Yesterday, 13th May 2016. I was campaigning in front of the ITV to try and raise awareness about my ideas. Also, I was there to introduce a new idea of mine that is “Creative-ism Movement Show.” And that means to question and challenge the power of now, that is Big Media, Politics and Corporations, through creativity and movement.



However, some of these ideas for which I wanted to raise awareness, I have published on my eBook on Amazon under that title, “How To Change The World.” But for this book and these ideas the British Media do not give me an opportunity to speak.

Still in the British Media’s mouth are prostitutes, reality idiot-like stars, drug dealers and thugs. And all evil and negativity of the present day world. And yet my ideas that intend to change the world for the better are being silenced!


The reason why they oppress my ideas is because I oppose their ideas.

Piers Morgan has heard many times my voice and my pain on twitter. But still he doesn’t give me five minutes time to express my idea on ITV. Like ITV is of these people! And like it is to be used for personal interest and not to be used for the interest of humanity, truth and goodness.


I mean what is happening is incredible. It sounds unreal, at the first glance. But it is true as my being on earth. And this happens because I oppose ideas that they do not want to change. You get it? “Ideas are factual like human beings,” believed Dostoyevsky.


On my eBook I have ideas like Hip-Hop Revolution. Thing, which the BBC, the MTV and the Guardian love it to be the way it is. That is with thugs and drug dealers.


Also I want a fair entertainment industry where opportunity, innovation and creativity are highlighted. And a few other big ideas of mine that the big media continues to disregard.

Ideas like Women’s True Liberation. Creative-sim Movement, Positive Creativity, etc.


And so I was campaigning because I am not being heard. I mean it is horrible. I have been many times mistreated in front of the BBC and of the Guardian. And on 23rd and 24th March I was arrested at the ABC, New York Times and FOX TV headquarters in New York. But again no one talks!


I feel like living in a sea of snakes and scorpions where the Big Media that controls the main means of mass communication is trying to poison my true ideas and innovative movement like my “Creative-ism Movement.”


However, the yesterday story at the ITV is as follows.


I was spreading toilet paper in front of the ITV. Exactly at the ITV “sign” that is in the street. Because they feel to be superior over all people and thinkers like the rest of the British Media. The masters of slaves!


And at that time one from the Securities of the ITV came to disrupt my campaign. But I said that I was campaigning against the “Fascists of the ITV.” That is the journalists of the ITV that contain true information and dispense useless stories. He then misunderstood that and came with his two fingers close to my face.


He was literally holding his two fingers straight towards my eyes, (the middle and index finger of his right hand) and brought them close to my face while he was talking. I didn’t move towards him, but he was moving back and forth towards me.


I caught him and his action towards me on camera though. Still I missed to record his fingers. Perhaps because I felt scared and I wasn’t able to focus much in what he was doing. For he had crossed my personal space at that time. And all animals get the shivers down their spine when one crosses in his/her personal space in a threatening manner.


Also, he can be seen in the video that he crossed my personal space with threatening language and a loud tone of voice. I then can be heard saying to him; “DON’T PUT YOUR FINGERS IN MY FACE.” He then replies “I PUT THE FINGERS IN YOUR FACE. You call me that again.”


He seemed to have one-sided idea of being fascist. And his judgment was flawed and wrong. That is the judgment of the sheep that the majority of the British Media have. That is to think that to be a fascist means to get back in time and kill Jews and Black people and other people all over again!


But he didn’t have a clue of the symbolism of fascisms that is “violence and the use of force against those that use democratic means to change the world for the better.


So he was trying to put the muzzle on my free speech and creative spirit. He was disrupting my peaceful protest. And again this Security of the ITV said that he could put his FINGERS on my face. But still this Security of the ITV didn’t want to be called “Fascist!”


That sounds strange to me. To be fascist in your actions and to not want to be called fascist!



And his violent actions towards me turned him but into a fascist, anyways. 


However, I really felt scared. I wasn’t there to fight with the security. I was there to challenge the journalists of the ITV with speech, ideas and creativity.


But that’s how I am being treated. This is the British Media. The superior media that uses dogs with sharp teeth to silent creators. A media that does not even give an opportunity to express your pain. Why? Because they feel superior! They are arrogant. And also they think that they are too intelligent. Too intelligent!


Too intelligent. Of course 1984. That is the answer for the neo-fascists of the British Media.



I know that I am not an English native speaker but my ideas and actions are crystal clear and plain as day. Despite the fact that sometimes I repeat myself due to not having the eloquence of a native English speaker. Despite that my pronunciation of the words isn’t like that of a British man.


But doesn’t mean that because of the fact that I am not a native English Speaker, the big media must continue to silence my voice. And with it my innovative actions too. Because I have studied world’s philosophy to raise my spirit at this level. You get me? You hypocrites and neo-Nazis of the Big Media that pretend to be democrats.


Now tell to your security, to the Security of the ITV to put his fingers on my face. And tell to the British People that you ain’t fascists.



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