ENOUGH Hypocrites. 44,286 knife-enabled crime offences recorded in one year in the U.K. So David Amess’s Stabbing is not above the Stabbing of any Citizen. U.K Media MONOPOLIES one more time show their SLAVISH servitude towards their Class Interest.

MPs are crying on the U.K media monopolies. There is the BBC and the LBC inviting MPs who show how dreadful that life has become for them!

Say that there is every day a citizen wanting to stab an MP! What a joke! People who get such luxurious salaries, and who just recently allowed a pay cut of £20 to universal credit claimants,. And people who campaign for an increase of their MP salaries. Now they are shaking from horror!

Journalists writing in favour of a pay rise to politicians,

And what horror? The horror that they make with the laws that they pass into the U.K parliament and with the rules of the oppression that they daily produce in action.

So according to the ONS, there were 44,286 knife-enabled offences recorded by the police in the year ending March 2021. That is between March 2020 and March 2021.

Number of stabbings in 2020 - 2021

Killings by firearms.

LBC non stop speaking of the Stabbed MP.

most of the BBC news about the stabbed MP as well

So then, I ask, "Why is the stabbing of an MP hurting so much the class of MEDIA MONOPOLIES and politicians?

Is the stabbing of David Mass more worthy than the stabbings of 44,286 people in the U.K?

The answer. Because David Amass was one of them. David Amess makes sense because he is part of the class of politics and media monopolies. Part of their animal group.

What about the good that he made?

Politicians have never ever done any good to society. For it is the greed of politicians that decade after decade and century after century create further injustice, unfairness, corruption and abuse of power.

The housing problem is but the mess that U.K politicians have created with their hands. Brexit. The oppression of the Palestinian people and the arm deals with the Nazi Israeli politics. To not mention the business deals with the Saudi Arabia that butchered Jamal Khashoggi and continually abuses human rights.

So the reason why the U.K media monopolies pay so much attention to David Amess’ stabbing and care nothing, when it comes to working class people, is because of their common good or common class interest.

The U.K Media treats British people as aliens when they stab each other. That is a fact,. Do they pay the same attention with analysis and public discussion for each stabbing, that happens in the U.K, like they do to David Amass?

No, they do not do that. Because they do not care of the British working classes. They know deep down that political oppression drives man to crime. So they just write crime in passing, “Hey another stabbing happened today, enjoy it!”

While when it happens that the problem becomes any immigrant or Albanian, then they appeal to the Brits, “The Albanian…”

In this way, they unite all British people. The media here pretending that they care of British people by creating a common enemy – The Albanian Criminal or Albanian Mafia saga.

In short, the U.K media monopolies do not care of the British people. For if they cared they would pay to each stabbing, that happens in the U.K, the same attention. Like the attention that they pay to David Amess.

And through close analysis and humanist thought, we would probably think to give more to the oppressed. And make equality and fairness a law.

There is a good chance, however, to turn the death of David Amass into a work for the public good and fairness. There is a moment where we can reflect truly and understand that no one is safe, neither the weak nor the strong, in a degenerate corrupt HYPER CAPITALIST WORLD.

Yet the MEDIA MONOPOLIES do not do that.

Because all the U.K Media monopolies are discussing these days is the security of the MPS when it should be discussed EQUALITY and FAIRNESS and Humanist education.

So people do not stab or kill or rob. Do not follow like sheep the thugs of upper classes. But idolise truth and reason and fairness and equality and stand up for....


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The Murder of the MP, David Amess, should send a warning to all us – No one is secure in a CORRUPT WORLD. Let us Avenge David Amess’s Death by working for a Better World – Dr ACactivism Explains

A few days ago LBC, Evening Standard, the Sun, the Daily Mail and almost the entire U.K Media monopolies called a gesture of great humanity, selfish. While a badly selfish action of an angry school-run mum, like they called her, great!

Somehow, these New Nazi writers of the U.K Media Monopolies by putting the idea of selfishness onto wrong sides, they turn mud into water. And they paint a good action as evil and evil action as good.

Can a Media of a time be any worse? Nietzsche would have called the today U.K Media monopolies a laughing stock that has the power to turn MUD into Water. A clown-like media that needs to be destroyed and replaced with a FAIR, RIGHT, JUST, HONEST and HUMANIST MEDIA.

Let us do some simple analysis here. If the kid of this selfish, ugly in her soul, school-run mum grows in a destroyed planet, then what life has she? The life of a kid that lives up to her or his death under the influence of an imperialist education that brainwashes them continually until they give up their souls?

 “Insulate Britain” had blocked the roads. A thing which was democratically, peacefully, fairly and rightly done for a good cause and change. That is, for the better of all us – British and foreign people. The activists sacrificing their time, lives and even going to prison for a better humanity and better future.

Now, an angry woman had been complaining that her kid lost a day at school! Somehow her kid lost a day of brainwashing. And the UK Media monopolies instead of glorifying the activists who suffer, like Jesus Christ on the cross, for the good of all us. They instead glorified and magnified a selfish mum! While calling selfish a great human action!

I want to say that we can go nowhere with this kind of selfishness. You are upset because your kids have not been brainwashed today. When you should be happy. You are upset for a delay at work and so have reduced your time of exploitation. You are upset because you didn’t earn much today because there was a road block and so on.

And you have a media that brainwashes you daily by calling what is GOOD, bad, and what is BAD, good!

Let me say this that we are nowhere doing good and right things with this kind of philosophy.

So then we need some fairness, goodness, honesty and justice on the table of thinking and doing.

Thus I think that the murder of the MP, David Amess, should be there as a WAKE UP call for good work.

For no one is secure in an evil and corrupt world. For as such world will metamorphose daily one of us into a criminal and do bad and evil to our world.

My above philosophy can be read daily in our media where the name of a criminal is quickly replaced by the name of another criminal. A world where criminals have been and still are in surplus. Like the surplus value and money power of the exploiters of the hyper capitalism of today.

Exploiters that basically in close work with politicians and media monopolies, that keep brainwashing the people and defend the capitalists, create the criminals.

So let us begin to think of some change. Let us do good deeds and truly so. Not hypocritically so like the selfish evil UK Media monopolies and our British New Nazi politicians think and do.

How can we do good? you ask.

So let us start from within. Start the humanist work from within yourself. Do some good to your inner self first by learning of a humanist thinking and human ideals. Do your humanist research first and become a...


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In a World of Two Ideals, Fairness and Justice, Truth is a Gypsy King, Tyson Fury Knockout Punch – Imperialist, Monopolistic Western Media has Murdered our HUMAN IDEALS. And given the AUTHORITY Of HUMAN IDEALS to their MEDIA Monopolies

Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas on 10th October 2021. Showing a bigger power, higher level of skill and longer resistance in boxing over Denotay Wilder.

I am not a fan of the brutality of boxing, but I see in it a philosophical point. Like what? you ask.

 Like, for example, “How can one achieve a certain form of change in front of the GIANT MONSTERS of WESTERN IMPERIALIST MEDIA, like the BBC, NEW YORK TIMES, MURDOCH MEDIA, ITV, CNN etc?

How can you even be heard in front of them through truth? When they stomp in your voice of truth and reason like stomping on the head of a worm. Crushing your bodily and mind's existence like crushing down a worm.

The Western Imperialist Media drowning your voice out in this evil way. While they daily unfold their media propaganda in favour of their respective favourite political party.

Is this right, fair or just in any way?

In a manner, then, the journalists of the imperialist western media act like proper lackeys and corruption enablers, caressing and pampering the tail of the POLITICAL BEASTS of the western world through their ideas. While they write and talk from the headquarters of the Imperialist Western Media Monopolies.

News monopolies, like what? you ask.

The Murdoch Media's reach, for example, covers three continents and hundreds of millions of people. From Australia, to America and the UK, it controls a big chunk of the human information. And with it the HUMAN Brains.

While the BBC, CNN, ITV, the New York Times etc., are a few global CROCODILE HEADS. For their reach is global. And their News MONOPOLIES are but an absolute abuse and offence of FAIRNESS and therefore , absolute corruption.

So, how can you be heard with truth and reason in front of these giant crocodiles, like the BBC and CNN and the Murdoch Media etc?

When they have money and pay to promote their ideas through print, television and online? And thus they drown out, silence and control your human existence.

Further, this idea of MEDIA MONOPOLIES, how does it sound to you? FAIR, RIGHT, JUST? Or corruption in the heart and blood of whatever is human?

Simply the idea of MEDIA MONOPOLIES knocks out the idea of fairness and justice.

And this is the knockout punch of `Tyson Fury or the Gypsy King.

For you cannot think of fairness and justice in a world where MONOPOLIES rule and lead every single field of the human thinking and doing.

For it is these media monopolies that daily strangle and murder truth and justice.

And thus our Imperialist, Monopolistic Western Media by controlling information, it murders truth or our HUMAN IDEALS. And thus, our IMPERIALIST WESTERN MEDIA  gives the AUTHORITY Of HUMAN IDEALS to their MEDIA Monopolies.

Thus truth is our western media monopolies and western media monopolies are  the truth.

But in a world of two human ideals, such as Fairness and Justice, Truth is a Gypsy King, Tyson Fury Knockout Punch . That means it is heard, it is able to bring change, drain a swamp, fix a roof and build a new world for the sake of justice and human existence in peace and freedom.

Until then, continue to subscribe and listen those media monopolies who by fanning the tail of the imperialist politics, they make possible war criminals to evade prison. And continue to chop up the world.

Yemen, Syria, Palestine and now, recently, they are even trying to creating a close ally as an enemy – the fishing problem and France.


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As a matter of fact, police DUTY Negligence and High Corruption of Met Police Double Murdered Sara Everard. Cressida Dick needs to resign and ASAP so. Dr ACactivism explains based on Personal Experience

When I was assaulted by a group of thugs working for the Met Police on 09 May 2020 at 23:00 in the evening.

I made a complaint in the next day against the police on 10th May 2020.

However, my complained had been delayed in investigation with a very important reason. That was to wait until the body Worn Video Footage was deleted on 16/06/2020.

Thus a Met police officer, who was abusive to my consciousness and one-sided favouring his organisation, contacted me almost a year later, on 7th May 2021, and said;

“Although this complaint was made by yourself the next day, it was originally handed to Central West Professional Standards Unit, as the interaction had occurred within their Basic Command Unit. They conducted some checks and found the officers were from West Area Basic Command Unit and contacted West Area Professional Standards to investigate on 18/06/2020.”

What does this investigative thinking mean based on the above  facts? Purposeful negligence and corruption of the highest level as a matter of fact, of course. And the conclusion is inferred from truth to reason here, plainly and rightly so.

The officer went on saying in the investigation: “This was allocated to me and I made contact with you via email on 19/06/2020. Once I had established which officers were present at the time I conducted a check of all of the officers Body Worn Video footage and unfortunately could find none had been retained. BWV footage once uploaded will be retained on the system for approximately one month. If an officer deems it necessary for evidential reasons, they can keep the footage for a longer period of time. I can see that any footage captured by these officers was scheduled for automatic deletion on 16/06/2020.”

We see that the officer had waited until facts were destroyed in order to investigate the case. And it is from this fact where I get my idea of “High Corruption.”

For what is more corrupt than destroying the facts or waiting for the facts to be destroyed?

Now to come to Sara Everard question.

How did the Met Police Double murder Sara Everard?

Let us have a look at the facts.

It is reported that a McDonald's worker was flashed by Wayne Couzens  at the McDonald’s drive-thru.  

And the McDonald’s staff members handed the CCTV of Wayne Couzens to the police three days before Sarah Everard's murder.

Also it is reported that police officers knew the name of Wayne Couzens, but they failed to identify Wayne Couzens as being one of their officers.

This is the crucial question: Did Met Police Members do what they showed to do in my evidence above, that is side with their officer and not take actions?

Or they truly and honestly failed to identify Wayne Couzens as one of their officers  until after the tragedy?

With all the data and extensive information, that Met Police have in their hands at the their fingertips, made possible through technology and the power of laws that give them endless rights to control the information of people. How could they have failed to identify Wayne Cousens as one of their officers?

So it is ridiculous to think that MET POLICE failed to identify Wayne Couzens as one of their officers.

The facts and reason shows here but POLICE DUTY NEGLIGENCE. Facts show here Met Police members siding with their police officer. Because he was one of them, reluctant to act. And reluctant to be fair and right. Showing deep and high corruption that claimed the life of a human being by one of their POLICE OFFICERS.  

Like they show in case of political murders committed by British politicians. Where facts speak loudly. And police duty negligence speaks openly in the U.K as well in regards to what I said.

So, Met Police members have blood in their hands for not arresting Wayne Couzens from the allegations that were made against him. And further Met Police members have unwittingly have supported the murder of Sara Everard by neglecting their power to act on time.

And from the above facts we see that MET POLICE MEMBERS did not act on time because WAYNE COUZENS was  part of the same organisation – MET POLICE.

So another question here arises and asks:   “ Should Cressida Dick Resign?”

Cressida Dick should resign and as soon as possible so. Thus to leave the place to a fresh thinking leader that places fairness and a philosophy of right in the highly corrupt organisation of the Met Police. And bring radical change in the organisation.

For as a matter of fact, it was police duty negligence and high Corruption from  Met Police members that double murdered Sara Everard. And hence Cressida Dick needs to resign and ASAP so.

And if Cressida Dick does not reign, she should be....


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BREAKING NEWS; The Sun of Murdoch Media Monopolies, and the Daily Mail have turned into a Hub of Fake News. UK Is Ending with as Such Sick for Money Power Media. – ALBANIA again BOMBARDED WITH FAKE NEWS

According to The Sun, part of Murdoch Media Monopolies, "MIGRANTS who cross the Channel in small boats from France will be detained in Albania in a new asylum crackdown.

Illegal entrants will be flown 1,500 miles to an offshore hub in the Balkans while their claims are processed."

However, according to the Minster for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Albania, Olta Xhaçka, this is not true.

Olta Xhaçka explicitly said; "Albania will proudly host 4000 afghan refugees based on its good will, but will never be a hub of anti-immigration policies of bigger and richer countries. We have instructed our Embassy in the UK to demand the retraction of this fake news."

The Sun and the Daily Mail have not yet apologised for the Fake News that they spread about Catherine Crouch's death a few months ago.

Where they blamed Albanians for the death of Catherine Crouch. Basing their ideas on fictional stories for two months. Not on the matter of real fact and truth.

And making millions with their stories by blaming Albanians and sharing FAKE NEWS!

In the regards to the immigration story, however, it seemed that the Daily Mail quickly rectified its fake news.

Yet the fact that they shared and spoke FAKE NEWS on their media monopolies, it means that The Sun and the Daily Mail have turned into a hub of Fake News.

For in sharing FAKE NEWS you earn online clicks and sell newspapers to millions of people, right? And that means millions to the NEW NAZIS of The Sun and the Daily Mail, right?

For you as a writer, I have to say again and again to the writers of UK Media Monopolies who are oppressive, abusive and greedy, have a job to base your ideas on truth.

But you see through this GREEDY NEW NAZI and NEW IMPERIALIST MEDIA, like The SUN and Daily Mail, the UK is suffering and losing the most important Value that a nation can lose. And that is; HONESTY and love for truth and humanity.

For without love for truth and humanity what can a nation and a people be? A nation of thick ignorants and barbarians?

As a matter of fact these thugs of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES are trying to end the U.K with as Such Sick for Money Power Media Greed. For they, The SUN and the Daily Mail have turned into a hub of FAKE NEWS and Hate.


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The News Monopolies of the Left Wing Press, like the Guardian, in the U.K are More Dangerous than the Right WING NAZIS of MURDOCH MEDIA or the BBC OPPRESSORS.

Any human being with human values and human ideals in mind know of the danger of those WRITERS and POLITICIANS, who pick a fight with immigrants or minorities of their country.

Examples are rife today. We do not need to go back to Adolf Hitler or to the imperialism of Winston Churchill or to the 19th century Europe to understand the danger of as such form of thought.

 Hence, it is enough that we go to India and China today to understand what it means to create hatred against a certain group of people, that is a minority in thinking and doing in any part of the world.

For example, we see what is happening with Rohingya refugees. An ethnic minority of Myanmar or Burma, that have faced religious prosecution for years by the Myanmar politics. In close connection with the media of this country of course.

 And as a matter of fact, this form of hatred has been Intensified in the latest decade because of the Islamophobia that has been created by the CULTURAL IMPERIALISM of the Western Media.  

A wester media that has taken every terrorist opportunity to link terrorism to Islam.

So, here when we say politics we mean, politicians, media writers and the justice system. For these ideas of social power are so interlinked, that it is enough one of these ideals of social power to be corrupt to produce mass corruption of the human thinking and doing.

So then, right-minded people know what the Murdoch media and the right wing media, such as the BBC, do in the U.K.

However, these people do not know of the evil of as such MEDIA MONOPOLIES, like the Guardian.

 So they consume the Guardian, that pretends to represent the voices of the oppressed and minorities. When the oppressed and the minorities of this country, like myself, are rarely or never represented truly by the writings of the Guardian.

The writers of the Guardian mostly British hands or foreigners, who are raised and born with the British imperialist culture and are therefore purely British in their thinking and doing,  do not represent us. The oppressed and foreigners who live in the U.K.

They represent their own monopolistic NEWS MEDIA agenda.

Writers of the Guardian promote the Queen and the royal family when they can. They say something in passing about the Palestinian question. And never demand justice for the murders of innocent people that are committed in Yemen, Palestine or Syria and elsewhere through direct involvement of British politics.

They say little or nothing about the housing crises in London. About the Ottoman Pashas, the councillors of London who have made luxurious salaries for themselves and left the poor of London out of accommodation. Councillors who abuse social power so openly and in a thuggish manner. Yet the left and the Guardian say nothing about them!

And even when the Left wing press represent the facts, they do not demand people to stand up for their rights. And fight corruption. They simply say something with the force and reason of a smile.

Everything clad in sarcasm and the happiness of the spirit. That comes from the money that these crocodiles earn from the power of MEDIA MONOPOLIES. Such as the Guardian News Monopolies.

Somehow, the Guardian, that represents the left wing press in the U.K, keeps the British soul happy with an innocuous form of writing.

A form of writing that does not demand justice but that loves the status quo and fans their corruption.

Hence the Guardian or the left wing press in the U.K is more dangerous. Because it does not represent the pain of the minorities and oppressed of this country.

And their writers are mostly people who how are culturized British, foreigners or British, and do not represent the pain of foreigners or of minorities at all.

The fact that a DREAMER created the Guardian almost centuries ago for fairness, justice and humanity should not be translated as an idea that a thousand wolves should enjoy his creativity for a thousand years.

Enough is enough, you murdering Nazis understand that hogging and monopolising any field of social power creates unbearable pain and therefore deep and profound corruption in SOCIETY.


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A Foreign Voice in a Foreign Land – Why WRITERS and ARTISTS of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES Make me Sick to the Stomach

What do you think about my existential TRUTH?

I, Dr ACactivism, a foreign voice living in a foreign land called, U.K. And  unstoppably fighting the daily corruption of this land and of the upper classes of this nation? Yet unheard!

And who told you that I do not have a right to be heard and participate with ideas?

There are far right Fascists, who have shown open hatred towards immigrants and bombarded religions, like Islam with hatred,  like Britain First leaders. Or like Tommy Robinson etc.

People who have not only created Islamophobia in this country. But have also instigated in the hearts and minds of people of this country countless hate crimes. That have turned out to become "HATE CRIME ACTIONS" towards immigrants and the minorities of this country.

Further, these far right fascists have also inspired pure terrorism in this country by inspiring people who murdered the MP, Jo Cox. And giving a dough of hateful thought to the new generations.  

 And yet, all of them have had their ideas and voices heard on the British Media MONOPOLIES from the ITV to the BBC. Either through direct participation or through media promotion, far right activists have been actively in the mouths and pens of British writers and U.K Media Monopolies.

Thing which shows that being a FOREIGN VOICE that lives in a Foreign LAND was in the past and remains in the now a pure oppression. For no one cares of your foreign ideas and human rights. And the today even worse than the past. For at the end, Albert Camus and James Joyce had some respect on their names as foreigns voices living in foreign countries.

But in the class of NEW NAZI, IMPERIALIST FASCISTS of the U.K Media Monopolies is no respect or any form of honesty or humanity towards foreign voices in this country.

Here I do not mean foreign-born writers who think like the New Nazis, New Imperialists of the U.K Media Monopolies. For they are at BBC or the ITV ruling the media with the New Nazis. So, here I mean that FOREIGN REASON that opposes the ideas of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES, like myself, is silenced, drowned out and oppressed.

So, on the studios and tabloids of the U.K Media monopolies, we have seen far right terrorism being heard and made famous. While my foreign voice never made it to the BBC or U.K News Media Monopolies.  

Why not? you ask.

I have not been able to defend myself and my people. To raise my voice and be heard. To express one idea with truth and reason and tell to the natives of this country that I exist.

And tell it loudly and proudly with ideas of truth and reason that my educators told me to speak.

Educators like Zoroaster and Socrates, or Hegel and Marx, or Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg, or Jean Paul Sartre and Camus or David Bohm and Einstein and so on.

Dr ACactivism taking care of the light of human ideals.

As a matter of fact, as I type these words of pain and struggle on my Macbook at Roebuck pub in Chiswick, London. There are tears or rage and pain forming like rocks at the back of my eye sockets. And ready to turn into hailstorm and from the pain of the oppression, that I have lived and still live, break even the cemented floor of the restaurant.

I want to cry, to shout, and to scream to the heavens of the inhumanity and barbarity and cruelty and insanity of these MURDERING writers and artists of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES. For all the pain of my oppression and the oppression of the voices of my generation come from this class of ASSASSINS.

MURDERING writers and artists that have one thing in common – BIG CLASS INTEREST. BIG MONEY, BIG REPUTATION AND BIG WOLRD FAME AND HONOR, that is all fake and bogus. But that it comes from these MEDIA HEADQUARTERS, that U.K Media writers and artists protect with the fanaticism of Tartuffe and meanness of Macbeth.

So it comes to pass that I continually ask myself:

Do these writers of the BRITISH MEDIA MONOPOLIES have any feeling, any human feeling at all? Any Human VALUE at all? Any sense of what is human or should be human at all?

Do they have any faint thought of our human ideals, at all? Ideals that were written by big minds and big hands not by MEDIA WORMS, who sell their soul for a blog written at the Guardian or the Sun or for a face showed at the BBC or the ITV.

Many times to be honest I see the writers of the BRITISH MEDIA MONOPOLIES as the most heinous murderers that this planet have. The biggest evil that this planet has.

And you know why I say that – because of CULTURAL IMPERIALISM. Controlling media with Tartuffe-like fanaticism and demanding to control the world through their ideas.

Is there anything more mean, more evil, more devilish, more lean than as such writers or artists and their class interest?

My soliloquy is an everyday shooting war that lives between madness and suicide expressing the everyday oppression and struggle that I live in London U.K in over a decade-long.

Thus in this soliloquy, many times I ask myself, “How comes that out there, in the headquarters of British Imperialist Media monopolies. Where cultural imperialism is cooked like bread and butter in the imperialism of the 19th century of the barbarisms of the Brits and of Europe.

 How comes that out there,  in the headquarters of British Imperialist Media monopolies, didn’t come a single writer or artist and say, that “This man, who continues unstoppably to create and fight the corruption of our class, deserves to be heard and participate?”

I am asking for a single voice to come out. For if not all, the majority of them know my name. And they know how much their sick corrupted pens and mouths make me sick to the stomach.

If not all, many of them know how I took that microphone out of Surie.

How they used British media to incite violence and murder against me. Making me receve death threats and live in fear.

How they created a “shoulder” at the front of the Surie’s breasts to defame me and make me lose my DJ work and push me to unbearable poverty and suicide.

They must also know, how deep this feeling of nausea is formed in stomach formed as a result of the inner abusive and oppressive and sly and cunning and dishonest thinking of the writers and of this class of people – U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

They must know that they make me sick to the stomach. And that universes and heavens of vomits are created in my stomach whenever their assassinating “class think and group think” is formed into my mind.

DEEPER PSYCHOANALYSIS of this class of ASSASSINS – writers and artists of the U.K Media MONOPOLIES.

Based on these facts of oppression and abuse of social power, the deeper psychoanalysis of the class of the U.K Media MONOPOLIES send you to the GREED of this class and of the writers and artists of this class, who do anything to save their MONEY and CAREERIST interests.

They are like vicious hyenas acting in a group. And their pens are like the aggressive feelings of wild animal, they attack anything and everything that saves the interest of their class or group.

While the limbs of the hyenas here is the security power at the headquarters of the BBC, ITV, Guardian, Murdoch media and so on.

As lastly the BRAIN of the hyenas of this class of assassins, U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES, are our laws in the U.K. Laws that do not enshrine our rights of PARTICIPATION through ideas and our rights of being heard into a new LAW.

So we stay in the queue for entering the BBC and the ITV and the U.K Media Monopolies in a fair manner. Just like we queue when we enter a restaurant, pub or supermarket.

Lastly, this is war for what is human, of course. And let it be a WAR.

For I PREFER entering the MAD house and dying with a pen that stands for what is human rather than grovelling for a 100 years like a worm. And dream to metamorphose into a crocodile through the SOCIAL POWER that Politics and Media and our laws endow you -  A CLASS OF ASSASSINS also called the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES OF THE 21st CENTURY.



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U.K Government is Making Big MONEY from the MISERY and Suffer of British people. Manipulating people and Allowing Greedy Covid-19 Testing Agencies to ENRICH themselves from PAIN and Misery. READ and SHARE

Let us be honest, the majority of us, who live in Britain,  go on a short holiday to relax a bit. Get some sunlight because we live under continuous depressing cloudy skies.  And thus get some of our stress out of our heads.

But now because of Covid-19 rules and the greed of the U.K government, that looks to want to enrich Covid-19 testing agencies at the expense of people's hard-earned money, we are redeemed with stress and anxiety. And a ridiculously expensive Covid-19 test that is making certain agencies billionaires from the pain and suffer of the British people and people that live in Britain.

Well, let us agree to the U.K government rules that keep changing.

But what about the price of the Covid-19 test? Is it worthy to pay £75 for a Covid-19 test? Which is required whether you are vaccinated or not.

And furthermore, is it fair to be manipulated by the Covid-19 testing agencies, that U.K gov suggests to us?

How does the U.K gov do the MANIPULATION?

On its website, the U.K government says: “You need to get tested for COVID-19 if you’re arriving in England from abroad.”

And the abuse of power of the U.K government is so ridiculously open that is easily recognised. For example, it says: “

Find a coronavirus (COVID-19) travel test provider if you're arriving in England.”

Below it then it says, Find a test provider. Start now.

And when you click that button, it says “What type of travel tests do you need to book?”

And whether you choose day 2 tests or day 2 and day 8 tests, there is a manipulation of price and people.

For when you click the Covid-19 Testing providers, all the lists of providers show a different price from what they show in the U.K gov.

For example suppose you choose day 2 testing. And then click on the list of providers.

In the U.K Gov website, these testing agencies show a price that ranges between £4 and £16. A few weeks ago U.K gov showed a price range that was between £19.95 and £20.00.

But now they have diversified their manipulative thinking.

So a Covid-19 test in the U.K gov shows as low as £4.

However, once you click the links of these testing agencies, there the magic happens and prices change tenfold!

Let us take the recent examples of two Covid-19 testing agencies.

0044covidtest.com, for example, shows a price of £6.99 for self-swab on site at the U.K Gov website.

But when you click the link you see, £59 for Day 2 testing for fully vaccinated people and £99 for day 2 and 8 PCR Test.

While the self-swab test of £6.99 is in Chester. But only going to Chester will cost you double that amount.

The same thing is for 118 Testing.

The £14.99 Testing price, which also changes in amount every time I check it, is a self-swab based EAST KILBRIDE. That is Glasgow. While its day 2 testing goes to £75 and day 2 and 8 travel package goes to £149.

 Let us respect the rules of the U.K government, but can we respect their open MANIPULATION?

I think that it is high time to speak up, stand up and make things right. As this form of abuse of social power is simply incredible. And it is but open manipulation....


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Intentional Murder of Another Human Being is Unforgivable – Why Whoever takes the life of another Human Being, Be it a POLITICIAN ordering Soldiers to murder in Middle East or a Common Thug killing in the U.K, Deserves Life in Prison? Dr ACactivism Explains

I am against any form of death penalty. Why? you ask.

Because one who takes the life of another human being, that is already restrained, isolated from others and not a danger to anyone, commits intentional murder.

And that is pure logical thinking. And that is what all nations, that have death penalty in their laws, are doing. That is intentional murder.

In our time, however, HUMAN LIFE has become so cheap. For example, western politicians order their soldiers to open fire in Middle East and elsewhere, murder Innocent People and turn dozens and hundreds of people into ASHES in a premeditated manner. And no one cares!

There is no COURT HEARINGS back at home. No repercussions for them. No punishment for the crimes of western politicians and their enablers - WESTERN MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

So while politicians commit premeditated murder for MONEY or High Economical Interests. At the bottom, they satisfy their feelings of Greed and jealousy that they have for other nations. Common thugs also commit murder for the satisfaction of the same feelings. That is greed of some form or jealousy of some form.

So whether it is murder committed by Today Politicians or Murder committed by Common Thugs the question is “Are we able to educate humans before they come to this low grade of thought and commit intentional murder?”

Therefore, the efforts of education must be put all into making HUMAN BEINGS aware of the importance of the uniqueness of the human life.

But at times and places where and when this effort is lost or bypassed, then there should come into existence a different way of thinking to save the importance of the uniqueness of the human life.

Well what about those who show to have regretted their actions and change? you ask.

The problem is that the feeling and idea of "regret" remains unpredictable. For Einstein put it rightly when he said that "man is cunning." Somewhere at his book, Ideas and Opinions. But also man is honest. By the idea of "Man" here I mean, a human of any gender.

So when one commits intentional murder is hard to know whether one is cunning or honest in his or her feelings.

For one here may ask: What about a Being, to not call him a human, that commits intentional murder and that is out of Prison a decade or two decades later?

Is he or she repented? Do they really regret of what they have done?

 And what if they pretend to repent and regret of what they have done, like many others?

So, the intentional Murder of another human being is the biggest evil on earth, be it the intentional murder of a young child, grown being, or old person.

One cannot take the life of another being that nature endowed with all the existential rights of the human existence on earth. From consciousness to action.

Hence, I am all for the education of the human beings on the importance of the human lives. And I am as well against the death penalty.

But the ones who bypass human values, human education and commit murder, be it Politicians or Common Thugs, deserve life in prison.

For intentional Murder of Another Human Being is unforgivable because the importance of the human life is ....


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Read how landlords and landladies of Hammersmith and London like, Bhupendra Patel and Michelle Lamb, and referencing Agencies, like Tenantref.com, openly discriminate and abuse social power in London. Sanctioned to discriminate and abuse social power by London’s councils and our politics – OUR LAWS and our MPs…

What is happening in London is this, Landlords, letting agencies and referencing agencies are allowed to discriminate openly. And shamelessly so in the middle of the capital of Europe, London.

When I called my council, Hammersmith and Fulham council, early this year and told them. To make rules that stop open discrimination. Here I was told that “WE DO NOT TELL TO LANDLORDS WHAT TO DO.”

True you do not tell landlords what to do. But we do not allow landlords or anyone, for example, to get bombs and guns and knives and terrorise the city of London, do we?

But landlords and letting agencies by making ridiculous rules, by discriminating against low-paid workers and the unemployed, what do you think that they are doing?

They are terrorising London. These shameless, dignityless thugs of this city are creating a psychological horror and terror.  And sanctioned to do so by the politics of today.

Thus one of this thugs of the London city, a landlord called, Bhupendra Patel, who is among hundreds of thousands of others who think the same in London, said to me in a text message: “We are looking for tenants with a stable and sufficient earnings to pay the rent amount.”

Text message on what's app.

Another landlord or landlady called Michelle Lamb, that refused to give me her full name after discriminating against me but I found it out on SpareRoom, said also this: “We are looking for someone who is in secure employment, I am afraid.”

Michelle Lamb texts.

So if you psychologically look at the ideas of two different landlords in London, that do not know each other at all, you find out a unique similar way of thinking. That is of course a group or class way of thinking of course.

So their forms of discrimination and abuse of social power were pronounced so easily and so gently that one may think he and she and others are doing me and to us a favour by discriminating against me and against others in similar conditions. And by abusing social power.

But why are the letting agencies, landlords and referencing agencies discriminating and why is this discrimination becoming the New Normal way of life?

Because as I said above, these landlords, letting agencies and referencing agencies are allowed to do so. And thus they are saying, “Oh well, we are allowed to discriminate. So why shouldn’t we do that?

So we can discriminate between the rich and the poor, the unemployed and the employed, between the low-paid workers and the highly paid ones. And in this we can favour the rich.

So why shouldn’t we do that, eh?

At the end, the rich have been preferred and favoured by a 3000 years human history.

So, why shouldn’t these little HYENAS, these cruel, heartless and vampire-like landlords of London do that as well?

Do they know that socialism is a shared responsibility and that you cannot deny my right to exist in dignity with a roof over my head because you are a home owner?

They know nothing about human values. But they know everything about the consumption of GREED. They stand there like hungry dogs to pick up the bones of the dead and consume from the very oppressed. Unconscious of any human value.   But conscious of wanting more from the same humans they  want and desire to abuse.

There are no words to describe these voluptuous, valueless, feelingless beings. But there is a higher evil that is making their work of abuse of power and discrimination easy.

So, the question is: Who are those who are allowing these greedy, vicious and ugly monsters of our city to discriminate so shamelessly and abuse our socialist values?

Of course, what else? Our laws made by our politicians and the regulations of London’s councils – the abusive Ottoman Pashas of London who live from luxurious salaries. That they have fixed for themselves by abusing social power and allowing the abuse of social power in our town called, LONDON.

London’s councils, that lack anti discriminatory regulations.  And our parliament that does not make a law to stop discrimination against the unemployed and the poor in the housing sector.

A LAW that forces the GREEDY letting agencies, referencing agencies, and landlords of London to obey to human values, basic human rights and to what is human.

(For further in this topic read my blog - )

Now look how referencing agencies, like Tenantref.com, for example, discriminates and abuses basic human rights.

In a recorded phone call, Tenantref.com, told me that one needs to earn over £22,000 in order to get a room of £650,00 in W6.

Now to define this form of abuse of social power and abuse of basic human rights, you do not need the philosophy of Karl Marx or the logic of Hegel, you need a simple and humble philosophic mind. Like myself. Konstantin Bouki, Dr ACactivism.

What these referencing agencies do is get a £35 or something or more for themselves. And create a discriminatory and unjust form of referencing.

Why do I need to earn more than £22,000 to get a room of £650?

In a room depends my basic right to live in dignity in a civilised society where we share the responsibility of social power and social values.

You cannot be a state agent manager, a referencing agency owner or a home owner and go in a rampage and kill people, can you?

However, by discriminating against me as a poor, part time or unemployed person, you openly kill my rights to exist. And murder human beings in more cruel way than terrorism and terrorists.

For you drive people mad by taking their basic human rights and kill them slowly in pain and suffer. While searching like mad for a roof over their head in a civilised society where you as a landlord, referencing agency or letting agency refuse to respect and honour human values and social power.

And in this terrorism and terrorist thinking, you are aided and abetted by our laws and the regulations of London’s councils.

Therefore, you are worse than terrorists. And need to be stopped by ...


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Study shows Shelter charity Robs people of their money and Manipulates people of the U.K and LONDON by pretending to work to make housing fair and just. When they lie openly and abuse power just like the majority of social institutions in this country called, U.K.

On April 2021, I received an email from shelter saying that they had helped a woman challenge letting agents and win in court!

Saying this: “On 29 March, the judge at Worthing County Court declared by consent that the letting agents had unlawfully discriminated against Hayley.” Hayley was the lady Shelter had helped!

Now as a person who has been abused psychologically, and seen hundreds of others put through the same pain by the London’s councils. As a person who  was made homeless by an abusive and criminal council called, Hammersmith and Fulham. I said, oh well,. That is a victory!

“Good news” I said, “they achieved something!”

But then I made a search across Spare Room, Gumtree and Open Rent and I found out facts that show that still discrimination exists.

Open Rent - NO DSS. Further facts will be uploaded at the end of this blog.

And not only that. I further found out that there had been created NEW RULES to further abuse low-paid workers and the unemployed people. And discriminate against them, so to entertain the feelings of the rich landlords. And assure them over 120% that their rent is paid easily!

Tenant.ref.co.uk, for example, confirmed to me over the phone, in a recorded phone call, that you need to get over £22,000 in order to get a room in W6, Hammersmith.

But according to the U.K gov, inside the Greater London, you need to earn £296.35 per week (£15,410 a year) if you’re a single adult for a living.

While more specifically, according to the Universal Credit, the monthly entitlement for a single person living in W6 and renting a room is £1,036.53. That is around £12,432.

So why has tenantref.co.uk created a minimum of £22,000 of earnings in order to be able and rent a room or roof over your head in Hammersmith, London?


As a matter of fact, the referencing agencies have created their own rules to leave people on benefits and low-paid workers outside in the open. That means unable to rent. Discriminating and torturing and humiliating any basic human ideal whatsoever. And doing that under the watch and the support of the U.K Media monopolies, Politics and councillors of the London councils.

Further, the truth is that it is not the first time that the U.K government makes laws to support upper classes or leaves room for abuse of the low-paid workers or of the poor. This is a history of over 500 years that continues the same. Unchallenged in depth and continuously creating new ways of oppression and abuse of power.

Shelter has some ideas for change,. But their ideas are not complete and are wrong and manipulate people. So they are manipulating people to pay them money. But they do nothing important. For their ideas are basic and ridiculous.

In the above email, Shelter manipulates people in saying: "For every £1 you donate, £79p goes towards helping people struggling with bad housing and homelessness."

Even though, they explain in their website that this is only theoretical support. Here in the email do not mention that it is only ADVICE that they provide. That is they do not provide housing or as such things for the oppressed.

So manipulating people and making them donate through lies.

Further, in a campaign called, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting, in there,  Shelter says:  “We must call on government to ensure this new law scraps unfair Section 21 evictions and creates a landlord database – so the stress and anxiety that come with the uncertainty of renting finally ends.”

Very basic is their thinking. It contains no specific ideas that demand change and showing how this change should be delivered.

Evictions cannot be scrapped. For if you scrap that, you scrap all the rights of private property and capitalism.

But here you can scrap discrimination against the unemployed and low-paid workers and enshrine PRISON sentence for those who discriminate for profit – landlords and agencies.

Further, their advice or campaign on EndDSSDiscrimination also lacks essential thinking and manipulates people into making them think that SHELTER is making change.

Thus people donate, shelter continues manipulate and they lie people making them think that SHELTER is fighting for real change.  When in fact they have no ideas about REAL CHANGE.

Well, what is needed here to advice and bring change in our city?

So here is a need for a change in law to enshrine the rights of the low-paid workers and people in benefits in relation to shelter and housing.

And this can begin by first of all making referencing agencies to comply with the living standards of the people of London.

This compliance can be done or begin by respecting the earnings that I mentioned above, which are specified by the government. And by not abusing the living standards that are specified.

(for further read my blog - Enough Is Enough – Make Discrimination in the housing market against the unemployed and the poor unlawful by engraving our Human Basic Right for accommodation into a LAW – https://www.dracactivism.com/enough-is-enough-make-discrimination-in-the-housing-market-against-the-unemployed-and-the-poor-unlawful-by-engraving-our-human-basic-right-for-accommodation-into-a-law/ )

Now shelter people are saying is: Give us money or donate to us to fight for your rights.

And in one section of their website called, How we spend your money, Shelter says:

For every £1 you donate: 79p is spent directly on helping people through advice, support and campaign.”

That means they do not create a shelter for people, but advice, support and campaign.

But as a matter of fact, their advice is wrong. Their campaigns are ridiculous because they spend the money of people not for protests and a change in our laws, which is necessary. As landlords and agencies of this country are directly and openly discriminating.

So they spend people’s money dealing with certain individual cases. Which is pointless. And manipulative . For they make so much noise and get so much money and do bring no change in our society.

For a fight that is fair and just means a change in the law. A change that specifies the how and the what. and that does not leave it on the hand of the government the how and the what.

So SHELTER is not fighting for what is essential. And has no ideas to fight for this.

So they are saying donate to us, so we teach you how to live with discrimination . And abuse of our social power.

It is disgraceful; and sickening to see these charities abuse social power like this.

Therefore, I accentuate change here can be brought only through a law. Not through ideas that lie people and rob people of thousands of pounds that go on the pockets of these liars, manipulators and abusers of....


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Anthony Joshua versa Oleksandr Usyk – WRITERS of the British MEDIA MONOPOLIES. Because TRUTH and HONESTY and FAIRNESS does not MATTER in Britain. I wait you in the Boxing Ring, you, descendants of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and Imperialism

After the defeat of Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn said, “The better man won.”

Nice saying, Eh?

You see who wins in boxing? The one who beats the other man up.

But who wins in philosophy and thinking? you ask.

You study human ideals and do your work. Then you put the truth and reason on the table to tell the pain of your time. But you are not recognised or heard at all for the truth and reason that you speak out. Why?

Because your Truth and Reason speaks against these new Nazis of today who have the most important ideal in their hands and control it – information. So you shout, you scream, you take their microphones when you can. Yet they are heard only!

The better man eh? How on earth can you, writers of the British media monopolies be the better people when you create corruption first hand?

And what is this form of thinking in the British writers of media monopolies that exist without truth, without honesty, and without fairness?

What do they live and breathe? The thought of oppressing others and accumulating social power?

London is on fire. It is burning from corruption and unfairness. It begins with the media monopolies, such as the BBC, ITV, Murdoch Media etc. It continues with British clothing companies that exploit labour power across the world, like Austin Reed, Burton, EWM Group, Burberry etc.

Paying workers of the planet pennies for their work. And selling their clothes for thousands in London and elsewhere in Europe.

This horrible corruption continues with social media monopolies doing whatever they want to the absorption of social power. And giving little or nothing to people of London and of the U.K. Like Google, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter or the Amazon etc.

And on top of these forms of abuse of SOCIAL POWER, certain referencing agencies, like tenantref.co.uk, are working with the landlords of London to make them happy as pigs. And assure them that their rent will be paid!! mmmm...


They have made certain abusive rules that give a roof over your head only if you are economically well off. That means they leave out of housing or shelter workers who earn under £22,000 per year!

So according to tenantref.co.uk, that
confirmed this to me in a recorded phone call, in order to get a room in Hammersmith one tenant needs to earn £22,000 per year minimum!


So on top of this monstrous corruption they are trying to leave the people of this city and place, who are poor, outside in the open. And homeless.

Man: this is the end of the world. There is no other end but this sickening corruption and abuse of social power.

Thus I appeal to the WRITERS of the British MEDIA MONOPOLIES with this message:

Because TRUTH and HONESTY and FAIRNESS does not MATTER in Britain. I wait you in the Boxing Ring, you, descendants of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and Imperialism. Let us meet in the ring,. Because nothing human matters in front of your voluptuously monstrous and....


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