, that the bigger powers will share the world between themselves.

And like Orwell put it at his dystopian novel 1984, Oceania and Eurasia and Eastasia fight to share the spoils in between. And these spoils in between big powers here, as we have seen have been so far, have been the Syrian people.

For we have seen, on the one side American Politics backed up by European politics. And on the other side Russian politics backed up by china and Iran and other little warmongers. So the big powers pulling and tearing up the poor and wretched people of Syria. You get the pain of our time? This is the now, gentlemen. 

Also, we have seen Ukraine to become the same kind of war hotspot. Palestine has been as such "war hotspot" for a log time. Africa has been a prey of Westerners for a long time too and so on.

Hence, Merry Christmas to this category of thieves and bloodsuckers and man-eaters too. Merry Christmas to the evil politicians and evil politics of the now.

Now, the last in line that enter under the category of thieves is the category of prophets.

So it seems that Jesus Christ is on his way to earth, and on his way to preach death. As the prophets Eckhart Tolle, Russell Brand and others are teaching the way to death. For teachers and preachers of death enter under the category of thieves in my story here. 

For these teaches and preachers of death lie today people and steal not only their money with their fake books. But even their honor. They steal even that little dignity that every human needs to have. The right to live in peace and forget about preachers of death and pain.

So it seems that these teaches and preachers of death leave people with nothing. For they steal every ounce of human dignity and of human value out of the hearts of the human beings.


The Category of Prostitutes of London.


 The Second Category is the Category of Prostitutes that have inv...

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